Shadow priest example #2 (v4.20)

Gnosis (Castbars and Timers)

Sep 17, 2014 Release
Gnosis (Castbars and Timers) Gnosis is a highly configurable castbar and single timer addon. Gnosis can show ticks of channeled spells, detect unintentional clipping while channeling and combine data of channeled spells to combat text addons (MSBT, SCT, Parrot). It also allows to create buff, debuff, and cooldown (spell, rune, item) timers with a similar set of options castbars have. To visit Gnosis' development site or to grab alpha&nolib files go to Gnosis @ CurseForge For questions or...
Enhanced Eclipse Bar

Enhanced Eclipse Bar

Sep 14, 2014 Release
Note: This AddOn is designed for 6.0 (Beta), and is currently in a testing stage. Please leave feedback regarding this AddOn of features you feel are missing. This AddOn will show you which spell is more beneficial casting of Wrath and Starfire. When the eclipse arrow is in the blue field you should cast Starfire, and Wrath when it's in the yellow field. This will also display a timer, and indicate when you have Lunar or Solar Peak. The light blue line indicates the middle of the eclipse bar,...


Sep 13, 2014 Beta
I found myself creating the same macro for all of my abilities, and all my family and friends that I play WoW with also used my macros, so I created this addon to create the macros Automagically. Right now it has one default macro: showtooltip /cleartarget [dead][noharm] /startattack /cast <abilityname> I will be adding more macros, and the ability to custom create your own macros. I will also be taking suggestions on how to make the addon, or my macros better.
EventHorizon on a 90 SPriest in MoP - v1.9.5


Sep 07, 2014 Release
This is not EventHorizon's primary home! Please visit EH's WowInterface page to make sure that you have the most up to date version of EventHorizon as well as a guarantee from me that I will read your comment and respond! No such guarantee exists for the comment section here. Sorry! Hey All! Version 1.9.5-Beta-1 adds support for WoD. As I play very few specs actively, I'd like to ask for help from the community of players who use EventHorizon with updating the class configurations for the...


Sep 06, 2014 Release
NEW DEVELOPER NEEDED Watcher will not be maintained for the upcoming patches or expansion unless a new developer wishes to take it over. Please message the current manager, nothingsknower, if you wish to do so. There is an alpha version of the addon available on the development site made by another author who was going to take over the project, which dramatically overhauled and improved most of the code. This would probably be the best place to start rather than the current release version,...
CursorCDtimer Druid example


Aug 17, 2014 Release
General CursorCDtimer is a continuation of GCD, which has been buggy and with alot of errors since 2012. Despite the fact that I wrote ticket(s) about having issues, or asking for updates or instructions to fix those, I did not receive a reply. I sincerely like this addon and wanted to keep it going. Therefore I decided (with help of a couple of friends) to debug and change it as well as we can to get it working again in-game on all classes. I do not want and do not take any credit for...

Slowing the Sands

Aug 02, 2014 Release
Slowing the Sands, refers to the buff you (and 3 more people in your raid/party) gain from Deathwing's Staff, Ti'tahk, the Steps of Time. I made this add on to track it amongst our players. When someone from raid gains the buff, it will announce it on Say Have fun
Divine Shield


Jul 21, 2014 Release
DontCast World of Warcraft PvP addon Warns a player when their current target has buffs or debuffs that eliminate (or significantly mitigate) incoming damage. [The default buff/debuff list is most relevant to casters - but the list can be easily modified to suit melee players]. Displays the name and icon of the buff/debuff, as well as a timer displaying a countdown of time remaining until the effect expires. Buffs and debuffs can be added and removed with the appropriate slash commands....


Jul 09, 2014 Release
plugin to Affdots for Shadow Priests Requires the Affdots!. H2P

ManaWatch plus

May 01, 2014 Inactive
A mana tracker with alarm for high usage, warns before OOM at selected time or at given percentage. Based on Nyrocrons Manawach.
HalfMoon Samples


Feb 09, 2014 Release
HalfMoon 1.03 1.03 changelog Minor fixes 1.02 changelog HalfMoon should now work on non-english clients (Did work in 1.02b) 1.01 changelog Show/Hide options for different frames Fontstyle options (outline/thickoutline) More marker options (texture, height) Slightly better options HalfMoon is an highly customizable ace3 eclipse bar and dot strength tracker for balance druids. Features: Customizable eclipse bar able to use all textures imported into your SharedMedia Lib Dot strength tracker...
StatsNow Updated Example


Jan 31, 2014 Release
A small plug-in for LDB display addons that shows the stats you want live on your screen. Each stat module can be moved, linked and disabled through your LDB display addon. Addon comes in five folders now: one for melee, range, defense, spells, and PvP stats. You can disable each individual folder in your addon listing depending on what and how many stats you want to see for your character. Each addon will display the stats from the tabs in your character sheet respectively.
V1.1 Gauges


Jan 29, 2014 Release
Released v2.0.2 1-28-2014 About SPGauge Currently only works for spellpower until I release v2.1 (This will be soon) SPGauge is a lightweight stat monitor (About 13kb ingame) and display utility for combat. The gauge uses an auto gauge feature to set the values of high and low for you by default. It also allows you to disable auto gauging and set a minimum and maximum manually. The result is a "speedometer" like effect that will let you see just how "high" or low your given stat is at any...


Jan 26, 2014 Alpha
CursorInfo displays some useful information directly by the cursor, offering highly customizable ways to view the following: Mana level Special resource levels (Holy Power, Chi, Mana Tea, etc.) Cooldowns (NYI) Buffs (NYI) Global cooldown (NYI) Castbar (NYI)
Burn Rate


Jan 22, 2014 Release
What is OOMTimer Simple timer for calculating mana burn/regen rate and giving an approximate OOM time, also providing group alerts from mana status. Update V2 Compatibility update Update V1.0.3 Compatibility update Update V1.0.2 Minor bugfix Class detection for non mana users, will hide the frame now. Update for 4.1 Patch (v1.0) A few more updates to speed up the addon Clearer labeling of xml assets New look frame New options UI with info on usage A few changes to make further customisation...


Dec 28, 2013 Beta
NOW CATACLYSM MoP COMPATIBLE Calculates and displays the used/generated Mana per Second over the last 10 Seconds (or what you set it to) and when you will be OOM or at full mana, helping with mana management. CAUTION: Addon is BETA and not completely finished yet, but core functionality is available. More Info: PS: please report bugs you may encounter and feel free to post ideas for improvements
Default HaloPro Graphic in proper range


Dec 01, 2013 Release
== HaloPro monitors all three level 90 talents - Always land max Cascades, always be in range for dbl hitting Divine Stars, and ofc be Pro at Halo == -------------------------------------------- == HALOPRO OVERVIEW == The level 90 talent Halo, offers all priests a very unique, fun ability, but one that is sometimes difficult during an encounter to reliably maximize to its full potential. Halo does the most healing and damage when cast at 25 yards to the target. This can often be a tough thing...
Aura Timer Bars

Ellipsis (Multi-Target DoT Timers)

Nov 22, 2013 Release
Ellipsis (indicating omission) Typography - A mark consisting of three periods, colloquially known as 'dot-dot-dot'. Type /ellipsis in the chat window to configure this mod after installation. Ellipsis is an addon that features multi-target DoT and HoT tracking for spells that you cast on other people. It has support for all classes and can additionally be configured to track Cooldowns as well. Access the GUI by typing '/ellipsis' or by going to the WoW Main Menu, then Interface, then the...
Debuff tracking

AffDots Mage

Oct 26, 2013 Beta
That addon is plugin for the AffDots. Primarily, it's designed to allow mages to track their bombs.
MFClip v2.10 Shadow Orbs + Emp. Shadow


Oct 24, 2013 Release
MFClip - All-in-one shadow priest addon MFClip originally started as a mere Mind Flay clipping warner (hence its name) telling the user when unintentional clips of Mind Flay were ocurring. Clipping Mind Flays as such isn't as important as it had been in earlier and perhaps easier times. Still, to min/max it is important to know if unintentional clipping happens. In its current state, MFClip features a full blown single target dot timer with cooldown bars for Mind Blast and Shadow Word:Death...