Movable Bags (Fan Updates)

Oct 16, 2010 Inactive
Much love and thanks to the fans that kept this going! Updated with the fan fixes for 4.x Thanks GozerForscherliga and Shamino for the fixes and Rakuen for uploading the changes! Special thanks to Edgerin for starting the whole thing


Oct 22, 2010 Alpha
Miller assists in milling herbs in bulk.

Money Graph

Nov 29, 2010 Planning
This addon graphs thet flow of your money and allows you to set financial goals in game you can track against


Jan 08, 2011 Inactive
MageHelper is a small addon that shows how many arcane powder, runes of portal and runes of teleportation you currently have in your inventory. It also warns you when you're running low so you always know when you have to go get new ones. Clicking on one of the three buttons shows a popup-menu that lets you cast one of the spells associated with the reagent (buffs, portals or teleports)

MSeverns Prospect

Nov 30, 2011 Inactive
Prospect ore by right clicking on it
Masque Shining


Dec 11, 2011 Inactive
Skin for the Masque mod. You MUST have Masque for this to work! Nothing fancy for installation, simply download the file, and extract it to your World of Warcaft\Interface\AddOns folder. Many thanks to JJ Sheets for creating ButtonFacade, and to StormFX for picking it up.


Dec 12, 2011 Inactive
Another «helloworld» made for farming purposes/ Addon track total amount of up to six (can be tweaked somewhere in code) different items in all your bags and inv (not bank). usage Pick item in your inventory, drop it onto tracker's cell. Enjoy. Right click cell to empty it.
Others List

Merchant Pro

Jan 01, 2012 Inactive
What Merchant Pro can do? Sell all Gray "Junk" items automatically "except item you add to the Exceptions list" Sell all Other "Green, Blue, Epic" items automatically "if in the sell Others list" Restock all your reagents automatically "if in the Restock list" Repair all your equipment automatically with your money or the guilds "if available" Merchant Pro will not sell an item if the item is equipped "even if the item is in any of the lists" What Merchant Pro can not do? It can not sell any...


Mar 21, 2012 Inactive
Fixes problem with MizusRaidTracker's AutoAddLoot function in Dragon Soul. (written for Titya) Behebt Problem mit MizusRaidTracker's AutoAddLoot Funktion in Drachenseele. (geschrieben für Titya)
Main Window

Master Loot Manager Remix

Sep 01, 2012 Inactive
This addon is designed to aid in the master looting process. The features include: Automatically opening and closing when the player loots a corpse and only if they are master looter Announcing rolls (Eg "Roll for [item] main spec"). Performing the countdown Recording rolls from players and sorting them. A single button to award loot to a player in the roll list (rather than right-clicking the item and trying to find the player) Announcing the winner of rolls when the loot is assigned The...


Sep 10, 2012 Inactive
EN: "Addon confirms BoP items pick up." FR: "Addon confirme que les documents balance des paiements ramasser." DE: "Addon bestatigt BoP Sachenabholung." RU: "Аддон подтверждает подбор именных предметов вне пати."
Magnet Options

Magnet continued

Sep 13, 2012 Release
Introduction Magnet is a loot helper, so you can keep your bags clean and only loot the things you want. You can specify which items to magnetize so they'll be attracted by Magnet and which items you want the polarity to be reversed so they'll be repelled by Magnet. "Magnet continued" is a continuation of Magnet, created by DARKGuy. Type /magnet config or use a LibDataBroker display to configure. Features Attract money and currency Attract any ingredient for your green/yellow/orange...


Sep 20, 2012 Release
A simple addon that allows for filtering the list of mounts in the 5.0.4 Mounts Journal.


Nov 29, 2012 Release
Maid automatically dress you in equipment sets based on the context you're in, such as putting on PvP gear when PvP flagged or in battlegrounds/arenas/combat zones (Wintergrasp, Tol Barad), raid gear in raid zones or even gear for "good looks" in certain zones. It is easy to use (no configuration, only need to name equipment sets after a certain pattern described below), but you must understand how it works, so read the rest of this description :) You must use the default Blizzard Equipment...
Sold Items

Merchant Manager

Jan 10, 2013 Release
This addon sells all grey quality items when you open a merchant window. In addition, it will automatically repair your equipment when possible. This addon is targeted towards casual players who do not have any collectible grey items. There are other addons with similar functionality, but this is a very small addon. There is no interface to keep memory as low as possible. Currently, it is using 5KB! Install it, and it just works. Use /mmanager to show a list of options. Note: This will sell...
MarcoPolo Sample


Mar 06, 2013 Release
Automaticaly buy reagents (or anythig), sells gray items and repair armor. MP goal is to automate anything that can be automated while interacting with merchants and be as light weight as possible. Each time you interact with a merchant, MP will try to sell grays items, repair your armor, and it can be configured to buy reagents (or anything else) if they're availables. Syntax: /mp Will show addon version and the items you want MP to buy. /mp guild yes repair using guild gold. ("yes" is...


Mar 11, 2013 Release
Description MakeRoom is invoked when your inventory is full, and pops up a window with the least valuable grey items in it. The grey items are sorted from least valuable to most valuable. You can destroy the items from the MakeRoom window, by shift-clicking or dragging, to create space for more valuable loot items. There is a configuration tab on the Blizzard Interface Addons menu to set the item quality that should be considered for discards: poor (gray items), common (white items), and...


Apr 28, 2013 Release
Automatically generate macros that use the best food available. Inspired by Buffet and Mounted, MuchMoreMunch provides placeholder tags for the best food, drink and potions for use with the Blizzard macro language. Valid placeholders are: <hpp> - health potion <hps> - healthstone <mpp> - mana potion <mps> - mana gem <hpf> - health food <mpf> - mana food <b> - bandage Multiple placeholders can be combined for use in a castsequence, e.g. /castsequence [combat] reset=combat <hps,hpp> The addon...
MiLVL Item Comparison

MiLVL Item Comparison

May 07, 2013 Release
Hover over an item... it tells you what your Item Level Average would become if you equipped that gear.


Sep 10, 2013 Release
MyDurability A minimal LDB plugin for displaying durability It shows in a broker display compatible the lowest durability and in its tooltip all the equipment durabilities. Requires a data broker display like chocolate bar, bazooka, ninjapanel, stat block, titan panel, docking station and more. If you have anything to ask / comment / request please use: