Dec 22, 2014 Release
Features Display the internal cd or proc rate multiples(for rppm) text on spell icons with special animation overlayed. Add custom cds by yourself (no limit of being an icd) Test proc average interval and estimate items with unknown icds Calculate procs average coverage by giving the duration of the proc and a supposed total combat time. Real-PPM enchants added in 5.1, the addon will display a number of proc rate multiples. Slash Command and Configuration Type /ecd or /extracd to config, you...
Example UI

JSHB Class Mods

Dec 22, 2014 Release
JSHB Class Mods: Building on JSHB4 by _JS_ and my updates for WoW 6.0 as a foundation, JSHB Class Mods (JSCM) is for everyone! _JS_ started to include other class support in JSHB4 and JSCM takes those ideas to new level, keeping with JSHB4s modular design JSCM treats each class as a module, which have modules of their own. This should keep JSCMs memory foot print to a minimum because it only loads what you want! Class module details Need help? visit the support forums or post a ticket...

JSHB 4 - Formerly JS' Hunter Bar

Dec 22, 2014 Release
JSHB 4.34 ANNOUNCEMENT: JSHB Class Mods -First release is available! Full hunter support with additional core class support (CC, Interrupt, Resource Bar, Dispel, Timer Bars and Alerts). Overhaul of the Crowd Control Modules to cater for a lager selection of spells and give you the choice of what to track. - Kaelyth @ Dath'Remar All credit to _JS_ for creating a beloved add-on that has become so ingrained for many Hunters out there, unfortunately _JS_ has moved on from World of Warcraft and...
Main Features

Mage Candy

Dec 21, 2014 Release
Mage Candy is a highly customizable add-on for the mage class that has many, many useful features for all mage specs. I play a mage as my main and I created this add-on as a personal tool with high accuracy in mind. In saying that, if you find anything to be inaccurate, please post as that is the main focus for this add-on. Hope you enjoy the add-on as much as I do =p Not in your language? Mage Candy is set up for localization! Translate away and I will update Mage Candy with the latest...
BM Hunter Setup


Dec 20, 2014 Release
TellMeWhen provides visual, auditory, and textual notifications about cooldowns, buffs, and pretty much every other element of combat. TellMeWhen is... Flexible Icons can track any of the following things: Cooldowns Buffs/Debuffs Reactive abilities Multi-state abilities Temporary weapon enchants Totems/Wild mushrooms/Ghouls/Lightwell Rune cooldowns Internal cooldowns Others' cooldowns Diminishing returns Spell casts Loss of Control effects ...And any combination of over 110 other things with...
Request GUI


Dec 19, 2014 Release
What does this addon do? This addon will allow you to set your own BestInSlot list and share it with raid members and guild members for easy raid managing. What is the idea behind BestInSlot In our guild we use EPGP as a loot system, but we found that sometimes people get items because they have the highest priority rating, but it's not their best in slot, while it is for someone else. With this reason we introduced that you're able to roll Best in Slot on items, and those that roll Best in...
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AnnoyingBuffReminder Revived

Dec 19, 2014 Release
by Wikwocket ([email protected]) maintained and further developed by Kashi ([email protected]) I took over development of AnnoyingBuffReminder from wikwocket with his permission. planned: Mage - Rune Pet-Reminder Features in public version: Death Knight: Stancer -> correct presence, Horn of Winter (only in combat) Druid: Mark of the Wild Hunter: aspects (reminder if you're using Cheetah or Pack in combat), ammunition Mage: Arcane Brilliance Monk: Legacy of the Emperor and White Tiger...

AtlasLoot Classes

Dec 17, 2014 Release
WoD update is finished (currently v2.0-beta11)! Note that the Beta versions of AtlasLoot_Classes are ONLY for AtlasLoot v8, which is currently in Beta. I will release a non-beta version once AtlasLoot does the same. Drop-in addon to AtlasLoot that provides the ability to see the spells from all classes and races. This creates a new "Classes" module with separate "Instances" for each class and another instance for racials. Each class has a "Boss" page for: Base abilities Abilities for each...
DroodFocus 5.1.1


Dec 17, 2014 Release
IF YOU HAVE BUGS IN YOUR GLYPH UI, QUEST UI OR CHARACTER PANEL, PLEASE INSTALL THIS ADDON DroodFocus 6.1.8 - Merannanon, Insane (Vol'jin - EU) Droodfocus ready for new extension. Please report bug or ideas for improvements Buffs / Debuffs tracker, energy monitor, combo points, and more... for druid feral/guardian If you have a question or idea to improve DroodFocus, you can post it on the "FluidDruid" forum. (By the way, I recommend you to read this...
SanityCheck skins 1


Dec 16, 2014 Release
This add-on will remind you of all the things which you already know you need to do, they're so obvious, but somehow they just slip your mind every now and then. No more wearing Holy gear after changing spec to Protection, no more raiding with a fishing rod, and no more forgetting to put poison on your daggers before an important boss fight! Features: A little frame which tells you that you're awesome. As soon as you do something silly, like try to tank in Frost Presence, a red light will...
Tohr UI 2.6

Tohr UI

Dec 16, 2014 Release
UI in Action Install Type /tui, /tohr, or /tohrui Important This addon requires the newest ElvUI, download it here. Supported Addons Skada BigWigs SLDataText xCT+ WeakAuras Rogue Credits Elv, Tukz, Blazeflack, Azilroka, Sinaris, Repooc, Darth Predator, Dandruff, Skullflower, Benki, Elki, Chy, Konarbona. and the ElvUI community!
Gear Advisor 1

Dugi Questing Essential

Dec 16, 2014 Release
Dugi Questing Essential is an All-In-One addon for anything to do with questing & leveling. Brought to you by Dugi Guides™ Every option in the list below can be disable easily from the config menu. Right click on the Dugi Icon for config menu Type /dugi for a list of commands. NEW TomTom Emulation - This will allow you to use Dugi with other TomTom compatible addons like Lightheaded and make use of the /way commands without using TomTom addon. NEW - Gear Advisor Feature - Using gear scoring...


Dec 16, 2014 Release
As of the 6.0 release, dots no longer require snapshotting. AffDots has been updated to tell you when your DoT update will benefit from Pandemic. Download OmniCC addon to have a numeric display of time left on dot icons. Discussion: Type '/affdots' for options. Dot background colors (customizable in options): * Green: refreshing your DoT will get the full benefit of pandemic. * Red: refreshing your DoT will...


Dec 15, 2014 Release
- Ever been in a battleground defending a flag just to be jumped by a rogue/druid and then have the flag captured, cause you had no time to call for help? - Do you want to make getting honor points easier? - Are you a new PvP'er trying to adjust to fast pace of the battlegrounds like Arathi Basin, Eye Of the Storm or wintergrasp? Well if you're any of the above or are just trying to look for an edge to you're pvping try INCOMING. INCOMING combines an easy to use interface and a simple mouse...
Default Displays


Dec 14, 2014 Release
Version 2.10 Hekili v2.10 is out and available on Curse Client. If you're having issues or errors after updating, type /hekili recover to reload your action lists and displays. There have been updates! Features The major features added to the addon since version 1.0 are: Class support. The addon currently has built in settings for Shamans (Enhancement and Elemental) as well as Paladins (Retribution). Extensive in-game customization. Modify any of the built-in displays or action lists, or make...


Dec 14, 2014 Release
AutoBar is a Multi-bar mod that automatically adds potions, water, food, quest and other items you specify into buttons for easy use. Does not use up action slots. You can create your own categories of items, dragging items from bags, or spells from spell books into it. You can make custom Buttons that contain 1 or more Custom or Built in categories. You can create custom Bars to organize your Buttons to suit your interface needs. WoW has thousands of items you may obtain. AutoBar...

Ardent Defender

Dec 14, 2014 Inactive
Ardent Defender is an addon designed to help Protection Paladins. It provides several functions which I found useful as a Tankadin, and hope someone else finds them useful as well. Ardent Defender will: - Announces when Ardent Defender proc's and saves your life, as well as flashing your screen and shaking it to alert you to the averted death. - Detects and tells you when someone causes a parry on an NPC you are tanking. Also tells you if you cause a parry on an NPC someone else is tanking. -...

Player Combo Points

Dec 14, 2014 Release
Do you play a rogue (or a Feral Druid)? Are you mad that you can't see your combo points without a target? Are you mad that you can't track the out of combat decay of combo points? Download this thing. No config, no hassle. Download and go. (Also tracks Anticipation!) Stay up to date with this and my other addons here


Dec 14, 2014 Release
This is a 2 part auto one part automatically select the quest reward which will sell for the most and auto repair!

Easy Portal Advert

Dec 13, 2014 Release
Help and Support When reporting bugs, or suggesting new features, please use the Ticket Tracker located at - I don't get emailed about new comments on the EPA Curse page, but I do get emailed about new tickets on CurseForge. This will ensure that your problem or suggestion is looked at in hours and not weeks. You use the same login on CurseForge as you do on Curse. No matter how small or insignificant you think your bug/suggestion...