Oct 28, 2010 Inactive
4 years of guild being in Social menu and they just take it a way?? I DON'T THINK SO Basically puts guild tabs back in their rightful place.


Oct 31, 2010 Inactive
MrInviter - by AussieScum Background: oRA2 and oRA3 always provided a way that you could set up a keyword and when anyone whispered you that keyword they would be automatically invited to your raid. However, these mods are large and clunky when you're just after the automatic invite functionality. oRA2 finally broke in patch 4.0.1 and oRA3 is too large for what I want. I have my guild pretty well trained so that they know when we start a raid, they whisper me invite and they automatically get...
Officer window mouse over tooltip


Oct 31, 2010 Inactive
This is a simple addon to check if raiders have required addons (sadly this does make this addon a requirement too!) Interface is currently command line to trigger /r2r This gives a pop it either trigger a check (raid officers only) or set the required addons. By default these are set as DBM and hudmap. Please note this list works off the folder name, which is not necessarily the same as the addon name. Each addon should be on its own line. It is not case senstive. I am making use of...


Nov 01, 2010 Inactive
The standard Guild Message of the Day is often overlooked by players because it typically scrolls off the viewable chat area due to mods logging information and Blizzard's welcome message. This makes the MOTD a much less effective communication tool than it could be. This mod pops up a dialog when you first log in to show you the Message of the Day. Click the okay button and it goes away. If the MOTD is changed while you're logged on it will pop up again. If you're in combat when the MOTD...

My Guild is Still Social!

Nov 03, 2010 Inactive
Puts a tab back on the social pane to open the new Guild UI.

Guild Forum

Nov 03, 2010 Alpha
This addon aims to bring the functionality of a message forum into the World Of Warcraft game. The intent is to allow players to communicate with guild members and allied guild members in a persistent manor. This should allow for more dynamic communications between players and a permanent repository for guild specific info such as preferred raid tactics. Enlarge


Nov 05, 2010 Planning
SImple to allow Guild Master to levy a tax on Guild Members income for The Guild Bank.


Nov 05, 2010 Inactive
This mod is an experimental sandbox of functionality that might get migrated over to the MHXHunter Mod. It will include custom emotes, custom sounds and other useful/entertaining utilities. If you like MHXHunter mod this will be the cutting edge of development, a first-look at new features that will be integrated into the MHXHunter mod or left in this mod as unique functions.

Vent Info

Nov 05, 2010 Planning
Offers the ability to store and broadcast ventrillo server information to your raid, party or guild.
Guild Blacklist

Guild Blacklist

Nov 06, 2010 Inactive
What is Guild Blacklist? As the name already says, Guild Blacklist is an alternative to you ignore list. You can simply add players who are really bad or players you never want to play in a group again. If a player who is on your blacklist joins your party/raid or is already in that party/raid, you are getting a chat and sound message so you can not miss it. Syncing Your Blacklist always get synced to the blacklist of other players in your guild. There is kind of a priority system with...


Nov 14, 2010 Inactive
Addon for guild Elysian Dawn of the Kargath US server managment!! To use this add-on, LDB databroker is necessary! The following add-ons add depth for use: RaidBuffStatus, epgp, epgp_lootmaster, ORa3, DBM This addon helps the officers and raiding of a guild with the following: Automated raid invites / raid queuing with epgp. Inviting people to the guild and setting the rank / notes as needed Allow raiders to use macro's via this addon for boss fights. When we do a ready check the addon will...

Guild Note On Login

Nov 21, 2010 Inactive
This very simple mod just displays in chat a guild member's guild note whenever they log in. Also works for friends notes.


Dec 01, 2010 Planning
EPGP-based loot distribution system, with improved UI and data storage.


Dec 05, 2010 Inactive
This is a small addon that sends level up messages to your guild channel. It has the option to add the time it took to level based on the last level's time and total time. The addon also includes a movable frame that shows your current progress in the level, and has an option to show the estimated time to level up based on your current session's xp rate. To see the help menu in game type '/autodinger'.
Gold Raid Tracker

Gold Raid Tracker

Dec 06, 2010 Inactive
Gold Raid Tracker The Gold Raid Tracker (GRT) is a World of Warcraft addon that helps raid leaders running gold pugs (GDKP). Its basic functions are to track trade, loot and mob kills in raids. With these functions, it provides the raid leaders and participants with good information about their raid. Features It tracks trade, loot and bosskill logs It supports GDKP (Gold Dragon Kill Point) The whole gold pot ( total gold deposits ) is automatically recorded based on the gold trades with a...


Dec 11, 2010 Inactive
A simple lightweight addon that blocks the annoying message "You have gained the maximum amount of guild reputation allowed this week." It uses the Blizzard Variable "GUILD_REP_WEEKLY_CAPPED" so it should in theory work for any language of the game client.


Dec 13, 2010 Inactive
A simple, yet powerful gui for DomDom (The most insane WoW sound mod available!) If you're installing DomDom or have have installed it, be sure to try this mod. Usage: /ddm or /ddmenu or /domdommenu Display the main window. Use the search box to look for audio files or Use /dds [searchterm] from your console to open DomDomMenu automatically with the searchresults Click the letters to send the audio message to the corresponding channel G - Guild P - Party B - Battleground T - Whisper target R...
Panel & Tips


Dec 15, 2010 Inactive
Function Description: zTip Chi-fire prompted the Mouse tip plug-in, Command: / ztip. Do not plug the mouse prompt and integrated mixed use, otherwise the city NPC camp will disappear, and a variety of unknown problems. Main features: - Trade unions and the server displays, trade unions and characters similar to the name of the color, the trade unions in purple, blue server, the rank of the name or icon displayed in the figures were on the right; - Dead and have been attacked is gray - Hunter...

Guild Helper

Dec 16, 2010 Planning
Guild Helper is a work in progress, and currently does not have an estimated release date. Guild Helper is designed to lessen the pains of some of the tedius tasks of running a guild. However, it is also usefull for any member of a guild. It allows for customization of guild menus, and tracking of usefull guild information. More information on this addon will be coming soon. The following are planned implementations, this list will change (Hopefully including more usefull tools and features):...

DomDom SoundPack 02

Dec 17, 2010 Inactive
DomDom SoundPack 02 Features Adds sounds 601-822 (included under fair use) Required Addons DomDom If you love DomDom, please rate it 5 stars!