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Mar 27, 2015 Release
Filter your guild news by ranks, item lvl or words. Use a blacklist filter system.

Log Commander

Mar 26, 2015 Planning
Have you ever pulled a raid boss with your guild only to realize that you forgot to turn on combat logs? Log Commander will check for you, every time you enter combat or a raid instance. If logging is not enabled it will popup a quick access panel that will allow you to turn it on with the simple press of a button.
BestInSlot Overview


Mar 26, 2015 Release
What does this addon do? BestInSlot will allow you to set your own Best In Slot list and share it with raid members and guild members for easy raid managing. BestInSlot also integrates in item and boss tooltips to quickly give users feedback if they need the item or boss. What is the idea behind BestInSlot In our guild we use EPGP as a loot system, but we found that sometimes people get items because they have the highest priority rating, but it's not their best in slot, while it is for...
Main Window

EPGP SimpleLoot

Mar 26, 2015 Beta
EPGP SimpleLoot is a simplified loot distribution addon for EPGP and World or Warcraft. I will be adding some documentation very soon. Until then, please forward any bugs or questions by opening a ticket at curseforge or sending a private message.

SW-DKP Loot System

Mar 26, 2015 Release
This is a heavy customization of EPGP and EPGP Lootmaster Addons used by Something Wicked - Whisperwind and maintained on Curse for other like-minded guilds to be able to use it. SW-DKP uses a standardized loot value as well as a variation on the EPGP formula. Guilds that desire to use a system similar to EPGP that utilizes a standardized loot value instead of the ilvl/gear slot variation will find this preferable to EPGP. Additionally this adaptation uses the ratio based PR standard rather...
Version 2 - Main UI - Expanded

Swyn's Guild Promoter

Mar 25, 2015 Release
Purpose This mod is basically a guild management tool for casual guilds with a lot of members. It provides a number of features, but is mostly built around the ability to promote or demote based on a guild member's time within the guild as well as their Level, Guild Reputation, Time Offline and Achievement Points. Version 3.01 Time In Guild When you first load version 3.01, the addon will give everybody in the guild a "Join Date". This join date will be the same as the time you logged in....
SiL 2.0 Tool Tip

Simple iLevel

Mar 24, 2015 Release
Simple iLevel shows the Average Item Level (AiL) of people you target or who are in your group in the tooltip. There are many checks in place to make sure you aren't repeatedly scanning their gear when it isn't required. Scores SIL does not take your spec or what is on your gear (SIL Resilience does) into account when computing a score. It just sums the iLevel of all your gear and then comes up with the average, their is a little magic with heirlooms so they are properly registered, unlike...
GuildOx Screenshot


Mar 24, 2015 Release
This tooltip addon take raid guild ranking data from and displays the World Rank, Realm Rank and Raid Progression on player tooltips when you mouse over a player. It also works for cross-realm players. It is a great tool to help you assess the expertise of fellow players in a random heroic/battleground or to follow how other guilds on your server are doing with regards to raid progression ranking The tooltip information shown is "GuildOx World Rank: {worldrank} ({realmrank})...

Calm Down and Gamble

Mar 24, 2015 Planning
Calm Down and Gamble! This addon was created to compete with addons like Cross Gambling. CalmDownandGambling brings more channel options (Say, Party, Raid), and FOUR NEW game modes (Yahtzee, High-Low, Inverse, MiddleMan)! Taking Suggestions For More Game Modes!! GameModes There are 4 game modes togglable by continuing the press the game mode button. It will cycle through all 4 game modes. High-Low Game Mode where the highest roller gets paid by the lowest roller the difference in their rolls....
Raid Cooldowns [1] [eng]

Exorsus Raid Tools

Mar 22, 2015 Release
Helpful addon for raiders, especially for raid leaders and officers. Modules: Raid Cooldowns, BattleRes, Fight log, Inspect Viewer, Note, Raid Check, Invite Tool, Timers, Raid Loot, Bossmods, Class' spells, Encounters, Coins, Auto Logging, Marks Bar, Permanent Marks, Loot Link Raid Cooldowns Module tracks all raid's cooldowns and displays them using customizable bars. Works with: Talents Glyphs Spell charges WOD raid batlle resurrection Tier sets (only ilvl 458 or higher) Spells-dispells...
Loot Vote Frame

Loot Vote

Mar 22, 2015 Release
Summary Adds a voting interface for raids to use when distributing loot. Requires Master Looter as the loot method. Voting currently restricted to only other Loot Vote addon users. Intended for guild raids to use as a form of raid-wide loot council. To Do Allow non-addon users to submit votes. Provide a loot vote history frame. Slash Commands /lootvote : shows version tag. /lootvote [Item Link] : starts a voting session using the linked item. (ML only) /lootvote reset : Aborts the current...
loot history


Mar 21, 2015 Release
EPGPRollMaster helps the master looter to distribute loot and EPGP-Points in a fast and easy way. How? It uses the built-in "Roll"-option to ask everybody in the raid to roll on an item. Need is for your Mainspec and Greed for your Offspec. Instead of displaying the actual roll results in the loot history (/loot), the addon shows the loot priority (PR) of EPGP. As master looter you can now still decide who gets the item and GPs with just one click. Reasons for this addon: only the loot master...
Boss warning

Loot Reminder

Mar 21, 2015 Release
Designed for raid leaders, this addon allows you to set a preferred loot method for trash and another for bosses in raid instances. When you target something in an instance, it determines whether the target is a boss or trash and checks the current loot setting against your preference. If it doesn't match, it offers to change it for you (you must be raid leader). Use /lootreminder or /lr to bring up the configuration panel which allows you to: set the desired loot method for bosses set...
SGI 6.1


Mar 20, 2015 Release
SuperGuildInvite 7.5.0 SuperGuildInvite is an AddOn developed to aid any person who wishes to invite new players to their guild If you are here to express your hatred against this type of AddOns, please consider this: GuildShield GuildShield has been updated and now works for everyone on less than 2000ms latency FAQ - Please read before posting questions! Can I remove players from my blacklist? No you cannot at this time, and this is intended. There might be some way in the future. As of 6.6...
Quick DKP

Quick DKP V2

Mar 19, 2015 Release
Quick DKP has been updated for Warlords of Draenor. Please report errors here on Curse by opening a ticket. DKP awards for the new instances/difficulties can be done through the in-game configuration. Changing the awards for individual bosses still requires changing the options.ini file and reloading the profile. Quick DKP needs you Localization text for the new instance types is wrong. If you can help out please contact me by PM. Quick DKP Quick DKP V2 is an addon for World of Warcraft that...
O Item Level 3.7.2

O Item Level (OiLvL)

Mar 18, 2015 Release
Need help on localization in Configuration of O Item Level frame for the following languages: Italian Anyone who would like to help in translation can visit this website : and log in with account. Thank you very much. If you find any phrase / word in the addon that need better translation please submit a ticket ( I would like to thank the following people who...

The Great Datening

Mar 17, 2015 Release
This add-on recognizes when someone joins the guild and, if you have the rights to write in the "Officer's Note", it will add the date in the format "Month DAY, YEAR". Since the Player isn't added at the same time as it is said in the System chat, there is a delay of 3 seconds between the "has joined" message and the writing in the "Officer's Note". This lead to a simple "bug" when 2+ people accept the guild invitation at the same time. Another issue is that if the player log out before the 3...


Mar 15, 2015 Beta
LootSquid was made to mitigate the somewhat tedious effort master looting requires. By supplying a lua file which contains standings of players the addon makes it possible to easily compare raid members based on their latest attendance and itemization. It includes integration with chat and master looting. The addon will automatically show it self upon looting whenever the following three conditions are met: the player is in a raid, the player is the master looter a mob/boss has been killed...

EPGP Battle Bot

Mar 15, 2015 Release
DESCRIPTION World of Warcraft addon for automatic EP/GP charging by combatlog events: deaths, damage, debuffs, interrupts and dispels. May be useful for saving your raid time due to the new encounters mastering. You may add/remove/enable/disable rules via console commands. DEPENDENCIES This addon works only with epgp addon installed. CONFIGURATION Addon configuration may be managed via /epgpbb or /ebb slash commands: /ebb help - display configuration help /ebb status - display addon settings...


Mar 15, 2015 Release
In short All armory information as (once) seen on the official site from Blizzard Entertainment, in game, for all your characters, on all realms Enables the use of a compact character frame Detailed profession information of all your characters PVP information, including arena teams Searchable inventory, including bags, bank, mailbox and auctioned items Quest logs and spell books of all your characters Friends, ignores and events of all your characters Share quests, recipes and character...