NoteAnnouncer 0.1

Guild and Friend Note Announcer

Apr 26, 2015 Release
A small tool to help remember details about your guild members, particularly alts. When a guild member logs in, it will display a message under the announcement. The message will include the guild member's Rank, and public notes for that member. If you have friend notes for that member, it will also display them. Now works in 6.0+ after server merges 1.0.0 New Features Now announces notes from a /who lookup as well as a login. See their details without having to open the guild...
O Item Level 3.7.2

O Item Level (OiLvL)

Apr 24, 2015 Release
Please read the description carefully as it has lot of features. Need help on localization in Configuration of O Item Level frame for the following languages: Italian Anyone who would like to help in translation can visit this website : and log in with account. Thank you very much. If you find any phrase / word in the addon that need better translation please submit a ticket...
Raid Cooldowns [1] [eng]

Exorsus Raid Tools

Apr 21, 2015 Release
Helpful addon for raiders, especially for raid leaders and officers. Modules: Raid Cooldowns, BattleRes, Fight log, Inspect Viewer, Note, Raid Check, Invite Tool, Timers, Raid Loot, Bossmods, Class' spells, Encounters, Coins, Saving log, Marks Bar, Permanent Marks, Loot to chat Raid Cooldowns Module tracks all raid's cooldowns and displays them using customizable bars. Works with: Talents Glyphs Spell charges WOD raid batlle resurrection Tier sets (only ilvl 458 or higher) Spells-dispells...
GuildOx Screenshot


Apr 21, 2015 Release
This tooltip addon take raid guild ranking data from and displays the World Rank, Realm Rank and Raid Progression on player tooltips when you mouse over a player. It also works for cross-realm players. It is a great tool to help you assess the expertise of fellow players in a random heroic/battleground or to follow how other guilds on your server are doing with regards to raid progression ranking The tooltip information shown is "GuildOx World Rank: {worldrank} ({realmrank})...
Achievement UI


Apr 20, 2015 Release
Hi, my name is Thaoky, and I'm an Altoholic :) Altoholic is an Ace 3 addon written for people who dedicate most of their time to leveling alts, and who want to have as much information as possible in one addon. The main feature of the addon is the search functionality which allows users to search their alts' bags or loot tables in an Auction-House-like frame (see screenshots). All this with multiple-realms/accounts support. About the addon & the author I've been playing WoW since the European...
Player Upgrade Comparison

Master Loot

Apr 20, 2015 Release
Master Loot is an in-game Robo Council-style tool for progression raiding guilds that use loot council to optimize the benefit their raids receive from gear drops. It enables players to quickly compare how much of an upgrade a certain item is for the other players in their raid . Future enhancements will include automation for loot council management and loot distribution. Check back frequently for updates; Please use the ticket system to report bugs and request additional features. Your...

Zug Zug Guild Money

Apr 18, 2015 Release
Zug Zug Guild Money displays the money you have gained for the guildbank, in a broker plugin. It shows you how much guild money you generate provided that your guild has the Cash Flow perks (level 5 and level 16) The broker text shows you how much money you have generated today, and the tooltip shows the totals for the past time. Remember to file a ticket if you find a problem or want to request a feature.
Review Panel

Guild Bank Snapshots

Apr 18, 2015 Release
Pro-Log Guild is in the process of a name change and revamp to Guild Bank Snapshots. In the meantime, the latest version of PLG is available. Pro-Log Guild allows you to scan your guild bank and save a copy of the logs to review later. To scan, open up your guild bank and look in the bottom left corner. You will find a button that says "Scan Bank". Click the button and wait for the addon to tell you it's finished scanning. Do not move away from the bank until this is finished or you will have...
BCEPQue 4.0

BCEPQue - Twink Rating Addon

Apr 17, 2015 Release
/bcep Shows BCEPQue Interface Rated Mode On/Off Teamname (Solo) [NEW] Online Ranklist Be rated with each twink below 100!


Apr 16, 2015 Release
MessageBoard A guild-wide forum, similar to web-based discussion-sites. The difference is that this is a 100% in-game WoW addon. It does not need a web-server, or a server-character that is always logged in, or external software, or anything special. It is often difficult to get guildies to log in to the web-site to check messages. It's usually only the "hardcore" people that bother on a regular basis. This addon will help you. It requires no technical skills at all, beyond the ability to use...
BestInSlot Overview


Apr 14, 2015 Release
What does this addon do? BestInSlot will allow you to set your own Best In Slot list and share it with raid members and guild members for easy raid managing. BestInSlot also integrates in item and boss tooltips to quickly give users feedback if they need the item or boss. What is the idea behind BestInSlot In our guild we use EPGP as a loot system, but we found that sometimes people get items because they have the highest priority rating, but it's not their best in slot, while it is for...


Apr 12, 2015 Release
Library to scan guild bank and return total count for a itemid. This lib handles the GUILDBANKFRAME_OPENED event and stores all the items and counts in a table to be scanned by your addon after the frame is closed. Quick and crude example below. local GBS = LibStub("LibGuildBankScan") local testids = { 76130, 76133, 76134 } function addon:OnEnable() core:RegisterEvent("GUILDBANKFRAME_CLOSED", "countGuild") end function addon:countGuild() for _, itemid in pairs( testids ) do...
TriviaBot control panel 2.8.4


Apr 10, 2015 Mature
LOOKING FOR A DEVELOPER We are currently looking for a new developer for Triviabot. Interested in maintaining and adding new features to our beloved quiz addon? Send a private message to ziz at Curse. Thanks. Purpose The quiz addon we love is back! TriviaBot allows the user to host quiz games for other players. Spamming it in /say in crowded places or /general is not a good idea, but Blizzard's spam prevention makes it alot harder to abuse it that way currently. It's a nice and safe pass-time...
Main Voting Interface

Loot Council Lite

Apr 09, 2015 Release
Loot Council is a new mod designed to help loot councils with a solid voting interface. Whenever a raid assistant or guild leader starts a loot council session for a specific item, members can either whisper their current item to the initiator, link in officer chat, link in guild chat, or link in raid chat. The mod will process the item and display it in an easy to use table. Officers can then vote for or against various members and see how other officers have voted. The primary goal of Loot...
MagicRepair screenshot 1


Apr 08, 2015 Release
MagicRepair Language : English (enUS) | French (frFR) MagicRepair is an addon to repair your items automatically when you open a merchant !!! Command_SLASH [ /mr on ] - " Enable MagicRepair " [ /mr off ] - " Disable MagicRepair " [ /mr help ] - " Give all commands available " [ /mr config ] - " You give your current configuration " [ /mr silent ( on / off ) ] - " Turns the mute config " - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Localization - - - - - - - - - - - - - -...
GBH Hit List

Guild Bounty Hunter

Apr 07, 2015 Release
An addon for managing a guild bank, a guild bounty hunting system and custom guild factions. WARNING: This addon will mercilessly overwrite your guild public and officer notes! New Slash Commands /gbh audit list (lists all guild bank transactions the character has audited) /gbh audit clear (clears the audit history list) /gbh users (causes all guild users running GBH version 3.1.3 or higher to respond back with their version number) /gbh scale <scale> (sets the scale of the GBH UI) /gbh...
Main Window

EPGP SimpleLoot

Apr 05, 2015 Release
EPGP SimpleLoot is a simplified loot distribution addon for EPGP and World or Warcraft. Slash Commands /sl version - Fetches a list of guild members who have EPGP SimpleLoot installed including version. When grouped it will check party/raid members only. /sl announce <item link> - Allows for manual announcement of looted items. This is only available to the Master Looter (/sl add <item link> also works) /sl test - A simple UI test. This command randomly selects a piece of equipped gear and...


Apr 04, 2015 Release
A simple add on that notifies you of pending calendar event invites, guild event sign ups and to notify you of player created events occurring "today". It will also provide a more noticeable 15 min. warning alarm for events that are beginning soon. Or check out CalendarHUD
Casino UI

Calm Down and Gamble

Apr 04, 2015 Release
Calm Down and Gamble! Because raids still have trash pulls, might as well gamble. Guild gambling Casino and Client UI! GameModes There are 5 game modes togglable by continuing the press the game mode button. It will cycle through all 5 game modes. High-Low Game Mode where the highest roller gets paid by the lowest roller the difference in their rolls. Inverse The flip of high-low the lowest roller gets paid the difference by the highest. Big TWOS Big Twos is like High-Low but the only rolls...

SW-DKP Loot System

Apr 04, 2015 Release
This is a heavy customization of EPGP and EPGP Lootmaster Addons used by Something Wicked - Whisperwind and maintained on Curse for other like-minded guilds to be able to use it. SW-DKP uses a standardized loot value as well as a variation on the EPGP formula. Guilds that desire to use a system similar to EPGP that utilizes a standardized loot value instead of the ilvl/gear slot variation will find this preferable to EPGP. Additionally this adaptation uses the ratio based PR standard rather...