New Openables

Aug 04, 2015 Release
Add-on scan bags for items to use, open, learn etc. When find new proper item it create click-able button like action bars. If there is more than one item only one of them is placed on button, when button is clicked then another item is placed on button etc. Button then can be clicked again to use that another item. Take it as some sort of alert "Hey you have new stuff to use!". This is now extended to "Quest Items" it could complement click-able button in "Quest watch frame" with two...
Shadow & Light Options

ElvUI Shadow & Light Edit

Aug 02, 2015 Release
Please Note: This addon will not function without ElvUI installed. You can download it at Please Note 2: When updating from version for patch 5.4.8 it will be a good idea to delete S&L from your addon folder first and then install version 2.0 Shadow & Light is an external edit of ElvUI, which means it doesn't change ElvUI's files directly. What does this mean to you? It means that any time ElvUI gets updated, you will not have to worry about it overwriting our edited...

Enhancement Shaman for We Don't Wipe

Aug 02, 2015 Planning
English A priority based Spell list for Shaman Enhancement, Single target. Based on Wow 6.2 shaman Enhancement guide on the official forums and Simulation craft Only for level 100 Enh Shaman. (Without Elemental blast at the moment) If you have the 4 parts T18, type /wdw amp bonust18=true in game. Français Une liste de priorités pour vos sorts, spécial Chaman Amélioration, en mono-cible. Basée sur Simulation Craft et un guide sur les forums officiels Seulement pour les Chaman Amélio niveau...
Rotation Helper

TDDps Warlock

Aug 02, 2015 Release
Warlock module for TDDps addon TD Dps can be found here Dps rotation helper for warlock. Highlights spells that should be casted next. Supports currently Destruction, Demonology, Affliction. Warning, this addon is still experimental How to make it work Requires TDDps to work. Up from version 1.2 it has automatic enable upon entering combat, go to Interface -> Addons -> TD Dps and check that option to make it work. It's not enabled by default To activate framework manually simply write a macro...
Spell Bars


Aug 02, 2015 Release
TD Dps Framework This addon provides support for highlighting spells on action bars and have support for various DPS helper functions. WARNING: this addon is still in experimental state. I have developed modules for each WOW Class in game but they are not finished, have bugs and not always have optimal rotations. Im currently looking for contributors and testers. If you wish to contribute please contact me. If you wish to become a tester provide logs of your fights. Testing is reserved for...

ElvUI CodeNameBlaze

Aug 02, 2015 Release
Installation ♦ The installation frame will automatically open when you first log in, provided that the ElvUI installation has been completed on that character. If not then it will wait until you have completed the ElvUI installation. You can manually run the installation by clicking on the "Install" button in the CodeNameBlaze section of the ElvUI ingame config. ♦ It is not necessary to go through the installation for this edit to function. If you only want the additional features of this...


Aug 02, 2015 Release
Adds IDs to the ingame tooltips. Supported Types: Spell Item Glyph NPC Quest Talent Achievement Pet Ability Please report any requests/bugs through an issue on Github.
Frames with class powers


Aug 01, 2015 Release
oUF LS oUF LS not only replaces blizzard unit frames, but also customizes buttons, action bars, minimap, etc and provides some extra features. Versions 1.2.4 and below require oUF. Features Supported Frames Player, Pet, Target, Target of Target, Focus, Target of Focus, Party (w/o pets and targets), Bosses and Arena (w/ PvP trinket tracker). No support for raid frames will be ever provided. Player frame is split into three parts: Left - class resources, i.e. holy power, shadow orbs, etc;...
Solo instance, Guardian Druid

Goldpaw's UI (core)

Jul 31, 2015 Release
What is this? This is the 4th edition of my custom user interface. Unlike its predecessors it is divided into several addons, each handling a different aspect of the UI. The intention is to give the user more freedom as to what parts of the UI they wish to use, and to provide a higher level of compability with other addons. This addon is the core of the UI suite, and it does nothing visible by itself. It is required to use any of the gUI4 addons. More info will be posted during the...


Jul 31, 2015 Alpha
Not for Public Use Version 4 of the LUI interface, a complete UI overhaul. Currently experiement and nothing more than a shell of an addon and should only be installed on a wow installation you arent playing on. Discussion:
Main Menu Bar

Garrison Micro Button

Jul 30, 2015 Release
Intended Use For everybody who doesn't like the Minimap Button for the Garrison Landing Page, this Add-On can help you. Basic Functionality Adds a Garrison Landing Page Micro Button to Main Menu Bar Hides the Garrison Landing Page Minimap Button
Action bars illustration

Profiles: Action bars

Jul 29, 2015 Release
Features Create profiles for action bars Quick start Hit /pab save PROFILENAME1 Change action bars and type /pab save PROFILENAME2 To load, do /pab load PROFILENAME1 or PROFILENAME2 Recommended companion products Profiles: Keyboard binds Profiles: Macros Profiles: Recount Profiles: Action bars Commands /pab save <name> saves the current actionbars under the <name> example: /pab save karl /pab load <name> /pab list /pab delete <name> /pab export <name> - export a char profile to global so all...

Simple Action Sets

Jul 27, 2015 Release
Description: Do you find yourself reshuffling your spells around on your action bars when ever you PvP or PvE? Are you finding that you have a custom main bar with 48 spells in it and 6 side bars and still need more buttons to hold all your spells, items and macros? Have some special case spells or macros setup you wish you didn't have to keep dragging on and off your action bar? This addon will save all 120 actions, or just 1, and anywhere inbetween and let you swap them in at any time....

Execute Range

Jul 26, 2015 Release
General When I switched to Assasination I was baffled that Blizzards UI did not show a button glow for Dispatch when the target is below 35 percent health. So I decided to make my own flasher. It started for assasination only but now supports more classes. Classes - Spells Supported Rogue - Dispatch Warlock - Shadowburn Priest - Shadow Word:Death Monk - Touch of Death Death Knight - Soul Reaper (not realy an execute but whatever) Warrior - Execute (duh!!) Description A simple addon that makes...
Dominos Setup


Jul 26, 2015 Release
Dominos is an action bar addon intended to do the following: Reuse as much standard blizzard action button code as possible. Contain a relatively minimal feature set Be easy to use Be stable It includes the following features: 10 action bars, pet, class, menu, and bag bars. Each one has customizable settings for padding, spacing, columns, scale, and opacity. Customizable paging. You can switch pages on: action bar pages, modifier keys, forms, and targeting. Customizable show states. You can...
Minimap Icon

LunaEclipse: SpecManager

Jul 25, 2015 Release
LunaEclipse: SpecManager is a small lightweight addon to manage your different specs, seemlessly and without any setup required. It works out the box to create, update and change equipment sets when you change your spec by either changing active dual talent spec, or by going to the trainer and removing a previous spec, and learning a new one. LunaEclipse: SpecManager also allows for the storage of 18 spec specific macros, which are changed when you change specs, the macros positions on the...


Jul 24, 2015 Release
BindPad -- Created by Tageshi ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. WHAT IS "BindPad"? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- BindPad is an addon to make KeyBindings for spells, items, and macros. You no longer need actionbar slots just to make Key bindings for your macores etc. BindPad addon provides many icon slots in its frame. You can drag and drop anything into one of these slots, and click the slot to set...

Lunarsphere - Fan Update

Jul 22, 2015 Release
Originaly By: Moongsaze Taken over by: N3od3ath Current fix by: Shaun Voysey About LunarSphere LunarSphere is an all-class version of the popular "sphere" addons that exist for various classes within World of Warcraft. Details of LunarSphere When it comes to "sphere" addons, examples that come to mind are the following addons: Cryolysis (Mage) HolyHope (Paladin) Necrosis (Warlock) Sabella (Rogue) Serenity (Priest) Totemus (Shaman) Venantes (Hunter) What separates this addon from the other...
for looks.


Jul 21, 2015 Release
NOTICE This addon is not supported by the Author of Dominos. Please report any issues you may have directly in the comments of this page. Adds configurable unit frames to Dominos. Slash Commands: Hint: do not include quotes when using these commands in-game. * /dom unit new "unitID" adds a new unit frame. (what's a unitID? => This is.) player, target, targettarget, focus and focustarget are enabled by default. * /dom unit delete "unitID" removes an existing unit frame. * /dom unit show...

nUI InfoPanel Professions

Jul 19, 2015 Release
nUI InfoPanel for Professions Shows all professions in a 7 columns by 3 rows grid within a InfoPanel that nUI docks to bottom right side of UI Available professions to current logged in character are lit up and are clickable to get the associated skill pane up, or for Cooking Fire, Fishing, Survey, Skinning, and Pick Lock, it will either cast associated spell or change pointer to use Skinning or Pick Lock ability. Requires nUI Lite 5 or nUI+ 5 v6.0.02 or newer