Small version of the default healer layout


Apr 16, 2014 Beta
SnailUI SnailUI is a pixel perfect UI, meaning everything is aligned perfectly. SnailUI skins almost everything, including the minimap, action bars, casting bars, etc. SnailUI is currently in a beta state, so there are probably plenty of bugs to be found. I would appreciate it if you reported them in the comments or through Twitter. :) A lot of aspects of SnailUI can be changed via the in game interface options (or by typing /SUI or /SnailUI) or via the lua files themselves. This UI is also...


Apr 15, 2014 Alpha
Not for Public Use Version 4 of the LUI interface, a complete UI overhaul. Currently experiement and nothing more than a shell of an addon and should only be installed on a wow installation you arent playing on. Discussion:
Dominos Setup


Apr 09, 2014 Release
Dominos is an action bar addon intended to do the following: Reuse as much standard blizzard action button code as possible. Contain a relatively minimal feature set Be easy to use Be stable It includes the following features: 10 action bars, pet, class, menu, and bag bars. Each one has customizable settings for padding, spacing, columns, scale, and opacity. Customizable paging. You can switch pages on: action bar pages, modifier keys, forms, and targeting. Customizable show states. You can...
Example 1


Apr 09, 2014 Release
BAB Bars is an innovative action bar addon that allows you to create bars that follow all sorts of paths and curves. Would you like buttons to go in a circle around your minimap? To follow a curve beneath your character's feet? How about make a gentle wave at the bottom of the screen? You need only drag the anchor and pivot points to your desired location and the bar will change shape. Important: You need to download and install the BAB Texture Pack to use BAB Bars. The texture pack is only...

BAB Texture Pack

Apr 09, 2014 Release
This is the mandatory texture pack for BAB Bars. It is updated only if new textures are added to the game. Not on every new BAB version. Why is the download that big? Does the addon need that much memory? No, it does not. BAB Bars depends on custom versions of all icon textures to work. All borders of all textures must be translucent. This is not the case with the default wow icon textures. This download contains modified versions of all standard icon textures. A big download does not mean...
Circle + One


Apr 08, 2014 Beta
Ion! A macro-based action bar addon. It can stand on its own or supplement any other action bar addon or even the default Blizzard UI. Buy Maul a Coke! "Feel the power of the macro side..." A WoW 5.x Mists of Pandaria addon. Official Thread - Visit this thread for more information on Ion! FAQ - The official FAQ for Ion! Bug Reports - Report bugs here Feature Requests - Request features here Comments - If you wish to post a comment, you may do so here. Be sure to check out the Optional Ion...

Choose Mount

Apr 08, 2014 Release
This is my very first addon. It adds new bar for mounts. You can move it with shift + left click. Each button chooses random mount from one category: 1. Race - choosen mount depends on race of your character, human - horse, orc - wolf, etc. 2. Class - the same thing for the class, if your character's class has no uniqe mounts, there is no button. 3. Faction Ground - choosing ground only mount specific to your character's faction. 4. Ground - rest of ground mounts are here. 5. Faction Flying -...
An OPie ring


Apr 07, 2014 Release
OPie is a radial action-binding addon: it lets you group actions into rings which appear when you hold down a keyboard or mouse binding. When you release the binding, OPie will perform an action based on where your mouse cursor is. Use OPie to reduce the amount of clutter on your action bars: rings can contain your abilities, items, professions, battle pets, equipment sets, macros, and raid or world markers. Some rings for common class abilities and professions are included, as is a special...


Apr 07, 2014 Release
Displays status information in a movable HUD.
gUI™ v3.0 for MoP

Goldpaw's gUI3 (MoP)

Apr 06, 2014 Release
UI in a box. See screenshots. You can stay updated by visiting, the gUI's google+ page or gUI's facebook page. Most important chat commands: /glock - unlock bars and stuff for movement. This can be keybound. /bind - open the hover-keybind dialog for actionbars. This can be keybound. /togglebags - Toggles whether the bags can be moved around or not /showbinds - show your keybinds on the actionbuttons /hidebinds - hide the keybinds again /rl - reload the user interface....
OPie ring with warlock demons.

OPie Masque

Apr 06, 2014 Release
Adds Masque skinning support to OPie. OPie dropped built-in Masque support in version Lime 1. This plugin restores it. Obviously, you must have both Masque and OPie installed. There are no options*. Just install it, and you will once again be able to use Masque to skin OPie. Also, you will be able to modify the numeric cooldown text using OmniCC (and if you don't have OmniCC or something like it installed, you won't see numeric cooldown text at all). * There is now one option, for controlling...


Apr 05, 2014 Release
This addon add support Masque skins to default blizzard action bars except bonus bar (work in progress).

Ion: Menu Bar

Mar 31, 2014 Beta
Ion: Menu Bar is a menu bar replacement that works within the Ion UI framework.

Ion: Status Bars

Mar 31, 2014 Beta
Ion: Status Bars that work with the Ion UI framework. This addon provides various status bar type objects including cast bars, xp bars, rep bars and mirror bars.
BattleStyle UI


Mar 31, 2014 Release
BattleStyle is a new AddOn that changes and improves the Pet Battle UI. It makes things easier to see such as the health bar, and more featured such as improved stats. More is on the way! This is a newer AddOn and new features are being added everyday. I am more than open to suggestions and feedback so if you having something you think would be a good idea either leave a comment or PM me. Thank You! -Neil Features Improved UI Longer health bar (now with smoothing) Pet stats Stat comparison...
Binder 2.3.0


Mar 30, 2014 Release
This addon will allow you to save your current keybinds as a profile, which you name and can create a description for (no description required). These profiles are then account based, which means that you can access the very same profiles on any of your characters on the same account. Recently added feature is the option to edit keybinds by simply mousing over the actionbar slot and pushing the desired keybind. This option is enabled in the by clicking the "Edit Keybinds" button in the bottom...
TinyExtraBars small


Mar 30, 2014 Release
Extra action bars addon to make own action bars. It is not replacement to standard action bars. Features supported buttons: spells, mounts, macro, battlepets, equipment sets right-click self cast keybounds via LibKeyBound configuration via easy dropdown menu tabbed style for several visibility driven bars minimum buttons per bar: 1 maximum buttons per bar: 12 * 12 custom alpha on mouseleave "FlyoutButton Custom", "Minimap Button Frame", "Button Facade" compatible each button can have own...

FlyoutButton Custom

Mar 29, 2014 Release
Overview Custom Flyout buttons similar to Blizzard buttons like traps and teleports. Now you can make your own buttons! New MacroText support HowTo To make your own button lists open Spellbook (or use slash command to enter SettingsMode): you will see small arrow-buttons attached to your action buttons. To start adding buttons click arrow-button: appears empty button list, drag there spells, companions, mounts, items, equipment sets. Close spellbook: buttons ready to use. To set flyout arrow...
Macros & Action Bars

Macros & Action Bars

Mar 24, 2014 Release
Introduction This addon saves your macros and action bars. Each character specialization will have a separated set of 54 macros (for example, if the character is a druid it will have a separated set for feral, guardian, balance and restoration). It does that by considering both macro tabs as specialization specific for that character. (You can still have global macros - macros shared by all characters - but if you set for example 14 global macros, the number of specialization specific macros...
UrzUI 1.14


Mar 14, 2014 Release
This addons main feature is a redesign of the main menu bar. But it also includes some other neat things, such as auto-repair, auto-sell junk, hide error messages and aggro display on nameplates. It's a much lighter alternative to addons like Bartender4 and Tidy Plates. You can reach the options through the interface menu or by the slash command "/urz". OPTIONAL FEATURES 1. UrzNameplates. 2. Auto-position chat frames. 3. Stack combat log. 4. Hide error messages. 5. Auto-guild-repair. 6....