Single player game


Jun 23, 2015 Release
type /wowzzle to open the menu Find the most words possible in a 5x5 grid before the time runs out! You can either play solo or challenge a friend in a 2-minute fight till the last word. Currently there is a database of 15k words, generated from spell names, achievements, bosses and descriptions that include most common words and most WoW terms too


Apr 02, 2015 Release
Description: Need help making decisions such as whether you should buy that sweet upgrade, or say no to a random /tell asking you to heal for a pick up group? Well look no further, with Worgenius you can now ask your very own wee Worgen seer. Just ask him your question and through Worgen insight and augury, he will say his mind. On occasion, Worgenius may even express bewilderment when the inquiry is not as comprehensible as it appears. Worgenius Lore: An erudite scholar once traveled...
Main Game Window

WoW Bets (BETA - US Only)

Jan 21, 2015 Beta
WoW Bets Due to ToS ("Terms of Service") gambling restrictions in regions outside of the US game region, this game is only offered to US region players. This addon will not load for players outside of this region. Origin & Rules A friend of mine introduced me to an interesting gambling game that you and one other person can take part in. With how fun it can be, I decided to make an addon out of it. The rules of the game are simple, you would start by doing a /roll of how much gold you wanted...