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Jun 24, 2015 Beta
If, like me, you’ve had to have your latest weapon or armour restored by Blizzard because you accidentally sold it or disenchanted it. This is the add-on for you! IGuard is inspired but an old add-on called ItemGuard. It simply did not let you sell things that you told it not too. It’s has a number of features to protect your items: Automatically stops protected items from being sold (configurable). Warns you when you are about to destroy (e.g. disenchant) a protected item (configurable)....

Improved Tradechat

Dec 25, 2014 Beta
About Improved Tradechat Improved Tradechat flters the trade channel and lists the filtered messages in a new frame. Slash Commands /itc - Shows the GUI Bug Reports You can report bugs here.
iSold More

iSold More

Jun 24, 2015 Release
This is a continuation of the abandoned addon iSold. I am here to update the addon and keep it up to date. If the author of iSold wants to return to the project I will gladly hand over the work that I've done and let him continue. iSold - This addon plays a "cash register" sound whenever an auction sells.


Oct 02, 2010 Planning
The purpose of this add-on is so you can easily find vendors selling specific items, it will also tell you where they are, this is my first add-on so dont be too harsh :)

Item Finder

Mar 07, 2010 Planning
If you are having trouble finding a certain food, drink, or item then install this add-on! It will tell you where you can buy the good you are looking for and how much it costs!

I Want

Jun 13, 2011 Planning
I Want is a tool to make bulk purchasing from the Auction House easier. You simply tell it "I Want 32 x Volatile Fire", and it will attempt to find you the cheapest auction or combination of auctions to get you what you want. For example the cheapest combination could be one stack of 32 Volatile Fire, or it could be an auction for 13 and another for 20, or even 32 auctions for 1 Volatile fire. Once it's found the most efficient combination it'll show it to you and give you the option to...