Mar 03, 2014 Release
Simple and fast coords-bar for standart interface. Binded near minimap window and based on built-in coordinates system. Use ALT+Click on coords-bar to move it or: /coords resetpos - for return coords to default position /coords sf - for setup font size and color /coords rf - to return font settings by default

AtlasQuest - Fan Update

Feb 25, 2014 Release
AtlasQuest is an addon for Atlas that displays a list of quests for each dungeon, battleground and outdoor raid along with information and rewards for those quests. AtlasQuest was originally created by Asurn. It is currently maintained by Thandrenn (aka Mystery8). Visit the Atlas Forums to discuss this addon. NOTE: If you see the Quest completed icon showing up for quests you did not complete, you can reset complete quests in the options panel.


Feb 23, 2014 Release
Gatherer is an addon for herbalists, miners and treasure hunters in World of Warcraft. It's main purpose is to track the closest plants, deposits and treasure locations on your minimap. The addon does not track like a tracking ability does, rather it "remembers" where you have found various items in the past. It does this whenever you gather (perform herbalism, mining or opening) on an item, and records the specific map location in its history. From then on, whenever the item comes into range...
Mr Clean


Feb 22, 2014 Release
MrClean - Compilation of base addon code that I found useful in other addons while stripping away any unecessary "fluff". Streamlined for efficiency where applicable. GreysBGone - Visit the vendor and all the grey "junk" items in your first four bags will be sold for you automatically. Very simple straightforward addon. No configuration needed. GryphonsBGone - Simple code added to remove the default UI's gryphons that reside on the sides of the bottom action bar.


Feb 20, 2014 Release
Shows the approximate distance at which the targeted mob will attack you. /sa or /simpleagro to toggle.


Feb 19, 2014 Release
FlyPitch shows your current Flying or Swimming angle in a HUD-ish style. Just like in a real airplane. Type /Flypitch to configure.
Broker galore

Broker Everything

Feb 16, 2014 Release
Description This addon is a collection of modules to display various informations in the game about the game, your character, friends, guild and more. It is recommended to display the modules with panel-addons like Bazooka, ChocolateBar, DockingStation, NinjaPanel, TitanPanel or single-button-addons like Fortress, StatBlockCore. Broker (Modules) Current: Bags, Calendar, Clock, Currency, Dual-spec, Durability, Equipment, FPS, Framenames, Friends, Game Menu, GPS, Gold, Guild, Latency, Location,...
Archaeology Helper HUD in action

Archaeology Helper

Feb 14, 2014 Release
Archaeology Helper accelerates your surveying by providing triangulation on a Heads-Up Display (HUD) Survey then press green, yellow or red button to add new sector to the HUD and narrow down the position of your fragment HUD optionally includes GatherMate2 pins showing possible fragment positions, further accelerating the process Shows Dig Sites on Battlefield Minimap Keybindings and various settings How to use Demo Video Curse Addon Spotlight MMO-champ Addon Review WoW Insider Addon...


Feb 14, 2014 Release
SimpleVignette Warns you in the chat window and as a raid warning (also party chat if enabled) when you are near any item or creature that triggers a mini-map vignette icon such as rare mobs and chests on the Timeless Isle. /sv or /simplevignette to show options menu. /sv ? or /sv help to show commands.
RareCoordinator (v5.4.1-4)


Feb 11, 2014 Release
Welcome to RareCoordinator The main purpose of this addon is to keep track of the rare spawns on the Timeless Isle. Please create a ticket for bugs / enhancement ideas: Ticket tracker Features: Only visible on the Timeless Isle Communicates with everyone of your faction on your realm to keep the data updated As soon as you get on the Isle it will update itself When you get a "rare alive" message a sound message will inform you If you have TomTom installed an Arrow will guide you to the rare...
Unborn Val'kyr

Unborn Val'kyr waypoints for TomTom

Feb 05, 2014 Release
A friend of mine was feeling lazy while out trying to capture the rare battle pet, Unborn Val'kyr. Specifically, he wanted an easier way to add all the waypoints to TomTom. This addon does that, and only that. To use, type: /tt It will automatically add waypoints to the appropriate Northrend zones. (Locations were pulled from WowHead.)


Feb 05, 2014 Mature
Astrolabe is an embeddable library for placing icons on the Minimap, and on World Maps. Icons that are placed on the Minimap using Astrolabe are placed in a special buffer and their positions are continuously updated for player movement, based on the world map coordinates provided when the icon was initially placed. Icons remain in this buffer until they are removed. Astrolabe also provides functions to compute the in-game distance between two points and translate a point from one zoom level...


Feb 03, 2014 Release
this started out as a funnny thing to do in vanilla, but has evolved during the years. original page: what can it do? Makes it possible to only have one bag at the bottom that toggles all bags. Shows the bufftime in ( Days / hh:mm / mm:ss ) depending on time left.(own buffs only) Makes it possible to reload the User Interface from options-panel or by text-command Hides the griffins at the MainMenu Bar. A new MainMenu Bar possible to hide the microbuttons Autorepair...


Jan 29, 2014 Release
NOW WITH THE "MONDFEST/MOONGLADE" EVENT KOMPLETED !!! Bens_achievementtracker is to find the Rar Chest's / NSC's / Weapons in the World on a simple way only install the addon and fly it will show you a list with not foundet Chest's / NSC's / Weapons on the map and in a window You need this Addons too : as packagedownload :


Jan 28, 2014 Release
CTMod is a collection of user interface mods for World of Warcraft. This UI mod for World of Warcraft includes several different options to help customize your gameplay including hotbars, buff timers, statistics recording, and more. It is committed to working with the existing UI wherever possible instead of replacing it, and there is an ongoing interaction between CTMod's development team and the WoW developers. CTMod can boast that some features originally offered by CTMod have since been...
ElvUI LocationLite

ElvUI LocationLite

Jan 25, 2014 Release
LocationLite for ElvUI is an alternative of LocationPlus, for those that don't need the info and the datatexts that Plus has, thus having a very small memory fingerprint. In addition, the Lite version keeps all the customization options plus a new layout.

ElvUI Location Plus

Jan 25, 2014 Release
ElvUI Location Plus Plugin for ElvUI, that adds player location, coords + 2 Datatexts. Also, the highly configurable tooltip, can show Continent, ZoneLevel, Raids, PvP areas, Dungeons in the zone, recommended zones and dungeons based on player level and many more. If you don't like all the tooltip info and the datatexts, get LocationLite from or Curse. Requires ElvUI 6+ installed. Get it here. Installation: Install as any addon Usage: Click to Toggle WorldMap ShiftClick to send your...
World Map

Candy Buckets (Lunar Festival: Elders)

Jan 22, 2014 Release
Mists of Pandaria Elders will be added with an update as soon as possible. Very simple to use addon to help you hunt down all the Elders! Open the world map and the icons will show around the zones, showing you Elders you have not yet visited with your character! After taking their coin, the icon will be hidden so you know you've already robbed him. It couldn't get simpler, so get going! Optional addons to get: - TomTom - TomTomLite With one of the above you can click on the world map icon to...
URMapCoords Minimap

URMapCoords (Uncle Roald's Map Coords)

Jan 22, 2014 Release
Uncle Roald's Map Coords, (URMapcoords) INSTALLATION NOTES: ====================================== Extract the contents of this Zip in to your C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns folder to install. (Upgradeing only) If you are upgrading from the old version of URMapCoords, you must delete the URMapCoordsOption folder located C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\URMapCoordsOption folder. This folder is no longer used as the options and program have been combined...
Resource Nodes


Jan 15, 2014 Release
Ever mistake a neutral NPC for a Mining/Herbalism/Fishing node on your minimap? Got killed in a PVP realm because you didn't notice a player among red NPCs before it was too late? If you belong to a class that has the ability to Track Humanoids, you're probably familiar with these situations. That's where DerangementMinimapBlips comes in! This addon improves the tracking blip textures, making resource nodes appear in a unique shade of silver, so you never mistake them for NPCs again. And to...