nUI: Integration Carbonite continued

Apr 20, 2013 Inactive
You do need nUI core or nUI+ for this to work make sure you have the up to date Carbonite addon also All credit goes to xtrapwr This adds a Carbonite Infopanel to the nUI system. It will toggle the Carbonite mini map on and off, allowing you to keep Carbonite snuggly in the lower right. However at this time the add on CANNOT move or resize the Carbonite window. You will have to do this manually, however you only need to do this once. Also, as switching the Info Panel status does toggle...
nUI Minimap Infopanel

nUI -- Minimap Infopanel

Dec 11, 2011 Inactive
As of nUI Beta 4 release 4.01.00, the minimap has been moved from the information panel back to the center of the dashboard in the same location as the focus frame. By default, if you do not have an active focus, the minimap will appear in the same location the focus normally appears. If you do have a focus, the minimap is hidden and the focus is displayed. If you prefer to have the larger minimap located in your information panel, as was the default in nUI Beta 3, rather than the smaller...


Apr 17, 2014 Release
Navigation Aids Display Facing: Yaw and Pitch Moving: Yaw and Pitch (not always the same as facing) Odometers: Horizontal, Vertical, Resultant Speeds: Horizontal, Vertical, Resultant (based on distance traveled and time elapsed) Waypoint: Distance, Direction, Estimated time of Arrival Angle to turn to face waypoint direction (features text arrows with changing colors & brightness) Pitch arrows shows how far off you're from level pitch For player and for pointer over the map: Map coordinate...


Dec 23, 2013 Release
With the map closed this addon provides a small window in the bottom right that gives your present heading, position, and pitch. Heading is in 360 degrees with north = 0, east = 90, south = 180, and west = 270 Position is given to one decimal point accuracy Pitch is for swimming or flying and says if you are moving in an up angle when positive or down angle when negative or level when Zero. When the map is open, The heading and position change value as follows. If your mouse is on the map...
Guild Filter


Sep 15, 2013 Release
Niggle - noun a small complaint or criticism Overview This AddOn addresses a range of small complaints with the standard World of Warcraft User Interface (UI). It is divided into these main areas: UI Enhancements Search & Filtering Auto Loot Warnings & Logs Professions Raids Calendar Events Mounts Pets Locator Most of the features are configurable via the 'AddOns' tab of the 'Interface' panel. If you don't wish to use a feature, you can easily disable it via that interface. Quick access to...