Thogar Assist

Thogar Assist

Sep 13, 2014 Beta
Displays incoming trains in the Thogar encounter

Tidy Plates: ClassicPlates

Feb 11, 2014 Release
Simple name plate theme using both elite and normal frame graphics from player and target frames for those who enjoy original graphics or simplicity. Blends in well with most addons (in my opinion). It should now work correctly with the Tidy Plates Hub. This is just a theme for the Tidy Plates addon. You must have Tidy Plates installed to use this theme.


Feb 06, 2014 Release
This addon tracks buffs/debuffs using the combatlog events to reduce overhead on UnitAura() calls. This makes a larger difference when tracking auras on multiple mobs. Status bars are created to track auras. These bars are highly configurable and sortable into groups that can be positioned. By default the groups are 'target' and ''untargetted', with aura bars moving between them depending upon whether the aura target is your current target. Auras can be optionally pinned to the 'target' group...
Toast2Go Unlocked


Dec 07, 2013 Release
-------------------------------------------- == TOAST2GO OVERVIEW == Ever get extremely frustrated with the RealID toast window being in your way? Having it mess up your UI, that you took so long to put together? Don't want to download a huge addon package just to deal with the toast window? Me too! I present, Toast2Go. This extremely small light weight addon moves the RealID toast window anywhere on your screen and locks it back in place. Moving the toast window is all it does, but it does...

TomTom Crazy Arrow Hide

Jul 04, 2013 Release
Hides while in combat. This is a simple addon that automatically hides the TomTom "Crazy-Taxi" style arrow when you enter combat and show once combat has ended. Usage: /KCAH | /CAH [on | off | show | hide | #] Options on/off, enabled and disables the addon. show/hide, shows or hides the Crazy Arrow manually. # to set the delay out of combat to show the Crazy Arrow. Example: /kcah on Bug Reports? Suggestions, comments? Thanks to Cladhaire for TomTom Elektrode (Grizzly Hills)
Titan Skills

Titan Skills

Nov 30, 2012 Release
A simple and easy Titan plugin that lists all of your professions & skills, just by moving your mouse over the icon! Skinners, Miners, Herbalists and Engineers will also get a little note indicating the highest level creature they can "skin". All of my Addons can now be downloaded from one convenient spot! Visit to get the latest versions and even updates that haven't been released!


Aug 29, 2011 Planning
SImple Hud Bar that lets you select up to 9 items in order to keep track of their quantities in your inventory.

Titan Panel [Vhei's Cata Skin]

Dec 30, 2010 Inactive
This is to complete my full UI in lieu of Cataclysm.
Blue grunge

Titan Panel [Dark Blue grunge skin]

Jul 01, 2010 Inactive
Here is a dark blue skin for your Titan Panel. Something to note is that you cannot double bar, otherwise, it will look bad. You can have one bar at the top, and one at the bottom, but that is it. Rate and comment, thank you.