Nov 30, 2012 Release
If you use the TradeSkillMaster Application from, you have access to's daily market-price updates based on 24/7 hourly scans, so you don't have to worry about day-versus-night bias when your computer's off. But on high-traffic auction houses, even WoWuction doesn't tell you the whole story. Here's why you need to use more than one price source, and take advantage of Auctioneer Appraiser's ability to combine them into one estimate (called "ensemble...


Nov 30, 2012 Release
If you're like me, you hate it when your add-ons give you auction prices that are out of date, distorted by outliers and thin trading, or just plain wrong. Even WoWuction, with its hourly 14-day scans, isn't perfect at avoiding this problem. So you read the prices and do mental math, comparing the various numbers WoWuction comes up with. But this is slow and tedious, and you make mistakes like everyone else. To solve that problem, this add-on brings together advanced statistics, domain...

Drunk Fish Deluxe

Nov 29, 2012 Release
FEATURES: - Jogu the Drunk has gotten smarter! Understanding that some crops are simply worth more than others, he will now recommend what you should plant via whisper for maximum profit potential! You don't even have to go and talk to him! - If it's possible that a crop may have a bigger profit if it's the crop of the day (7 per seed instead of 5), he'll list potential profitable crops and advise you to come and talk with him in case the crop of the day is on that list (in which case, that's...

Neo Angelus - Profit

Nov 28, 2012 Release
Tracks gold profit and generates guild gold achievements.
ScreenShot 2

World Trade Channel

Nov 27, 2012 Release
Enable you to see trade channel even you are not in a city This Addon will enable you to see trade channel [2. Trade] even you are not in a city. The function will automatically enable when you when you leave a "Trade - City" channel. You can't talk in the "Remote" trade channel, but you can whisper to anyone just by click their names. Install Like other Addons, just put it under folder "World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns". You do not need to do any configuration! Uninstall Just disable or...


Nov 27, 2012 Release
This is a 2 part auto one part automatically select the quest reward which will sell for the most and auto repair!
GoingPrice in Action

GoingPrice Wowhead

Nov 24, 2012 Release
The GoingPrice_Wowhead addon uses the LibExtraTip library to display various statistics from Wowhead -- This addon should update quite frequently -- about once a night. If you find GoingPrice_Wowhead useful, please consider making a donation. Note: If the latest version hasn't propagated to yet, you can go to to get it. Release versions take the form of 5.0.xxxxxxxxxx where the '5.0' part is the version of the Wow interface supported and...
Exemple 1


Nov 16, 2012 Release
[French Client version only] Un compteur séquentiel d'argent et d'expérience et la possibilité de suivre l'avancement d'XP des rerolls. Plus quelques autres petites fonctions pratiques comme l'affichage de nombre de Slots libres sur chaque sac, l'acceptation automatique d'un rez, la liste de tous les emotes du jeu en 2 clicks de souris ou encore le déclenchement d'un emote de demande de soins (paramétrable) si votre vie devient basse ou déclarer automatiquement au groupe que vous n'avez plus...


Nov 15, 2012 Planning
BMAH is designed to provide Black Market Auction House data to your fellow guild/raid/party members. Each time you visit the Black Market Auction House, BMAH will check to see if you have recently reported the items listed and the price. If not, BMAH will give you the option to announce the listings in guild, raid or party chat. BMAH will also check to see if there are any significant price jumps since the last time you announced. Special thanks to jack445's Black Market Tracker (released...


Nov 10, 2012 Beta
AH Scanner: This add-on will let you easily gather the lowest minimum buyout costs on the Auction House, and show them in a table, accessible through the slash-command /dmt If the item was not on the auction house the last time you scanned, it will be flagged. In the future I hope to be able to let the user choose what to do with such cards, but for now it will keep its old value (unless more people prefer it to be set to 0 instead and do the math themselves on what they value the card as)...


Oct 25, 2012 Release
Description Shift-right-click the item on the AH automatically buy it out (the default behavior - change with /ocbo). You can also shift-right-click Bid or Buyout to bypass the confirmation. Shift-right-click on one of your auctions will cancel it without confirmation. Slash Command /oneclickbuyout, /ocbo Toggle always auto-buyout. Having Issues or have a Suggestion? Please don't use the comments to post trouble tickets or suggestions. Instead post a ticket on CurseForge. Thanks. Any comments...
WyeSoft Gold Hoarder v1.00 frame

WyeSoft Gold Hoarder

Oct 23, 2012 Release
WyeSoft Gold Hoarder v1.01 (freeware World of Warcraft addon) ------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------- Copyright © 2012 WyeSoft. All rights reserved. ----------------------------------------------- Designed and created by Matthew A. Wood --------------------------------------- Originally released 25 September 2012 This version released 23 October 2012 ------------------------------------- Current World of Warcraft version:...
Linkepedia Linking Frostmourne


Oct 21, 2012 Release
Linkepedia Linkepedia, formally Linkerator by Fizzwidget, offers the ability to easily link items or spells in macros, chats, or search part of a link. Using the same functionality that was provided in Linkerator, players will once again be able to enjoy one of the best linking addons of all time. I will note that I do have permission from Gazmik Fizzwidget himself to absorb this addon and use the original code. The original addon was posted here: With...
Auctioneer tooltip with TUJ information


Oct 20, 2012 Release
Auc-Stat-TheUndermineJournal is an Auctioneer statistics module that returns price data from The Undermine Journal addon. You must have either The Undermine Journal or The Undermine Journal GE addon installed for this addon to have any effect. Enabling this module within Auctioneer will allow the market data from The Undermine Journal addon to be used in market value estimations by Auctioneer right along with the other statistics modules.


Oct 08, 2012 Release
This addon provides both a static database and an active scanner for item data. Note, this addon does not display gathered data by itself - it supplies data to other addons. For example if you want to see "sell to vendor" prices you've gathered, you have to install an Addon such as ItemNotes. Features: - Static "sell to vendor" prices database for ~30600 items. - Active "sell to vendor" scanner that will save unknown or new prices for all items in your bags every time you visit a merchant....


Sep 28, 2012 Release
Adds a sum of all current auctions (with a buyout price) on the Auctions-page.


Sep 23, 2012 Release
Whenever you talk to a quest giver who has multiple rewards, VendorValue will automatically select the quest reward which will sell for the most.

Bulk Buy

Sep 21, 2012 Release
Bulk Buy lets you buy vendor items in quantities greater than a single stack using the default stack split frame (shown when you shift-click on a vendor item). Version 1.01 adds support for bulk buying of items that cost currencies other than gold. This includes both stackable (e.g. buying 50 Weak Flux, which stacks in lots of 20) and non-stackable items (e.g. buying 5 Mining Picks at once even though they don't stack). There is no in-game configuration, but if for some odd reason you need to...


Sep 17, 2012 Beta
If you like Auctioneer’s sophisticated pricing, but don't have time to scan the AH often enough, this add-on is for you. It’s an Auc-Stat module that integrates WoWuction as a source of Auctioneer price data. Install the TSM App from and set up updates in the app. Then open your Auctioneer settings (“Configure” button in the AH) and enable WoWuction as a stat module. Now you’ll have market-price estimates that take into account *all*...
Auto Sell Stuff

Auto Sell Stuff

Sep 16, 2012 Release
This addon runs whenever you open a merchant window where you can sell items. It will automatically find all of your grey items, sell them, then tell you how much you made.