Aug 22, 2014 Release
LOIHCal LOIHCal is in game raid event signup role management addon created for guild <Lords of Ironhearts> of Arathor EU, but can be used by anyone. Addon was designed to be easy and fast to use with every button and action being (almost) self-explanatory. What it does? Works for all raid events you can make calendar event for Helps you visualize the raid setup by role view and by numbers at the bottom of the Frame Counter on the bottom of the Frame shows the total number of players with...

Fix Last In Party

Aug 22, 2014 Planning
Leggerissimo addon che fixa il bug che si viene a creare quando tutti lasciano il tuo party e tu rimani per ultimo, e che impedisce di entrare in un nuovo party. Server: Cataclysm - Forgotten Lands. Installare come qualsiasi altro addon. Autore: markred6483 - Bonsai, Forgotten Lands
Buff Abilities

Vocal Raid Assistant

Aug 22, 2014 Release
Vocal Raid Assistant Vocal Raid Assistant is deeply inspired by GladiatorlosSA and works as an audible announcer for what cooldowns and special abilities that are being used during PvE Encounters. Example of such abilities: Tranquility, Rallying Cry, Divine Hymn, etc. Bars have been added to track cooldowns and defensive/offensive buffs for the raid! It is disabled by default, but go to the menu and check it out! (Note: this has nothing to do with the bossmod VEM) Why use VRA? It helps the...


Aug 22, 2014 Release
The following addons are skinned: Addon Control Panel</lI> Advanced Trade Skill Window AdiBags Altoholic Archy ArchaeologyHelper ArkInventory AtlasLoot Auctionator Auctioneer Not Auctioneer Suite AuctionLite Bagnon Balance Power Tracker BG Defender BigBrother BigWigs BuyEmAll CLCProt CLCRet Clique Combustion Helper CoolLine CritLine Deadly Boss Mods with Half-Bar Skin (Offset Y needs to be 15+ in the DBM Options) Dresser EasyMail EnergyWatch Examiner Extended Vendor Factionizer FlightMap...
Screenshot 1


Aug 22, 2014 Release
Adds display of some additional info to Raid Browser tooltip, such as: Talent spec Total boss kills (normal and flex mode only, sum of all kills) Gear rating (only blizzard has clue what exactly this value means) Armor Spell power Crit rating MP5 Melee attack power Agility Max health Max mana Expertise Max average item level Dodge rating Block rating Parry rating Haste rating Zone
SPTimers pic1


Aug 22, 2014 Release
SPTimers - powerfull addon for everyone! Contain Spell timers. Cooldown Line. Cooldown Splash. Trinkets ICD. Fully customizable. Borders, Colors, Fading, Glowing, Textures. Fonts. Ace3GUI, LibSharedMedia Support. Custom Spell Bars tags: %tN - target name %spell - spell name %affdots - dots power from AffDots Addons %sN - source name %stacks - number of stacks %val[1-3] - aura specific number value. Vengeance amount or shield absorb amount %tickcount - amout ticks left ( for dots or hots )...


Aug 22, 2014 Alpha
Not for Public Use Version 4 of the LUI interface, a complete UI overhaul. Currently experiement and nothing more than a shell of an addon and should only be installed on a wow installation you arent playing on. Discussion:
Comparing values with the Auction House


Aug 22, 2014 Release
The GoingPrice_US addon uses the LibExtraTip library to display various statistics from The statistics are sampled over all realms in the US region. To get realm specific data, head over to to download realm specific addon's - as many as you want. I suggest all the realms you have characters on. Install them together with GoingPrice_US. The GoingPrice suite is smart enough to load only what's needed. These addon's should update quite...
GoingPrice_EU with realm-specific addOn as well


Aug 22, 2014 Release
The GoingPrice_EU addon uses the LibExtraTip library to display various statistics from The statistics are sampled over all realms in the EU region. To get realm specific data, head over to to download realm specific addon's - as many as you want. I suggest all the realms you have characters on. Install them together with GoingPrice_EU. The GoingPrice suite is smart enough to load only what's needed. These addon's should update quite...


Aug 22, 2014 Planning
This addon will track all the available items in the WoD Toy Box, it categorizes them on where and what they do, and you can select favorites from them to use directly from a broker menu at any time. It also has additional information on where to find each item. Prior to WoD the items can be used from the broker if they're directly in your inventory, and it will also track which items you've collected and which are still missing on your account.
Notification example

CD Queue

Aug 22, 2014 Release
Overview CD Queue is an universal addon created to help with timing of raid-wide cooldowns like is Stormlash Totem, Shattering Throw or Skull Banner. The addon works on client to client bases, where every player in the cooldown queue should set his own successor. The successor then gets automatically notified when the effect of previously cast spell ends and it is his turn to cast the spell. Supported spells The following cooldowns are supported: Stormlash Totem Healing Stream Totem Grounding...
Character Style

Character Achievements

Aug 22, 2014 Release
About Character Achievements is an addon that modifies the display of achievements in order to easily distinguish those earned by your current character and those earned by another character on your account. A check button is added to the Achievement Frame that allows for quick and easy switching between the styles and updates your achievement points accordingly. Character Style The display is broken down into 3 parts: Character Achievements - default display of completed achievements (red...


Aug 22, 2014 Planning
== MadaraBuffFrame == This is an addon that replaces the default UI BuffFrame with another one, which does the following things: Sort Auras (Buffs and Debuffs) into 3 categories: * a. Long Buffs - buffs longer than 1 minute * b. Short Buffs - buffs equal to or shorter than 1 minute * c. Debuffs - debuffs Display each category on a separate row, with a separate size and unique overlay color: * First row - Long buffs, small icon with a blue overlay * Second row - Short Buffs, large icon with a...
r60 faction list


Aug 22, 2014 Beta
Keep track of the myriad of daily quests that need doing. MoP Specific factions to be supported, and additional groups as they're added. What it does: Keeps track of which quest hubs you do each day. I've programmed in support to recognize when you've completed a day's worth of quests for each faction, plus some things like Sha of Anger, Elder Charms, Blingtron, etc. Currently Supported: Sha of Anger weekly kill Warforged Seals weekly quest Blingtron daily quest Galleon Oondasta (world boss)...
Button container in action

Aura Frames

Aug 21, 2014 Release
Aura Frames allows you to display any kind of buff or debuff on any given unit with highly customizable filtering, ordering, coloring and animation functionality. The "engine" behind the screens is the LibAura that is specific written for AuraFrames that provide aura information over all the units and even more. It also include information over internal cooldowns, spell cooldowns, totems, weapon enchantments, testing units and more. The filtering, ordering and coloring is unique. No addon has...

Lazy Boss Preparation

Aug 21, 2014 Beta
Lazy Boss Preparation (LBP) checks for every zone you enter if your spec, talents and glyphs are matching a predefined set for this zone and will inform you via a popup. LBP also automatical edits four macros for every template. So LBP checks if you are prepared for the Boss. /LBP or /lbp to open the config to create a new template or edit existing ones. You can edit any template but you can only create new ones for the subzone you are currently in.
Character and Inspection frame (all gems/enchants)

Kibs Item Level

Aug 21, 2014 Release
Shows Item Level, Upgrades, Gems and Enchants for all items in the Character and Inspection pane. Also shows empty gem slots and missing enchants. Can be combined with Bimbo for an even more visual gem/enchant slack-check. Additionally it shows average ilvl on the Inspection pane. The freezing when opening the character pane is now gone ^^ !!! Does not work if another addon is changing item tooltips. E.g. If you use TicTac please disable the ItemRef module !!! (Thanks to Pandha for...

Deadly Boss Mods WoD Beta

Aug 21, 2014 Beta
This is a version of DBM for the Warlords of Draenor beta. NOT to be used with live WoW 5.x. Files are set to 5.4 game version so they can still be managed by curse client since it ignores files set to 6.0, even when installed in a 6.0 client. Leaving users with out of date mods. Please leave all feedback on our 6.0 mod feedback thread: IMPORTANT NOTICE You must DELETE "DBM-Highmail" from your mods folder if it exists....

Piece of Justice

Aug 21, 2014 Release
Piece of Justice is a general addon for World of Warcraft. It provides several little features to make your life in the World of Warcraft a bit easier. Every single feature can be turned on/off for it's own. General: - show online friends/guild members when logging in - auto message to group when setting hearthstone - notify/autograt when a group member levels up - auto set the reputation bar's faction group when gaining reputation - directing some popups to the chat window (like not...


Aug 21, 2014 Planning
Requires TriviaBot v2.8.8 or later you can download it from Dridzt Link: A new plugin that I wrote for my guild. In this plugin, there are over 200 German questions about the MOP expansion. The quiz folder should be located here: Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\Interface\addons