Profession Assistance

Apr 04, 2016 Release
This is a simple and basic addon that shows milling, prospecting and disenchanting results for your herbs, ores and gear with the required skill level! Along with that, it now also shows the locations of all the herbs & ores! This simple tooltip "enchanter" is very straight forward and in easy use! Type /PA, /Profession, /Profession Assistance, /Profession_Assistance to open the option panel! Heey guys and girls! I hope you still enjoying this addon and still find this very useful! For some...
Tooltip Raw Hide Scraps

ProspectBar Lives

Feb 25, 2016 Release
This addon does the following: Scans bags, for stacks of items that meet certain criteria, and create clickable buttons to perform the tasks shown here. Mills all herbs found in game that are millable. Prospect all ores in game, that are pre WoD, because the new ores in WoD are turned in as is for use in work orders. Pick the lock, and then clicking again, will open the box. Disenchant any armor or weapon, and assemble the Temporal Crystals from the Fractured pieces as you gather them. Create...
TSM Destroying Window


Dec 14, 2015 Release
This addon is part of the TradeSkillMaster suite. It will not work by itself! You must download the main TradeSkillMaster addon. Whether you're a new user or long time TSM veteran, please check out our website for more information about the TradeSkillMaster addon suite: See how you can't comment on this page? Don't give up! Check out our wiki page for information on how to get help with TradeSkillMaster or provide feedback! This module handles milling and...
Paperdoll with open flyout


Nov 20, 2015 Release
Description ItemLevelDisplay adds a tiny layer on each equipment slot in your paperdoll frame showing: ItemLevel Socket status Enchant status Gem per color/Sockets per color Heirloom current level is now showm Timewarped current level will be visible soon About me I am a professional software developer, spacing from PHP web development to C + + Gaming Server Software. Right now I’m working on this Real Time 4X MMO: For bugs and questione, please head to Curseforge ticket system
Inscription Building Daily Work


Oct 07, 2015 Release
GarrisonHelper saves time by accepting and completing daily quests, even if crafting is involved. Some tasks at your garrison come along with a lot of clicks and mouse movement to complete. These tasks can now be solved without any mouse movement. Additionally, GarrisonHelper scans your garrison for daily NPCs and marks NPCs and followers in garrison buildings if you can't find them. You have to configure GarrisonHelper first to benefit most. Just type /gh or /garrisonhelper and remember to...

KevTool Queue

Jul 03, 2015 Release
KevTool Queue allows you to automatically queue up items to be crafted, so that you don't have to manually add them to your crafting queue. When you regularly craft a large number of items for sale, this saves a great deal of time. KTQ works with either Skillet or GnomeWorks Tradeskill Frame, both of which incorporate crafting queues. For each item you request (via a macro or the command line), you specify a quantity you'd like to have. KTQ will check your bags, your bank, and your auctions,...


Jun 28, 2015 Release
This is a LDB addon that keeps track of how many uncut gems, you and your Alts have in your bags, bank and Guild. When viewing a guild bank, the addon will not update till the guild bank window is closed, this is because of other people might be using/removing stuff from the guild bank at same time. It has options for : Toggling bank, alt and guild bank counts on the tooltip.. Showing Zero Counts. Which expansion to show gems from, on the tooltip. Tracking which gem you want, in your...
Skill Frame


Jun 24, 2015 Release
Has this happened to you? "Oh, hey! Earthroot! ...Wait, what do you mean 'Requires Level 15'?! How the heck was I supposed to know that?" How about: "Man, it sure would be nice to know when I can learn the next rank of this profession..." Or what even: "Grah! Why isn't there something to list all the stuff I can mill/prospect/disenchant/lock pick?!" If so, then you're in luck! With this handy, dandy addon you'll have access to so much for your professions you won't believe you lived without...


Jun 23, 2015 Release
Overview Prospecting and Milling are super annoying! This attempts to make it trivial without an excessive amount of UI additions. Basically, I wanted to make an addon for Milling and Prospecting the required no setup or additional UI—a key I could simply press and prospecting/milling would happen. In the end I made a Swifty one-shot macro that would just pwn all my ore/herbs. How to Use The main goal was to make this part EZPZ When you log in for the first time after downloading OSP it...

Epic Gem List

Feb 27, 2015 Release
News v4.00: Changed stats on all gems (hit, exp, ...), removed unused libraries, updated libraries, cleaned code, fixed minor bugs. If you get errors or wrong stats on first time loading please issue /egl scan on command line or press the button to scan gems in the option menu. If I missed any gem for stat update, please tell me. Overview List of gems, groupable by socket color, stat, quality, level and class. Favorite gems can be saved in an extra list for each character. Usage This addon...
Prospect Me Tooltip

Prospect Me

Feb 27, 2015 Release
Prospect Me is a simple and lightweight addon that gathers and stores the statistical results of a user's prospecting and milling results and displays that info inside a tooltip. The addon is designed to complement the use of addons like Tekkub's Panda although it is fully functional on it's own. Prospect Me uses ItemID's to gather, store, and display results and so should be functional with any localization. The basic functionality of Prospect Me has been updated to 6.0.3. Note, no new...


Dec 19, 2014 Release
Description Molinari was made to aid the player in processing various items throughout the game. As an example; when you'd want to mill herbs, you would normally cast Milling and then click the item in your bags. With Molinari, you simply hold down the Alt key and click the item directly. The following spells/processes are supported: Milling & Draenic Mortar Prospecting Disenchanting Lockpicking & skeleton keys In addition, Molinari also works for lockpicking in the trade window. Feedback If...

Eriks Shopping List

Nov 22, 2014 Release
Have you ever become frustrated by having to dig though countless recipes in order to make just one item / enchant / whatever ? This addon provides a nice layered recursive shoppinglist of all ingredients you need for any recipe of any profession. This is especially usefull for engineering. open the list by clicking the new "List all" button in the reagents part of the Tradeskill window keep it open seperately from the tradeskill window click on any sub recipe in the list to quickly go there...


Nov 16, 2014 Release
use GitHub to report bugs. Github tracker. Definition: Mortar and Pestle xanMortarPestle will make Milling, Prospecting, Lockpicking and Disenchanting easy by performing any of these tasks with just one single mouse click. This addon will automatically perform the correct tradeskill spell on any item in your inventory. All you have to do is hold <ALT> and click on the item to Mill/Prospect/Disenchant instantly. Possible items are compared to a list of known Herbs and Ores. That way there is...

Titan Panel [Jewelcrafting]

Nov 10, 2014 Release
Description =========== Provides a Plug-in for the Titan Bar add-on to display profession skill level as both current level and max level. Each profession was broke up into its own add-on to take advantage of Titan Bar’s ability to “click and drag” items around to change their position. Usage ===== Right Click on the Titan bar and navigate to the context menu “Profession”. From their select the Profession you would like to display.
ProspectORE - Main Display


Nov 03, 2014 Release
ProspectORE, inspired by an old addon titled Ore Crusher, allows you to calculate how valuable prospecting ore currently is. Scan the Auction House, input how much of each type of ore you would like to prospect, and given the current prices at the time of the scan, the addon will estimate how much gold one could expect as a return. Features: Built-in Auction House scanner. Manual input for experienced users. Ability to pull data from TSM-AuctionDB, Auctioneer, and Auctionator. Estimates the...


Oct 18, 2014 Release
Before we begin let me ask you a question, see how many people can answer this within 10 seconds without google...okay, "What's the name of the gem which gives +80 PvP Power and +160 Mastery?" or, "What stats does a Effulgent Wild Jade give?". Well actualy the gem is "Effulgent Wild Jade", which gives "+80 PvP Power and +160 Mastery", but what on earth does the word "Effulgent" get anything to do with the concepts of "PvP Power and Mastery", God knows. Maybe Blizzard folk know, maybe even...

Daily Today

Mar 16, 2011 Planning
This add-on shows the current daily quests from different locales so you don't have to ask trade chat or worse, travel there only to find out its one you don't like or need!