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Daily Global Check_Follower Missions

May 28, 2016 Release
This Daily Global Check plugin tracks your characters follower mission progress. Missions are divided into three categories: Garrison Followers, Garrison Ships, Class Hall. Each category can be shown or hidden using the plugin options Compatible with Legion beta Custom List explanation: The elements of this plugin are classified using the name of their category and the place they hold in the list. The elements are listed in order of completion, from those already completed to those that are...
Kaliel's Tracker

Kaliel's Tracker

May 21, 2016 Release
Improved Blizzard Objective Tracker For reporting bugs or feature requests please use Tickets! Features Change tracker position Expand / Collapse tracker relative to selected position (direction) Auto set tracker height by content with max. height limit Scrolling when content is greater than max. height Remember collapsed tracker after logout / exit game Filtering Quests / Achievements Quest Item buttons works! (see below) Quest Item button for CLOSEST quest show as Extra Action Button! (see...


May 21, 2016 Beta
Ukrainian World of Warcraft ■ UAWOW UAWOW translate Blizzard mmorpg game World of Warcraft into ukrainian lagnuage. ・Quest (QuestLog、WorldMap Quest) ・Item ToolTip ・Spell ToolTip ・Achievement ■ UAWOW Addon must be situated in world of warcraft game directory! If not working-enable Enhanced Tooltips in Interface-Help If not working-enable Display Points as Average in Interface-Display UAWOW Configurations Game Settings-Interface-Addons-UAWOW To help with the translations write on email...
needed food

1337 Achievement Helper

May 20, 2016 Release
It's a tooltip addon, which add an information into the tooltip of an item. It informs you, whether you need the item for any achievement or not. Tooltip Enhancments It's Happy Hour Somewhere Twenty-Five Tabards Tastes Like Chicken And all other achievements, for that you need to equip a tabard, eat or drink something.
DGC pet tamers

Daily Global Check_Pet Tamers

May 20, 2016 Release
This Daily Global Check plugin tracks your battle pets dailies Requires Daily Global Check!
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Daily Global Check_World Bosses

May 20, 2016 Release
This plugin checks which world bosses and which garrison invasions (bronze, silver, gold) have been completed in the current weekly lockout. This is a plugin and requires Daily Global Check!

Daily Global Check_WoD Treasure Chests

May 19, 2016 Release
This plugin for Daily Global Check tracks which treasure chests have already been looted in Draenor. When a chest has been looted, the icon for that specific object disappears from the map. This is a plugin and requires Daily Global Check!
main frame

Daily Global Check_Timeless Isle

May 19, 2016 Release
This is now a plugin and requires Daily Global Check! Tracks the Timeless Isle dailies and weeklies I recently changed the folder name from TimelessDailyCheck to DailyGlobalCheck_TimelessIsle, if you are updating the addon manually make sure you don't have two copies of it installed.
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Daily Global Check_Lunar Festival

May 19, 2016 Release
This Daily Global Check plugin places icons on the map showing where the Lunar Festival elders can be found. The elders that are situated inside a dungeon have their icon placed at the dungeon's entrance. This is a plugin and requires Daily Global Check!
main frame

Daily Global Check_Isle of Thunder

May 19, 2016 Release
This is now a plugin and requires Daily Global Check! Ths Isle of Thunder has a few "once per week" events for every character. These are not account wide so you can complete these events with every level 90 character, but it's not easy to remember which character has killed a rare.. or whether you should be looking around the isle for a trove. That's where "Isle of Thunder Weekly Check" can be very handy. It opens a window with a list of possible events and whether or not the current...
raid finder page

Daily Global Check_InstanceLockouts

May 19, 2016 Release
This plugin tracks raid and dungeon lockouts for your character and your alts. The mainframe has a page for every expansion showing the lockouts for all raids and instances. These elements can be used in the DGC Edit Frame to create a Custom List to track favorite instances. Multi-difficulty raids have each difficolty listed. This is a plugin and requires Daily Global Check!
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Daily Global Check_Hallow's End

May 19, 2016 Release
This plugin for Daily Global Check (h)allows you to track the dailies and the candy buckets for the Hallow's End event. On the first page you will find tracking for: -The headless horseman's mount. The bag can only be looted once per day per character. -The Sack of Spectral Spiders dropped by Arachnis who can be looted once per day per character. Arachnis spawns in level 3 Garrisons with the creepy crawlers decoration active. -All the daily Hallow's End quests. On the other pages you can find...

Def's Target Threat Percentage

May 17, 2016 Planning
Enables the target threat percentage while in a group setting. There was no option to turn it on for Legion so this addOn will do that. It will automatically disable after setting the console variable. This addOn works in Legion and is backwards compatible with Warlords of Draenor (though it's turned on by default in WoD). If in Legion you wish to uninstall this addOn you can type this command in the chat window after disabling the addOn to remove the target aggro percentage: /console...


May 14, 2016 Release
A library to provide tags for player combat stats to LibDogTag-3.0
Mount Hunter Main View

Mount Hunter

May 14, 2016 Planning
Mount Hunter This addon helps you hunt down mounts you are missing from instances, showing a unified tracker to see which characters you can still run an instance with during the current lockout. Mount Hunter shows each instance where you have a boss that can still be killed for a mount drop, and will show this information for all of your characters, letting you see quickly what you still need to farm in the current lockout.


May 08, 2016 Release
You should install this module if you want to track achievements for: WotLK, Cataclysm expansions. Works ONLY with RaidAchievement addon.


May 06, 2016 Release
TreasuresOfDraenor Language : English (enUS) | French (frFR) TreasuresOfDraenor display traesures on world map. Via Tomtom : This setting changes the modifier used by TomTom when left-clicking on the treasure map to create a waypoint. Command_SLASH [ /tod on ] - " Enable TreasuresOfDraenor " [ /tod off ] - " Disable TreasuresOfDraenor " - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Localization - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -...

Objectives Hide

May 03, 2016 Release
The Objective list is Blizzards frame to display your quests and achievements. This is a simple addon that will automatically hide or show the list by one of two methods. When you enter/leave combat. On mouse over. Usage: /KOH | /OH [on | off | combat | mouseover | show | hide] Options on/off, enabled and disables the addon. combat, enables hiding the list when in combat. mouseover, hides the list normally and shows it when the mouse is over the list area. show/hide, temporary override....
Battleground Stat Tracker

Battleground Stat Tracker

Apr 26, 2016 Release
BG Stat Tracker is a simple on screen display that will show you your Honorable Kills, Killing Blows, and Deaths for the current battleground and session. The window will automatically show/hide when in/out of a battleground. /bst show - Shows the window /bst hide - Hides the window

RBG Frames

Apr 25, 2016 Release
This addon changes the behavior of Blizzard raid frames and is intended to be used by healers in RBG's (but are still Blizzard Raid Frames). 1) uses the spec icon instead of role icon while in a battleground (the adddon uses the batteground score to get spec information so outside a battleground it will show role icons) Role Icon will change to a gear if the player is inside a vehicle (like in Strand of the Ancients) 2) darker out of range frames (so you have a more clear view of who is in...