Syla UI screenshot

RDX Syla UI (spartanui rdx edition)

Mar 16, 2013 Inactive
This addon contains a theme that you can load into your RDX. (You can load 1, 2, 3 or more themes into your RDX) You have to install RDX first available here: Installation : Unzip the addon into the folder Interface\AddOns \ Launch the game.
Sitrax UI screenshot

RDX Sitrax UI

Mar 16, 2013 Inactive
This addon contains a theme that you can load into your RDX. (You can load 1, 2, 3 or more themes into your RDX) You have to install RDX first available here: Installation : Unzip the addon into the folder Interface\AddOns \ Launch the game.
Missing Buffs as Windwalker (Monk)


Mar 08, 2013 Inactive
Adds a status to Grid that indicates when players in the group/raid are missing some buffs. Buffs are categorized by their type, so if Mark of the Wild is applied, Blessing of Kings isn't shown as missing. All buff types are pre-configured, so no setup is required! By default only buff groups are shown, that can be cast by the player. You haven't to change the settings if you change your specialization and the same configuration can be used by all classes. You are also able to display the...
Maggz Marker


Mar 07, 2013 Inactive
MaggzMarker V 1.0.7 Addon contains quick access to Raid Markers, World Markers (flares), Has a mini version of the compact raid panel, you can disable seeing the CRF (compact raid frames) entirely or enable them with a /reload upon changing settings. Has an Aggro alert window with an option to play sound when you gain aggro. You can move, resize, stack vertically or horizontally all of the icons from the pictures. Can set transparent backgrounds removing entirely all borders and images for...


Mar 06, 2013 Inactive
LootTrain2 is an add-on that implements an improved Master Looter distribution method to the game for use by guilds. Each member of your raid must have this addon installed. To Use, you must be the Master Looter in a group, party, or raid and have the Loot System set to Master Looter.
SKAuctioneer Player List Management Interface


Feb 06, 2013 Inactive
SKAuctioneer created by Oskar Veileborg (Esaya) for the guild Absolute Zero on Al'Akir EU (Horde). The official development page is: SKAuctioneer @ GitHub SKAuctioneer is a lightweight and 100% open-source AddOn for Suicide Kings(SK) loot distribution management in guilds and raid-teams. Featuring: Simple and solid item auctioning Automatic player suicide SK player list management interface - with alt support Ongoing auction status reports (no stealth auctions/no gambling) Shared AddOn...


Jan 23, 2013 Inactive
Removes the Manager-Bar for the new Blizzard Raid Frames on the left side of your UI
Role Blizzard Icon-Sets


Dec 02, 2012 Inactive
Adds a Role-Status to Grid, that displays the choosen role (rolecheck or LFG/LFR-role) as color or icon. It's recommended to display it through an Icon-Indicator rather then just use a color. This Addon allows you to choose between 4 different sets of Blizzard-Icons for roles. If you also have XPerl installed, an additional set of icons used by XPerl is available. As the default Grid only has one Icon-Indicator (the center Icon) I recommend you another Grid-Plugin GridIndicatorCornerIcons.


Nov 09, 2012 Alpha
Puffin is an experimental unit frame addon. It works well enough for daily use, replacing (for the author anyway) unit frame and raid frame addons in all solo, party and raid activities. However, the author does not recommend that Puffin be used by anyone outside the addon development community and there is no commitment to ongoing development or support. Puffin is based on the model-view-adapter architecture and is primarily an experiment in using this software architecture fairly strictly...

Dungeon Assist

Oct 07, 2012 Inactive
Dungeon Assist is a multifunctional addon focusing on optimising a dungeon or raid team's performance. Currently includes: Display group's current targets Display group's item levels Display group's roles Display who in your group can CC an enemy Based on the abandoned project RaidTargets by Kahai. This addon is currently experimental.

Debuff Tracker

Sep 16, 2012 Inactive
Debuff Tracker This addon tracks debuffs affecting you and your group (raid and party) members. Tracked debuffs are shown as timer bars on an anchored list. The timer bars display information regarding the debuff, namely: Spell icon of debuff (visually on the timer bar), along with debuff name and tooltip information when you mouse-over the timer bar Name of player affected by debuff Number of stacks of the debuff Time remaining until debuff expires You can create multiple anchors to display...


Sep 14, 2012 Beta
Simple add-on that provides 1-click functionality to various raid commands/functions. What RaidEasy *won't* do: Make you a better raider Make you a better lover Make your lover a better raider Better your understanding of Thermal Dynamics, Quantum Physics, or why someone in your house keeps putting the milk carton back in the fridge with less than a swallow of milk left. What RaidEasy *will* do: Convert to Raid/Convert to Party Ready Check Role Check Give Assistant to Tanks Give Assistant to...


Jul 12, 2012 Planning
This UI frame features a customizable border, Special targeting, and plenty more Unique features, This UI is extremely customizable, i want you to be able to make this game fun to you in a way of being able to move everything so that its right where you want it to be. ---------------------------- Features: Border: Customizable colors, patterns, and you can even put in your own pictures to spice it up to your liking! (Inappropriate Pictures will not be able to be used) Special Targeting:...

Guild Manage

Jan 23, 2012 Planning
This addon will provide guild leaders with information that will assist in maintainin a guild. Information includes: Displaying a list of each members characters and their alts together, grouping members for raids based on gear needs for a better chance of drops. Keeping track of each members contribution to the guild through activities such as, depositing gold/ore/herbs into the guild bank, running 5 mans in a guild group, running raids in a guild group, gaining guild XP in other ways. This...


May 19, 2011 Inactive
Health indicator that activates below a configurable health threshold. Very useful on the Chimaeron encounter. Based on code originally by Marco Chomut (Pewpewarrows) While the encounter does include a "Low Health" debuff, I found that it as a slight delay, which makes looking at the actual health faster.


Feb 05, 2011 Inactive
Indicator for Grid that shows current corruption (on Cho'gall) or sound (on Atramedes) as a text or color indicator.


Jan 14, 2011 Inactive
Shows the owner of a pet, supports class color. Add this indicator at a higher priority than unit name to replace pet names with owner names.


Oct 17, 2010 Planning
Special UnitFrames for the guild Draco Sanguis
Have A Nice Day

Have A Nice Day

Aug 01, 2010 Planning
You just waked up and want to play wow? Get Cheered up by a message : Have a nice day :D !!! My addon adds a message window wich tells the following: Have a nice day :D !!! This message will appear when you enter on wow with one of your characters and you need to press a button "ok" to close it! I hope you like my addon!

Aggro Auto-Check

Jul 06, 2010 Planning
An addon that checks who a monster has targeted and if anyone is being attacked. If a you are currently in combat with changes to another player it will notify you, or if a player aggros and gets attacked, you will be told. A HUD will always be displayed and will show aggro.