Portable Layout - Center of Attention


Oct 13, 2015 Release
Portable is a fairly customizable UI for Mage Teleport and Portal spells. Combining Teleport and Portal spells into a smart single-click system based on your Group status. Customize the order you want the destinations to appear using an easy Drag-and-Drop list or let Portable learn where you go most and order things for you. The Portable UI now comes with Hearthstone support (The Garrison Hearthstone, regular Hearthstone, and The Innkeeper's Daughter are supported). Choose from several...
Player Options

Rotation Builder

Oct 11, 2015 Release
With the new release 1.50, we had to fix lot of bugs, so it is recommended to delete old saved variables of RotationBuilder. Just go in WTF directory (in WoW installation directory), use windows file search for files with name "RotationBuilder*", then delete them. As the original author soulwhip discontinued this addon and we simply loved it, we decided to bring it back. There is still a lot of work to be done (you may take a look at the current todo list below) You can help us with...
Buffy Screenshot


Oct 10, 2015 Release
Do you find yourself forgetting to rebuff when your class buffs expire? Or do you simply want a way to tell when someone in your party is missing certain buffs you could cast? Buffy comes to your aid and you'll never forget to buff again! Buffy tells you when a buff you can cast is missing on you or any of your party members. It looks through all the buff categories to determine which types are missing and gives recommendations accordingly. Buffy can also be configured to alert about missing...


Oct 08, 2015 Release
This is the one-icon priority based DPS (and a little Tanking) addon for classes that I play. It's optimized for top tier equipment but may work for lower levels and gear. Click on the icon to switch modes. Added CDs bar with toggles to include/exclude them in rotation. Left-click - use spell, right-click - toggle. Now with ingame menu for resizing/moving/hiding. 6.0.0+ - Enhancement and Elemental shaman. - BM, Surv and MM hunter. - Retribution paladin - base support. - WW, Brewmaster monk -...
Minimap Icon

LunaEclipse: SpecManager

Oct 08, 2015 Release
LunaEclipse: SpecManager is a small lightweight addon to manage your different specs, seemlessly and without any setup required. It works out the box to create, update and change equipment sets when you change your spec by either changing active dual talent spec, or by going to the trainer and removing a previous spec, and learning a new one. LunaEclipse: SpecManager also allows for the storage of 18 spec specific macros, which are changed when you change specs, the macros positions on the...


Oct 07, 2015 Release
DwSounds A small collection of Sounds that are used for different spells of different classes. Made by Downwind, GM of Strength in All on US-Stormrage. This was a quick addon inspired by events in a raid one night... "priest shenanigans" Sounds are activated when spells are used. Their is no UI or config needed just install addon and use one of the spells listed below and you should hear the sound effect. Sounds, Classes, and Spells affected: "Get Over Here" sound from Scorpion on Mortal...
TauntMaster2 base gui during combat

Taunt Master 2

Oct 07, 2015 Release
TauntMaster is a tanking addon . It is a threat management addon that displays a button/healthbar for each party or raid member. These buttons are initially grey, but change color based on the party member's aggro level. The user can then taunt a party member's target off of them by clicking their button. This will be a continuation of tauntmaster since all suppport for taunt master has been broken or abandoned ! please submit bug reports here
An OPie ring


Oct 06, 2015 Release
OPie is a radial action-binding addon: it lets you group actions into rings which appear when you hold down a keyboard or mouse binding. When you release the binding, OPie will perform an action based on where your mouse cursor is. Use OPie to reduce the amount of clutter on your action bars: rings can contain your abilities, items, professions, battle pets, equipment sets, macros, and raid or world markers. Some rings for common class abilities and professions are included, as is a special...


Oct 04, 2015 Release
Simply add a bar similar to the aura and the shapeshiftbar to the right of the pet bar. This bar contains buttons to cast the aspect of the hunter (the bar is only visible for hunters) You can use the context menu to change many settings. Dual spec is managed automatically. When the second spec is activated for the first time, the settings are duplicated. Then, all changes made to the configuration are only done to the current spec, and the inactive spec is untouched. /floaspectbar...
M4A1 Carbine Silencer/Suppressor

M4A1 Carbine Silencer/Suppressor/Crossbow/Bow

Oct 02, 2015 Release
About Gun Silencer/Suppressor/Crossbow/Bow There are a few Gun Silencer/Crossbow/Bow mods that replace Blizzard's ear deafening default gun and lazy crossbow sounds, and most of the ones I have found weren't very high quality. So I decided to make my own, with HI-DEF silencer recordings.. Included in this mod is the following: === Gun === Gun Shot (M4A1 Carbine Suppressed) Unique Reload Sounds. === Crossbow === Crossbow sound Unique Crossbow Reload Sounds === Bow === Bow sound Unique Bow...

Target Class

Sep 30, 2015 Release
Project has been revived and updated to WoW 6.2.2. No fancy icons or faction stuff. Just a little text above the target telling you what it is. This AddOn shows the current class of the selected target. Example: when targetting a warlock, you get the text 'warlock' above the targets HP and mana bars. Same goes for other classes. This AddOn also lists the current NPC type. For example a demon will be listed as 'demon', and a human running towards you in the Sunwell instance will be listed as...
HandyNotes Special NPCs Etc...

HandyNotes Special NPCs Etc

Sep 28, 2015 Release
LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO TAKE OVER I am now looking for someone who loves this addon to take it over as I no longer play. :( Contact me if your interested (Zasurus). This is a addon for HandyNotes by Xinhuan which can I say is very usefull so thanks Xinhuan! It was ment to be just to add the inns but in my normal way of over kill and being a profectionist I have replaced HandyNotes Trainers as it didn't let you add trainers that you couldn't train with (if you could only speak to them) which...
All resources


Sep 26, 2015 Beta
ResourcesOnTop Moves the class resources to the top of the PlayerFrame, with a vertical inversion of the textures so they fit perfectly.

Zug Zug Auto Role Setter

Sep 26, 2015 Release
Automaticly sets role based on class spec or on preference. Default it selects your role based on your talents, in the settings you can turn this off, and select your own preference. Keep in mind that you DO need the talents for this spec, else the addon will refuse it. So you can select TANK, but it will not apply, if you do not have a tanking spec.
Mage Buffs

Quartz: Procs Module

Sep 25, 2015 Release
About This module requires Quartz to be installed, and it will use the Mirror module to add some class specific buffs/procs/ and certain cooldown timers. The options can be accessed by typing /procs ~ For even more configuration type /quartz, click on the 'Mirror' module in the Quartz options (or type /procs and click the settings tab and click the button there). There you can change almost anything related to the timer bar (width, height, font, texture, etc). You can disable any buffs/procs...

AtlasLoot Classes

Sep 24, 2015 Release
Drop-in addon to AtlasLoot that provides the ability to see the spells from all classes and races. This creates a new "Classes" module with separate "Instances" for each class and another instance for racials. Each class has a "Boss" page for: Base abilities Abilities for each spec Talents Glyphs (Major) Glyphs (Minor) Each class also has special pages for things like Pet abilities (DK, Hunter, Warlock), Runeforging (DK), etc Racials are displayed similarly, with a "Boss" page for each race....
Claw Cat & Flash


Sep 22, 2015 Release
News!: The curse user szandos has offered to take on the project while I'm away at my job in the northern internet-free country. Versions 6.2.0-06 and up are based on patch 6.2: - Added check for T18 class trinket - Typing /claw will now show your current settings Thanks to perlinbs here on Curse for the code to both of the above improvements. Versions 6.2.0-05 and up are based on patch 6.2: - Bugfix: Fixed bug in management of t17 set pieces Versions 6.2.0-04 and up are based on patch 6.2: -...


Sep 20, 2015 Release
My first, one and only module for PitBull4 since I disliked the icon indicators for spec-specific powers and didn't want to download another addon for this. Currently supports: - Paladin [Holy Power] - Shadow Priest [Shadow Orbs] - Warlock [Soul Shards & Burning Embers] - Monks [Chi] - Death Knight [Runes] - without cooldowns - Arcane Mage [Arcane Charges] Don't expect it bug free. If you encounter bugs, simply /reload - if the plugin crashs, you may wanna open a ticket.
BestInSlot Overview


Sep 17, 2015 Release
What does this addon do? BestInSlot will allow you to set your own Best In Slot list and share it with raid members and guild members for easy raid managing. BestInSlot also integrates in item and boss tooltips to quickly give users feedback if they need the item or boss. What is the idea behind BestInSlot In our guild we use EPGP as a loot system, but we found that sometimes people get items because they have the highest priority rating, but it's not their best in slot, while it is for...

JSHB 4 - Formerly JS' Hunter Bar

Sep 17, 2015 Release
JSHB 4 - Now with multi-class support! All credit to _JS_ for creating a beloved add-on that has become so ingrained for many Hunters out there, unfortunately _JS_ has moved on from World of Warcraft and has been kind enough to allow me to continue with JSHB. There is a new forum for support of JSHB, please visit for bug reports, feature requests or just to say hi. Follow me on Twitter @KaelythWoW for updates about JSHB - Kaelyth @ Dath'Remar - Original...