Binder 2.3.0


Oct 23, 2014 Release
This addon will allow you to save your current keybinds as a profile, which you name and can create a description for (no description required). These profiles are then account based, which means that you can access the very same profiles on any of your characters on the same account. Recently added feature is the option to edit keybinds by simply mousing over the actionbar slot and pushing the desired keybind. This option is enabled in the by clicking the "Edit Keybinds" button in the bottom...
BAB Bars 1.1.5

BAB Bars

Oct 23, 2014 Release
BAB Bars is an innovative action bar addon that allows you to create bars that follow all sorts of paths and curves. Would you like buttons to go in a circle around your minimap? To follow a curve beneath your character's feet? How about make a gentle wave at the bottom of the screen? You need only drag the anchor and pivot points to your desired location and the bar will change shape. Important: You need to download and install the BAB Texture Pack to use BAB Bars. The texture pack is only...


Oct 23, 2014 Release
AutoBar is a Multi-bar mod that automatically adds potions, water, food, quest and other items you specify into buttons for easy use. Does not use up action slots. You can create your own categories of items, dragging items from bags, or spells from spell books into it. You can make custom Buttons that contain 1 or more Custom or Built in categories. You can create custom Bars to organize your Buttons to suit your interface needs. WoW has thousands of items you may obtain. AutoBar...
Shadow & Light Options

ElvUI Shadow & Light Edit

Oct 23, 2014 Release
Please Note: This addon will not function without ElvUI installed. You can download it at Please Note 2: When updating from version for patch 5.4.8 it will be a good idea to delete S&L from your addon folder first and then install version 2.0 Shadow & Light is an external edit of ElvUI, which means it doesn't change ElvUI's files directly. What does this mean to you? It means that any time ElvUI gets updated, you will not have to worry about it overwriting our edited...


Oct 23, 2014 Release
Tullamods is now recruiting! Do you enjoy my addons? Do you have Lua/other programming experience and would like to work on my stuff? If so, then send me a PM! tullaRange is an addon that allows the user to make action buttons change color completely under the following conditions: When an action is out of range When an action uses holy power, but the user is not at max holy power (Paladins only) When the user is out of energy/mana/focus/etc Colors for each setting are configurable by a GUI...


Oct 22, 2014 Inactive
XBar for WoW (World of Warcraft) * A customizable interface framework for supporting custom, movable button bars. By Dr Doom (Shalune on Kargath) FEATURES: * Movable * Orientable (rotate/reverse) * Sizable * Modular: Lets you easily create addons using this framework * Customizable: Add your own unique features to your bar * Pop-out menus: Use the toggle buttons * Dynamic, all-in-one configuration window * Supporting option sets for each or multiple characters * Localized in several languages...
Erebus UI - Logo

Erebus UI

Oct 22, 2014 Release
Erebus, the quintessential user interface. Functional and user friendly. Options are accessible over the 'Blizzard Interface' menu. Erebus requires the use of 'Bartender4'. How to setup Bartender4 for Erebus UI write ' /bartender ' in game Bartender4 settings should now be open This is personal advised (not required) • Top Settings - Button Lock: enabled - Minimap Icon: disabled • Bars (main) - Use Blizzard Vehicle UI (disabled) - Toggle actions on...
Screenshot 2

Burlex: User Interface (deluxe)

Oct 22, 2014 Release
Description Bartender4 dependencies It is required that you have this addon updated at all times to make everything work as it should. You can download Bartender4 by clicking on the link located below: Bartender4 Download Information Settings can be called by ' /buid ' Help My side bars do not show, or i may not put spells in these ?! Don't worry this may happen :P So how are we gonna fix it ? With this following command: ' /buid reset ' - to ensure this goes right, write this command twice....
Action Highlighting


Oct 22, 2014 Release
Nemo is a pre-configured addon that glows the highest priority spell in your DPS rotation. We are looking for developers to help with rotations and features. Send soulwhip a PM if interested. 6.0 Rotations priority by request: Warlock: Demonology In Progress Paladin: Prot DK: Frost Monk: Windwalker Druid: Feral Druid: Balance Rogue: Combat Hunter: Survival Shaman: Enhancement Paladin: Ret 6.0 Rotations complete (Let me know if a complete rotation is broke and I can fix it quickly): Warlock:...
Small version of the default healer layout


Oct 22, 2014 Release
SnailUI SnailUI is a pixel perfect UI, meaning everything is aligned perfectly. SnailUI skins almost everything, including the minimap, action bars, casting bars, etc. SnailUI is currently in a beta state, so there are probably plenty of bugs to be found. I would appreciate it if you reported them in the comments or through Twitter. :) A lot of aspects of SnailUI can be changed via the in game interface options (or by typing /SUI or /SnailUI) or via the lua files themselves. This UI is also...
An OPie ring


Oct 22, 2014 Release
OPie is a radial action-binding addon: it lets you group actions into rings which appear when you hold down a keyboard or mouse binding. When you release the binding, OPie will perform an action based on where your mouse cursor is. Use OPie to reduce the amount of clutter on your action bars: rings can contain your abilities, items, professions, battle pets, equipment sets, macros, and raid or world markers. Some rings for common class abilities and professions are included, as is a special...
Main Frame

Macro Toolkit

Oct 22, 2014 Release
Macro Toolkit Please share your macros and custom commands in our forum: Macro Toolkit is an enhanced macro frame that adds the following features to the default macro UI: Macro Shortening Key Binding and key bind only macros Extended Macros Condition Builder Extended, Searchable Icon Frame Syntax Highlighting Syntax Checking Drag and Drop Moving Movable Macro Frame Scalable Macro Frame Insert Special commands Easy Slot Selection Backup Restore...

Triple-B's Shift Lock

Oct 22, 2014 Release
Simple script to change the default key for moving locked action buttons from "Hold-Shift & Click/Drag" to "Hold-Right-Shift & Click/Drag". This is mainly to allow clicking while using hotkeys that use shift, as to not drag buttons off the action bars. - could be modified to use alt or ctrl (left, right) if interest is shown
CraftBar Example


Oct 22, 2014 Release
Ready for WoD Feel free to report any issues in the comments. Please do not report LUA errors from other add ons Please do not report curse-client errors Please do not report any WoD Patch problems. I can not help you with these problems. I do not work for Blizzard. If you use this Addon with a 5.4 client version you'll have a lot of problems Manual Install If the curse client does not do its job: download and unzip the latest version copy the unzipped folders (the folders, not the files in...
Custom Tooltips: Tooltip

Custom Tooltips

Oct 22, 2014 Release
Overview Custom Tooltips is an AddOn to display custom tooltips for your macros. Add tooltips at the top of core.lua and display them in your macro by adding #customtooltip TooltipName to the macro. You can also define your tooltips in the macro itself using #tooltipdesc Heading Text^Body Text somewhere in the macro. Compatibility Custom Tooltips works with the default action bars and Bartender. If you'd like support added for another action bar, please leave a comment. Source Code You can...


Oct 22, 2014 Release
BindPad -- Created by Tageshi ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. WHAT IS "BindPad"? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- BindPad is an addon to make KeyBindings for spells, items, and macros. You no longer need actionbar slots just to make Key bindings for your macores etc. BindPad addon provides many icon slots in its frame. You can drag and drop anything into one of these slots, and click the slot to set...
Solo instance, Guardian Druid

Goldpaw's UI (core)

Oct 22, 2014 Release
What is this? This is the 4th edition of my custom user interface. Unlike its predecessors it is divided into several addons, each handling a different aspect of the UI. The intention is to give the user more freedom as to what parts of the UI they wish to use, and to provide a higher level of compability with other addons. This addon is the core of the UI suite, and it does nothing visible by itself. It is required to use any of the gUI4 addons. More info will be posted during the...

Goldpaw's ActionBars

Oct 22, 2014 Release
What is this? This addon handles the actionbars, their keybinds, position and layout. It is part of the gUI4 addon suite, and it will not function by itself. You need to download the main gUI4 addon. More info will be posted during the development process at,, google+, facebook, youtube and twitter. The following addons will eventually make up the gUI4 addon suite: Core(required): Goldpaw's UI (core) Modules(optional): Goldpaw's ActionBars Goldpaw's...
Adding Columns

Button Forge

Oct 22, 2014 Release
Button Forge is an Action Bar addon that allows you to create completely new Action Bars (as many as you want). Each bar can have up to 1500 buttons organised into rows and columns (up to 5000 buttons total). Your existing UI wont be changed by Button Forge, it will continue to function and look how it currently does. The bars you create are totally independent allowing you to simply and cleanly add additional action bars to your UI. The new buttons operate almost identically to the default...
1 - First spec: store

Button Cloner

Oct 21, 2014 Release
Natch's Button Cloner This addon will save your action bar buttons (ALL of them) which can then be loaded (copied) after switching spec. Does NOT work with addons that create their own buttons (like Macaroon), only standard WoW buttons are supported (most action bar addons use the standard buttons.) WARNING: Copying (loading) buttons will replace any you had before that are in the same place. Usage: Run "/nbc store" to save your buttons while in the spec you want to copy from, then run "/nbc...