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Iskar Assist

Jul 31, 2015 Release
What it does: - Creates a unit frame of your raid group ordered by groups or alphabetical (can be changed on options panel). - Left click: pass the Eye of Anzu for the person (no extra macro needed, just click). - Right Click: cast a dispel spell depending on your class. - An icon is shown on the player who is holding the Eye. - Debuffs on players are shown on the left side. - A Flash animation is played on the player who received the Eye. Slash Commands: /iskar: open the main window. /iskar...
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Jul 31, 2015 Beta
Introduction In many boss fights, determining the point at which a phase switch happens or how long the current phase will last is a crucial part of beating the encounter. That's where PhaseX comes into play. It's goal is to help managing the phases during the fight. This is done by visualizing the phases as a percentage bar with multiple (overlapping) layers, giving information about the progress in the current phase aswell as the estimated duration left until the phase ends. The layers use...


Jul 30, 2015 Release
Experiencer is a simple minimum configuration required experience bar addon. It adds dual purpose experience and reputation progress bar to the bottom or the top of the screen. Note that because the Experiencer bar can only be anchored to top or the bottom of the screen it may overlap with other frames positioned in those places. For flavor the bar is always colored according to the character's class color that you are playing. When tracking experience the addon will display your current...
DBM Timers New

Deadly Boss Mods

Jul 30, 2015 Release
Suggestions? Bug reports? DBM support forums are back! Old Content mods are split into multiple packages Older content is split into multiple addons to reduce mod update size. These are often far less updated as DBM Core packages and are better as optional extra packages. You can get them here: Mists of Pandaria Boss Mods Cataclysm Boss Mods Wrath of the Lich King Boss Mods Burning Crusade and Vanilla Boss Mods Additional Mods LibDataBroker data source Victory...
LootAppraiser v0.75 Beta RC2


Jul 30, 2015 Beta
LootAppraiser is an addon which determines an item's value when looted based upon a pricing source you select. It keeps track of all gold asset value of the items in total including a quality item filter. Perfect for farming and determining gold asset value or potential gold-per-hour. The reason I developed this addon was because while proving out some gold earnings via farming, I was using spreadsheets for post-run calculations on item values and pricing models. Now, I just run this addon,...

FS Cooldowns

Jul 30, 2015 Release
FS Cooldowns is a simple cooldowns tracking addon used by the french guild From Scratch. Use the /fsc command to open the configuration window.
Data broker plugin and tooltip


Jul 30, 2015 Release
Node gathering helper pointing you to best nearby gathering spots. This addon is inspired by Bloodhound. Like Boodhound it provides a dynamically calculated direction to lead you to the best nearby gathering nodes you are currently tracking to help you with farming. Each gathering node exerts a pull and the resulting force of all the nodes determines the direction. The pull of a node is determined by its distance and the time since last visit. Closer nodes pull stronger and so do older ones....
The Main Window


Jul 30, 2015 Release
A simple AddOn that provides details about your leveling progress; including the number of kills, quests, dungeons, battlegrounds, pet battles, mining and herb nodes needed, as well as a time estimate. Features After each kill, quest, dungeon, battleground, pet battle and mining/herb gathering, the exact amount required of that particular item is displayed on the screen, and optionally in the default chat window. A small window displaying details about the kills, quests, dungeons,...


Jul 30, 2015 Release
ConsGoreFiend Description: ConsGoreFiend is an addon for Mythic Gorefiend, It shows a timer and a line on the hp bar of the corrupted soul, that counts down based on time left, and changes color if your behind on damage on it or not. Basicly it makes handling of Corrupted soul way easier. Toggleing: starting the addon: /cons Feature requests or bugs: Please post on curse addon page. About me: Im Zyrráel on Nordrassil-Eu. in the guild Consequence (

FS Core

Jul 30, 2015 Beta
FS_Core provides modules used by the guild From Scratch to enhance boss encounter informations and interfacing with custom Weak Auras. Network module The network module is an interface around the SendAddonMessage() API. It support sending structured data (Lua tables) by using AceSerializer internally. FS.Network:Send(prefix, data [, channel | player] [, multicast]) FS:Send(prefix, data [, channel | player] [, multicast]) Send a message to the given channel or player. FS_MSG(prefix, data,...

Tome of Teleportation

Jul 30, 2015 Release
Tome of Teleportation organises all of your teleporting spells and items into a single window. If the item needs to be equipped then it will automatically be unequipped after you have teleported. The Tome also lets you create macros to use the spells. Just type /tele to open the Tome, or click the minimap icon. Other options /tele move x y: Move the window to a new location /tele reset: Move the window back to the middle of the screen /tele showicon: Show the minimap icon /tele hideicon: Show...
GTFO with Power Auras


Jul 30, 2015 Release
Stop standing in fire! GTFO provides an audible alert when you're standing in something you're not supposed to be standing in. In some cases, you'll be warned before you start taking damage. This mod improves your situational awareness and is recommended for dungeon divers and raiders of all skill levels as even the most seasoned veteran sometimes needs a reminder to GTFO. It's particularly useful for individuals that play with their spell graphics turned down as well as assisting with PvP...


Jul 30, 2015 Release
This addon is for the three Domination Battlegrounds in wow. -Arathi Basin, Deepwind Gorge and The Battle for Gilneas. I also added it to Eye of the Storm bg. It is four frames one for each bg. Only one frame will load when you enter the bg. You can drag the frame where you want. When you click left mouse button it calls for help and when you press right mouse button it says base is safe. Slash Commands: /BGCallouts followed by show or hide. Ex. /BGCallouts show and /BGCallouts hide. Whith...
Main frame

Champions of Hellfire Citadel

Jul 30, 2015 Release
This addon is designed for people who every day kill certain creatures (Doomroller, Vengeance, Terrorfist and Deathtalon) and for searching groups uses a standard search in WoW. To find them they need to constantly hit the refresh button, and when party is found - select a group, ask for an invite and take it. This addon does all this routine except for the adoption of an invite. Video on youtube: addon in action Features: by click on search button you just wait and do your business. Addon...
Solo instance, Guardian Druid

Goldpaw's UI (core)

Jul 30, 2015 Release
What is this? This is the 4th edition of my custom user interface. Unlike its predecessors it is divided into several addons, each handling a different aspect of the UI. The intention is to give the user more freedom as to what parts of the UI they wish to use, and to provide a higher level of compability with other addons. This addon is the core of the UI suite, and it does nothing visible by itself. It is required to use any of the gUI4 addons. More info will be posted during the...
MacroMilling V1.0.3 r4


Jul 30, 2015 Release
Addon to help calligraphy, creating macros to grind plant. for the last three extensions: world of warcraft "Cataclysm" world of warcraft "Mists of pandaria" world of warcraft "warlords of draenor" "Addon pour aider à la calligraphie, en créant des macros de plante à moudre "


Jul 30, 2015 Planning
Bar-Masse is an addon to help calligraphers to make mass Crushing plants Bar mass is an addon to grind: / 20 or Continue
Rogue with Anticipation


Jul 30, 2015 Release
PowerTrackerBar is a minimalistic tracker for Energy/Focus/Rage, ComboPoints/Chi/HolyPower and Anticipation. Type /ptb to unlock.
Arcane Mage #2

We Don't Wipe - Arcane Mage

Jul 30, 2015 Release
Description A DPS maximiser module for the We Don't Wipe AddOn. How to Use You will need the latest We Don't Wipe. After any AddOn instal or update always quit WoW completely. Relaunch WoW. Enjoy. See We Don't Wipe for any further information. Other Available Modules Windwalker Monks Patch 6.2! Frost Deathknights 2H Frost Deathknights DW Fire Mages Frost Mages Patch 6.2! Enhancement Shaman Elemental Shaman With more to come! Rotation Arcane Mages have three 'Phases', executed in a cycle: Burn...
Mage Frost #1

We Don't Wipe

Jul 30, 2015 Release
Description A DPS maximiser. Displays a sequence of icons from left to right, representing the order in which you should use your abilities so that maximum DPS may be achieved. We Don't Wipe is very fully featured and configurable. You must download separately the modules. Supported Class/Specialisations Windwalker Monks Arcane Mages Frost Mages Fire Mages - next module to be updated! Other class/specialisations exist but are not linked here as the modules need to be updated. DPS "Rotations"...