AffDots - Druid

Apr 24, 2014 Planning
Merged the AffDots - Balance Druid and AffDots - Feral Druid projects into one! Druid DoT timer and strenght tracker. Works as a module for AffDots. Works as any regular DoT time tracker but also shows DoT strenght in a percentage based on how strong your dots would be if you would apply them right now. New DoT / Current DoT * 100. Requires AffDots! Dot background colors: Green: your current stats are better, your dots would do more damage if you recast them. Red: your current stats are...
GoingPrice_EU with realm-specific addOn as well


Apr 24, 2014 Release
The GoingPrice_EU addon uses the LibExtraTip library to display various statistics from The statistics are sampled over all realms in the EU region. To get realm specific data, head over to to download realm specific addon's - as many as you want. I suggest all the realms you have characters on. Install them together with GoingPrice_EU. The GoingPrice suite is smart enough to load only what's needed. These addon's should update quite...


Apr 24, 2014 Beta
XRP is a roleplaying profile addon written from scratch, originally as an experiment in working with World of Warcraft's API and in solving some problems with existing roleplaying profile addons. As it's only been under development for a few months (and is clearly marked "beta"), it may not always work correctly or be stable. At current, the major unique features are: An offline profile cache. Automatic height/weight unit conversion (when possible). Monitoring of incoming profiles (see...
Deadly Boss Mods 4.00 in action!

Deadly Boss Mods

Apr 24, 2014 Mature
Suggestions? Bug reports? DBM support forums are back! PVP Mod Notice As of 5.3.5+, PVP mods are now split into a separate project. They did not fit as a core feature of a PVE oriented boss mod. They are more of an "extra" than a core feature. As such, we've decided to split them into a separate package available here. . If you want to continue using these mods, it's recommended to do a fresh install of them via new...


Apr 24, 2014 Release
Displays details of rares on Timeless Isle - when and where they were last killed, and their current health if they are alive. Liases with users of other addons (RareCoordinator, RareAnnouncer, RareShare and GetRare itself) to obtain up-to-date data. Major Features 1. It is compact. Longer rare names are shortened, and you can choose your own abbreviations. By default it displays kills only if there is a recent record (in the past 2 hours, or longer for Golganarr), but you can display the lot...
GuildOx screenshot


Apr 24, 2014 Release
This tooltip addon takes 25+10 guild ranking data from and displays the World Rank, Realm Rank and Raid Progression on player tooltips when you mouse over a player. It also works for cross-realm players. It is a great tool to help you assess the expertise of fellow players in a random heroic/battleground or to follow how other guilds on your server are doing with regards to raid progression ranking. The tooltip information shown is "GuildOx World Rank: {worldrank} ({realmrank})...
Tooltips: unit, minimap, item

Better Battle Pet Tooltip

Apr 24, 2014 Release
Adds your highest collected level and best collected quality to battle pet tooltips. Zeigt im Kampfhaustieren-Tooltips die höchste Stufe und Qualität, die Ihr habt gefangen. Mostrar el mayor nivel y calidad de las mascotas de combate capturados en las descripciones. Afficher le plus haut niveau et qualité des mascottes de combat capturées dans les infobulles. Mostrare il più alto livello e qualità dei mascotti da combattimento catturati nelle descrizioni. Mostrar o mais alto nível e qualidade...
City Chat


Apr 24, 2014 Release
PhanxChat removes chat frame clutter and adds some functionality. Unordnung des Chatfenster verstecken, und einige Funktionen hinzufügen. Eliminar desorden de la ventana de chat y añadir algunas funciones. Remover a desordem da janela de bate-papo e adicionar algumas funcionalidades. Удаляет беспорядок в окне чата и добавляет новые возможности. 移除聊天框的杂物并加入一些功能。 移除聊天框架的雜亂並新增一些功能。 Shortens chat channel names Removes realm names from cross-realm player names Replaces Real ID names and BattleTags...
fullscreen prompt


Apr 24, 2014 Release
Quickly forfeit pet battles with no available upgrades. When you enter a wild pet battle where none of the enemy pets are an upgrade, a full-screen prompt will appear. Click anywhere to forfeit, or right-click to continue the battle anyway. Note that full automation is not possible, and the click is required, because forfeiting a pet battle requires a hardware action. Also, if you don't click immediately, the pet battle system will take a second or two to complete the starting sequence before...
Details Main Window


Apr 24, 2014 Release
Details! are in alpha development stage, new features are being added every week, and we advise that find some bugs is normal, please report if you find any one. This addon are a 'damage meter' type addon which analyze and store all combat data and display in a fashion way to you! Some features which you will find in Details!: native multi window support where you can open and close on-the-fly. store all data and display only what you want. fast engine for capture data not hurting your fps....

Upys Raid Tools

Apr 23, 2014 Release
Upys Raid Tools are a set of tools and functions that I have developed to assist in the running of my raids. I have asked several of the officers in my guild for comments and feedback and it will continue to be worked on while I am raiding. The objective of this addon is not to replace addons like oRA, it is to fill the gaps left by them in how I like to run my raids. Functionality Summary Invites – Quickly build your raid and mass invite, also allows for raid setup to be automatically...

MayronUI Core

Apr 23, 2014 Release
This is the MayronUI addOn which is a part of the MayronUI Gen3 UI Pack / Compilation available for downloading on This UI / addOn only supports the following resolutions: 1920x1080, 1680x1050, 1600x900, 1440x900, 1366x768, 1280x1024 and 1280x800. WARNING: In order to use this addOn properly, it is highly recommended that you download the official UI Pack for your first ever installation. After that you can simply keep the UI up to date using Curse Client by downloading this...


Apr 23, 2014 Release
Navigation Aids Display Facing: Yaw and Pitch Moving: Yaw and Pitch (not always the same as facing) Odometers: Horizontal, Vertical, Resultant Speeds: Horizontal, Vertical, Resultant (based on distance traveled and time elapsed) Waypoint: Distance, Direction, Estimated time of Arrival Angle to turn to face waypoint direction (features text arrows with changing colors & brightness) Pitch arrows shows how far off you're from level pitch Line shows route to waypoint (sword tips indicate...


Apr 23, 2014 Release
NameplateCooldowns This AddOn will show you selected cooldowns of an enemies above their nameplates. NameplateCooldowns isn't a code clone of Icicle, but was inspired by it. Compatible with Tidy Plates, Goldpaw's gUI3 (MoP). Type /nc in game chat to open settings window. All spells are active for tracking by default! You can switch them off in the settings window. I'm looking for anyone who can help on translating NameplateCooldowns. If you are interested in it, please visit localization...

Proelium Serpens

Apr 23, 2014 Planning
One click on the frame to select the controlled friend in combat against Garrosh. Two clicks to interrupt the cast.
Tooltop Logo

Equipped Forager

Apr 23, 2014 Release
Recent Changes 1.1.5r - 17th April 2014 - Minor Archive Fix and Localization Fix. 1.1.4r - 6th March 2014 - Fixed French Localization Mining and German Localization Herbalism problems. After finally getting my very own Forager's Gloves, I was immediately frustrated by the constant need to Equip/Unequip them. Shortly after that, this addon was born. No more hassle, but all the gain from the Gloves! Equipped Forager automatically equips and un-equips the Forager's Gloves as they are needed. It...


Apr 23, 2014 Release
Ankylos EU Draenor - Guild gag addon pack. We enjoy using gag so much in our raids that we decided to make our own sounds pack.
Comparing values with the Auction House


Apr 23, 2014 Release
The GoingPrice_US addon uses the LibExtraTip library to display various statistics from The statistics are sampled over all realms in the US region. To get realm specific data, head over to to download realm specific addon's - as many as you want. I suggest all the realms you have characters on. Install them together with GoingPrice_US. The GoingPrice suite is smart enough to load only what's needed. These addon's should update quite...

Friend XP Bar

Apr 23, 2014 Release
Shows the XP of any friend in your group who is also using FriendXP. This allows people who play togeather to see each others XP when leveling without having to ask every ten minutes "how far to go?". It installs a LDB component which is shown to the user. To get it to work enable the LDB in your toolbar of choice (Such as TitanBar) it should be called "Friend XP"
NPCAlert In Effect


Apr 23, 2014 Planning
This mod was initially only for me, but I realized others may have the same problem as I do and decided to share it. My first mod ever so please be fair on the feedback. Thanks for using it and I hope it helps you as much as it helps me. This AddOn is basically a ripoff of NPCScan. You may be wondering why I made this AddOn since NPCScan is probably the best AddOn to detect rares. Well, the answer is NPCScan wouldn't alert me when a rare appeared immediately and this caused other players to...