Jul 31, 2015 Release
Overview kEPGP is an assistance addon for managing Effort Point rewards using the common EPGP loot and attendance system. Functionality /kepgp (or /kep for short) will display the slash commands. /kep config opens the configuration where Effort Points contains a few basic settings. Most of them should default to the standard settings (of my own guild, Vox Immortalis of Hyjal-US), but one setting worth noting is Punctual Cutoff Seconds which by default gives players a 15 second window after...
Cataclysm heroics


Jul 31, 2015 Release
English: RaidAchievement (RA addon) What it does: Reports in chat (or with sound) when group or raid achievement that you can't track is failed or when all criteria of the achievement are fullfiled and you need to kill boss.* Informs about achievements when you enter the instance or target the boss. Need to install AchievementsReminder Manual selection of achievements (by location) available. Need to install AchievementsReminder Shows tactics. Need to install AchievementsReminder...


Jul 31, 2015 Release
Open menu: /ar /achrem /achr Informs about achievements when you enter the instance or target the boss. Manual selection of available achievements (by location). Shows tactics. . If you get errors using this addon: Check your addon's folder, and delete the folder named "RaidAchievement_AchievementsReminder" if it exists.
Main frame

Champions of Hellfire Citadel

Jul 30, 2015 Release
This addon is designed for people who every day kill certain creatures (Doomroller, Vengeance, Terrorfist and Deathtalon) and for searching groups uses a standard search in WoW. To find them they need to constantly hit the refresh button, and when party is found - select a group, ask for an invite and take it. This addon does all this routine except for the adoption of an invite. Video on youtube: addon in action Features: by click on search button you just wait and do your business. Addon...
Gold Banker

Gold Banker

Jul 28, 2015 Release
A simple yet effective addon that adds a small button to the Mailbox Frame that sends over all your gold to a banker toon. You may specify how much gold you want to keep on each character, and the addon will do the rest of the work! Need to reset your banker toon and gold amount? Simply use the command /gbr to reset your configuration.

QuestKing 2

Jul 27, 2015 Release
NOTE This addon does have some in-game configuration via slash-commands (for example, for dragging and locking the tracker). However, more detailed customization (if required) must be done by editing values in Lua files. See options.lua for more information. There are no plans to add detailed in-game configuration menus. Description QuestKing is a complete replacement for Blizzard's default objective tracker/quest tracker. It is designed to be simple, compact and unobstrusive while supporting...


Jul 27, 2015 Release
!Bens_theinsane is a addon to track and help you with the Achievements "the insane" it will show you the spots and the ammount of "NPC" to kill. also the ammount of locks to bring to the rogue faction "Ravenhold"
Token Waypoint

Tanaan Jungle Stalker

Jul 27, 2015 Release
Draebow <> Silver Hand US <> Alliance This page last updated: 26JUL2015 * * NEW * * Requires the TomTom addon. The TomTom addon will place markers on your map and give you an arrow pointing in the direction of the marker. TomTom is widely used and stable. You can disable any TomTom features you find annoying. Download TomTom @ (I would also recommend RareScanner @ Tanaan Jungle Stalker will assist you in...

Guild Slacker

Jul 25, 2015 Release
Guild Slacker == Beta == === Project under new management. === Hello my name is Glought with permission from Submann I have taken over the project. I will be maintaining and improving the project. Info This addon was originally made by my self for myself. I was tired of having to say Gratz every time someone got an achievement, after that i added a few extra things to make me even a bigger slacker. If you like it then feel free to use it. Q & A Q] What will this addon do ? A] This addon will...


Jul 25, 2015 Release
General TabardMaster will automatically change your tabard and your gear based on your current zone, group, or dungeon. Never again will you forget to equip your guild tabard before turning in a quest, or your Safari Hat during a pet battle. Always have the correct gear equipped for an instance, or a LFG queue. Show off your transmog'd finery when entering a city - or equip your PvP gear when in enemy territory. Earn exalted status with your guild, your home cities, Lich King and Cataclysm...


Jul 24, 2015 Release
A little addon to surpress the message shown on your error message frame when you queue up for RBGs. Made to allow streamers to queue up while just hiding their minimap icon & chat and they will queue up undetected from a stream viewers PoV as long as they aren't leader of the RBG group. To enable the supression of the msg you gotta type /qq or /quietqueue New feature: Fake queues. By typing /fakequeue or /fakeq you will emulate the act of queueing up to people watching you. To get rid of the...

WoWDB Profiler

Jul 23, 2015 Release
Collects a multitude of different points of information from the in-game world, which is then used to populate the appropriate categories on for user perusal.
Fishing Skill Tracker 1

Titan Panel Fishing Skill Tracker

Jul 22, 2015 Release
A plug-in for Titan Panel that will track your actual current fishing level with fishing buffs. Compact and customizable. Requires Titan Panel Enable by right-clicking the Titan Panel > Professions > Titan Fishing Skill Tracker As you level your fishing, the display will always show you actual fishing skill level with fishing skill buffs in green text. The tool tip will show your base skill level, fishing skill buffs (green number) and your actual current skill level. The display will go to a...
Main Window

RepCalc (Reputation Bars)

Jul 21, 2015 Release
Note: Commendation bonuses are now built-in and your LFG bonus faction is marked with a star (set a new one by right-clicking the factions' bar). Description: RepCalc is a standalone addon that allows you to create up to ten bars that will track your reputation with the selected factions. You can also click on the bars to see in your chat window how many (if applicable) of the associated dailies, items, etc. are required to reach exalted with that faction. Slash Commands: /repcalc to open the...
Raptor Hatchling

Adorable Hatchling Nests

Jul 20, 2015 Release
Description Places a pin on the world map for every Razormaw/Ravasaur/Leaping/Darting Hatchling nest's spawn location. How to Instal Instal this AddOn like any other AddOn. Use the installer provided by this webpage if you really must. Whenever updating or installing *any* AddOn you *must* quit WoW completely, relaunch, then enjoy! Details Players are able to collect several raptor style companions/pets. Four of these spawn from within nests. You do not need to kill anything. The Ravasaur...


Jul 18, 2015 Release
This addon changes Blizzard Achievements UI for a better and more intuitive search of particular achievements in dungeons, raids and scenarios tabs but it doesn't change the whole UI. Commands : /jphf to open the main window, or use the minimap icon. Cet addon modifie l'interface des hauts faits de Blizzard, ce qui permet une meilleur recherche d'un haut fait particulier dans les catégories donjons, raids et scénarios, mais sans modifier l'ensemble de l'interface. Commandes : /jphf pour...
Money Display image


Jul 16, 2015 Release
Author: Skizo Modified by: Shaun Voysey Title: MoneyDisplay Notes: MoneyDisplay - Small movable window displaying current Player Money. Version : 6.1.0 OptionalDeps: None Dependencies: None Original Version: 1.8 by Sphinx NOTE BY THE AUTHOR I started this project when I realized that Money Display ( by Sphinx was no longer in development. Since then I've added functionality such as lock/unlock and the cashflow mode, and I'm still looking forward new...
Mid Summer Festival

Atlas World Events

Jul 12, 2015 Release
Overview An Atlas plugin for world events maps. With this plugin you can quickly look up the annual world events' quest target location. Events Included Brewfest Lunar Festival Love is in the Air Midsummer Fire Festival Hallow's End Harvest Festival Darkmoon Faire Feast of Winter Veil Events To Be Included Localization Currently this plugin has below languages fully localized: English Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese German Russian Portuguese Italian If you are interested in...
Log window

Broker: Raid Finder

Jul 09, 2015 Release
Broker: Raid Finder – A broker addon that monitors trade and lfg channels in major cities for raid offers. Supports remote search through friends and guild mates. Features – Monitor General, Trade and LookingForGroup channels in major cities for raid offers. Remote search. With activated addon communication option guild mates, mutual friends and battlenet friends using this addon will monitor city channels for you while you are out of town and inform you about the results. Cross-character...

Daily Global Check_WoD Treasure Chests

Jul 08, 2015 Release
This plugin for Daily Global Check tracks which treasure chests have already been looted in Draenor. When a chest has been looted, the icon for that specific object disappears from the map. This is a plugin and requires Daily Global Check!