Jul 24, 2016 Release
Shows expected healing from Frenzied Regeneration based on damaged taken in last 5 seconds. The healing is obviously modified by your versatility and other buffs (Guardian of Elune talent, T18 2pc). You may choose how to show amount of healing: total healing of FR; healing per tick; ratio of total healing to your max HP;


Jul 24, 2016 Release
Prettier, pixel-perfect nameplates with auras. Configurable through interface options (/knp or /kuinameplates). Known issues, among other things, are tracked here. If you're so inclined, please submit any bugs you find or ideas for enhancements to github. I try to answer all the questions I can, so feel free to ask in the comments below. You can use KuiSpellListConfig to customise the whitelist used by the Auras module. Troubleshooting Only the nameplate of my target shows up! That's because...
0.3d beta


Jul 24, 2016 Release
New Enemyraidframe PVE Addon This shows raidbars form all enemy Units with his cast and interrupts. Early release Status Reset Bars: /utar reset Pls send me your Feedback here or at EU: Unrealrules#2886
TransmogCleanup Main Window


Jul 24, 2016 Release
Cleanup your bag from items you already learned to transmog! Dependencies: Can I Mog It? Current features: Sell all items you've learned to transmog Filter the items by item level, quality, bound on equip/pickup, ... Planned features: Localization Send items to another character which can equip them ... (suggestions welcome!) Support the project:
Sol's Noxxic Stat Priorities Screen Shot

Sol's Noxxic Stat Priorities

Jul 24, 2016 Release
Description This is a simple addon that displays the Class+Spec stat priorities in a small frame attached to the top of the character sheet of your current character. Currently only supports priorities as provided by Future sources are in the works. Built-in custom priorities are in the works. In the mean-time you can manually edit the stats.lua file to adjust priorities as you see fit. NOTE: I maintain a nightly script that checks for changes to the stat priorities as...
DBM Timers Newer

Deadly Boss Mods

Jul 24, 2016 Release
DBM still needs your support! Old Content mods are split into multiple packages Older content is split into multiple addons to reduce mod update size. These are often far less updated as DBM Core packages and are better as optional extra packages. You can get them here: Mists of Pandaria Boss Mods Cataclysm Boss Mods Wrath of the Lich King Boss Mods Burning Crusade and Vanilla Boss Mods Additional Mods LibDataBroker data source Victory Sounds RaidTools...
The frame.


Jul 24, 2016 Release
The description is not really accurate anymore. Actually roll the bones timer is missing. SliceCommander SliceCommander is an addon designed to monitor all your rogue feature in PvE. The addon frame is divided into four different parts. Energy Bar The First part is the Energy bar. It has a combo point counter on its left side and an energy counter on the right one. There is also three sparks showing three different thresholds on the energy bar. These three thresholds can be used to let you...
config ui


Jul 24, 2016 Release
Loot only what you want and keep your precious bag slots free of trash. You can configure the addon with the config UI and/or the slash command (/al, /atl or /autolooter) Some Features: White List Ignore List Alert List Loot by Type/Subtype Quest itens (only work for item listed in the quest log, you can use 'loot by type' and this option for a more reliable approach) Loot by Rarity Loot by Price
Main example


Jul 24, 2016 Beta
About NameplateAuras displays players' buffs/debuffs above their nameplates. It is inspired by PlateBuffs which isn't maintained now. Facts NameplateAuras should work with any non default nameplates (ofc default nameplates are supported too) You can select filter for spells (only your buffs/debuffs or all). More filters soon. List of built-in spells is short, but you can add custom spells. It should has a little impact on performance (I'll do my best) It has ugly GUI Project state The project...
Tidy Plates - More Combat Views

Tidy Plates

Jul 24, 2016 Release
Tidy Plates enhances World of Warcraft's floating health bars - commonly known as 'nameplates' - and provides a flexible theme system which can be used to create your own design. This download comes with several theme packages, but alternatives are available. Tidy Plates on YouTube Basic Configuration Use the command, '/tidyplates' as a shortcut to the interface panel for Tidy Plates. On that panel, you'll be able to select from a list of available themes. The theme you choose will define...
main image


Jul 24, 2016 Release
Nom-Nom-Nom errors! This addon allows you to hide or block standard error messages that occur when you use skills or object. It's the red text in the middle of your screen that constantly annoys you with things like, "Your too far away!", "Not enough mana.", etc... xanErrorDevourer gives you much more flexibility then many similar addons. You have the ability to specifically hide or unhide the errors you want to see. Many other addons just block them all entirely. So if you want to see...
Team view


Jul 24, 2016 Release
PetBattleMaster: See the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent and never miss any "blues" again See the details of your and your opponent's pets in a tabbed view. You get a notification if the enemy pet is missing in your collection or if it has a higher quality than your existing one. Team view with quick selector and portraits of your mighty teams Team manager docked to the pet journal showing all pets of all your teams Tabbed view with details about the pets in a duel Colored border...
BM Hunter Setup


Jul 24, 2016 Release
TellMeWhen provides visual, auditory, and textual notifications about cooldowns, buffs, and pretty much every other element of combat. TellMeWhen is... Flexible Icons can track any of the following things: Cooldowns Buffs/Debuffs Reactive abilities Multi-state abilities Temporary weapon enchants Totems/Wild mushrooms/Ghouls/Lightwell Rune cooldowns Internal cooldowns Others' cooldowns Diminishing returns Spell casts Loss of Control effects ...And any combination of over 110 other things with...

Long Macros

Jul 24, 2016 Release
This addon lets you write macros up to 1023 characters long, and still have their icons update normally when you drag them to the action bar. If you're running low on macro slots, it also lets you write character-specific Long Macros, and have them take up an account-wide blizzard macro slot instead, or vice-versa! --- To open the Long Macros interface, type /longmacro, /LM or simply /L (doesn't matter whether you use upper-case or not). Edit just as you would with regular macros. Once you're...


Jul 24, 2016 Release
Dark Jaguar Bags A bag addon that sorts items into categories defined by blizzard and the user. Features: Multiple layouts Highly customizable Ability to set your own categories Shows item level Settings screen open settings by typing /db or /djbags in chat Setting your own category In order to set your own category, ALT + left-click on the item you would like to change category and a change dialog will show up for that item. There is a drop down with already used custom tags for easy...
Multiple tabbed tooltips


Jul 24, 2016 Release
ToolTipTabs allows you to open many different chat links at any one time. Each time you open a new link it is added to the tooltip and receives it's own tab on the left hand side. You can switch between these with left mouse button. Not only does it allow multiple tabs to be open, but also multiple tooltips. So, you can have 2 tooltips open, maybe one with 3 tabs and the other with 6. Features Up to 20 tabs per tooltip A maximum of 5 seperate tooltips (that's a total of 100 chat links open at...
Filter mounts by faction

Mount Journal Enhanced

Jul 24, 2016 Release
Description Mount Journal Enhanced extends the default Mount Journal. Features Saves filter options Filter mounts by extended source filter Filter mounts by faction Filter mounts by type Filter mounts by family Filter mounts by expansion Hide unusable mounts Hide unwanted mounts Double click list entry to summon mount Displays the number of character specific mounts Displays mount collection related achievement points
Dominos Setup


Jul 24, 2016 Release
Dominos is an action bar addon intended to do the following: Reuse as much standard blizzard action button code as possible. Contain a relatively minimal feature set Be easy to use Be stable It includes the following features: 10 action bars, pet, class, menu, and bag bars. Each one has customizable settings for padding, spacing, columns, scale, and opacity. Customizable paging. You can switch pages on: action bar pages, modifier keys, forms, and targeting. Customizable show states. You can...


Jul 24, 2016 Release
Ever wonder how much shield is still left, several hits after you cast Power Word: Shield on someone with full health, or use Death Strike to heal yourself as a tank? DerangementShieldMeters solves that problem, providing permanent feedback on total shielding amounts regardless of whether the shielded person's HP is full or not. -- Works with blizzard's default Player, Target, Focus, Party, and Raid frames, as well as any custom frames that use their health prediction functions. Tracks total...
Bars v60200.5


Jul 24, 2016 Release
PowerTrackerBar is a minimalistic tracker for: Energy Focus Rage RunicPower LunarPower Maelstrom Insanity Fury Pain ComboPoints Chi Type /ptb to unlock. Bar width and height can be set ingame (Esc -> Interface -> AddOns -> PowerTrackerBar)