ReloadUI Hotkey settings

ReloadUI Hotkey

Mar 12, 2013 Release
As a addon developer I like to have quick way to reload the UI, without the need of wasting a macro and bar slot to hotkey it. So I wrote this little addon which allow to set a hotkey for it in the Key Bindings menu.


Dec 13, 2010 Inactive
This addon allows you to look and open mail remotely without even being near a mailbox, you have to right click on a mailbox for this to work, than it will work everywhere you go after looking at a mailbox only once.

RDX Full Edition

Mar 16, 2013 Inactive
This is the full edition of RDX This is the recommended package for new user or for the first time installation. This package contains the following addons : RDX RDX MediaPack Theme Fombeck UI Theme Olok UI Theme Sitrax UI Theme Syla UI Theme Totorox UI Theme Carkass UI Theme Giggy UI Theme Kalam UI Theme Persolite UI Theme Wahaa UI Theme Zalus UI Description RDX is a single addon used to manage some themes. A theme is a full replacement blizzard interface with unitframes, action bars,...


Mar 16, 2013 Beta
Description: RDX is a User Interface framework. You can build many User Interfaces (themes). You don't need to know LUA, RDX comes with a IDE built in the game. You can also load some available themes into RDX. You can load 1, 2 ,3 ... 10 themes into RDX. More themes will be available with the GA version. Demo video available in youtube : Installation : You must install the RDX mediapack version 2.0.0...

RDX Mediapack

Mar 06, 2013 Release
RDX Media Pack To help you with customizing, the RDX Media Pack provides : - Fonts library - Textures library - Backdrop library - Backdrop Border library - button skin library - Sounds library Important : Many textures are found on WoWI. Thanks to these authors for allowing us to use their work: Halcyone Textures (by Halcyone) Jugger Textures (by Juggernautt)

RDX Languagepack ruRU

Nov 28, 2012 Release
Translation Russian for RDX Installation : Unzip the addon into the folder Interface\AddOns \ Launch the game.

RDX Languagepack frFR

Nov 28, 2012 Release
Translation French for RDX Installation : Unzip the addon into the folder Interface\AddOns \ Launch the game.