Raid #6


Aug 26, 2014 Release
If you enjoy using VuhDo please consider a small donation for Iza. (use the Donate button on the project page) Warlords of Draenor alpha versions can be found on the curseforge page. Discussion: Here's the ultimate setup walkthrough (Thank you, Zohar): Collection of guides and tutorials (Thank you, Zohar):...
Frame Width Options


Aug 22, 2014 Release
GridResizeFrames A simple layout for grid that allows the user to define set frame widths based on the number of raid groups being shown. Many people (myself included) have UIs that provide a finite or limited space for Grid's raid frames. If you're like me, you've setup Grid to occupy that space perfectly for a specific raid size (25m or LFR for example) but run into the issue of Grid overlapping onto other UI elements when doing world bosses. I wrote this specifically to address that...


Aug 21, 2014 Release
SkyUI UI Replacement for ActionBars and Player Frames Version 1.1.2 Description I created this addon for personal use, a couple years ago, because I wanted something that fit my own playstyle. I didn't want it clogging up my screen space and I didn't want it loaded with 8 thousand features. Just the ones I wanted personally. It's inspired by SpartanUI and IceHud, both to limited extent. I want to share this with the public but alas I'm no genius lua programmer and I'm not the greatest artist...
Solo Mode Screenshot


Aug 19, 2014 Release
Healer raid frames by Orlan@Azuregos (Орлан@Азурегос). For healers only Shows frames for each raid or group member and their pets Shows health, absorbtion shields and mana Shows incoming heals and your incoming heals Shows color coded range to players and pets Shows important buffs and debuffs (and stack counts) Shows raid roles and raid marks on players Shows AFK and DND players Allows casting spells on different mouse button clicks depending on ctrl, alt, shift buttons (configurable) Shows...


Aug 18, 2014 Release
Grid plugin to show who was healed by your multi-target healing spells. Zeigt auf Grid die durch Eure Heilungszauber der mehrerer Ziele geheilt wurde. Muestra en Grid que fue sanada por tus hechizos de curación de múltiples objetivos. Afficher dans Grid à ceux qui vie rendus par vos sorts de soins de multiples cibles. Mostra sulla Grid che è stato curato dalle tue incantesimi curative di multipli obiettivi. Mostra no Grid que foi curado por seu feitiços de cura de múltiplos alvos. Показывает...
Unit Frames


Aug 08, 2014 Planning
Features: This addon is VERY lightweight, and should increase FPS, rather than decrease. This simplifies the default UI and makes it more fluent and coherent. It is the little things about WoW that often go unnoticed. If this addon was written correctly, it should go on unnoticed! Why have Blizzard yelling at you when you're spamming a spell? Why must we read 140,000/140,000 health, when we can just read 140k? Do we REALLY need to know that a person is PVP flagged in arena?? Do you really...


Aug 03, 2014 Release
WoD BETA Ready for WoD BETA tests. Feel free to report any issues in the comments. Thank you for testing! You can download the BETA in the 'Other Downloads' section Please do not report LUA errors from other add ons Please do not report any WoD Beta problems. I can not help you with these problems. I do not work for Blizzard. If you use this BETA with a 5.4 client version you'll have a lot of problems Addon Simple addon which displays a bar with all raid icons and simplifies the positioning...
Healing bars2

Random Healing Addon

Jul 27, 2014 Release
No Longer Supported This is yet another Healing frame addon, the bars are designed to change colour depending on what is needed for a particular debuff. Mouse buttons can be assigned in interface->addons->randomaddon->buttons (just stick the spell name in next to the button combo, or "target" or "focus" or macro name To move the frame there's an invisible frame surrounding the top 3 buttons, just drag it around. Blue bar means watch/be careful (for twin consorts it indicates the Beast of...
Master looter GUI - 0.3.5-beta


Jul 18, 2014 Release
EPGP Lootmaster EPGP Lootmaster provides a nice GUI for distributing loot and GP to the raid. It sends a popup and a message to all raid members with the question wether they want the loot or not and sends this response to the master looter. The ML gets a nice list of every raider's choices sorted by EP/GP (more info on EPGP here). Translators wanted! We're currently looking for translators, please visit curseforge if you're interested in helping out. Whisper system This mod nolonger requires...


Jul 15, 2014 Release
What does BigDebuffs do? BigDebuffs is an extremely lightweight addon that hooks the Blizzard raid frames to increase the debuff size of crowd control effects. It also increases the priority of the following debuffs to make sure they always remain visible: Soul Reaper Unstable Affliction Vampiric Touch Devouring Plague Faerie Fire
oUF_Lanerra 1.1 Raid Layout


Jul 12, 2014 Release
Description This addon requires oUF 1.6.5 or greater A simple unit frame addon based off of the oUF core framework. The design and purpose of these unit frames is to allow as much configuration as possible via an attached configuration lua to alter certain settings of the unit frames, while remaining as light on memory usage as possible. It also has a toggle-able 'healer mode' that alters the location of the raid and party frames dependent on whether the "Healer" option has been toggled to...


Jul 04, 2014 Release
GridStatusTwistOfFate Show when a heal on a Grid unit will trigger a priest's Twist of Fate buff. This addon adds a new status to Grid called "Twist of Fate-able". It will trigger when a Grid unit falls below Twist of Fates health threshold, 35%. (Healing that unit will grant you the Twist of Fate buff.) Details Find the options for this addon under the Status tab, then Health group, then Twist of Fate-able entry. This status supports corner, icon and text indicators. Why care about Twist of...
AggroNotifier's Built-in Visual System


Jun 19, 2014 Release
OVERVIEW AggroNotifier is a simple and flexible visual and audio aggro notification system with optional integration support for the Scrolling Combat Text (SCT) and Mik's Scrolling Battle Text (MSBT) addons. Whenever AggroNotifier detects that you have gained aggro it will display customizable text on the screen so that you instantly know when badness is heading your way, and it will optionally play a sound. When AggroNotifier detects that you have lost all known aggro it will display the...


Jun 11, 2014 Release
TargetCharms allows you to place a floating frame for easy and quick access to assigning charms/raid icons to targets. The series of buttons are highly customizable. The user can display charms/raid icons in whatever arrangement and order you desire, as well as change the frame's opacity, location, and size. A movable "Ready Check" button and world markers/flare menu makes it great for raid leaders! To move icons or "Ready Check" button, right-click and drag them. They must be set to...
Mouseover Out of Range Pointer

Mouseover Out of Range Pointer

May 28, 2014 Release
When you mouseover a unit frame, if the player is nearby but out of range, an arrow will appear beside the mouse pointing towards them. Note that "mouseover" is a valid unit only in the general area. It won't point towards someone in another part of the zone. It will work with any raid frames. Special thanks to Javonthalas for help with the trigonometry!


May 23, 2014 Inactive
Bens_factioncalendaria is a addon to make it possible to invite friends over servers ( and realms :) ) to and event. ONLY HORDE !!! OR ONLY ALLIANCE !!! you can later copy a event or make it every weak :) you can later invite the persons you can later see who is accepting or reject it
1.0.1 in action


May 21, 2014 Release
GridStatusItemLevel is a status indicator for Grid that conveniently calculates and displays your party/raid's individual item levels in Grid. This addon has been tested extensively using GridIndicatorBorderTexts but should work fine with any Grid indicator that displays strings. Interop GridStatusItemLevel has been tested alongside Simple iLevel to ensure there is no interference with other addons that make use of the inspection API. Known issues/bugs/shortcomings Party/raid members other...
Half filled absorption bar


May 18, 2014 Release
This addon to the Shadowed Unit frames addon is a simple overwrite of the absorption bar. The overwrite stops the absorption bar from extending beyond the unit frames, and instead creates a secondary health bar in the lower third of the hp bar which represents the absorption level. The overwrite is designed to give healers a detailed view of raid members absorption level on fights like Malkorok and may be of use to discipline priests in general. At this the overwrite doesn't provide any...
Options Menu v0.7


Apr 28, 2014 Release
Hides the Blizzard Raid Frames (This also disables Raid-Style Party Frames) Slash Commands: /hr, /hideraid Tickets (Bugs / Errors / Feature Requests) FAQ Just give me a macro for toggling the Raid Frames, I don't want to use your addon. /run local f = IsAddOnLoaded("Blizzard_CompactRaidFrames") and DisableAddOn or EnableAddOn for _, v in pairs({"Blizzard_CompactRaidFrames", "Blizzard_CUFProfiles"}) do f(v) end ReloadUI()


Apr 18, 2014 Release
HideParty HideParty allows a user to hide various parts of the default WoW user interface. Main Page The main page for HideParty on Curse. Development Page The development page for HideParty on CurseForge. Addon Usage HideParty has an interface options menu. Type /hp options to open the options menu.