Aspiration Raid Monitor

Jan 15, 2010 Planning
Basically it'll have configurable raid frames you can use or not. The Raid leader and/or assistant will need to use them though. As soon as players join the raid, the raid leader and/or assistants will be able to assign one of the following roles role to each member. - Tank (MT or OT's) - Melee DPS - Ranged DPS - Healer (Raid, MT or OT Healer) The Raid leader can also assign tasks to specific players, which they can see when clicking on a button, filtered for them or show all task for the...


Dec 11, 2009 Alpha
Gambit Raid System helps in Raid loot distributuion by calculating a members loot rank based on 4 factors. Attendance score, Bank score, Item Level score, and Items won. It attempts to take the human factor out of loot distrubution by using cold hard statistics to help ML/RL decide. This is the first release of GambitRaidSystem and thus only contains the first piece of the addon which is a Personal Loot tracker. Basically anytime you loot an item it gets stored in a per character DB table....


Oct 01, 2009 Release
PerfectRaid is a whole new look on raid frames, giving you as much information as possible in an easily recognizable format that's easy to place. Show as much or as little as you're interested in, and completely customize using the each options editor. Use /praid to open the configuration GUI. A preliminary frame editor is in game. It can be kind of complex at the moment, but it comes with a nice set of defaults for you to use. Added a pre-made buff dropdown to the buff editor screen Please...