Jun 13, 2010 Alpha
DPStats summarizes your DPS on boss encounters and gives you feedback about wether your performance increased or decreased. Will also hold an average number on your DPS. Will start developing soon... figured I might aswell get the project up.


Aug 29, 2010 Planning
DurrScore is an addon that will store fails and broadcast to other people who have the mod what those fails were. Planning to include Boss wipes and clears. Will utilize LibFail


Nov 29, 2014 Inactive
Adds the DKPcost of an item (only equippable items) to the tooltip... With requests I can add different formulas. Can show Full and Half cost atm. Formula is based on DKP-system used in Renovo @ Twisting Nether EU

Defective's Tooltip

Dec 03, 2014 Release
Attaches the tooltip to the cursor or the frame and hides it when mousing over unit frames in combat. Very simple, efficient, and least likely to create conflicts.
DiHook on pet


Feb 28, 2015 Release
DiHook is a very small and simple addon for Warlocks to show missing Dark Intents in your party or raid. This addons hooks into the gametooltip and shows all players with missing Dark Intent in the button tooltip of your Dark Intent. DiHook only scans your party when you mouseover your Dark Intent button. Features: Show all missing Dark Intents in your party or raid in the gametooltip No settings required Small and fast, you won't even notice you loaded an extra addon ;) History: The idea of...


Mar 09, 2015 Beta
A lightweight tooltip that has everything you need. This tooltip includes the following features. Display Target of Target. Display the state of your character when you're either afk, dnd or disconnected. Display the item ID when holding the ctrl modifier. Change the health bar's color based on your current health condition. Change the default background's color to transparent black. How can I change the default position? You can do that by typing /dtt to the chat, then you can use the frame...
DayNight Old MiniMap

DayNight Old MiniMap indicator (vanilla & BC)

Mar 17, 2015 Release
======= DayNight Old Mini Map indicator ======= DayNight shows the original old day/night indicator (removed since 2008) on the minimap calendar button. *** It shows a sun when it's day and a moon when night falls ***