Oct 30, 2013 Release
This addon will send a message to general chat when you target a rare NPC on the Isle of Thunder and the Timeless Isle. The message will include the NPC's name, health percentage, and coordinates of the player when the NPC was spotted to give a general idea of its location. It updates general chat when the NPC has been killed. It comes with built-in flood protection set to 30 seconds. This is also sensitive to announcements by other players using this addon. You may retarget the NPC in order...


Oct 29, 2013 Planning
Really simple addon that (as of v0.1) updates your rep bar to that of whichever faction's zone you're currently in. For example, in Jade Forest your rep bar is for Order of the Cloud Serpent. When you cross into Valley of the Four Winds it automatically changes to the rep bar for the Tillers. As of v0.1 Karsarang Wilds only shows the Dominance Offensive; I play Horde and haven't had time to fix it up. Planned changes: -Slash commands to lock factions -Ability to auto change the faction based...

Detanobrac Spellflash Items

Oct 02, 2013 Beta
Spellflash Addon to track item buffs

Goldpaw's Loot

Sep 04, 2013 Alpha
What is this? This addon styles and enhances the loot and group loot frames, in a similar way to the loot module previous gUI version. It is part of the gUI4 addon suite, and it will not function by itself. You need to download the main gUI4 addon. More info will be posted during the development process at The following addons will eventually make up the gUI4 addon suite: Core(required): Goldpaw's UI (core) Modules(optional): Goldpaw's ActionBars Goldpaw's Auras...


Jul 10, 2013 Planning
A GPS style addon that will help you locate just about anything you need in a city.


Apr 12, 2013 Planning
Rare monsters are very important, they drop good gear, give achievements and might be the best hunter pet. I used to use _NPCSCAN and SilverDragon, but they all feel strange and have some problems, such as you need to clean cache. So I wrote a Addon for myself, and use it for years. Now, I noticed _NPCSCAN stopped update, and can't find rares in path 5.2, but my addon can. After kill at least 3 rare each day on isle of thunder, I decide to share my addon.

While You Were Out

Feb 07, 2013 Planning
Current Version # is 0.5.1. Once the addon's file has been uploaded here, please read the readme.txt file located inside the addon's folder for information regarding to what this current alpha version's functionality is. Current To-Do List for Next Version: Fix Error with AFK message not appearing when using a custom AFK message (i.e. /away x) Code Slash Commands Figure out how to use Git Attempt to figure out why the addon has issues with SpartanUI's SpinCam Let's say you're on a high...


Nov 08, 2012 Planning
This addon will improve user experience for healers and other classes to enable quick informed dispelling of curses on friendly players. Inspired by the great things done by other addons.

remember loot

Mar 11, 2012 Planning
You can turn remember loot on to see how much you've looted. for instance, say your in a dungeon and you don't want to count every peice of loot in the dungeon your loot. turn this addon and from the time you turn it on it counts all the loot you've looted until turned off.


Jan 07, 2012 Planning
hcTrackerBot will automatically stop tracking quests you have completed, reducing clutter in your quest log.


Oct 07, 2011 Planning
General AchievementMaster Is a Add-on that Allows you to Create and Link custom achievements into And chat window Slash commands AchievementMaster recognises the following slash commands: /AM - brings up the main configuration screen. /Dam - disables AchievementMaster /Eam - enables AchievementMaster


Aug 31, 2011 Planning
With this addon you can have your own achievements up and ready to earn.

Player Quests

Aug 17, 2011 Alpha
Allows players to write and share their own quests with other users of the addon. PlayerQuests blends in with the default Blizzard quest UI in a way that attempts to be minimally invasive.

Alternate Achievements

Aug 14, 2011 Alpha
Allows the player to create their own achievements that they can then send to other users of the addon. The faux achievements will be listed alongside the official Blizzard achievements in the default Achievement UI. To create achievements and edit the addon settings, click on the "AA Menu" button in the lower right hand corner of the WoW Achievement window.

Healium Automation

Aug 09, 2011 Planning
Healium Automation automates which Healium frames are shown based on party type and size. For example: In a 5-man dungeon group, only the party frame would be shown In a Warsong Gulch group, only the group 1 & 2 frames would be shown In an AQ40 group all 8 group frames would be shown Healium Automation is configurable to also to display Tanks/Healers/DPS separately in raid groups instead of, or in addition to groups (if you have that kind of screen real estate).


Jul 24, 2011 Planning
A simple Addon that helps maximize a hunters dps by telling you what to use based on your spec, and priorty list for that spec, and current focus you would be at.

Hide LeaveBG

Jun 20, 2011 Release
This is a simple addon that hides the 'Leave Battleground' button that appears on the scorecard when a battleground ends. This is so that if, for whatever reason, you don't want to leave BGs straight away, you won't accidentally hit the button out of habit. Note that if you use this addon and you want to leave before the 2 minute timeout, you can type '/leavebg' in chat, or right click the pvp icon on the minimap.


May 16, 2011 Alpha
Adds personal, immediate achievements to your game play, in the style of Quake 3: Arena. All for a bit of fun. Tracks when you make "excellent" kills Announces when you do an "impressive" heal or damage Monitors flag captures in PvP battlegrounds Keeps statistics about when you do these things Voiced announcements! All to spice up those battleground grinding moments.


May 06, 2011 Planning
Tattles on people throw happy fun rocks or similar items

Hadouken Spell Cast Noise!

Apr 06, 2011 Planning
Simple addon that enables you to use the voices of Ken, Ryu and Sakura from Street Fighter. Using /ha {Spell Name} E.g /ha Rend .. You will add Hadouken! From either of the voices above to the end of your spell. To Remove a already added spell just retype /ha {spell name} To change the voice type /ha Ken .. /ha Ryu .. /ha Sakura Works with all Classes, Races, Spells except for Racial's. Working on that.