Small version of the default healer layout


Nov 30, 2015 Release
SnailUI SnailUI is a pixel perfect UI, meaning everything is aligned perfectly. SnailUI skins almost everything, including the minimap, action bars, casting bars, etc. SnailUI is currently in a beta state, so there are probably plenty of bugs to be found. I would appreciate it if you reported them in the comments or through Twitter. :) A lot of aspects of SnailUI can be changed via the in game interface options (or by typing /SUI or /SnailUI) or via the lua files themselves. This UI is also...
40 player raid frames + group leader tools

Goldpaw's GroupFrames

Nov 29, 2015 Release
What is this? This addon provides groupframes for raids and parties for the gUI4 addon suite. It is part of the gUI4 addon suite, and it will not function by itself. You need to download the main gUI4 addon. More info will be posted during the development process at The following addons will eventually make up the gUI4 addon suite: Core(required): Goldpaw's UI (core) Modules(optional): Goldpaw's ActionBars Goldpaw's Auras Goldpaw's CastBars Goldpaw's Chat Goldpaw's...


Nov 29, 2015 Release
PartyMarkers Helps to set markers on players and mobs in the raid. How does it works?! Firstly, you should manually make a list of the players or mobs and set markers to every one. You can click right button on the name field to see list of raid players. Secondly, you may just click a name to set the marker. Known problems Yet this only work in the raid. Yet there is not profiles. All this bugs will be fixed soon. Want to participate? Welcome -
O Item Level

O Item Level (OiLvL)

Nov 26, 2015 Release
Please read the description carefully as it has lot of features. If you find any phrase / word in the addon that need better translation please submit a ticket ( and provide better translation here (Please remember to login your curse account). I would like to thank the following people who help on the translation: Protosama and loahn - frFR, marcocio and DocBerto65 - itIT, kisswow and yuk6196 - koKR, petpu - ruRU, BNSSNB - zhTW,...

Z-Perl UnitFrames

Nov 24, 2015 Release
This will be the Warlords of Draenor compatible fork with proper permissions of the X-Perl UnitFrames GPLv3 addon. I tend to maintain this mod in the next expansion, from 2014.10.18. How to transfer your profiles from X-Perl? First of all create a backup from your "WowInstall/Interface" and "WowInstall/Wtf" folders first, just to be safe. Then start the game and enable the main "X-Perl Unitframes" module (Redownload it if you have to), but disable all of it's other modules like this, then log...


Nov 18, 2015 Release
RAID STYLE UNIT FRAMES in ARENA ENEMY AND PARTY FRAME GROUPS POKEMON NAMES for RUSSIAN TARGET CALLING Supports Warlords of Draenor v6.2.3 Download MrTarget for BATTLEGROUNDS Check out the addon in action at SEND BUGS or FEATURE REQUESTS TO OR [email protected] Right-click drag to MOVE (only while options panel is open) Unit frame orientation is automatic based on screen position Objectives...
Even The Score


Nov 18, 2015 Release
RAID STYLE UNIT FRAMES in BATTLEGROUNDS ENEMY AND PARTY FRAME GROUPS POKEMON NAME for RUSSIAN TARGET CALLING Supports Warlords of Draenor v6.2.3 Download OmniPotent for ARENA/SKIRMISH See the addon in action at SEND BUGS or FEATURE REQUESTS TO OR [email protected] PARTY frames hidden by default (enable in options) Right-click drag to MOVE (only while options panel is open) Unit frame...
/raidsetup test

Raid Set Up Manager

Nov 17, 2015 Beta
This addon basically provides a copy of the original WoW raid groups interface which you can find in the social window. It differs in that any changes you make to the set up won't be applied instantly but stored virtually. Then you can apply all those changes at once by clicking a button. Supposed use: As a raid lead sometimes you want to prepare the groups (which player is in which group) before you're at the next boss but some of your raid members are clearing trash going to the next boss....
Mix And Match Styles


Nov 14, 2015 Release
SpartanUI SpartanUI was originally designed to free your screen by moving a majority of the interface elements to the bottom. While that is still the core focus of the primary addon and configuration it has become much more since MoP. Whats new in SpatanUI 4.0 Starting with SpartanUI 4.0.0 SpartanUI has begun to introduce a fully theme-able system giving you multiple looks and styles. Completely modular so that you, the user can use only the pieces you want and give you the complete control...
Solo Mode Screenshot


Nov 01, 2015 Release
Healer raid frames by Orlan@Azuregos (Орлан@Азурегос). For healers only Shows frames for each raid or group member and their pets Shows health, absorbtion shields and mana Shows incoming heals and your incoming heals Shows color coded range to players and pets Shows important buffs and debuffs (and stack counts) Shows raid roles and raid marks on players Shows AFK and DND players Allows casting spells on different mouse button clicks depending on ctrl, alt, shift buttons (configurable) Shows...

Tidy Plates: BlizzardPlates

Oct 27, 2015 Release
BlizzardPlates BlizzardPlates is Blizzard´s default plates alike theme for Tidy Plates, for players who likes WOW´s default´s UI style plates plus Tidy Plates functionality. Blends in well with most addons and it´s fully compatible (work in progress) with Tidy Plates Hub!! Configuration BlizzardPlates won´t work if Tidy Plates is not installed. All settings must be changed on Tidy Pltes Hub. Troubleshoot Please report any bugs or issues with BlizzardPlates on the comments below. Thank you all.


Oct 21, 2015 Release
Tired of having 5 plugins for Grid to add extra indicators and still not have them exactly how you want? GridIndicatorsDynamic adds an option menu to the Grid menu where you can create all the indicators you need and configure them separately by changing their positions, sizes, ... Supports text indicators, icons with cooldown frame, and the simple colored boxes.
Frame Width Options


Oct 18, 2015 Release
GridResizeFrames A simple layout for grid that allows the user to define set frame widths/heights based on the number of raid groups being shown. Many people (myself included) have UIs that provide a finite or limited space for Grid's raid frames. If you're like me, you've setup Grid to occupy that space perfectly for a specific raid size (25m or LFR for example) but run into the issue of Grid overlapping onto other UI elements when doing world bosses. I wrote this specifically to address...


Oct 17, 2015 Release
Super UI Minimalistic UI. /xp FOR A VISIBLE XP BAR Working on the screenresolution + minimap settings button to ease the access. Maybe i will work on displaying the pvp currency at the bag(like last expansion), depending on how much free time i have... Features: -Bigger Enemy Castbar+Timer, relocated the Targets Castbar above the Enemy Frame -Bigger focusframe Castbar -Casttimer below Castbar, slightly bigger castbar -Hides not necessarily needed stuff like the action bar numbers(unbind...

Grid Home Party

Oct 13, 2015 Planning
Adds a new status to Grid for marking your home party. The home party is the group that you form on your realm before being queued into a dungeon or battleground. Created primarily because I wanted to flag the people I queued with in a battleground so they stood out for healing.
Raid #6


Oct 08, 2015 Release
VuhDo release v3.70 with support for Warlords of Draenor patch 6.2! To get started read the updated quick start guide over at Icy-Veins. Keep those feature requests and bug reports coming! Please file CurseForge tickets to report any bugs or to make feature requests. What is VuhDo? – VuhDo is a raid monitor similar to CTRaidAssist or Blizzards built-in raid frames. Basically this is about displaying the health of raid members in form of clearly arranged bars. VuhDo is primarily directed to...
Raid frame


Oct 06, 2015 Beta
Show Priest Aoe (Prayer of Healing, Circle of Healing) and Divine Aegis Icons on Blizzard Raid Frames. Many people like me would prefer using Blizzard raid frame than others for its simplicity and low resource consumption. This addons shows the following icons on Blizzard Raid Frame: Best Prayer of Healing target and number of raid members that can benefit from PoH cast on that target ( especially useful while Spirit Shell is up) The Icon gets less opacity if your PoH heals more. Best Circle...


Oct 04, 2015 Release
This is the Mists of Pandaria/Warlords of Draenor version of GridStatusRaidDebuff. This addon requires Grid. Note: Make sure to delete the old GridStatusRaidDebuff BEFORE you install this addon, they both use the same directory and saved settings. Adds a status to Grid for debuffs applied by Raid Bosses. Warlords of Draenor Debuff List GridStatusRD_WoD Mists of Pandaria Debuff List GridStatusRD_MoP Cataclysm Raid Debuff List GridStatusRD_Cata Wrath of the Lich King Raid and Burning Crusade...
01 - Raid Tab


Sep 24, 2015 Release
Organizing groups is an important, if sometimes tedious, part of running a raid. This addon helps automate the process. Instead of manually dragging players around in the raid tab, just click a single button to set things up the way you want: Rearrange players so that tanks, melee, ranged, and healers are grouped together. Your priest healers will thank you. Mark tanks and ensure they have assist. Other features: Split your raid into two roughly equal sides for raid encounters that need it....
oUF_Lanerra 1.1 Raid Layout


Sep 14, 2015 Release
Description This addon requires oUF 1.6.5 or greater A simple unit frame addon based off of the oUF core framework. The design and purpose of these unit frames is to allow as much configuration as possible via an attached configuration lua to alter certain settings of the unit frames, while remaining as light on memory usage as possible. It also has a toggle-able 'healer mode' that alters the location of the raid and party frames dependent on whether the "Healer" option has been toggled to...