New! Client/Game Filtering!


May 05, 2016 Release
This addon provides a real-time updated set of buttons, each representing your Real ID friends that are online. With a simple Left click, your friend is immediately invited to party/raid, rather than having to do all that hard work (:)) and open your friends list to invite them manually, much like how it's done in Diablo 3's Character Screen. A Right click would in turn toggle chat to Whisper that player. Any feedback or suggestions for improvement are very welcome. Enjoy.
DispelMacro Configuration


May 04, 2016 Release
Create 3 "DISPEL" macros (defensive, offensive and combined), 1 "INTERRUPT" macro, 1 "SPRINT" macro and 1 "Combat Resurrection" macro that changes on the fly when you load into a different character. Each character that has some sort of Dispel, interrupt, Sprint or CR mechanism has pretty much the same macro created. The goal of the add-on is to reuse the same macro for each character but change the name of the spell automatically. The default macros look like this, but they can be changed to...
Single Character Tasks DataBroker Display

Executive Assistant

May 04, 2016 Release
Executive Assistant Custom To-Do/Task List is Only the Beginning An Executive Assistant helps you efficiently navigate a busy schedule, answers questions, and keeps information in easy reach. Executive Assistant, the addon, does this for the Player and extends the 'user configurable to-do list' concept a bit. Yet, for all one can do with it, its purpose is to do what the Player needs, be it complex or quite simple. Executive Assistant operates at the Account Level, so you can quickly look at...
Dr Weavil and his WMS-016


May 04, 2016 Release
This addon has no real use. It is intended for roleplay fun only. The WMS-016 pretends to be a gnomic invention for comunicating via the beams of prismatic focusing lenses. The idea is that an user of a WMS-016 can modulate the beam so that it carries messages. When a receiver who also owns a WMS-016 receives that beam, he can decode the message. To find out how to operate a WMS-016 is part of the roleplay. Thus there's no manual. And it is an invention by gnomes. Thus it's only natural that...
Available missions (little screen mode)


May 04, 2016 Release
GarrisonCommander Description GarrisonCommander can automatically schedule all your missions with just 2 clicks, complete missiosn with 1 click, build optimal parties and includes realm wide brokers for garrison resources, mission statuses, work orders, harvesting and much more. Two very special features of Garrison Commander are Mission Control and Per follower mission list. Shypyard Naval mission are receiving the same enhancements of infantry missions. In the map you will see the best...


May 04, 2016 Alpha
Works with Legion Alpha Patch 7.0.3 ! DejaPlayerStats: Provides an updated and logical display of the character stats. Please see the screenshots to see the result. Display logic: Only melee (Hunter, melee DPS and tanks) display damage, attack power and attack speed. Only casters have Spell Power and Mp5 displayed. Only Hunters have Focus Regen displayed. Only Death Knights have Rune Speed displayed. Only Rogues, Guardian/Feral Druids and Windwalker/Brewmaster Monks have Energy Regen...
Broker galore

Broker Everything

May 04, 2016 Release
Description This addon is a collection of modules to display various informations ingame about the game, your character, friends, guild and many many more. :) Recommentation It is recommended to use this addon with a data broker display addon... panel-addons like: Bazooka ChocolateBar DockingStation, NinjaPanel TitanPanel FuBar abandoned single-button-addons like: StatBlockCore Fortress abandoned Broker (Modules) Module list New modules Tanaan Jungle: Display a list of daily and weekly...
Custom List

Daily Global Check

May 04, 2016 Release
Type /dgc to open the main frame This addon, with its plugins, opens an easy to read frame that tracks which dailies/weeklies have been completed by your characters. It can track simple things like available quests or the more difficult things to remember like which world bosses have been killed. With TomTom installed you can easily set waypoints if available. This is a list of the currently available plugins: Daily Global Check_World Bosses Daily Global Check_Isle of Thunder Daily Global...

Doom Shards

May 04, 2016 Planning
World of Warcraft: Legion addon which integrates Doom tracking into a Soul Shard display.


May 04, 2016 Release
Displays Draenor treasures on world map and optional arrow (arrow requires Deadly Boss Mods to be installed) with distance to nearest Draenor treasure. Slash commands: /drts on|off - enable/disable addon /drts arrow - toggle arrow (requireds DBM installed) /drts debug - toggle debug mode /drts minimap - toggle minimap icons /drts hidepoi - add closest currently tracked treasure to "ignore" list /drts clearhidden - clear list of "ignored" treasures /drts itm - toggle ignore treasure map quest...
DBM Timers Newer

Deadly Boss Mods

May 04, 2016 Release
Suggestions? Bug reports? DBM support forums are back! Old Content mods are split into multiple packages Older content is split into multiple addons to reduce mod update size. These are often far less updated as DBM Core packages and are better as optional extra packages. You can get them here: Mists of Pandaria Boss Mods Cataclysm Boss Mods Wrath of the Lich King Boss Mods Burning Crusade and Vanilla Boss Mods Additional Mods LibDataBroker data source Victory...
DWM Rep Colored Bars

DWM Rep Colored Bars

May 04, 2016 Release
Changes your reputation bar colors so they match the current faction level. Neutral = Gray, Friendly = Tan, Honored = Green, Blue = Revered, Purple = Exalted. Bodyguards, Nat Pagle, Brawlpub, and Half Hill Friends are all Tan, same as Friendly.

BlindWarcraft Project

May 04, 2016 Planning
This is a student project AddOn intended to make World of Warcraft blind accessible. It features integration with NVDA screen reader as well as some support for interfaces in the game. What this addon can do: Inventory management - information, binding to action bar Spell Book interface - allows for binding spells to your action bar Movement - movement system to route directly to quests (not really useful in most situations) Quest Log interface - allows for cycling through and selecting...
Vote Window


May 04, 2016 Release
Big Dumb Loot Council is an addon that helps to assist loot councils in gathering item interest, comparing upgrades, and voting on who get's loot. I wrote this addon because the other options are either broken, missing features, or far too feature heavy. This is a lightweight low footprint replacement. Usage Simply loot a boss to use the addon. /bdlc test - test the addon (must be in a raid group to test) /bdlc config - set the minimum rank to be allowed in loot council automatically /bdlc...


May 04, 2016 Alpha
Not for Public Use Version 4 of the LUI interface, a complete UI overhaul. Currently experiement and nothing more than a shell of an addon and should only be installed on a wow installation you arent playing on. Discussion:
Example tooltip


May 03, 2016 Release
Simple tooltip addon which inspects and analyzes the targets gear and achievements: Currently it reports: average item level, chosen stat priority, missing items, missing enchants, missing gems, pvp items, armor specialization bonus, wrong stats for specialization and raid progress.

Pocket Watch

May 03, 2016 Planning
Are you tired of searching through databases to figure out if a mob is even worth pickpocketing? Try Pocket Watch! Real-time stats on pickpocket loot right in the tooltip!


May 03, 2016 Release
New Maintainer Hi, Elegant here, I'll be picking up where Nullberri left off with this library and will be maintaining it going forward =D Description LibPetBreedInfo is a library for computing breed information for pets. Example Usage local LibPetBreedInfo = LibStub("LibPetBreedInfo-1.0") local breedIndex, confidence = LibPetBreedInfo:GetBreedByPetID(C_PetJournal.GetPetInfoByIndex(1)) local breedName = LibPetBreedInfo:GetBreedName(breedIndex) print(breedName)...


May 03, 2016 Release
TreasuresOfDraenor Language : English (enUS) | French (frFR) TreasuresOfDraenor display traesures on world map. Via Tomtom : This setting changes the modifier used by TomTom when left-clicking on the treasure map to create a waypoint. Command_SLASH [ /tod on ] - " Enable TreasuresOfDraenor " [ /tod off ] - " Disable TreasuresOfDraenor " - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Localization - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -...

Atlas Burning Crusade

May 03, 2016 Release
About This Addon Module This is a separated module which we decided to move it out from the main Atlas core addon starting from v1.21.0. The major concerns include that our addon file size is getting bigger and bigger, while most of the dungeon maps may not get frequent updated. By splitting the dungeon maps based on WoW's expansion, we believe it could downsize our main addon's total size, and also users don't need to download all the maps each time. What's Included in This Addon Module With...