Aug 04, 2014 Planning
Standalone Addon By itself, LibMerchant acts as an information collector for merchant items. Each time you open a merchant window, it will scan each item to check whether it exists in its library before storing the vendor sell price of the item. This price, when available, will be displayed in the item tooltip. Library Mode The addon will also contain an API that can be used by other addons to determine when the data from merchant windows becomes available for them to use. It will act as an...
Abyss Crystal prices over time

WoW AH Inspector

Jul 07, 2014 Release
What does this do? Launcher.jar will save snapshots of the AH at set intervals of time for the realms you specify in csv format, ready to be loaded in your office program of choice (e.g. Excel). You will need java to run this outside the game. You do not need an active subscription to run this tool. You do not need a battlenet account and will not be asked for any information about your account. QtyByUnitPrice.jar loads the snapshots you already saved using launcher.jar and shows, for a...


Mar 17, 2014 Planning
SmartTrade is designed to watch your channels so that you don't have to. It picks up on keywords in people's channel messages so that you get less spam in your trade chat and more opportunities to sell. As the addon develops, more functionality regarding professions and reagents will become available as well as a buying module for people looking to buy rather than sell.


Feb 13, 2014 Planning
Adds a small UI to Tradeskillmaster that will allow the user to specify an item and a price string (either a custom price string or any TSM price source) and quickly see the result. This will allow the user to quickly check the various prices of a given item (avgbuy, avgsell, for example), but also help aid in the construction of custom price strings.


Nov 30, 2013 Alpha
This addon is like great other auction addon, but it take in account each item cost not only the mean. it can be a resume of each profession, bag invetory, items, auctions, and economy of each reroll. so a resume of an account


Nov 25, 2013 Beta
Capitalist is used for simplifying the process of keeping crafted items in stock at the auction house including raw materials purchase, selling price calculation, and bulk listing. All professions are supported. NOTE: Data format changes in r30, r53, r84, and r89. Recommend clearing out your old Capitalist.LUA SavedVariables file when transitioning to those builds.
Mail Frame


Sep 16, 2013 Release
Updates for WoW5 are pending. Try the beta release -- as far as I know it all works, save for BeanCounter integration. Automatically opens every single mail in your mailbox without requiring any effort. Please report issues and suggestions/requests here, I will try to process and respond to them all. Index Slash Commands Time and mail remaining Stackable items Keep Free Space Filters Notifications "Collected" module Quick Auctions 3 support Postal support Profiles Slash Commands You can use...
Swiped - Without Tooltip


Sep 13, 2013 Inactive
Swiped tracks the amount of gold looted while picking pockets. The primary window shows what's been looted during the current session, and a tooltip can be popped up to show history. 1.60 Added button to reset history to the interface options menu Updated to 5.3 1.52 Updated to 5.2 1.51 Updated to 5.1 1.50 Updated to be compatible with 5.0 1.41 Updated to 4.3 1.40 Fixed error that could add more to the history than it should have. 1.30 Added options to change the frame sizes by scaling them...


Sep 07, 2013 Alpha
Provides a 'realtime search" feature to TSM. This feature scans the last page of the AH continually to check for deals or items with RealTime Operations to snatch deals. Similar to Auctioneer Real Time Search functionality.


Sep 06, 2013 Alpha
This TSM Module will allow users to monitor the cooldown remaining on crafting cooldowns, complete a "circuit" of crafting (and possibly help facilitate restocking of the crafting). Addon is in active development and not ready for general consumption.

Trade Skill Drag

Aug 09, 2013 Release
Trade Skill Drag is a super tiny addon that lets you drag trade skill spells from the window onto your action bars (they work like normal spells).

NF SimpleFinder

Jul 01, 2013 Planning
SimpleFinder (NF) is an Addon to find Gems or Enchants by searching via Attributes. For Example you are looking for 80Str and 180Crit. You supply: Type: Gem Stat1: Strength Stat2: Critical Chance If a GEM with this stats exists you will get the items directly inside the Addons Frame. If you are standing next to a auctioneer you can directly buy it (price is getting visible (cheapest one)) So after finding you Gem you click on "Get" (Default quantity is 1) and it shows you the cheapest price...

While You Were Out

Feb 07, 2013 Planning
Current Version # is 0.5.1. Once the addon's file has been uploaded here, please read the readme.txt file located inside the addon's folder for information regarding to what this current alpha version's functionality is. Current To-Do List for Next Version: Fix Error with AFK message not appearing when using a custom AFK message (i.e. /away x) Code Slash Commands Figure out how to use Git Attempt to figure out why the addon has issues with SpartanUI's SpinCam Let's say you're on a high...


Nov 15, 2012 Planning
BMAH is designed to provide Black Market Auction House data to your fellow guild/raid/party members. Each time you visit the Black Market Auction House, BMAH will check to see if you have recently reported the items listed and the price. If not, BMAH will give you the option to announce the listings in guild, raid or party chat. BMAH will also check to see if there are any significant price jumps since the last time you announced. Special thanks to jack445's Black Market Tracker (released...


Sep 08, 2012 Alpha
Inspired by GnomeWorks and Lil Sparky's Workshop, this addon aims to be a simplified crafting tool that lets you easily identify components needed to craft items, locating the cheapest and best way to build things and skillup, leveraging the items and professions you have across all your alts. GnomeWorks is a little clunky, and I thought it could be simplified and cleaned up considerably. No idea how long it'll take me to recreate its basic functionality, but gotta start somewhere. This is a...

remember loot

Mar 11, 2012 Planning
You can turn remember loot on to see how much you've looted. for instance, say your in a dungeon and you don't want to count every peice of loot in the dungeon your loot. turn this addon and from the time you turn it on it counts all the loot you've looted until turned off.

Auction Undercut

Mar 07, 2012 Planning
Auction undercut uses either Auctioneer data or it's own scan data to compare your current auctions against the lowest bid or buyout currently on the AH and then lists all items that you are being undercut. It then allows you to cancel those auctions. Full integration with either the default AH or Auctioneer.


Dec 05, 2011 Alpha
Sells, disenchants, or destroys items the player does not need or want.


Sep 29, 2011 Planning
This addon is a joint project by a handful of Wind Traders from The Consortium. The goal for this addon is to help the user level their profession in the cheapest or most profitable manner. The plan is for an interface that shows them what they should craft next and makes it easy for them to buy the mats they need and then perform the crafting. More detailed description to come as the project moves forward...

Random Trade Advertiser

Aug 01, 2011 Planning
This addon still remains under construction. What will it do? Provide the user with a frame to enter and edit the settings of an addon wich will spam 1 randomly selected line in /2 Trade from all the lines that you entered every xx seconds. For example I have 3 things I want to advertise. <Two Steps From Hell> Saurfangs finest PvP Guild. For more info check WoW EU Realm forums. Making all your glyphs for 25g each glyph. How to make an order? Make a list of all the glyphs you want, sent in...