Igor's Mass Auction with Auctioneer

May 17, 2011 Inactive
Igor's Mass Auction (IMA) allows you to create up to 18 auctions at once. A new tab appears in the Auction House. I am not the original author - I merely updated it to work like it used to, that is, with auctioneer. Two new dropdowns appear in the pricing method menu. The 'Auctioneer' option is the simplest one which uses the market price as calculated by auctioneer. The Auc-undercut will always attempt to undercut the competition. Do a fresh scan, and set your %undercut settings in...


Apr 28, 2012 Inactive
Very simple addon for totaling all the buyouts of auctions you have on the AH. /IGBR or /imgonnaberich Outputs formatted text representing the total amount of gold that the player will receive if every auction on the AH sells and any pending gold gets to their mailbox.


May 28, 2011 Inactive
What it does: Plays a cash register bell sound every time one of your auctions sells, letting you know that youSold. Usage example: be alerted of sales while alt-tabbed browsing the web, so that you can replenish stock. Be sure to enable 'Sound in Background' in the WoW sound options. Notes About 4.0: Edit: All good, Blizzard fixed the missing chat messages.


Oct 08, 2012 Release
This addon provides both a static database and an active scanner for item data. Note, this addon does not display gathered data by itself - it supplies data to other addons. For example if you want to see "sell to vendor" prices you've gathered, you have to install an Addon such as ItemNotes. Features: - Static "sell to vendor" prices database for ~30600 items. - Active "sell to vendor" scanner that will save unknown or new prices for all items in your bags every time you visit a merchant....


Oct 02, 2010 Planning
The purpose of this add-on is so you can easily find vendors selling specific items, it will also tell you where they are, this is my first add-on so dont be too harsh :)

Item Finder

Mar 07, 2010 Planning
If you are having trouble finding a certain food, drink, or item then install this add-on! It will tell you where you can buy the good you are looking for and how much it costs!

I Want

Jun 13, 2011 Planning
I Want is a tool to make bulk purchasing from the Auction House easier. You simply tell it "I Want 32 x Volatile Fire", and it will attempt to find you the cheapest auction or combination of auctions to get you what you want. For example the cheapest combination could be one stack of 32 Volatile Fire, or it could be an auction for 13 and another for 20, or even 32 auctions for 1 Volatile fire. Once it's found the most efficient combination it'll show it to you and give you the option to...