Nov 15, 2012 Planning
BMAH is designed to provide Black Market Auction House data to your fellow guild/raid/party members. Each time you visit the Black Market Auction House, BMAH will check to see if you have recently reported the items listed and the price. If not, BMAH will give you the option to announce the listings in guild, raid or party chat. BMAH will also check to see if there are any significant price jumps since the last time you announced. Special thanks to jack445's Black Market Tracker (released...


Nov 10, 2012 Beta
AH Scanner: This add-on will let you easily gather the lowest minimum buyout costs on the Auction House, and show them in a table, accessible through the slash-command /dmt If the item was not on the auction house the last time you scanned, it will be flagged. In the future I hope to be able to let the user choose what to do with such cards, but for now it will keep its old value (unless more people prefer it to be set to 0 instead and do the math themselves on what they value the card as)...


Oct 25, 2012 Release
Description Shift-right-click the item on the AH automatically buy it out (the default behavior - change with /ocbo). You can also shift-right-click Bid or Buyout to bypass the confirmation. Shift-right-click on one of your auctions will cancel it without confirmation. Slash Command /oneclickbuyout, /ocbo Toggle always auto-buyout. Having Issues or have a Suggestion? Please don't use the comments to post trouble tickets or suggestions. Instead post a ticket on CurseForge. Thanks. Any comments...
WyeSoft Gold Hoarder v1.00 frame

WyeSoft Gold Hoarder

Oct 23, 2012 Release
WyeSoft Gold Hoarder v1.01 (freeware World of Warcraft addon) ------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------- Copyright © 2012 WyeSoft. All rights reserved. ----------------------------------------------- Designed and created by Matthew A. Wood --------------------------------------- Originally released 25 September 2012 This version released 23 October 2012 ------------------------------------- Current World of Warcraft version:...
Linkepedia Linking Frostmourne


Oct 21, 2012 Release
Linkepedia Linkepedia, formally Linkerator by Fizzwidget, offers the ability to easily link items or spells in macros, chats, or search part of a link. Using the same functionality that was provided in Linkerator, players will once again be able to enjoy one of the best linking addons of all time. I will note that I do have permission from Gazmik Fizzwidget himself to absorb this addon and use the original code. The original addon was posted here: With...
Auctioneer tooltip with TUJ information


Oct 20, 2012 Release
Auc-Stat-TheUndermineJournal is an Auctioneer statistics module that returns price data from The Undermine Journal addon. You must have either The Undermine Journal or The Undermine Journal GE addon installed for this addon to have any effect. Enabling this module within Auctioneer will allow the market data from The Undermine Journal addon to be used in market value estimations by Auctioneer right along with the other statistics modules.


Oct 08, 2012 Release
This addon provides both a static database and an active scanner for item data. Note, this addon does not display gathered data by itself - it supplies data to other addons. For example if you want to see "sell to vendor" prices you've gathered, you have to install an Addon such as ItemNotes. Features: - Static "sell to vendor" prices database for ~30600 items. - Active "sell to vendor" scanner that will save unknown or new prices for all items in your bags every time you visit a merchant....


Sep 28, 2012 Release
Adds a sum of all current auctions (with a buyout price) on the Auctions-page.


Sep 23, 2012 Release
Whenever you talk to a quest giver who has multiple rewards, VendorValue will automatically select the quest reward which will sell for the most.

Bulk Buy

Sep 21, 2012 Release
Bulk Buy lets you buy vendor items in quantities greater than a single stack using the default stack split frame (shown when you shift-click on a vendor item). Version 1.01 adds support for bulk buying of items that cost currencies other than gold. This includes both stackable (e.g. buying 50 Weak Flux, which stacks in lots of 20) and non-stackable items (e.g. buying 5 Mining Picks at once even though they don't stack). There is no in-game configuration, but if for some odd reason you need to...


Sep 17, 2012 Beta
If you like Auctioneer’s sophisticated pricing, but don't have time to scan the AH often enough, this add-on is for you. It’s an Auc-Stat module that integrates WoWuction as a source of Auctioneer price data. Install the TSM App from and set up updates in the app. Then open your Auctioneer settings (“Configure” button in the AH) and enable WoWuction as a stat module. Now you’ll have market-price estimates that take into account *all*...
Auto Sell Stuff

Auto Sell Stuff

Sep 16, 2012 Release
This addon runs whenever you open a merchant window where you can sell items. It will automatically find all of your grey items, sell them, then tell you how much you made.


Sep 12, 2012 Release
Warning: This addon will only work with Auctioneer Advanced. Auctioneer Advanced can be found or It keeps track of the following Bids out on the Auction House Bid/Buyout of posted items Raw value of items in bags (doesnt take deposit into account) Raw value of items in bank (doesnt take deposit into account) Raw value of items in Guild banks. (only visable tabs are scanned) View details for any...


Sep 08, 2012 Alpha
Inspired by GnomeWorks and Lil Sparky's Workshop, this addon aims to be a simplified crafting tool that lets you easily identify components needed to craft items, locating the cheapest and best way to build things and skillup, leveraging the items and professions you have across all your alts. GnomeWorks is a little clunky, and I thought it could be simplified and cleaned up considerably. No idea how long it'll take me to recreate its basic functionality, but gotta start somewhere. This is a...
Options Window

Smart Repair

Sep 05, 2012 Release
Smart Repair v. 2.1 What is Smart Repair? Smart Repair simply allows you to choose how you want to repair your gear. Depending on your current group status, you can set Smart Repair to repair your gear using your money, your guild's money, or take no action. As an example, you can self-repair when in solo, but use the guild funds when in a guild group or raid. Then if you don't have permission to use the guild funds for repairs, you can set up a backup action such as using your money to...


Aug 29, 2012 Inactive
I'm seeking for a new maintainer for this or all of my addons! Description This little addon is doing nothing else then showing if a auction has a bid, if that is the case it adds behind the itemname a (bid). Just copy the folder into the addon folder and it is ready. Note As the description above shows this addon is fully based on ShowBid by DarkStarX. The only difference between both addons is the function which is hooked into. I made this new one because the old one doesn't work if...


Aug 28, 2012 Release
Gui, in game calculator to prevent tabbing out or using a handheld calculator

Goldpaw's gUI2 (Cata) - AuctionLite Skin

May 14, 2012 Mature
What is this? This is a plugin for the gUI2 custom user interface which skins AuctionLite to match the rest of the UI. You need to have both gUI2 and AuctionLite installed for this to work. Neither is included in this download. Where can I learn more? You can visit the The Friendly Neighborhood Druid to stay updated with the latest news and updates regarding this and other addons.

remember loot

Mar 11, 2012 Planning
You can turn remember loot on to see how much you've looted. for instance, say your in a dungeon and you don't want to count every peice of loot in the dungeon your loot. turn this addon and from the time you turn it on it counts all the loot you've looted until turned off.

Auction Undercut

Mar 07, 2012 Planning
Auction undercut uses either Auctioneer data or it's own scan data to compare your current auctions against the lowest bid or buyout currently on the AH and then lists all items that you are being undercut. It then allows you to cancel those auctions. Full integration with either the default AH or Auctioneer.