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Useful Extras

Mar 18, 2013 Inactive
Greetings, I tend to be a bit wordy at times so bear with me. The mod started as a personal mod of mine that I added things I found helpful and used them myself, until it got to a point where I thought others might be able to find it useful as well and decided to post it. Useful Extras is a small little mod to make a number of helpful options availible, it takes almost no memory or processor use. To summarize; There is a basic calculator, color picker that is mainly helpful to developers or...
Target with my gear.

Undress Button

Sep 29, 2013 Inactive
This addon will enhance the Dressing Room by putting two extra buttons to the left of the 'Reset' button. The first button (from right) will Undress the model. The second button can be right or left clicked: - Left: change the model to your current target. - Right: equip your target's gear on the current model (can be changed with left click) It will also let you Dress up any model you find in the game world. (Try on your own gear on a gnome passing by) Don't forget to bind Dressing Room to a...