Juwe: Gem Stats instead of Names

Oct 09, 2013 Release
Juwe Juwe is a modification for the Jewelcrafting Trade Skill Window. It shows the stats of a gem instead of its name. Also there is a small [ J ] button to disable the addon ingame so that you can see the gem names again. Credits: All credits for the code goes to p3lim! Thank you! Known bugs: 1. The name of Meta gems may be too long for the window in your language so it will pop out the window - but thats not a big deal. 2. Jewelcrafters epic gems won't work because they have a different...


Nov 09, 2011 Inactive
JPack is a small but powerful addon to quickly resort/stackup your items! Features: 1. Unlike Engbags and ArkInventory, JPack pickup and put your items in a certain order. An inventory addon is recommanded.(Bagnon, Onebag, etc.) 2. It's very very very fast. 3. Stack up automatically and smart. If you have 3 terocones in your bank and 12 in bag, addon will stack the terocones from bag to bank. Other: JPack_Ex: A button appears on your inventory frame! JPack_Broker: Data broker support. Cmd:...