MiLVL Item Comparison

MiLVL Item Comparison

May 07, 2013 Inactive
Hover over an item... it tells you what your Item Level Average would become if you equipped that gear.
LDB Display & Tooltip


Apr 15, 2013 Inactive
Have you ever been in a situation where you just can't turn in a quest because your inventory is full? Trying to figure out an item to delete that's cheap and won't make you loose much gold? This is one of the many situations where Broker_Garbage makes your life easier. What it does Broker_Garbage shows your cheapest item(s) for easily freeing bag space. It uses your auction addon of choice for pricing, including disenchant prices if available. If you don't want to throw away that precious...


Apr 14, 2013 Inactive
I am currently re-writing sniper for the new version of TradeSkillMaster so please stay tuned.


Apr 10, 2013 Inactive
kaliDKP is a raid leader mod used by Kali Compton (Kalecgos) for distributing loot in 25-man instances. The user first externally obtains a lua file containing a list of guild members and their current DKP. This data is loaded into the mod in game (/dkp load). When loot drops, the user is presented with a graphical interface that allows them to auction the item to everyone present in the raid. A raid member mod (kaliClient) it used by raiders to interact with kaliDKP and bid on items. kaliDKP...


Apr 10, 2013 Inactive
kaliClient is a raider mod used by Kali Compton (Kalecgos) for distributing loot in 25-man instances. The raid leader uses kaliClient's server mod (kaliDKP) to track individuals' DKP and auction items. When loot drops, the raider leader starts an auction which initiates a graphical interface for all clients allowing the user to choose how much to bid on the item, up to their current maximum DKP. Item and DKP data is automatically synced to the clients. For more details, see kaliDKP.


Mar 18, 2013 Inactive
A thank you to Niclas147 for opening the project for Looter on Curse with permission, and for his answering of comments here while he did. He has since gone inactive however and I as the author of the addon am going to continue updating it here as I do on WoWI. The current release version shall be uploaded to here within 4 hours or so I have been looking for a mod to auto loot profession windows. For example I want to auto loot whenever I skin something or mine something etc... So after...
TotalWorth Total Bar

Total Worth

Mar 07, 2013 Inactive
How much have you got? Now you will know with TotalWorth :) This addon keeps track of your gold, click the gold coin shown and see a list of your toons and how much money each has. The total displayed can be for the current toon (P) or for all toons on the realm (R).
TradeSkillTracker overall v0.1


Mar 05, 2013 Inactive
TradeSkillTracker Introduction TradeSkillTracker tracks what items you have used when crafting during a week and day. It can track by day or track overall. Originally it was planned as to find out what items i use alot of during the week so to find out what i need to keep in stock etc. Use To open the main window use the command /tst. For more commands type /tst help TradeSkillTracker: Following List of Commands are available: /TST - Opens the main window /TST help - Show's Help options /TST...

While You Were Out

Feb 07, 2013 Planning
Current Version # is 0.5.1. Once the addon's file has been uploaded here, please read the readme.txt file located inside the addon's folder for information regarding to what this current alpha version's functionality is. Current To-Do List for Next Version: Fix Error with AFK message not appearing when using a custom AFK message (i.e. /away x) Code Slash Commands Figure out how to use Git Attempt to figure out why the addon has issues with SpartanUI's SpinCam Let's say you're on a high...

Fortune Cookie Chance

Feb 06, 2013 Inactive
Mysterious Fortune Cards, the lottery ticket of Warcraft. When flipped, these cards have a chance to become a worthless 10 silver card, or even a card that sells for 5000 gold. The problem is, no one knows the true drop rate of the 5k card. This addon hopes to change that. After installing this addon, continue flipping Mysterious Fortune Cards, and eating Fortune Cookies like normal. When you've flipped some, use /fortune to output the total number of cards you've seen, broken down by the...


Jan 29, 2013 Inactive
A minimal addon for selling your gray items. No configuration, no profiles, no dependencies. Simply speak to a vendor to sell your items.

Black Market Auction House Scanner

Jan 26, 2013 Inactive
This is a simple addon used to upload information to the Black Market Auction House (BMAH) Tracking site. The site can currently be found at To use the scanner simply ensure that the BMAH frame is open then type in /bmah. The addon will scan the BMAH and then open a window with a URL in it. Visit this URL and the information will be uploaded to the site!


Jan 01, 2013 Inactive
AutoSell2 Autosell2 is a small addon that sells ALL grey/junk items, unusable soulbound items (disabled by default), and repairs your armor when you open a merchant window. There are options for toggling the chat output, selling soulbounds and using guild funds for repairs. The "do not sell" feature allows you to add/remove items from a list of items not to be sold regardless of the items color. It also keeps track of the gold earned from greys and gold spent on repairs since installing the...


Dec 04, 2012 Inactive
NEW - Wonga uses the 'ColorBlind Mode' options in the Wow client, and will change the text to white and replace the icons by "g","s","c" respectively. NEW - Displays all tracked currencies (and auto sizes accordingly) This is a very simple add-in for WoW to display the current money you have in your bag without the need to keep pressing 'b'. Its memory footprint is under 10K, so this will not hog your machine. I hope you find it useful. Weeperman (The only one )
'/hl quest'

Highlight - the local bag search tool

Dec 04, 2012 Inactive
Do you spend more time questing your bags for an item than raiding the instance? Can't remember what icon is related to what quest? Fed up with 'poor' items clogging your bags? Wish you could search the guild bank? Now working with Cataclysm - sorry for the delay everyone... Fixed refresh, mostly: When moving an item or opening a new bag, refreshes search display (the only time it refreshes too often is when moving items in guild bank, seems to trigger 4 redraw events). There are still a few...
BlackIsTheNewGreen - GUI: Some items


Dec 02, 2012 Inactive
Announces (to the addonchannel) what items are in store to guild each time someone visits the BMAH. View current BMAH with listings with '/blackisthenewgreen', '/bitng' or '/bmah'. '/blackisthenewgreen help', '/bitng help' or '/bmah help' for a list of commands. Only outputs if you requests output or item has changed time_left. Whisper support. If someone whispers you with 'bmah list' they will get a print of all items on your list. Customize your output string with '/bmah string'. (example:...
Watto's Bulk Supplies


Nov 30, 2012 Inactive
Watto is a useful tool for buying massive amounts of items, and selling your junk items! With the press of a single button, you can sell all your junk items (and specified non-junk items) to a vendor! But wait! That's not all! Watto also changes your shift-click buying experience, by allowing you to purchase virtually any amount of a single item, all at once! Watto comes pre-packaged with several popular choices for amounts, but feel free to type any amount you want! All of my Addons can now...


Nov 30, 2012 Release
If you use the TradeSkillMaster Application from, you have access to's daily market-price updates based on 24/7 hourly scans, so you don't have to worry about day-versus-night bias when your computer's off. But on high-traffic auction houses, even WoWuction doesn't tell you the whole story. Here's why you need to use more than one price source, and take advantage of Auctioneer Appraiser's ability to combine them into one estimate (called "ensemble...

Drunk Fish Deluxe

Nov 29, 2012 Inactive
FEATURES: - Jogu the Drunk has gotten smarter! Understanding that some crops are simply worth more than others, he will now recommend what you should plant via whisper for maximum profit potential! You don't even have to go and talk to him! - If it's possible that a crop may have a bigger profit if it's the crop of the day (7 per seed instead of 5), he'll list potential profitable crops and advise you to come and talk with him in case the crop of the day is on that list (in which case, that's...

Neo Angelus - Profit

Nov 28, 2012 Inactive
Tracks gold profit and generates guild gold achievements.