Friend Tracker

Apr 12, 2012 Planning
This addon is in conjunction with a exe file that will update our server of your logged in status, what character you are on, and where you are. The updated will push to the web or your phone.


Sep 07, 2012 Planning
A lightweight library for reading/writing EPGP information from the guild roster.
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Blizzard GuildUI Status

Sep 07, 2012 Inactive
Adds the Away/Busy flags to characters in the guild roster. Helps figure out if someone is away or busy before even trying to talk to them! As a bonus feature you can edit the core.lua file in a text editor and look at the top, you can then force showing the online/offline icons to make the list consistent.

WT Raiding Suite

Sep 09, 2012 Planning
WT Raiding Suite is made by members of the guild Wipe Theory on Draenor EU, when they found they weren't able to find addons of good enough quality to suite their needs. WT Raiding Suite currently holds a number of tools for raid leaders and loot councils to help them make raiding more about killing monsters and less about managing the raid group: - List of awesome functionality here


Sep 14, 2012 Beta
Simple add-on that provides 1-click functionality to various raid commands/functions. What RaidEasy *won't* do: Make you a better raider Make you a better lover Make your lover a better raider Better your understanding of Thermal Dynamics, Quantum Physics, or why someone in your house keeps putting the milk carton back in the fridge with less than a swallow of milk left. What RaidEasy *will* do: Convert to Raid/Convert to Party Ready Check Role Check Give Assistant to Tanks Give Assistant to...

Calendar Inviter

Sep 14, 2012 Inactive
I am no more raiding, but still wanna keep this addon alive, so again, PLEASE, report any bug/problem as curse comment or curseforge ticket. this will help. thanks. What is this? This is nothing more than the name tells. Another panel, that opens near the blizz calendar event panel, that gives you more information about the players. Before forming raid, u can know: -who is online and who is not (instant for guildies and friends, periodically performs whois on offguild players) -who is on an...

Guild Roll

Sep 16, 2012 Inactive
This addon mimics the functionality of the /roll command, sending the output to Guild chat. In my guild, we like to engage our members in various ways. One of those ways is a periodic "roll for loot" game. If only the /roll command could be used in guild chat. What is one to do? Well ... you can use Guild Roll! This addon is designed to provide a "rolling game" environment, allowing guild rolls only when a "roll for loot" game is active. Of course, this addon is usable by any guild who has a...


Sep 16, 2012 Inactive
An addon that allows you to play sounds to other people that have the addon installed. The addon contains enable, disable, ping, raid, guild, party slash commands that allow the user to take full control over how the sounds are broadcast and to see who else has the addon. This addon is simular to the GAG addon that was popular a few years ago which now doesnt work. PRO's - Over 120 unique sounds, including popular internet sounds, music, etc. - Ping command to check who else has the addon -...


Sep 16, 2012 Inactive
A really simple addon to keep your guild informed of number of critters left to kill for Critter Kill Squad Guild Achievement. You can filter how many critters you have killed before you update the giuld on your progress.


Sep 23, 2012 Inactive
Overview In patch 3.2.2 Blizzard removed the /saveguildroster function for security reasons. So if you have a large guild, or just want to keep a backup of your guild info, you will have no way of tracking your guild info or backing it up to off-realm storage. This addon introduces a new slash command, /gdump, which addresses this need. When invoked it will pop up an edit box containing the guild roster info in tab-delimited (CSV) format for easy copy-paste into Excel or some other tool. It...


Sep 23, 2012 Inactive
A simple and easy way to see who's slacking! Usage All commands work with both /slist and /slacklist. /slist (or /slacklist) lists all offline members ordered by guild rank /slist ranks lists all guild ranks to be used with include and exclude /slist include lists offline members. only includes members of the following ranks, separated by commas. takes both rank names and rank indexes, even mixed. examples: /slist include Trial, Core, Progression /slist include 0,2,4 /slist include...


Sep 27, 2012 Inactive
Who Dat Inserts the name of a person's main character into chat messages they send to you. If George is on his alt Guesswho, his messages will look like: [Guild] [Guesswho (George)] Hello World! You'll never guess who this is! Simply edit each toon's officer note in guild (configurable) and every person running WhoDat will see the name of other people's main character when they are playing an alt. Because it uses the centralized notes (in gulid), every guild member does not have to...
Main Options Interface

Follow Felankor (Auto Follow and Dual/Multi Boxing AddOn)

Sep 28, 2012 Inactive
Follow Felankor A World of Warcraft UI AddOn By Felankor NOTE: Your friends, guild, group and raid members DO NOT need this AddOn installed to be able to command you (E.g. to make you follow them). There are however a few features which do require them to have this AddOn installed. DESCRIPTION Follow Felankor is primarily an Auto Follow AddOn (It allows Friends, Guild, Group and Raid members to make you follow them if for example you go AFK). It also has many other useful features whether you...
Aloft NPC Reputation Module Example 1

Aloft NPC Reputation Module

Oct 01, 2012 Inactive
This is a module for the AMAZING addon Aloft. It adds the ability to display the colour of the reaction the NPC's have to you (your Reputation with them). As reputation is character specific if you choice to store the values (on by default) it will store them for each character separately. It add the key: NPCRepColor To use this module to colour the health bar of NPC's to their reaction (so not just red/green but also orange yellow etc...) add the following to the HealthBar Color section:...


Oct 02, 2012 Inactive
Keeps your "accounttype" updated to enable the Launcher to download Cataclysm data files as it becomes available. The "accounttype" is reset on each login and this mod keeps it updated to Cataclysm - thus making your game client "Cataclysm ready" (sounds like my HD-ready TV!). Mainly for players without a digitally upgraded Cataclysm account presently, but would like to download all the Cataclysm data files currently permitted by the Launcher. It is also likely more data files (such as...
DLC Screenshot

Discord Loot Council

Oct 11, 2012 Inactive
Discord Loot Council is a solution to a problem felt by many raiding guilds that use the Loot Council system. This mod is designed to helps the leaders of a raid to know who wants what items for which spec. When the user opens the loot window of any mob or chest a button located in the loot window will allow the loot process to begin. The group/raid will then be able to send formatted messages to this "Lootmaster" in order to show their interests in a particular item. After tells have been...


Oct 19, 2012 Inactive
Updated for MoP Wipe is a light addon that tracks the amount of time between boss attempts in your raid channel. Once you initiate the timer with /wipe, the timer will announce every 30 seconds until you enter combat. This is an early version, and does not have a lot of features at this time. In Progress: Automatic wipe tracking when all main tanks are dead Configurable output channels Option to stop the timer


Oct 24, 2012 Beta
GuildAnnounce will periodically announce to guild chat up to five different customizable macros every 15 minutes, cycling between each message (i.e. each message will display at most every 1 hour 15 minutes). It also has the optional ability to announce a customizable guild recruitment macro to your /1 channel (trade or general) every 5 minutes.


Oct 25, 2012 Inactive
Description Do something on extra modified click. Click a name in the chat frame Ctrl-Click Invite %s to your guild. Ctrl-Shift-Click Add %s to your ignore list. Alt-Click Invite %s to your party or raid. Alt-Shift-Click Add %s to your friend list. Having Issues or have a Suggestion? Please don't use the comments to post trouble tickets or suggestions. Instead post a ticket on CurseForge. Thanks. Any comments containing bug reports or feature requests will be deleted on sight and any comments...

Arkanum Re­k­ru­tie­rung

Oct 28, 2012 Inactive
Unser Gildenrekrutierungsaddon! =) /ads (geht auch als Makro) Ein zufälliger gildentypischer Werbespruch wird in Handels-, Allgemeinchat oder Gruppenchat gepostet. Aktuell 11 verschiedene Sprüche. EN / US: our guildrecruiting addon! =) /ads (also as makro) A random recruting text (typically for our guild) is posted in trade-, general or party chat. There are 11 cool and diffrent texts.