Taunts Off - Warning

Taunts Off

Feb 14, 2016 Release
Taunts Off For Hunters and Warlocks Very simply displays a message on your screen to turn off pet taunts when entering a group, and to turn them on when not in a group / leaving a group. Also plays sound effects to get your attention. Will only activate the message / sounds when you enter or leave a group/raid/instance as a hunter or warlock.

RBG Frames

Feb 14, 2016 Release
This addon changes the behavior of Blizzard raid frames and is intended to be used by healers in RBG's (but are still Blizzard Raid Frames). 1) uses the spec icon instead of role icon while in a battleground (the adddon uses the batteground score to get spec information so outside a battleground it will show role icons) Role Icon will change to a gear if the player is inside a vehicle (like in Strand of the Ancients) 2) darker out of range frames (so you have a more clear view of who is in...
Shaman Mount

Shaman Mount

Feb 14, 2016 Release
New feature: Support for druids. Now should cast the appropriate form while moving and a mount while standing still. During combat the macro will work as a shape shift macro (slow/root removal) but only using cat and travel form (except flight form). Need a separated macro if you want one for bear/moonkin form (since they are slower and the addon is supposed to pick the quickest form). This is the first version with druid supports so please give me feedback. Introduction: This is in fact a...
Available missions (little screen mode)


Feb 14, 2016 Release
GarrisonCommander Description GarrisonCommander can automatically schedule all your missions with just 2 clicks, complete missiosn with 1 click, build optimal parties and includes realm wide brokers for garrison resources, mission statuses, work orders, harvesting and much more. Two very special features of Garrison Commander are Mission Control and Per follower mission list. Shypyard Naval mission are receiving the same enhancements of infantry missions. In the map you will see the best...

Random Battle Standards

Feb 14, 2016 Alpha
New mod in progress. This is a single key binding to drop the best battle standard for you. AV / battle ground standards in BGs, guild standards in groups, etc. Planned features: - In Combat if possible...? - Customizable priority values - Working macro icon showing the current battle standard identified as the best (next) one to use .. hrm.. what else? Quick notes to get started: - The mod will create a new macro called "BattleStandards" as an account wide macro. - The macro will...


Feb 14, 2016 Beta
This addon has no real use. It is intended for roleplay fun only. The WMS-016 pretends to be a gnomic invention for comunicating via the beams of prismatic focusing lenses. The idea is that an user of a WMS-016 can modulate the beam so that it carries messages. When a receiver who also owns a WMS-016 receives that beam, he can decode the message. To find out how to operate a WMS-016 is part of the roleplay. Thus there's no manual. And it is an invention by gnomes. Thus it's only natural that...


Feb 14, 2016 Release
WoW Addon: vHideScreenCaptured Hides "Screen Captured" information. Just. With near-zero memory footprint. Why? Because "Hide Screen Captured" by Rawesome loads some additional changes not connected to base functionality: - New slash commands - Button for selling grays - A build-in calculator And some people would prefer just the basic stuff. Source:


Feb 14, 2016 Release
vStayFocused Configuration moved to file: config.lua Focus / energy / mana bar with few extras: For Hunters: - prediction of focus (Steady Shot / Cobra Shot) - how much focus you need for your basic rotation spell (Kill Command / Chimaera Shot / Explosive Shot) Source:
Sorted down


Feb 14, 2016 Release
This addon simply sort your group up or down. If you chose: Down: You are on top on your group. Party 1-4 are sorted downwards after you Up: You are on bottom on your group. Party 1-4 are sorted upwards after you You are also able to select your preferred Raid Profile which you want to sort. The other RaidProfiles will not be affected. The changes are from that point always activated. Note: If you are currently in a group and you change any option in this addon you have to reload your UI....


Feb 14, 2016 Release
SpellDamage Displays spell's damage, heal or absorb on the action bar, like Dr. Damage. Also displays some potions's heal. Restrictions Works only in WOW 6.2 version and only if Display Point as Average setting is on. Supports user interfaces: standard, ElvUi, Dominos. This addon doesn't works in Latin American Spanish (esMX) locale. Sorry. How does is works?! This addon just take some digits from spell's description and displays it. Unlike DrDamage this addon don't calculate values* and...


Feb 14, 2016 Release
LibInit LibInit should make using Ace3 even more easier and pleasant. LibInit hard embeds all it's needed dependencies. AceAddon-3.0 AceConfig-3.0 AceConsole-3.0 AceDB-3.0 AceDBOptions-3.0 AceEvents-3.0 AceGUI-3.0 AceHook-3.0 AceLocale-3.0 AceTimer-3.0 CallbackHandler-1.0 LibStub LibDataBroker-1.0 Inside your .pkgmeta externals: libs/LibInit: url: git:// tag: latest Inside your toc libs/LibInit/LibInit.xml Usage me,ns=... local...
DBM Timers Newer

Deadly Boss Mods

Feb 14, 2016 Release
Suggestions? Bug reports? DBM support forums are back! Old Content mods are split into multiple packages Older content is split into multiple addons to reduce mod update size. These are often far less updated as DBM Core packages and are better as optional extra packages. You can get them here: Mists of Pandaria Boss Mods Cataclysm Boss Mods Wrath of the Lich King Boss Mods Burning Crusade and Vanilla Boss Mods Additional Mods LibDataBroker data source Victory...

Stealth Hat

Feb 14, 2016 Release
Adds a toggle for helm and cloak to each set you create for a character. Mouse over the set to see the checkboxes. Also has a global override in the top right corner on the character frame when viewing sets. Includes a custom color (default red) that is used to highlight items that are part of the set in your bags. Will add shoulders in Legion if its necessary but I don't know what the future transmog settings are going to be so we'll see...

Still flying...

Feb 14, 2016 Release
Back when companions were pets (except to hunters) and each one took a bag slot, the Firefly always let us know she was "Still flying..." in the tooltip. After the conversion from items to spells, the Firefly lost her flavor text. Now, the Pet Journal has flavor text for each battle pet. It's about time we put it back where it belongs.
Pawn works with AtlasLoot


Feb 14, 2016 Release
Pawn calculates scores for items to help you easily find upgrades for your gear. It's completely customizable, and applicable to any class and situation: for example, it can help you decide whether to equip the ring with a higher item level but one stat you don't want (say, strength for shamans), or the ring with the lower item level but all good stats. It's that level of customization that makes it very different from more general mods like GearScore and more specialized mods like...


Feb 14, 2016 Release
Jamba - A Awesome Multi-Boxer's Assistant. == CrossRealm Support == Is now supported. == FAQ and HOWTO: == For help or comments on Jamba, post here on dual-boxing: == General Information == Jamba is an addon for multi-boxers. It has the following features. Team Add all your characters into Jamba and designate a character as the...

FS Core

Feb 14, 2016 Release
FS_Core provides modules used by the guild From Scratch to enhance boss encounter informations and interfacing with custom Weak Auras. Modules API is available in-game in the configuration GUI (/fs).
Gear Advisor 1

Dugi Questing Essential

Feb 14, 2016 Release
Dugi Questing Essential is an All-In-One addon for anything to do with questing & leveling. Brought to you by Dugi Guides™ makers of the best WoW leveling guides Every option in the list below can be disable easily from the config menu. Right click on the Dugi Icon for config menu Type /dugi for a list of commands. New GPS style "Search Location" feature. You can use this to search for locations in WoW by name and get a result of clickable waypoint for the location name. NEW - Gear Advisor...
Broker plugin and tooltip


Feb 13, 2016 Release
This WoW addon makes assisting easy whether you're assisting or want to be assisted, by allowing you to set a keybinding which will automatically target the tank's target or put a raid mark on your current target if that's you. A second keybinding allows you to manually set the player you want to assist or whether you want to mark. It is meant to be a minimal-fuss assist addon, and is particularly good for people who both tank and DPS and don't want to maintain separate keybindings for these...

Best Quest Lore

Feb 13, 2016 Release
Description Adventure efficiently whilst also maximising the storyline, fun and reward possibilities. BQL also provides essential background lore. It is extensively researched. Much of WoW is based upon events occurring in other games, books and comics. BQL does NOT break immersion for RPers. Features Advises on where to next quest. Sometimes Blizzard provides a choice Welcomes you to every zone with suggestions on where to go Provides extra pointers for certain interesting or confusing...