Collapse Quest Tracker

Feb 16, 2013 Inactive
Annoyed by quest tracker covering up timer bars? This is a simple addon that automatically collapses your Quest Tracker if it's open when joining a group, and expands it again when you leave.

While You Were Out

Feb 07, 2013 Planning
Current Version # is 0.5.1. Once the addon's file has been uploaded here, please read the readme.txt file located inside the addon's folder for information regarding to what this current alpha version's functionality is. Current To-Do List for Next Version: Fix Error with AFK message not appearing when using a custom AFK message (i.e. /away x) Code Slash Commands Figure out how to use Git Attempt to figure out why the addon has issues with SpartanUI's SpinCam Let's say you're on a high...
Tabards already Equipped


Jan 10, 2013 Inactive
TabardTracker Changelog Written by Rakreo of Duskwood Do you have a hard time remembering which Tabards you have ever equipped for the Achievements "Ten Tabards" and "Twenty Five Tabards"? Well I do! This should help!
The very simple UI


Dec 30, 2012 Inactive
A Simple Archaeology Addon to keep track of the locations you need to dig next, and the nearest flight point. All locations taken from - and updated via the associated spreadsheet. I'm updating the wowwiki site as I discover spelling mistakes in the area names.


Dec 19, 2012 Inactive
IGratz automatically sends Gratz to the Guild channel when a guild member receives a Achievement.
MoP Tracking Frame.

Daily To-Do's

Dec 14, 2012 Inactive
NOTE: If you are getting a Lua error, reset the data in the Daily To-Do's options pane, then reload your UI. This should fix the problem. Daily To-Do's Feel free to leave feature suggestions or opinions. I try to implement most, if not all suggested features. :) What does Daily To-Do's do? Daily To-Do's is an addon designed to keep of the many dailies you may be completing across many characters, servers and/or factions. It is an easy way to make sure you are always doing all your daily...
the button

Satchel Queue

Dec 08, 2012 Inactive
This addon will help you get satchels! It queues for dungeon call to arms (cta) when available for your role - Plays a sound over the master channel when appropriate queue pops, so you can hear it even if alt-tabbed - Declines queue pop when there isn't any satchels - Only queues when the call to arms is available for your selected role(s) - Stops searching after you enter the dungeon - Optional screen flash and sound, accessible by /satchel or in the interface options - Ability to prioritise...


Dec 04, 2012 Inactive
A simple addon that automatically updates the tracked reputation to match the latest kills/quests. It uses FACTION_STANDING_INCREASED and FACTION_STANDING_DECREASED so should be language independent, but if someone could confirm this that wold be fantastic.
TomTomLite arrow


Nov 28, 2012 Inactive
TomTomLite is a lighter version of TomTom that provides some of the same features with no backwards compatibility. Redesigned from the ground up to work better with WoW's mapping API, this will enable me to make changes and add features more rapidly. Currently the addon displays three types of waypoints: quest objectives and turn-ins, corpse location, and archaeology dig sites. For quest objectives, the top-most objective in your tracker that is in your current zone will be displayed. You can...
ThuBz Login Tweak

ThuBz Login Tweak

Nov 12, 2012 Beta
ThuBz Login Tweak Hey everyone, First of all i wanna give a BIG Thanks to lilgulps for allowing me to use his .blp files to start this with. I've been working and re-making my ThuBz-UI alot and still not sure what to make of it to share so all people like it. BUT for now i got this nice login tweak that makes it look all beter, for now i kept it easy and just made it match the MoP Colors What is "ThuBz Login Tweak" The screenshots says it all, it just replace the buttons on the login screen...


Nov 08, 2012 Planning
This addon will improve user experience for healers and other classes to enable quick informed dispelling of curses on friendly players. Inspired by the great things done by other addons.

TwitterRealID (TRID)

Oct 29, 2012 Inactive
TwitterRealID (TRID) automatically broadcasts your in-game events to your friends over It can also broadcast to guild members if the user wishes. Events that TRID will report (depending on your settings): Raid bosses defeated Current instance bosses defeated Achievements earned Epic (>ilvl 359) and legendary loot won Battlegrounds entered Battlegrounds won World zone movement Raids entered Heroic instances entered To customize TRID reporting, type "/trid ui" (without the quotation...


Oct 27, 2012 Inactive
Utility libraries for XLoot addons. Please ping Xuerian before committing changes. Feel free to use.

Russian Translit

Oct 20, 2012 Inactive
What translit is about: translit is solution for people like me, with have no ability to type Russian (sometimes the reason could be no Russian keyboard installed on the computer). Translit is a mapping of English letters to Russian – people typing Russian words using English letters. For example, “Zdravstvuy Mir” – “Здравствуй Мир” means in Russian “Hello World”. The idea is when a user pressing English “Z”, Russian “З” is actually being typed. How to use it: after installing addin, you will...
Tricks and Treats

Tricks and Treats

Oct 19, 2012 Inactive
Tricks and Treats: An easy to use compiled waypoints and locations for all the candy buckets on horde and alliance, all under one addon of options using tomtom's crazy arrow. Video of Addon: Description: Hi guys! MabusGaming here from I've decided to spend all of the other night programming an addon that will incorporate easily tomtom waypoint arrow system with finding all the candy buckets for tricks and treats...

Kill Counter

Oct 12, 2012 Inactive
Tracks Honorable Kills and Honorable Killing Blows On An Onscreen Counter.


Oct 02, 2012 Inactive
Keeps your "accounttype" updated to enable the Launcher to download Cataclysm data files as it becomes available. The "accounttype" is reset on each login and this mod keeps it updated to Cataclysm - thus making your game client "Cataclysm ready" (sounds like my HD-ready TV!). Mainly for players without a digitally upgraded Cataclysm account presently, but would like to download all the Cataclysm data files currently permitted by the Launcher. It is also likely more data files (such as...
Minimap Tracking


Sep 27, 2012 Inactive
What's this? PetCaught is a very simple addon that appends a "Caught" or "Not Caught" note to the tooltips of any wild battle pets you may encounter. The goal is to help you catch 'em all more easily, removing the need to check the pet journal to determine if you've already captured a certain pet. The addon will add the note to both world tooltips as well as minimap tracking tooltips. In addition, it will note the quality of your captured pet (for example, Poor, or Uncommon) so that you can...


Sep 23, 2012 Inactive
Possessions keeps track of gold and items across all of your characters on each server. Its primary utility comes from being able to use a slash command to instantly show you where you already possess an item on the server without cluttering your tooltips all the time. Commands: /poss - Open the possessions window /poss text - Open Possessions and search for "text" /poss [Item Link] - Open Possessions and search for the item linked /poss -clear name - Clears all stored data for the character...
Sacri Symbiosis Helper

Sacri Symbiosis Helper

Sep 19, 2012 Inactive
Sacri Symbiosis Helper is a little addon that adds to the tooltip for the Symbiosis spell (localized) infos about whitch ability the druid is getting/giving by using Symbiosis. The infos are added only if not in combat, to show the list of given spell hover the Symbiosis spell icon while keeping SHIFT pressed. Since MOP is not yet live the final list MAY be changed, if that happens I'll update the addon, if you find any error please report using the comments. --Italian description Sacri...