Watcher Timeline In Combat


Oct 31, 2014 Release
Introduction Watcher helps you manage your rotation by consolidating and condensing information onto a simple to read display. It allows you to focus on things that are more important like boss mechanics, your situational awareness, or listening to your raid leader; instead of being bogged down in the act of performing your rotation. With deep and powerful configuration options, Watcher allows you to see exactly the information about your rotation that you want to see. However, it comes with...

Player Combo Points

Oct 30, 2014 Release
Do you play a rogue (or a Feral Druid)? Are you mad that you can't see your combo points without a target? Are you mad that you can't track the out of combat decay of combo points? Download this thing. No config, no hassle. Download and go. (Also tracks Anticipation!) Stay up to date with this and my other addons here
Absorb Tracker

Druid Friend

Oct 30, 2014 Release
This addon is designed specially for the Druid class. It contains a lot of useful functions no matter which spec you are. It should work with most languages, although translations depend on users providing them (see below). Here are a few of the functions: Notify who is missing Mark of the Wild on ready check, entering combat, or leaving combat and when it expires Announce spells or whisper the target of a spell for tank cooldowns, Tranquility, etc. Announce when you successfully interrupt...

Shaman Friend

Oct 30, 2014 Release
News: Druid Friend is now available! Shaman Friend This addon is designed specially for the Shaman class. It contains a lot of useful functions no matter which spec you are. I also have DruidFriend and PallyPowerWarn addons for those classes. It should work with most languages, although translations depend on users providing them (see below). Here are a few of the functions: Remind/alert for Elemental Shields when fading or missing in combat (with...

Tohr UI

Oct 30, 2014 Release
TohrUI Video of UI in Action on Heroic Garrosh New Video Coming Soon. Install /tui, /tohr, or /tohrui Warning This addon requires the newest ElvUI in order to function, download it here. Hello! Welcome to the Warlords of Draenor Edition of TohrUI. The theme here is for peripheral vision with an emphasis on easy updates. Every addon here can be updated without breaking the UI itself (As long as the game doesn't change anything :P) I do hope you enjoy yourselves and if you have ANY questions...

Spell Use Hint

Oct 30, 2014 Inactive
Spell Use Hint (previously known as WarrHS) started as a rage dump notification for worriors, telling to use heroic strike when rage increases a certain threshold by glowing its action-bar button. Now the add-on 'Hints' using a certain spell straight through your action bar when a certain condition that you set, it doesn't offer a sequence of spells but only what what you set. (example: glow Battle shout when low in rage, glow tranq shot when target has enrage, glow spell steal when target...
Claw Cat & Flash


Oct 29, 2014 Release
Looking for help? If you're on the US servers, add Spy#1955 to your BattleTag friends and I can try to answer your questions to the best of my ability. ;) Should you find any bugs or issues, I do prefer chatting over BattleTag as it is fast and quickly noticed. Versions 6.0.3-1 and up are based on patch 6.0: • Druid_Feral_T17M.simc, SimulationCraft git commmit r9985e74551e0 (October 29, 2014) • Guardian profiles are heavily modified local versions based on my research (October 29, 2014)...
Ansi Combat Font

Ansi Combat Font

Oct 29, 2014 Inactive
This AddOns changes the Damage and the <Floating Combat Text> floating behind your character.
SanityCheck skins 1


Oct 29, 2014 Release
This add-on will remind you of all the things which you already know you need to do, they're so obvious, but somehow they just slip your mind every now and then. No more wearing Holy gear after changing spec to Protection, no more raiding with a fishing rod, and no more forgetting to put poison on your daggers before an important boss fight! Features: A little frame which tells you that you're awesome. As soon as you do something silly, like try to tank in Frost Presence, a red light will...
The frame.


Oct 29, 2014 Release
SliceCommander SliceCommander is an addon designed to monitor all your rogue feature in PvE. The addon frame is divided into four different parts. Energy Bar The First part is the Energy bar. It has a combo point counter on its left side and an energy counter on the right one. There is a 35% health target warning on it which display the backstab icon to show you when to switch Combo builder in mutilate spec. There is also three sparks showing three different thresholds on the energy bar....

Enhanced Bloodlust

Oct 29, 2014 Release
Do you keep missing Bloodlust? Do you wish it would be a bit more... eventful? This addon plays the famous song Power of the Horde ( whenever you gain Bloodlust for that little extra kick. Whether or not you actually need the extra reminder, I recommend you try it out! Oh, and it does work with Heroism as well, for all those Alliance shamans who wish they'd get to experience what the might of the Horde is all about. Still not convinced? Watch this...

Pusikas' Spellflash: Monk

Oct 29, 2014 Alpha
Ignore the description for now! Currently, only Windwalker is working. Other specs will give you a lot of error messages. There seem to be some problems with Spellflash and the detection of buffs and Training Dummies. Hopefully all will be sorted out by the time WoD hits live. SpellFlash module for Monks. Useful for Windwalkers and Brewmasters. Will show a little helpful stuff for Mistweavers as well. Includes an automatic (very basic) AoE detection. Support for Talents, Agility Trinkets and...
Gear Advisor 1

Dugi Questing Essential

Oct 29, 2014 Release
Dugi Questing Essential is an All-In-One addon for anything to do with questing & leveling. Brought to you by Dugi Guides™ Every option in the list below can be disable easily from the config menu. Right click on the Dugi Icon for config menu Type /dugi for a list of commands. NEW TomTom Emulation - This will allow you to use Dugi with other TomTom compatible addons like Lightheaded and make use of the /way commands without using TomTom addon. NEW - Gear Advisor Feature - Using gear scoring...

RSA - Raeli's Spell Announcer

Oct 28, 2014 Release
Requests, Bugs & Known issues Please use Curse's Curseforge ticket tracker to create requests, suggestions, or post bug reports: About RSA, Raeli's Spell Announcer, by Raeli of Arathor-EU (Now Maintained by Jenneth), is an addon that aims to help players with the announcement of certain spells, as well as reminding you of important missing buffs. For example, it can detect when you cast Divine Protection, and it will send a message like so: As you...
Buff Abilities

Vocal Raid Assistant

Oct 28, 2014 Release
Vocal Raid Assistant Vocal Raid Assistant is deeply inspired by GladiatorlosSA and works as an audible announcer for what cooldowns and special abilities that are being used during PvE Encounters. Example of such abilities: Tranquility, Rallying Cry, Divine Hymn, etc. Bars have been added to track cooldowns and defensive/offensive buffs for the raid! It is disabled by default, but go to the menu and check it out! (Note: this has nothing to do with the bossmod VEM) Why use VRA? It helps the...
M4A1 Carbine Silencer/Suppressor

M4A1 Carbine Silencer/Suppressor/Crossbow

Oct 28, 2014 Release
About Gun Silencer/Suppressor/Crossbow There are a few Gun Silencer/Crossbow mods that replace Blizzard's ear deafening default gun and lazy crossbow sounds, and most of the ones I have found weren't very high quality. So I decided to make my own, with HI-DEF silencer recordings.. Included in this mod is the following: === Gun === 1 Gun Shot (M4A1 Carbine Suppressed) 3 Unique Reload Sounds. === Crossbow === 1 Crossbow sound 3 Unique Bow/Crossbow Reload Sounds Install Installation is simple;...


Oct 28, 2014 Release
Add a button to Blizzard target portrait which can be clicked for some functionality. Left Button - Inspect target Right Button - Trade target Middle Button - Whisper target Button 4 - Follow target Button 5 - Inspect Achievements of target The button will not desaturate when the target is a same camp and you could inspect it.
Tracking Bars (Spells)

Track Cooldowns

Oct 28, 2014 Release
Description Note: I am no longer playing WoW, but I've used the Warlords beta to fix, update and briefly test the addon. The latest beta (v3.0.1 beta) should work with Warlords 6.0.2. Feel free to comment or send me messages if you had some issues. Now updated for Mists of Pandaria (beta supports Warlords 6.0.2) More cooldowns and features to come! Track Cooldowns tracks and displays following raid/party spells: Death Knight: Anti-Magic Zone, Anti-Magic Shell, Bone Shield, Icebound Fortitude,...


Oct 26, 2014 Release
Replaces the "two click" merchant filter drop down menu with "one click" buttons. Simply install, no configuration needed. Check out my similar addon GuildRosterButtons!
DroodFocus 5.1.1


Oct 26, 2014 Release
DroodFocus 6.0.0 - Merannanon, Insane (Vol'jin - EU) I can't let die droodfocus !! Time to update for new extension. Please report bug or ideas for improvements If you have trouble to find spells ID. Please take a look at pictures in this projet to get somes help. Buffs / Debuffs tracker, energy monitor, combo points, and more... Fully fonctionnal only for cats for the moment. If you have a question or idea to improve DroodFocus, you can post it on the "FluidDruid" forum. (By the way, I...