Nov 10, 2010 Alpha
Provides possibility to queue or look for more members to group for selected Quests and Achievements. (For start)
tooltip with talent role

Talent Summary Tooltip

Nov 06, 2010 Planning
Adds the talent summary (Demonology, Destruction, Fire, Frost.. etc) on your tooltip, along with the role that spec is suited for (damage/heal/tank). With the change in 4.0 requiring you to choose a talent tree to spec into and place at least 31 points into it, I found that I no longer really cared to see the actual points spent in trees ( 0/33/3). All I really wanted to know is what their primary tree was. I also thought I would add in what role in a group that spec was meant to play. Early...


Nov 05, 2010 Planning
SImple to allow Guild Master to levy a tax on Guild Members income for The Guild Bank.


Nov 04, 2010 Planning
This is a ButtonFacade style that matches Caith's current UI at


Oct 20, 2010 Planning
Unified Friend List A standalone, lightweight addon to automatically manage the friend-list across characters of a realm. further information following


Oct 02, 2010 Planning
The purpose of this add-on is so you can easily find vendors selling specific items, it will also tell you where they are, this is my first add-on so dont be too harsh :)


Sep 23, 2010 Alpha
There is so much to do in WoW, you just have to be selective about what you do every day, and it is easy to forget those things that you might do if you have time left. This plugin will let you group tasks (kill a mob, do a raid or heroic, do some dailies, do the weeklies) into manageable chunks. You will only see those tasks you define yourself as interesting, and if they are possible to do right now on this character. This is still very early experimantal stage, not even a working addon....

WoW Realm Status Watch

Sep 15, 2010 Planning
WoW realm status watch WoWRealmStatusWatch is looking in user given interval on for the realm status. It is maken a loud noise if server is gone online. Only updates every hour if server is online. starts with: -- java -jar status.jar RealmName UpdateIntervalInSeconds startWoWRealmStatus RealmName UpdateIntervalInSeconds example: java -jar status.jar Azshara 15 (Attention: Case sensitive) startWoWRealmStatus status.jar Azshara 15 Close with: --- CTRL+C Known bugs: --- -Only...


Sep 12, 2010 Planning
An addon that lets you write and give out quests. You can give anything you want in return for the quest to whomever does it, and it will track whether or not they have completed the necessary objectives. Quest can include killing, collecting, discovering, crafting and so on. Quest credit can be given out by the give if it requires an event to take place, or can be given through tracking. Special items cannot be dropped, so you must be aware of the loot pool from any specific mob for a drop...
Sound on mount


Aug 30, 2010 Planning
Plays different music during day or night in World of Warcraft.

Archievement Informer

Aug 22, 2010 Alpha
Description: Archievement Informer is an Addon, that informs you about Archievements in a Tooltip, when you mouseover an Item or Mob of it. Supported Game Version: 3.3.5 Supports following Archievements: - It's Happy Hour Somewhere - Ten and Twenty-Five Tabards - Tastes Like Chicken - Pest Control (Alpha Status!) Adding more Archievements soon!

Experience until you lvl

Aug 15, 2010 Planning
the experience bar is a bar that shows how much more Experience you have left until you level up it will be way better then the killstolvl bar or whatever its called and also you can change the colors of the bar just in case if you get bored with the colors blue and purple and you will be able to choose from a Variety of colors.I hope you enjoy or like my first Addon if you have any questions then contact me by my (Email) [email protected]) there you go that is my email so if you like it...

English to Portuguese(BR) interface

Aug 06, 2010 Planning
It translates in real time all the in game messages. Quests, abbilities descriptions, item descriptions, classes descriptions, etc, making it easier for brazilians to undertande what they should do and what abbilities to choose.

SpellFlash: BalanceDruid

Jul 21, 2010 Planning
Flashes the optimal spell for a balance druid in raid-DPS. Not fully functional yet.

Missing Quests

Jun 06, 2010 Planning
Help in finding those last 30 quests needed in Easter Kingdoms to get Loremaster. Will, I hope, filter out all Faction, Class and Trade specific quests so your not running all over for a quest thats unobtainable.

WoW Connect!

May 06, 2010 Planning
This addon is planned to be used with Blizzard's future Real ID system for friend information and chat. With WoW Connect, you can share your status, current fight state, and more with your friends and guild members. Please donate any amount you wish to help with development. Every dollar counts! Until Blizzard unveils their new friends list system with patch 3.3.5, this addon will allow some of the abilities not yet available. After the Real ID features are officially added, WoW Connect will...


Apr 21, 2010 Planning
Informer This addon enables players to share character information in real time with friends, guild mates, and more across the entire server*. *Limited to own faction. Guild information sharing not yet implemented. Current Features System Messages Player has died. Player has leveled. Player is now AFK/DND (optional message). Improved Friends List Information Combat State Fighting (enemy name) Health, Mana, Power, etc. Alpha build coming soon.

Arena-Gurubashi v1.0

Mar 17, 2010 Planning
Gurubashi Arena v 1.0 -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ - IMPACT: Displays the table: - How many times was the player in the "Gurubashi Arena" (incl. date & time) - Success rate in percent, and decimal numbers - His most successful Equip in the "arena of the Gurubashi" - His conduct in the "arena of the Gurubashi" [passive (defensive) - Active (Attack)] - Preserved in the "arena of the Gurubashi" and much more. More information in the "readme.txt" file. Installation of "readme.txt" file carefully...

Damage Watch

Mar 15, 2010 Beta
Graphic view of your incoming damage. Type /dw for options. It's in its early stages, so the following occurs: - random colored bars (the colors don't mean anything) - only shows melee damage and spell damage


Mar 07, 2010 Planning
This addon let's you choose where a picture and text should pop up saying when you have low mana,low health, low rage, low energy, a cooldown is finished, Debuffs/Buffs run out, you get Aggro and other thing you need to keep track off. You can resize and move all texts and pictures.