Apr 14, 2016 Release
This is a very simple and lightweight addon that displays currencies in a little window. It shows the currencies that are selected to be shown on the backpack. Right click to switch between watched currencies and all currencies. Middle click To change the skin.
Minimap icon


Apr 09, 2016 Release
Use "/cooky", "/cc", or "/cookychat" to access Set custom triggers and reply messages. This addon auto replies custom set messages to chat when it sees your custom set trigger. Options include being able to reply to chat messages, people earning achievements, or people joining your guild. Includes options for a black list of people you don't wan't to auto reply to, whitelist for individual groups, case sensitivity, exact matching, as well as replying on a per-channel basis (ex. raid and...


Apr 09, 2016 Release
Open menu: /ar /achrem /achr Informs about achievements when you enter the instance or target the boss. Manual selection of available achievements (by location). Shows tactics. . If you get errors using this addon: Check your addon's folder, and delete the folder named "RaidAchievement_AchievementsReminder" if it exists.
Cataclysm heroics


Apr 09, 2016 Release
English: RaidAchievement (RA addon) What it does: Reports in chat (or with sound) when group or raid achievement that you can't track is failed or when all criteria of the achievement are fullfiled and you need to kill boss.* Informs about achievements when you enter the instance or target the boss. Need to install AchievementsReminder Manual selection of achievements (by location) available. Need to install AchievementsReminder Shows tactics. Need to install AchievementsReminder...
Tabard Addict Main Window

Tabard Addict

Apr 08, 2016 Release
Description: A simple addon that shows which tabards you have or have not equipped and suggests additional tabards to help with meeting the various tabard achievements. Open and/or close the window using the slash commands /ta or /tabardaddict. Usage: (slash commands) /ta /tabardaddict *click button* next to tabard inventory slot in character frame Features: Shows all tabards that count towards equip count achievement including tabards not available to your faction or currently in game. Equip...
Hop window

Server Hop

Apr 01, 2016 Release
Server Hop allows you to find objectives for your achievements, collections and quests with drasticly increased speed. You can open this tool with button in Premade Groups tab of Group Finder minimap button slash commands /serverhop and /sh Mode 1: Improved Search Find all garrison bosses with one string: гарнизон нападение босс garrison invasion boss гогг натог маг mag gogg nathog teluur телуур dro gan дро ган гаур gaur lady госпожа плотогонь anni аннигилон -harr -харр -hop Automatic Premade...
Kaliel's Tracker

Kaliel's Tracker

Mar 26, 2016 Release
Improved Blizzard Objective Tracker For reporting bugs or feature requests please use Tickets! Features Change tracker position Expand / Collapse tracker relative to selected position (direction) Auto set tracker height by content with max. height limit Scrolling when content is greater than max. height Remember collapsed tracker after logout / exit game Quest Item buttons works! (see below) Quest Item button for CLOSEST quest show as Extra Action Button! (see below) [Beta] Change tracker...


Mar 23, 2016 Release
Please join the Facebook group so you can share your thoughts with the developer. iLvLr is an add on that has been developed to conveniently provide at-a-glance information inside of the character pane. The intended purpose is to make the gearing up process more efficient. Future development will also make this process much easier to maintain across multiple characters. Current features of iLvLr include: Ability to distinguish between gear of under 600 iLvl and over 600 iLvl for figuring out...

GuildGreet Extended

Mar 23, 2016 Release
GuildGreet Extended NEW NEW NEW With the Broker Plugin GGSocialState it's possible to show you Info's from Guildgreet in a LDB Bar Description Guild Greet is an addon that keeps track of main and alt characters in your guild and reminds you to greet them and congratulate them on level up. You can also store an alias for your guildies. Credit This addon was originally written by Greya and I helped him with some of the German localisation. Greya did not seem to update GuildGreet for the pre-BC...


Mar 23, 2016 Release
Displays Draenor treasures on world map and optional arrow (arrow requires Deadly Boss Mods to be installed) with distance to nearest Draenor treasure. Slash commands: /drts on|off - enable/disable addon /drts arrow - toggle arrow (requireds DBM installed) /drts debug - toggle debug mode /drts minimap - toggle minimap icons /drts hidepoi - add closest currently tracked treasure to "ignore" list /drts clearhidden - clear list of "ignored" treasures /drts itm - toggle ignore treasure map quest...


Mar 15, 2016 Planning
Ukrainian World of Warcraft ■ UAWOW UAWOW translate Blizzard mmorpg game World of Warcraft into ukrainian lagnuage. ・Quest (QuestLog、WorldMap Quest) ・Item ToolTip ・Spell ToolTip ・Achievement ■ UAWOW Addon must be situated in world of warcraft game directory! If not working-enable Enhanced Tooltips in Interface-Help If not working-enable Display Points as Average in Interface-Display UAWOW Configurations Game Settings-Interface-Addons-UAWOW To help with the translations write on email...


Mar 13, 2016 Release
Wolles Tools Instructions It was developed to help the guild to play better together. This addon extends the chat to the following: Editable buttons for texts sorted for Guild, Raid, Party, Whisper, Instance, Channel1 All parameters are stored for each char can only changed in the game Buttons can texts (with linefeed /n) or run commands /e DANCE -emotes only english /s /dance -emotes all language /s /name of addon - run slash commands /s /Omen toggle /s /summonpet Nuts - run pet /s /rnd -...


Mar 13, 2016 Release
Wolles Tools Instructions My Guild Manager. run with /guildwindow on ENGLISH /gildenfenster an GERMAN or Key ALT-G or with my addon wotefiauto in the M(enue)-> ListGuildWindow Show list of friends and guild members officernote and player note read writes Display in bazooka panel or other. support broker In the game menu -> Interface -> Addons -> Wolles Tools -> are the options Key assignment in Game Menu (ESC) > Key Bindings > WollesTools are the Key Bindings. ALT-G = Toggle Guild Window...
spam filter


Mar 13, 2016 Release
Wolles Tools Instructions This tool is a personal spam filter addon. Up to 4 different text spam filters can be enabled or disabled individually. The number of texts is not limited. It always filters only in current chat window. The texts in guild 1 and guild 2 Filter the guild chat. The texts in System 1 and System 2 Filter the system chat. Optonen in the game In Game Menu -> Interface -> Addons -> Wolles Tools -> Guild spam filter the options Edit spam texts The various spam texts in...


Mar 05, 2016 Release
Enables the option to move the chat frames to the edge of the screen or off the screen. You can also hide/show the social icon at the top left side of the chat frame.
Main window


Feb 28, 2016 Release
Youtube video All credits for this video goes to it's author. The AutoTurnIn addon can handle accepting and turning in completed quests and choosing rewards. It can decide which reward to select by specifying options and if no suitable item is offered, the highest value one may be looted. Afterwards, it can also equip the chosen reward. Complete automated quest acceptance and completion. May handle just daily quests or any others you find in your adventures. Quests May pick up Any quest...


Feb 07, 2016 Release
RingMe is a health and mana bar in perfect half circles along with a ring animation in the background that rotates which gives it a cool look and feel. There is a background and foreground in the RingMe.lua The Alpha is set at 0 and the reason why is I changed it over to WeakAuras2 for self and target. This is only the basic RingMe add-on by self. I have a UI pack at wow interface called Evil-UI There I have it set-up with WeakAuras2 with the artwork for the background and foreground. (You'll...


Feb 02, 2016 Release
You should install this module if you want to track achievements for: WotLK, Cataclysm expansions. Works ONLY with RaidAchievement addon.


Feb 02, 2016 Release
You should install this module if you want to track achievements for: WotLK, Cataclysm expansions. Works ONLY with RaidAchievement addon.


Jan 30, 2016 Release
This is a really simple addon that adds a new slash command (/wgrasp) that can be used anywhere to check when the next Wintergrasp battle on your realm is due and if it is possible for you to enter. Besides adding /wgrasp, it also adds another command for Tol Barad named /tbarad that does the exact same just for Tol Barad (Why? Because Kiianna told me to) I wrote this while farming wins for the master achievement, but I encountered a minor annoyance which is that the world map doesn't always...