Tricks and Treats

Tricks and Treats

Oct 19, 2012 Inactive
Tricks and Treats: An easy to use compiled waypoints and locations for all the candy buckets on horde and alliance, all under one addon of options using tomtom's crazy arrow. Video of Addon: Description: Hi guys! MabusGaming here from I've decided to spend all of the other night programming an addon that will incorporate easily tomtom waypoint arrow system with finding all the candy buckets for tricks and treats...

Kill Counter

Oct 12, 2012 Inactive
Tracks Honorable Kills and Honorable Killing Blows On An Onscreen Counter.


Oct 02, 2012 Inactive
Keeps your "accounttype" updated to enable the Launcher to download Cataclysm data files as it becomes available. The "accounttype" is reset on each login and this mod keeps it updated to Cataclysm - thus making your game client "Cataclysm ready" (sounds like my HD-ready TV!). Mainly for players without a digitally upgraded Cataclysm account presently, but would like to download all the Cataclysm data files currently permitted by the Launcher. It is also likely more data files (such as...
Minimap Tracking


Sep 27, 2012 Inactive
What's this? PetCaught is a very simple addon that appends a "Caught" or "Not Caught" note to the tooltips of any wild battle pets you may encounter. The goal is to help you catch 'em all more easily, removing the need to check the pet journal to determine if you've already captured a certain pet. The addon will add the note to both world tooltips as well as minimap tracking tooltips. In addition, it will note the quality of your captured pet (for example, Poor, or Uncommon) so that you can...


Sep 23, 2012 Inactive
Possessions keeps track of gold and items across all of your characters on each server. Its primary utility comes from being able to use a slash command to instantly show you where you already possess an item on the server without cluttering your tooltips all the time. Commands: /poss - Open the possessions window /poss text - Open Possessions and search for "text" /poss [Item Link] - Open Possessions and search for the item linked /poss -clear name - Clears all stored data for the character...
Sacri Symbiosis Helper

Sacri Symbiosis Helper

Sep 19, 2012 Inactive
Sacri Symbiosis Helper is a little addon that adds to the tooltip for the Symbiosis spell (localized) infos about whitch ability the druid is getting/giving by using Symbiosis. The infos are added only if not in combat, to show the list of given spell hover the Symbiosis spell icon while keeping SHIFT pressed. Since MOP is not yet live the final list MAY be changed, if that happens I'll update the addon, if you find any error please report using the comments. --Italian description Sacri...


Sep 16, 2012 Inactive
A really simple addon to keep your guild informed of number of critters left to kill for Critter Kill Squad Guild Achievement. You can filter how many critters you have killed before you update the giuld on your progress.


Sep 12, 2012 Inactive
addon for use old style (4.x) achives filter adds a new element to the choice menu such as the filter in standard a viewport achives at a choice of this menu - achives are filtered also as was to 4.x a patch that is remain those are visible only achives which are not made by anybody of your characters
Pandaria Support

ExpLore Master

Sep 11, 2012 Inactive
ExpLore Master is a helper tool for tracking completion of the Explorer and Lore Master achievements. ELM Modifies your smaller map to show the completion rate of both aforementioned achievements in the title bar. The overworld maps also sport a tooltip with this information for easy glance information. The region highlights have been modified to show green/yellow/red based on that regions exploration percentage. However, due to the images supplied, some highlights are harder to see than others.
Achievements UI

Flame Warden

Jun 27, 2012 Inactive
Flame Warden tracks which Midsummer Flames/Fires your character has honored/desecrated this year, displaying the year in the achievements UI. If you've participated in the Midsummer Festival in the past, you cannot use achievements to determine which fires you've already visited this year; and that's where Flame Warden comes in: it records your interactions with the flames, and displays the year of the last visit to a particular fire in the achievements UI. The (2008) text displayed in the...

remember loot

Mar 11, 2012 Planning
You can turn remember loot on to see how much you've looted. for instance, say your in a dungeon and you don't want to count every peice of loot in the dungeon your loot. turn this addon and from the time you turn it on it counts all the loot you've looted until turned off.
WorldExplorer - Carbonite - All Shown


Mar 10, 2012 Inactive
If like me you MUST explorer everywhere with each and every one of your characters to get the achievement then this addon is for you! It draws out the EXACT area you must go to discover that area! Remember some area's arn't where the Blizzard map puts them! ;) Once you discover an area it removes that area from your map so you can quickly and easily see where to go to discover the area's you have left. No more running around a blank area on the map trying to trigger the discover area only to...

Library: Zasurus' Carbonite fixes (LibZasCarboniteFixs)

Jan 28, 2012 Inactive
Origins: I created this to fix Carbonite's code as it doesn't allow you to control the colour of icon's added. I have posted on Carbonite's forums asking if the TINY code change could be added (as it doesn't affect anything that doesn't pass the colour to the icon) but nobody has replied so until they fix it I have created this small fix/library. Description: This replaces some of Carbonite's functions with an almost identical copy with a slight changes: 1-3 - Small changes to the public API...


Jan 07, 2012 Planning
hcTrackerBot will automatically stop tracking quests you have completed, reducing clutter in your quest log.


Oct 07, 2011 Planning
General AchievementMaster Is a Add-on that Allows you to Create and Link custom achievements into And chat window Slash commands AchievementMaster recognises the following slash commands: /AM - brings up the main configuration screen. /Dam - disables AchievementMaster /Eam - enables AchievementMaster


Aug 31, 2011 Planning
With this addon you can have your own achievements up and ready to earn.

Player Quests

Aug 17, 2011 Alpha
Allows players to write and share their own quests with other users of the addon. PlayerQuests blends in with the default Blizzard quest UI in a way that attempts to be minimally invasive.

Alternate Achievements

Aug 14, 2011 Alpha
Allows the player to create their own achievements that they can then send to other users of the addon. The faux achievements will be listed alongside the official Blizzard achievements in the default Achievement UI. To create achievements and edit the addon settings, click on the "AA Menu" button in the lower right hand corner of the WoW Achievement window.

Healium Automation

Aug 09, 2011 Planning
Healium Automation automates which Healium frames are shown based on party type and size. For example: In a 5-man dungeon group, only the party frame would be shown In a Warsong Gulch group, only the group 1 & 2 frames would be shown In an AQ40 group all 8 group frames would be shown Healium Automation is configurable to also to display Tanks/Healers/DPS separately in raid groups instead of, or in addition to groups (if you have that kind of screen real estate).


Jul 24, 2011 Planning
A simple Addon that helps maximize a hunters dps by telling you what to use based on your spec, and priorty list for that spec, and current focus you would be at.