Oct 15, 2014 Release
EN: Addon sells gray items, repairs equipment, calculates costs. FR: Addon vend des articles de gris, de materiel d reparations. DE: Addon verkauft graue Sachen, repariert Einrichtungen. RU: Аддон продает серые вещи, чинит шмот, рассчитывает затраты.
Summary Result


Oct 15, 2014 Release
This addon is not part of the core TSM package. Questions relating to this addon should be directed to the author and not the authors of the main TSM Package. Ever wonder exactly how many when posting your auctions exactly how many are undercuting or how many are the only ones up? Or when canceling the amount of auctions being canceled because they were undercut vs how many could be posted at a higher price? This module to the TSM 2.0 Suite adds a summary printed to the chat log listing each...


Oct 15, 2014 Release
Gui, in game calculator to prevent tabbing out or using a handheld calculator
Search Options

AuctionLite: Improved Search

Oct 14, 2014 Release
Info AuctionLite: Improved Search implements the search filtering options that are available to the Blizzard auction house UI into AuctionLite's buy tab in a compact interface at the top of the tab. Available filtering options are: Usable Items Item category Item rarity Minimum/Maximum level Performance Statistics: Load Time: 15ms Memory Usage: 24 KB
Main vendor interface

Extended Vendor UI

Sep 11, 2014 Release
Extended Vendor UI extends the vendor interface, increasing the number of items visible per page, making it a little easier to find the items you're looking for. It also adds search and filtering functionality, and a button to quickly vendor all unwanted junk items. Features list: - Width of the vendor interface (and number of items visible per page) doubled. - Item names on both merchant and buyback tabs are colored according to the item's quality. - Search box to quickly find items by name....


Aug 22, 2014 Planning
The Fishing with Max add-on has the following features: Visual and audio reminders on when it is time to visit your fishing trainer. Collects data on each fish or item you catch. Let's you set what kind of node you are fishing to track your catches with more detail. Upload your data to the Fishing with Max website and be part of our community of anglers contributing data to the site. Browse the current auction value of items you have caught on the website. As you fish data about each catch is...


Aug 18, 2014 Planning
This addon is an extension of Auctioneer. It adds a simple PriceDrop button to the Appraiser Tab that lowers the list price by a prescribed percentage. Future development will implement more robust controls for the amount of the price drop (% or absolute price drop, limits for the absolute minimum price, eetc.) and the ability to set a starting price based on some metrics (market price, deposit cost disenchant value, etc.)


Aug 04, 2014 Planning
Standalone Addon By itself, LibMerchant acts as an information collector for merchant items. Each time you open a merchant window, it will scan each item to check whether it exists in its library before storing the vendor sell price of the item. This price, when available, will be displayed in the item tooltip. Library Mode The addon will also contain an API that can be used by other addons to determine when the data from merchant windows becomes available for them to use. It will act as an...
Abyss Crystal prices over time

WoW AH Inspector

Jul 07, 2014 Release
What does this do? Launcher.jar will save snapshots of the AH at set intervals of time for the realms you specify in csv format, ready to be loaded in your office program of choice (e.g. Excel). You will need java to run this outside the game. You do not need an active subscription to run this tool. You do not need a battlenet account and will not be asked for any information about your account. QtyByUnitPrice.jar loads the snapshots you already saved using launcher.jar and shows, for a...


Mar 17, 2014 Planning
SmartTrade is designed to watch your channels so that you don't have to. It picks up on keywords in people's channel messages so that you get less spam in your trade chat and more opportunities to sell. As the addon develops, more functionality regarding professions and reagents will become available as well as a buying module for people looking to buy rather than sell.


Feb 13, 2014 Planning
Adds a small UI to Tradeskillmaster that will allow the user to specify an item and a price string (either a custom price string or any TSM price source) and quickly see the result. This will allow the user to quickly check the various prices of a given item (avgbuy, avgsell, for example), but also help aid in the construction of custom price strings.
Total Gold Earned V1.2

Total Gold Earned

Feb 05, 2014 Mature
Total Gold Earned Total Gold Earned calculates the total gold you have earned through the AH by querying your achievement statistics and dropping silver and copper and Only calculating gold . Use? Just log in to the toon your want to add and then do a /reload to save the gold count into a Saved Variable. Currently the main command to use is "/tge" which will open the GUI showing the current data that the addon holds. There is also a "/cleartge" command which will delete all data for your...


Jan 29, 2014 Inactive
TradeSkillMaster_CraftingSniper WARNING: This is not an official Tradeskillmaster module Introduction TradeSkillMaster_CraftingSniper is a simple addon that reports what people are crafting around you, I have a experimental section of it that reports if what they are crafting will undercut you(Not sure if fully working due to needing more data for it to test against). Use To access the options simply type "/tsm" and click on Crafting sniper in the top right. this will show you 2 things...
Enchanting Shuffler v2.1

Enchanting Shuffler

Dec 23, 2013 Mature
Enchanting Shuffler Re-made the command into /EShuffler Enchanting shuffler is an addon that determines the profits from transferring dust either up or down in mop. Use To open the main window you will type "/EShuffler" Upon opening you will be presented with a window that show's you profits from transferring items on the left column into items in the top column Check Images for a quick idea Requirements Currently Enchanting shuffler works with TradeSkillMaster's AuctionDB or Auctionator's...


Nov 30, 2013 Alpha
This addon is like great other auction addon, but it take in account each item cost not only the mean. it can be a resume of each profession, bag invetory, items, auctions, and economy of each reroll. so a resume of an account


Nov 25, 2013 Alpha
Capitalist is used for simplifying the process of keeping crafted items in stock at the auction house including raw materials purchase, selling price calculation, and bulk listing. All professions are supported. NOTE: Data format changes in r30, r53, r84, and r89. Recommend clearing out your old Capitalist.LUA SavedVariables file when transitioning to those builds.


Sep 07, 2013 Alpha
Provides a 'realtime search" feature to TSM. This feature scans the last page of the AH continually to check for deals or items with RealTime Operations to snatch deals. Similar to Auctioneer Real Time Search functionality.


Sep 06, 2013 Alpha
This TSM Module will allow users to monitor the cooldown remaining on crafting cooldowns, complete a "circuit" of crafting (and possibly help facilitate restocking of the crafting). Addon is in active development and not ready for general consumption.

Trade Skill Drag

Aug 09, 2013 Release
Trade Skill Drag is a super tiny addon that lets you drag trade skill spells from the window onto your action bars (they work like normal spells).

NF SimpleFinder

Jul 01, 2013 Planning
SimpleFinder (NF) is an Addon to find Gems or Enchants by searching via Attributes. For Example you are looking for 80Str and 180Crit. You supply: Type: Gem Stat1: Strength Stat2: Critical Chance If a GEM with this stats exists you will get the items directly inside the Addons Frame. If you are standing next to a auctioneer you can directly buy it (price is getting visible (cheapest one)) So after finding you Gem you click on "Get" (Default quantity is 1) and it shows you the cheapest price...