Mix And Match Styles


Jul 29, 2016 Release
SpartanUI SpartanUI was originally designed to free your screen by moving a majority of the interface elements to the bottom. While that is still the core focus of the primary addon and configuration it has become much more since MoP. Whats new in SpatanUI 4.0 Starting with SpartanUI 4.0.0 SpartanUI has begun to introduce a fully theme-able system giving you multiple looks and styles. Completely modular so that you, the user can use only the pieces you want and give you the complete control...

Z-Perl Unit Frames

Jul 28, 2016 Release
This will be the Warlords of Draenor compatible fork with proper permissions of the X-Perl UnitFrames GPLv3 addon. I tend to maintain this mod in the next expansion, from 2014.10.18. How to transfer your profiles from X-Perl? First of all create a backup from your "WowInstall/Interface" and "WowInstall/Wtf" folders first, just to be safe. Then start the game and enable the main "X-Perl Unitframes" module (Redownload it if you have to), but disable all of it's other modules like this, then log...


Jul 28, 2016 Beta
GridStatusRaidDebuff debuffs for Legion This addon causes Grid to show the non-dispellable debuffs for Legion raid bosses (by default Grid only shows dispellable debuffs). Requires: GridStatusRaidDebuff2 How do I get the Raid Debuff to show up in Grid as the Center Icon? Open Grid Options Select the Indicators tab at the top Select Center Icon on the left Check Raid Debuff (This option is also under Status->Raid Debuff->Center Icon, they both toggle the same setting) If you are having...

Velhari Health Fix

Jul 27, 2016 Release
When Blizzard designed the Tyrant Velhari encounter, they must have thought that limiting player's health percentage instead of reducing the max HP value would be fun. It's not. This addon attempts to adjust health bars values to show health relative to the active Aura of Contempt effect. This is not easy to do cleanly. This addon may break some things until it is more thoroughly tested. Currently tested with Blizzard Unit/Raid Frames, Grid and ElvUI. Known issues - The update can be late if...


Jul 27, 2016 Release
This add-on is coding based on the lib IGAS , so you need download it first. Summary This addon provide a action bar system, a raid panel, an information bar, unit frames and a spell cool down line. This is a demo ui to show how use IGAS lib to make addons, but also a full ui pack. All part can be disabled by rename the folder name(or just delete) in this add-on, all standalone. ActionBar - Action bar system, you can create unlimited action buttons, and please enjoy it's special pop-up bar...
O Item Level v5.8.5

O Item Level (OiLvL)

Jul 27, 2016 Release
Please read the description carefully as it has lot of features. If you find any phrase / word in the addon that need better translation please submit a ticket ( and provide better translation here (Please remember to login your curse account). I would like to thank the following people who help on the translation: Protosama and loahn - frFR, marcocio and DocBerto65 - itIT, kisswow and yuk6196 - koKR, petpu - ruRU, BNSSNB - zhTW,...
Party Bars + Dispellable Debuffs

Quick Heal

Jul 27, 2016 Release
What It Does When enabled, damage taken bars will appear beside each player and party unit frame. These bars increase with the amount of damage a player in the party receives, changing colors from green to yellow to red upon death. When in a raid, damage taken bars will appear beside the name of everyone in the raid for quick and easy monitoring. A range checking option also gives the ability to focus on party and raid members within range. By opening the options menu (/QH2 or assigned...
Atonement Assist in action

Atonement Assist

Jul 26, 2016 Release
Atonement Assist will make it (a lot) easier to track which of your raid or party members have been buffed with atonement when using Blizzards default raid frames. This addon is intended for the new Discipline priest playstyle introduced in Legion. How it works When atonement has been applied to a friendly target and has duration of > 5 seconds a green border will be displayed around the players raid frame. When the player has < 5 seconds left of their atonement buff the border will become...
targetAssist buttons


Jul 26, 2016 Release
targetAssist Anyone else miss MainAssist? targetAssist is my attempt to recreate the basic functionality of that wonderful addon. targetAssist provides unit frames that track tanks and main assists in your party or raid, along with their current targets. You can position the frames by dragging the header bar. Targeting buttons can be arranged above or below the header (see the Appearance section of the configuration options): Right click on the header bar to bring up a context menu that will...
Grid in a 25-player raid


Jul 25, 2016 Release
❴ Bug Reports ❵ ❴ Suggestions ❵ ❴ Comments ❵ What is Grid? Grid is a compact and highly configurable party/raid unit frame addon. The compact grid of units lets you select a group member quickly, while keeping a good overview of the whole group. It shows as much information as possible without overloading you. It allows you to customize what information you see, and how you see it. It works in both party and raid groups, and supports pets and vehicles. Want more features? The Grid core tries...
screenshot 1


Jul 25, 2016 Release
UnitFramesImproved This addon aims to improve upon the standard blizzard unitframes without going beyond the boundaries set by them. Due to this, the addons memory usage is very small as all the hard work to get the unitframes to work is already done by Blizzard, I just improve upon them. Main Featues The Blizzard UnitFrames are extended with the following: Taller healthbar Proper class coloring of the healthbar accoring to player class Better output of text on the statusbars Formats...
Without border

Blizzard Raid Frame - Healer Mana Only

Jul 24, 2016 Release
tl;dr: The addon hides all the power bars except healer's mana bars. Overview Currently, when we use the blizzard raid frames we only have the option of power bars on all players or no players. This leaves us with either a clean and pretty version where we can only see the health bars, or a chaotic one where we see all the power bars for every player rush up and down. However, unfortunately if we use the clean version we have no idea if or when our healers will run out of mana. This addon...


Jul 24, 2016 Release
Grid plugin to show who was healed by your multi-target healing spells. Zeigt auf Grid die durch Eure Heilungszauber der mehrerer Ziele geheilt wurde. Mostrar en Grid que fue sanada por tus hechizos de curación de múltiples objetivos. Afficher dans Grid à ceux qui vie rendus par vos sorts de soins de multiples cibles. Mostrare sulla Grid che è stato curato dalle tue incantesimi curative di multipli obiettivi. Mostrar no Grid que foi curado por seu feitiços de cura de múltiplos alvos....


Jul 23, 2016 Release
EDIT Since v2.0 this addon no longer uses the default Raid UI, the reason is simple, it's not useable anymore since wow client 4.3.1. we had no way to maintain a raid frame in the secure way while itself wasn't entirely written in secure codes. So I decided to create my own buttons instead, this offers more flexibility and combat safety, at least the UI no longer mess up when ppl join/leave your raid during combat. So you may treat the old description below as a history, just to show the...


Jul 22, 2016 Release
What does BigDebuffs do? BigDebuffs is an extremely lightweight addon that hooks the Blizzard raid frames to increase the debuff size of crowd control effects. Additionally, it replaces unit frame portraits with debuff durations when important debuffs are present. Features Anchor Anchor BigDebuffs to the inner (default), left, or right of the raid frames. Increase Maximum Buffs Sets the maximum buffs displayed to 6. Scale Set the scale of the various types of debuffs. Special Debuffs Always...

Tidy Plates: ClassicPlates

Jul 22, 2016 Release
NOTE Tidy Plates only working version today (kind of) is 6.18.Beta1 and more info about it can be found at Tidy Plates official forum. To all of us who uses Curse Client you must enable alpha downloads or download and install manually. ClassicPlates Simple name plates theme for Tidy Plates using both elite and normal frame graphics from player and target frames for those who enjoy original graphics or simplicity. Blends in well with most addons and it´s fully compatible with Tidy Plates Hub!!...
Solo Player Mode with Player/Target HUD


Jul 22, 2016 Release
nUI is a user interface replacement for World of Warcraft. It is 100% standalone code designed to feel like Bliz meant the UI to look this way. nUI removes a ton of clutter from the display, provides detailed targeting information, an integrated HUD, cooldowns and more all in one tightly integrated single-source addon that requires no user configuration. This is *not* an addon pack. It is a single, custom, hand-coded addon. Please note: nUI is user supported software. It relies on your...
Users' WIP

Stuf Unit Frames

Jul 21, 2016 Release
WoWI's Pick of a Week YouTube Intro YouTube Starter Guide Users' UI with Stuf Stuf is a replacement to StellarUF. Stuf has the same initial layout and feel of StellarUF, but Stuf is highly customizable. Do not expect much since this mod's purpose is to replace the Blizzard's main unit frames, not other unit frame mods. I'll most likely deny requests to copy random features. Noteworthy Recent Additions: New for 3.3: LFG role icons and boss frames Option to only show custom text on mouse-over...
Log window

Broker: Raid Finder

Jul 21, 2016 Release
Broker: Raid Finder – A broker addon that monitors trade and lfg channels in major cities for raid offers. Supports remote search through friends and guild mates. Features – Monitor General, Trade and LookingForGroup channels in major cities for raid offers. Remote search. With activated addon communication option guild mates, mutual friends and battlenet friends using this addon will monitor city channels for you while you are out of town and inform you about the results. Cross-character...


Jul 21, 2016 Release
RAID STYLE UNIT FRAMES in ARENA ENEMY AND PARTY FRAME GROUPS POKEMON NAMES for RUSSIAN TARGET CALLING Supports Warlords of Draenor v7.0.3 Download MrTarget for BATTLEGROUNDS Check out the addon in action at SEND BUGS or FEATURE REQUESTS TO OR [email protected] Right-click drag to MOVE (only while options panel is open) Unit frame orientation is automatic based on screen position Objectives...