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Nov 02, 2013 Inactive
UIM:ComboPoints just displays a rogue's combo points. This addon was originally written by Xaroth and published on WOWUI. I'm just maintaining it. He seems to have disappeared, so I had the project transferred to me to update it for WotLK. I'm now publishing it on Curse. Features: Movability: move it wherever you want to show it. Display: tell the mod how you want it to display it, it can display the 5 boxes horizontal, vertical and diagonal, in any of the 8 directions. Colors: each dot is...


Feb 03, 2010 Planning
This addon is to notify you when you can or should use certain abilities. Currently, it is configured for mutilate rogues in PVE. I'm sure it would work fine in PVP also, but it has not been tested for that at this time. Also, I will be implementing use for other abilities that fit into combat rogue and subtlety rogue specs. I plan to eventually branch out into other classes.