Currency and Item Loot Tracking

Jul 26, 2011 Planning
A loot tracker for people who are farming materials in WoW with an emphasis on a quick and efficient method for using those farmed items in the profession of their choice.

Sell My Junk

Jun 20, 2011 Planning
This addon is written to give you a one click solution to selling items to a vendor. It allows you to sell all grey and white items instantly as well as selling uncommon (green) and above items that are of no use to you (for example if your class can not use them). these options are all configurable to your needs.

I Want

Jun 13, 2011 Planning
I Want is a tool to make bulk purchasing from the Auction House easier. You simply tell it "I Want 32 x Volatile Fire", and it will attempt to find you the cheapest auction or combination of auctions to get you what you want. For example the cheapest combination could be one stack of 32 Volatile Fire, or it could be an auction for 13 and another for 20, or even 32 auctions for 1 Volatile fire. Once it's found the most efficient combination it'll show it to you and give you the option to...


Apr 28, 2011 Planning
Currently handles the currencies Honor Points, Conquest Points, Justice Points, Valor Points, and Tol Barad Commendations. Will be adding additional currencies in the next couple of weeks, such as cooking rewards and JC tokens. A simple addon that gets the job done and uses very little resources. Nothing fancy about it.

Skaadoosh's AH Spreadsheet

Mar 14, 2011 Planning
TODO: Create GUI for custom spreadsheets i've created oog. TODO: Link to Auctioneer, Auctionator for accurate market numbers. TODO: Link to Altoholic/DB-broker to get specific crafting recipes. TODO: Link to Profession add-on to enable queueing.


Jan 28, 2011 Planning
Baleco (Balancing the economy) is an addon that searches out low priced goods on the auction house and determines what can be bought for a profit. It isn't simply about flipping auctions, Baleco identifies what professions you have and looks at a number of factors to determine if the materials to create it are cheap enough to sell the item, or the enchanting by-products, on the auction house. A simple, and popular item, example is selling bags. Cloth is a highly variable market and the bag...

Loot Tracker 5000

Jan 14, 2011 Planning
This add-on once finished, will track everything that drops in all circumstances, it will control what you sell with an auto sell feature when you talk to vendors (Everything form grays, to epics if you set it that way) it will also tell keep a record of who won what it's down to that green that your greed rolled on. If something is disenchanted it will mark that too. More stuff to be added later


Jan 03, 2011 Planning
SlashTrade is a Search & Filtration tool for Trade and other channels that are often abused and difficult to read. Development is in progress, and by no means a good representation of the finished product. TODO: Slash commands and bindings Configuration options (other than manually editing config files) Display box for the raw body of the selected message Memory Optimizations Message posting functionality


Dec 04, 2010 Alpha
==This module is a nonfunctioning alpha! Please do not download!== This is a module for TradeSkillMaster by Sapu. Its goal is to provide a network of buyers and sellers who will -always- buy products at a certain price. It will automatically accept CoDs within a certain range and return mail to people who don't meet expectations. All communication will be done via the hidden addon channel.

Money Graph

Nov 29, 2010 Planning
This addon graphs thet flow of your money and allows you to set financial goals in game you can track against


Nov 05, 2010 Planning
SImple to allow Guild Master to levy a tax on Guild Members income for The Guild Bank.

Simple DKP

Oct 21, 2010 Alpha
DKP addon which enables safe, secure and simple DKP handling.

Alt Auction Tracker

Oct 19, 2010 Planning
What it does: Alt Auction Tracker will save a list of auctions that each of your characters has posted. Whenever you log into any of your characters on the same server and faction you can scan the AH for these auctions to determine if they have sold or expired. Note that if your auction is past the expiration time there is no way to tell if it sold or was expired (unless it had a bid), but at least you know it's time to go check your alt's mailbox. See the Manual page for more information on...


Oct 02, 2010 Planning
The purpose of this add-on is so you can easily find vendors selling specific items, it will also tell you where they are, this is my first add-on so dont be too harsh :)

Undercut Master

Sep 26, 2010 Planning
Currently in development stages. This is a simple addon that scans the AH for every item that you currently have one or more of posted on the AH. It then determines what you were undercut on and cancels any of your auctions you were undercut on where you can re-post the auction and still be above a set % of Auctioneer's Market Value. Slash Commands: '/um' - prints out all the slash commands '/um scan' - runs the scan (you will be prompted when Undercut Master is ready to start cancelling '/um...


Sep 12, 2010 Alpha
Admit it, you've never been horrified by the blacksmith's bill at the end of a journey ? With Cloth it's still limited, but with plate it empties a wallet faster than a dwarf does with a beer. I got THE answer : StingyAutoRepair ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Avouez-le, qui n'a jamais été horrifié devant la facture du forgeron en rentrant de voyage ? Le décabossat with platege d'armure coute une fortune ! Le tissu, passe encore, mais la plaque, ça vide un porte-monnaie plus vite qu'un nain sa...

Exacto Bag

Jul 20, 2010 Planning
This add-on is one that Ive been looking for and have never found one like it, it has an all in one bag frame, you can look in your bank from anywhere in a different frame and create different sections for certain items. i decided to make this after the millionth time someone told me i was an ADD Neat freak :P but i love it and its perfectly organized and an awesome add-on for me.

Loot Scoot

Jun 30, 2010 Planning
Loot Scoot will get rid of the annoying message asking you if you are sure you want to loot a Bind on Pickup item every time you choose to roll on it.


Jun 20, 2010 Planning
Ever wonder where the firework vendor is in Ironforge? do you know where the vendor of alterac swiss is? Well with this add on you just look for the item your looking for and see where it is in what city and how to get there from the city your in! Enjoy! :)

Trade 2.0

Jun 01, 2010 Planning
Do you often leave the Trade channel because of things like what you see below? === Warning. May look like Trade channel === [2. Trade] [Randomguy]: "lf1m voa need deeps gtg lol" [2. Trade] [Anotherguy]: "lol u no ur a nub rite" [2. Trade] [Randomguy]: "shut up noob" [2. Trade] [Spambot]: "Buy gold best price! $2 = 1g, we do power the level!" [2. Trade] [Randomguy]: "@($)#_ group collapsed" [2. Trade] [Trollguy]: "Reported for swearing" [2. Trade] [Tradeguy]: "Any blacksmiths on...