Jan 25, 2015 Release
Simple addon to check if a quest has been completed via slash command /iqc or /isquestcompleted for syntax

DBM Voicepack Hamseoro KR

Jan 25, 2015 Release
Instructions: This is the Korean Female Voice pack for DBM WoD. (not a standalone addon but a plugin to DBM. Make sure you download DBM first) 안내: 이 애드온은 드레노어의 전쟁군주용 DBM의 음성안내 파일입니다. (단독으로 작동하지 않으며, DBM의 플러그인입니다. DBM을 반드시 먼저 설치하셔야 합니다.) After installation, please set the pack in /dbm as per the following screenshot: 설치후에 /dbm을 입력하신 후 아래 스크린샷에 따라 설정을 해주시기 바랍니다. If you have any issues with the pack, comment or message me on curse. 문제점이 있으시다면, 이 글에 댓글을 남겨주시거나 커스로 PM을 남겨주시기 바랍니다.


Jan 24, 2015 Release
Titan Panel plugin to track progress of multiple achievements without cluttering the screen/questlog. There is no interface to track new achievements, just use the normal achievement tracking system. They can just be tracked and then untracked one second later. Achievements will still be shown by this plugin after untracking them, this is just a convenient way to track new ones without the need of a new (and buggy) window/frame.


Jan 24, 2015 Release
This is a simple addon that takes screenshots when various special events happen to your character. Originally, this was just when you leveled, but it now also records achivements and deaths that happen in PvE. My goal is to allow you to easily create a history of your character's adventure, which you could share via a web page or other methods.
Shadowmoon Valley Preview


Jan 23, 2015 Release
This HandyNotes Plugin shows Draenor Treasures and Rarespawns on the Map & Minimap. (Treasures which have been looted and Rares which have been killed are automaticly hidden. The hidden elements can be reactivated in the visibility options) # !!! ATTENTION !!! # Requires HandyNotes to function! Since the WoD ItemIDs are most likely not precached in your client there will be many questionmarks when you first open a wod zonemap, if you close and reopen the map or switch back and forth between...
Expanded tracker

Kaliel's Tracker

Jan 21, 2015 Release
Various tweaks to improve Blizzard Objective Tracker. Features Change tracker position Expand / Collapse tracker relative to selected position (direction) Auto set tracker height by content with max. height limit Scrolling when content is greater than max. height Remember collapsed tracker after logout / exit game Quest Item buttons works! Change tracker scale Change tracker background and border Change tracker text font, size, flag and shadow Colored tracked item titles Colored tracked item...


Jan 21, 2015 Release
Weak Aura Rotations The WAR addon has two main purposes. WAR stores Weak Aura rotations so they can be imported and updated. WAR contains an API with useful functions that can be used in custom Weak Aura triggers. The reason I stopped developing Nemo was due to the complex nature of using lua for creating simple actions. Nemo was not a widely used addon, so the tutorials and usability things never really took off. To provide users with rotations and keep a flexible and powerful interface that...
Split Timers


Jan 20, 2015 Release
Superluminal is a Challenge Mode Interface aimed at the speed run community. It adds split timers to the Blizzard default Challenge Mode timer and objective tracker and gives an interface for an overview of your previously completed runs. In this interface you can Sort your runs chronologically or by specific boss timer Annotate saved runs Set ghost timers Superluminal is in Beta, and the list of features will be expanded in the very near future.
Loremaster standalone


Jan 19, 2015 Release
New Loremaster Starting with the Loremaster release for 5.4, Loremaster will require the use of the Grail addon to provide quest data. The interface and functionality will remain basically the same, but because quest information will be taken from Grail, the goal is to provide more up-to-date information for Loremaster. Please create a ticket if you find problems with the quest information. If there are interface problems, or functionality problems with Loremaster please comment here....
Main Window

URNotePad (Uncle Roald's Notepad, Notes)

Jan 19, 2015 Release
Uncle Roald's Notepad - Notebook (URNotepad) ============================================= URNotePad allow you to keep unlimited World of Warcraft notes on your computer and in-game. All notes are organized by Category and a Sub Category. No more note books and note pads full of Warcraft notes laying around and getting lost! You can pull up any note in seconds! You can Create and Edit notes. Delete old notes. Easily look them up by either Main Category, Main and Sub Categories or do a search....
/prof output (localized)


Jan 18, 2015 Mature
About Professor This tiny addon tracks your progress in archaeology, so you can easily find out what you're missing from "Diggerest" and "It Belongs in a Museum!" achievements. Usage /prof - list sumary for all races /prof detailed RACEID - list of every artifact per race; e.g. "/prof detailed 1" for Dwarves. Race ids: Dwarves Draenei Fossils Night Elves Nerubians Orcs Tol'Vir Trolls Vrykul Mantid Pandaren Mogu Arakkoa Draenor Clans Ogre
Cataclysm heroics


Jan 18, 2015 Release
English: RaidAchievement (RA addon) What it does: Reports in chat (or with sound) when group or raid achievement that you can't track is failed or when all criteria of the achievement are fullfiled and you need to kill boss.* Informs about achievements when you enter the instance or target the boss. Need to install AchievementsReminder Manual selection of achievements (by location) available. Need to install AchievementsReminder Shows tactics. Need to install AchievementsReminder...


Jan 18, 2015 Release
Successor project to CraftJapanizer since original author quit WoW. WoWJapanizer provides Japanese-translated Quest, Item, Achievement and Spell ToolTips. All the quests including from Vanilla to WoD will be displayed in Japanese. Furigana mode When you turn on Furigana mode, all the quest text displays with Furigana like this. This feature helps to learn Japanese by gaming. Japanese font Addon includes free IPA Japanese font to show Japanized text. Skill, Talent, Glyph and Achievement are...


Jan 17, 2015 Release
About Automatic congratulate and thank in guilds, groups and players in the area. Usage Setup your thank and congratulate messages and choose for who, who not, or simple for all. On triggering an event where you would thank or congratulate you will automatic sent the appropriable message, when more as one message fits you will send one of them randomly. Settings You can change settings individual for congratulate and thank. Areko's Gratz comes with a bunch of build-in thanks triggers, but you...

ElvUI Equipment Sets Datatext

Jan 17, 2015 Release
Bug reports and Feature Requests are to be handled by the Ticket Tracker only. This addon requires ElvUI in order to work. This is a simple datatext for ElvUI to easily swap your equipment sets. Currently it only supports Blizzard's equipment sets, other addons such as Outfitter are not supported. Donations It takes quite a bit of time on my part to develop and maintain these addons, as well as provide support for them. Any help you can provide financially, to show your appreciation for my...
Highmaul Reliquary

Steamwheedle Helper

Jan 17, 2015 Release
As always, if you have any issues with the addon or you have coordinates that aren't in the addon please open a ticket. This addon requires TomTom to work. This simple addon will add waypoints to TomTom, based on your current location, of known spawn points for Highmaul Reliquaries. It will also assist you with your Steamwheedle Preservation Society reputation. Note This is designed so that the waypoints will only be displayed if you are located in Nagrand, which is the only locatoin where...
World Map

ElvUI Fog of War

Jan 16, 2015 Release
If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, please open a ticket. This addon requires ElvUI in order to work. This is a lightweight addon that will remove the Fog of War from your World Map so you can see zones that you have not yet discovered. It is based on functionality added by numerous map addons like Mapster or Cartographer. Donations It takes quite a bit of time on my part to develop and maintain these addons, as well as provide support for them. Any help you can provide financially,...
Carbonite Notes Window

Carbonite Notes

Jan 15, 2015 Release
Carbonite Notes is a addon for Carbonite Maps. It allows you to create and save waypoints around the world for easy viewing and recollection. Has the ability for addons of it's own so people can make easy groupings like candy buckets or treasure points without affecting your own saved notes
Carbonite Social

Carbonite Social

Jan 15, 2015 Release
Carbonite Social is an addon for the Carbonite Maps system. Carbonite social allows you to easily view friends also use Carbonite, along with it's Punk detection system which alerts you if someone from the other faction is around you, or other users of Carbonite in the same zone. Includes an easy targetting display and menu for those of the opposite faction (Punks window)
Warehouse Screen

Carbonite Warehouse

Jan 15, 2015 Release
Carbonite Warehouse is a plugin for carbonite maps. It includes a tooltip addon which shows you how many of each item you have on your alternative characters, along with an overview window which allows you to view any characters inventory or basic stats such as gold amount or honor, where they logged out or how much time you've played them.