Apr 03, 2013 Inactive
This addon will allow you to mouseover the quest markers on your world map while your character pin is over them. Currently there's a big radius where your character marker won't let you mouseover the quests to see the info! Simply add this addon into your Interface/Addons folder and start WoW. No configuration is necessary.


Sep 10, 2012 Planning
This addon will gradually replace all the features of Carbonite.
Miniwindow and Minimap


Oct 18, 2014 Release
About: Koordinator is an addon that adds a coordinate system into the worldmap, the minimap, to the partymember portraits and into a separate, dragable mini-window. You can easily enable or disable every entity to your own preferences via the options dialog. Koordinator is basically used to determine locations of NPCs or items so that you can give that coordinates to other players. Installation: Just extract the "Koordinator" folder to 'Path:\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\', e.g....