work orders

Daily Global Check_WorkOrders

May 19, 2016 Release
A plugin for Daily Global Check which tracks all of your characters' garrison work orders progress. The first page shows a list of your characters with their idle buildings and their lowest expiring work order next to them. The other pages contain more detailed work orders information for each character. This is a plugin and requires Daily Global Check!

Def's Target Threat Percentage

May 17, 2016 Planning
Enables the target threat percentage while in a group setting. There was no option to turn it on for Legion so this addOn will do that. It will automatically disable after setting the console variable. This addOn works in Legion and is backwards compatible with Warlords of Draenor (though it's turned on by default in WoD). If in Legion you wish to uninstall this addOn you can type this command in the chat window after disabling the addOn to remove the target aggro percentage: /console...

WoWDB Profiler

May 15, 2016 Release
Collects a multitude of different points of information from the in-game world, which is then used to populate the appropriate categories on for user perusal.


May 14, 2016 Release
A library to provide tags for player combat stats to LibDogTag-3.0
Mount Hunter Main View

Mount Hunter

May 14, 2016 Planning
Mount Hunter This addon helps you hunt down mounts you are missing from instances, showing a unified tracker to see which characters you can still run an instance with during the current lockout. Mount Hunter shows each instance where you have a boss that can still be killed for a mount drop, and will show this information for all of your characters, letting you see quickly what you still need to farm in the current lockout.
Minimap icon


May 14, 2016 Release
Use "/cooky", "/cc", or "/cookychat" to access Set custom triggers and reply messages. This addon auto replies custom set messages to chat when it sees your custom set trigger. Options include being able to reply to chat messages, people earning achievements, or people joining your guild. Includes options for a black list of people you don't wan't to auto reply to, whitelist for individual groups, case sensitivity, exact matching, as well as replying on a per-channel basis (ex. raid and...
Hop window

Server Hop

May 10, 2016 Release
Server Hop allows you to find objectives for your achievements, collections and quests with drasticly increased speed. You can open this tool with button in Premade Groups tab of Group Finder minimap button slash commands /serverhop and /sh Mode 1: Improved Search Find all garrison bosses with one string: гарнизон нападение босс garrison invasion boss гогг натог маг mag gogg nathog teluur телуур dro gan дро ган гаур gaur lady госпожа плотогонь anni аннигилон -harr -харр -hop Automatic Premade...


May 08, 2016 Release
You should install this module if you want to track achievements for: WotLK, Cataclysm expansions. Works ONLY with RaidAchievement addon.


May 08, 2016 Release
You should install this module if you want to track achievements for: WotLK, Cataclysm expansions. Works ONLY with RaidAchievement addon.


May 08, 2016 Release
Open menu: /ar /achrem /achr Informs about achievements when you enter the instance or target the boss. Manual selection of available achievements (by location). Shows tactics. . If you get errors using this addon: Check your addon's folder, and delete the folder named "RaidAchievement_AchievementsReminder" if it exists.
Cataclysm heroics


May 08, 2016 Release
English: RaidAchievement (RA addon) What it does: Reports in chat (or with sound) when group or raid achievement that you can't track is failed or when all criteria of the achievement are fullfiled and you need to kill boss.* Informs about achievements when you enter the instance or target the boss. Need to install AchievementsReminder Manual selection of achievements (by location) available. Need to install AchievementsReminder Shows tactics. Need to install AchievementsReminder...


May 06, 2016 Release
TreasuresOfDraenor Language : English (enUS) | French (frFR) TreasuresOfDraenor display traesures on world map. Via Tomtom : This setting changes the modifier used by TomTom when left-clicking on the treasure map to create a waypoint. Command_SLASH [ /tod on ] - " Enable TreasuresOfDraenor " [ /tod off ] - " Disable TreasuresOfDraenor " - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Localization - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -...

Objectives Hide

May 03, 2016 Release
The Objective list is Blizzards frame to display your quests and achievements. This is a simple addon that will automatically hide or show the list by one of two methods. When you enter/leave combat. On mouse over. Usage: /KOH | /OH [on | off | combat | mouseover | show | hide] Options on/off, enabled and disables the addon. combat, enables hiding the list when in combat. mouseover, hides the list normally and shows it when the mouse is over the list area. show/hide, temporary override....
Interface Shot


Apr 29, 2016 Release
Veneer is an interface customization tool focused on the Aura and Objectives frames. Project scope includes providing an extensive configuration GUI that allows for detailed user-friendly control of the positioning, flow, and aesthetics of buff icons and tracker objectives. Movable "stencil" guides that can be turned on and off independently of the configuration panel. Snapping support for frame-to-frame anchoring Consolidated Raid Buffs display that can either stand alone or embed within a...
Battleground Stat Tracker

Battleground Stat Tracker

Apr 26, 2016 Release
BG Stat Tracker is a simple on screen display that will show you your Honorable Kills, Killing Blows, and Deaths for the current battleground and session. The window will automatically show/hide when in/out of a battleground. /bst show - Shows the window /bst hide - Hides the window

RBG Frames

Apr 25, 2016 Release
This addon changes the behavior of Blizzard raid frames and is intended to be used by healers in RBG's (but are still Blizzard Raid Frames). 1) uses the spec icon instead of role icon while in a battleground (the adddon uses the batteground score to get spec information so outside a battleground it will show role icons) Role Icon will change to a gear if the player is inside a vehicle (like in Strand of the Ancients) 2) darker out of range frames (so you have a more clear view of who is in...
Below Average Items - Visual Indicator

Below Average Items (Low Item Level Indicator)

Apr 15, 2016 Release
Description: Below Average Items is an addon that places a small visual indicator on equipped items that are below your current iLvl average. A quick glance at your character sheet makes it easy to see which items are below average without having to examine each item individually. A yellow visual indicator marks the below average items. A red visual indicator marks the lowest level item(s). Mousing over the visual indicator will show a tooltip with the items iLvl vs your current average....


Apr 14, 2016 Release
This is a very simple and lightweight addon that displays currencies in a little window. It shows the currencies that are selected to be shown on the backpack. Right click to switch between watched currencies and all currencies. Middle click To change the skin.
Tabard Addict Main Window

Tabard Addict

Apr 08, 2016 Release
Description: A simple addon that shows which tabards you have or have not equipped and suggests additional tabards to help with meeting the various tabard achievements. Open and/or close the window using the slash commands /ta or /tabardaddict. Usage: (slash commands) /ta /tabardaddict *click button* next to tabard inventory slot in character frame Features: Shows all tabards that count towards equip count achievement including tabards not available to your faction or currently in game. Equip...


Mar 23, 2016 Release
Please join the Facebook group so you can share your thoughts with the developer. iLvLr is an add on that has been developed to conveniently provide at-a-glance information inside of the character pane. The intended purpose is to make the gearing up process more efficient. Future development will also make this process much easier to maintain across multiple characters. Current features of iLvLr include: Ability to distinguish between gear of under 600 iLvl and over 600 iLvl for figuring out...