Sep 14, 2012 Beta
Simple add-on that provides 1-click functionality to various raid commands/functions. What RaidEasy *won't* do: Make you a better raider Make you a better lover Make your lover a better raider Better your understanding of Thermal Dynamics, Quantum Physics, or why someone in your house keeps putting the milk carton back in the fridge with less than a swallow of milk left. What RaidEasy *will* do: Convert to Raid/Convert to Party Ready Check Role Check Give Assistant to Tanks Give Assistant to...


Sep 11, 2012 Inactive
TargetCharms allows you to place a floating frame for easy and quick access to assigning charms/raid icons to targets. The series of buttons are highly customizable. The user can display charms/raid icons in whatever arrangement and order you desire, as well as change the frame's opacity, location, and size. A movable "Ready Check" button and world markers/flare menu makes it great for raid leaders! To move icons or "Ready Check" button, right-click and drag them. They must be set to...
UnifiedTankFrames Example


Sep 08, 2012 Release
Shows a list of tank frames combined from Blizzard, oRA3, oRA2 and CTRA. No matter in what way tanks are set, you will see them! Introduction Did you ever face the problem in a raid, that the leader sets maintank targets and some people still telling "i can't see maintanks"? Mostly this is caused by the use of different sources to set maintanks. By now the raid leader could have set the tanks with the Blizzard raid interface, oRA3, oRA2 or CT_Raidassist. It's even possible to not use...

On Your Mark

Sep 08, 2012 Inactive
On Your Mark is primarily for raid leaders who need to assign players to groups for positioning, roles or anything else that comes up. Using On Your Mark you can drag and drop players into columns based on the eight raid markers, and then click a button to announce the configuration to the raid. Other features include: save and restore multiple configurations add a label to each column that will be announced as well (eg. "Stables") "test" mode - so you can play around with it when you're not...

Blizzard Raid Frame Hider

Sep 06, 2012 Inactive
This addon attempts to hide the blizzard raid frame and the silver pop-out menu. There is no in-game toggle, There are no /commands. There is also No UI at all. It Might also hide the silver pop-out menu in party's as well, but this is untested. if it fails to hide the raid frame or the silver bar, please try /reloading. usually works for me.


Sep 05, 2012 Inactive
Small addon to disable the default raid frames


Aug 30, 2012 Inactive
This addon will show all Raid-IDs and Lockouts in a new frame, that is much bigger than the standard frame. You can see all IDs in just one frame. Also extends the standard frame to show the maximum of seven IDs at the same time. You can copy the ID for writing GM tickets. You can use /ri or /rie to show the new window, or just use the 'blizzard way' via the social frame.


Aug 30, 2012 Inactive
RPT_Core needs a seperate download I have removed RPT_Core from this addon since I am going to use it for an other addon aswell. Please download RPT_Core, if you try to run RPT_Raidframes without RPT_Core it will remind you to download it. RPT_Raidframes This addon is designed to track healing buffs and debuff on the raidframes. Because my main is a Druid healer its mainly focused for druid healers who wants to track all their hots on all raid targets. This addon also got support for...
Unit Frames

Burlex: Unit Frames

Aug 29, 2012 Inactive
Warcraft & Microsoft DirectX I see huge portraits ? why do i see this ? Well.. u are using an older DirectX by microsoft Blizzard is aware of these bugs and are working on a patch for it. Description oUF 1.5.x dependencies It is required that you have this addon updated at all times to make everything work as it should. You can download oUF by clicking on the link located below: oUF Download Information After a non-stop week without sleep i finally am satisfied with Burlex Unit Frames Frames...


Aug 29, 2012 Inactive
JustTankFrames is an tank frame addon (you guessed it). It doesn't rely on Ora2 or Ora3 at all so it's lightweight and very simple to setup. You can have up to 6 tanks/Main assist, with their targets and target of target. Each hp bar will be colored according to class/status with an emphasis if your target is the same as the bar owner. Theses tank frames should automatically updates themselves upon joining a raid in which raid leader/officers are using it. Option panel from Interface -...


Aug 17, 2012 Inactive
RollChecker by Heartice/Kursion/Yves Lange ** ENGLISH ** "/rc" - to see the help message. HOWTO USE THE ADDON ? 1) type the command: "/rc show" 2) Click on "START ROLL" to send a chat message and to start the logging of /random. 3) After everyone has rolled click "STOP ROLL". HOW TO CHANGE CHANNEL ? Type: "rc chat [CHAT]" and replace [CHAT] by a valid channel. Valide chat/channel are: guild, groupe, say, raid, rw. Note: rw means raid-warning. TRICKY If you have the loot windows opened, it...
Debuff Fixer

Show all Debufs Fixer

Aug 11, 2012 Inactive
Basically runs a script every time you log in to show all enememy debuffs

Remove Bar Caps (Griffons)

Aug 06, 2012 Inactive
A stand alone addon which removes the Griffons from action your bars. - No Overheads - No Clutter - No Errors - Simple - Effective
Yorsahj Screenshot

Yor'sahj Customisable RaidWarnings

Aug 04, 2012 Inactive
Use the in-game GUI to customise how to handle the Yor'sahj Encounter on all three difficulties in the Dragon Soul raid. For each difficulty you can select which ooze to kill, then add up to three additional lines of text for all possible combinations that detail how to proceed once the ooze of your choice has been killed. You can announce all of this in any or all of /say, /yell, /party, /raid and /raidwarning. No need to reload your UI or exit the game; this will automatically update as...


Aug 02, 2012 Inactive
NeïyaUI 6.1: Old: Update pour 5.0.5 Qualité de screenshot '10' automatique afin de sécurisé les screenshots > Plus d'informations Necessaire : Télécharger Tukui NeîyaUI 6.1: Old: Update for 5.0.5 Screenshot Quality '10' automatic for secure Screenshots > Read more Needed: Download Tukui


Jul 22, 2012 Inactive
BobsToolbox The goal of BobsToolbox is to combines all the really great and needed addons into one very efficient addon. It has everything from unit frames, group frame and even a loot frame. The great news is that each options can be enabled or disabled. This allows you to use the group frame without having to used the loot frame. You can disabled any feature that you may have another addon that fills that role. Requirements BobsToolbox requires the installation of the ACE3 library....


Jul 12, 2012 Planning
This UI frame features a customizable border, Special targeting, and plenty more Unique features, This UI is extremely customizable, i want you to be able to make this game fun to you in a way of being able to move everything so that its right where you want it to be. ---------------------------- Features: Border: Customizable colors, patterns, and you can even put in your own pictures to spice it up to your liking! (Inappropriate Pictures will not be able to be used) Special Targeting:...


Apr 02, 2012 Inactive
Lets you move groups around while in combat and have them updated when combat ends. Helpful for setting groups up while pulling trash.


Mar 31, 2012 Inactive
This is a simple addon to save a group setup before entering a BG so that once in the BG you can instantly set the groups. /rs save is used to save the setup /rs set is used to set the groups Soon i will update it to save groups offline to make it usable for PvE To install the addon simply extract the file into the interface\addons\ folder in your wow directory
Addon Preview


Mar 27, 2012 Inactive
Ever find yourself inviting a stranger instead of inspecting them? This simple addon changes the order that 'Inspect' is displayed on unit dropdown menus for players making this mistake a thing of the past! No configuration needed simply install and enjoy!