Unit Frames

Burlex: Unit Frames

Aug 29, 2012 Inactive
Warcraft & Microsoft DirectX I see huge portraits ? why do i see this ? Well.. u are using an older DirectX by microsoft Blizzard is aware of these bugs and are working on a patch for it. Description oUF 1.5.x dependencies It is required that you have this addon updated at all times to make everything work as it should. You can download oUF by clicking on the link located below: oUF Download Information After a non-stop week without sleep i finally am satisfied with Burlex Unit Frames Frames...


Aug 29, 2012 Inactive
JustTankFrames is an tank frame addon (you guessed it). It doesn't rely on Ora2 or Ora3 at all so it's lightweight and very simple to setup. You can have up to 6 tanks/Main assist, with their targets and target of target. Each hp bar will be colored according to class/status with an emphasis if your target is the same as the bar owner. Theses tank frames should automatically updates themselves upon joining a raid in which raid leader/officers are using it. Option panel from Interface -...


Aug 17, 2012 Inactive
RollChecker by Heartice/Kursion/Yves Lange ** ENGLISH ** "/rc" - to see the help message. HOWTO USE THE ADDON ? 1) type the command: "/rc show" 2) Click on "START ROLL" to send a chat message and to start the logging of /random. 3) After everyone has rolled click "STOP ROLL". HOW TO CHANGE CHANNEL ? Type: "rc chat [CHAT]" and replace [CHAT] by a valid channel. Valide chat/channel are: guild, groupe, say, raid, rw. Note: rw means raid-warning. TRICKY If you have the loot windows opened, it...

Remove Bar Caps (Griffons)

Aug 06, 2012 Inactive
A stand alone addon which removes the Griffons from action your bars. - No Overheads - No Clutter - No Errors - Simple - Effective
Yorsahj Screenshot

Yor'sahj Customisable RaidWarnings

Aug 04, 2012 Inactive
Use the in-game GUI to customise how to handle the Yor'sahj Encounter on all three difficulties in the Dragon Soul raid. For each difficulty you can select which ooze to kill, then add up to three additional lines of text for all possible combinations that detail how to proceed once the ooze of your choice has been killed. You can announce all of this in any or all of /say, /yell, /party, /raid and /raidwarning. No need to reload your UI or exit the game; this will automatically update as...


Jul 22, 2012 Inactive
BobsToolbox The goal of BobsToolbox is to combines all the really great and needed addons into one very efficient addon. It has everything from unit frames, group frame and even a loot frame. The great news is that each options can be enabled or disabled. This allows you to use the group frame without having to used the loot frame. You can disabled any feature that you may have another addon that fills that role. Requirements BobsToolbox requires the installation of the ACE3 library....


Jul 12, 2012 Planning
This UI frame features a customizable border, Special targeting, and plenty more Unique features, This UI is extremely customizable, i want you to be able to make this game fun to you in a way of being able to move everything so that its right where you want it to be. ---------------------------- Features: Border: Customizable colors, patterns, and you can even put in your own pictures to spice it up to your liking! (Inappropriate Pictures will not be able to be used) Special Targeting:...


Apr 02, 2012 Inactive
Lets you move groups around while in combat and have them updated when combat ends. Helpful for setting groups up while pulling trash.


Mar 31, 2012 Inactive
This is a simple addon to save a group setup before entering a BG so that once in the BG you can instantly set the groups. /rs save is used to save the setup /rs set is used to set the groups Soon i will update it to save groups offline to make it usable for PvE To install the addon simply extract the file into the interface\addons\ folder in your wow directory
Addon Preview


Mar 27, 2012 Inactive
Ever find yourself inviting a stranger instead of inspecting them? This simple addon changes the order that 'Inspect' is displayed on unit dropdown menus for players making this mistake a thing of the past! No configuration needed simply install and enjoy!
10man horizontal unlocked

Zon'ozz Easy Dispel

Mar 10, 2012 Inactive
This addon provides you with micro 10man or 25man raid frames. They'll pop up when engaging Warlord Zon'ozz. If one player is afflicted by Disrupting Shadows, the respective frame turns red. It turns green, when this player is 10y away from any other player and has more than 65k(10man)/75k(25man) health. => dispel Otherwise, it remains red => don't dispel For all healing classes Left-clicking one of those frames, dispels the respective raidmember. For all non-healing classes Clicking those...

Name Change Scripts

Feb 24, 2012 Inactive
WHAT DOES THIS ADDON DO? This addon allows you to essentially "change" or hide your name on your screen only. The addon will also change your party members names to their respective class names on all unit frames/tooltips/scoreboards. Where does it change your name? Unit Frames Player Frame Target Frame Target's Target Frame Focus Frame Focus' Target Frame Tooltips Default Tooltips Guild (Changed to 2nd edit, see below for info on configuring this addon) Scoreboard Your Name Partners Names...


Feb 07, 2012 Inactive
A simple text status indicator for remaining absorb value of Searing Plasma for the Spine of Deathwing encounter.
Entering a group

Auto role setter

Feb 02, 2012 Inactive
This very light-weight addon checks your current talent specialization and sets your role accordingly when you enter a party/raid/battleground. For some classes it checks deeper into their spec to see if they are tanks or DPSers (for example the feral druid). It is useful especially in battlegrounds where people like to let others know they heal or tank.

Guild Manage

Jan 23, 2012 Planning
This addon will provide guild leaders with information that will assist in maintainin a guild. Information includes: Displaying a list of each members characters and their alts together, grouping members for raids based on gear needs for a better chance of drops. Keeping track of each members contribution to the guild through activities such as, depositing gold/ore/herbs into the guild bank, running 5 mans in a guild group, running raids in a guild group, gaining guild XP in other ways. This...
DS ExtraActionButton: Other Position

Dragon Soul ExtraActionButton

Jan 22, 2012 Inactive
A simple addon automatically making the new ExtraActionButton used in two Dragon Soul boss encounters movable by mouse dragging, even during the fight. ------------------------------ A short menu with more options, including a few to make the button easier to click, is also provided, shown by using the command /eab help. Available settings: /eab lock - Locks the button, making it unmovable again. Use when you are happy with the position. /eab unlock - Unlocks the button. Use it to move it...

Never Show Markers [NSM]

Dec 30, 2011 Inactive
This simple add-on removes the panel of Raid/Party marker from your UI. Compatible 100% with 4.3 patch V1.12 By Sylor of Hakkar [EU]
nUI Textless HUD Sample

nUI - Textless HUD Plugin

Dec 11, 2011 Inactive
This plugin modified the default HUD model to remove all text from the HUD leaving only the bars and aura icons. How you can help support nUI's continued development: I am currently trying to recover from 14 months of unemployment and with over $20,000 in debt (unpaid mortgage payments, loans, etc.), every penny makes a serious difference. Your contribution of $5, $10, $20 or more to support the ongoing development of nUI would be greatly appreciated. Please visit <a...
Dual-Stats Plugin Screen Shot

nUI -- Dual Stats (Merged Omen3/Recount info panel)

Dec 11, 2011 Inactive
In the default nUI distribution package, Recount and Omen3 are integrated into the information panel (right end of the dashboard) as separate pages within the panel and the player must choose one view or the other. This optional plug-in combines Omen3 and Recount (Preservation) into a single information panel page which displays Omen3 and Recount side by side. How you can help support nUI's continued development: I am currently trying to recover from 14 months of unemployment and with over...
Modified player, player pet and target aura bars

nUI -- Aura Buttons

Dec 11, 2011 Inactive
By default, nUI arranges the player, player pet and target auras into three grids above the dashboard with the player and target to the left and right of center and the pleyer's pet on the far left. The default auras display semi-large square icons with stack counts overlapping the aura icon and the cooldown counter displayed below the icon. This optional plugin replaces the default aura arrangement with three tables (see screen capture) placing the player's auras on the far left of the...