Oct 18, 2010 Inactive
Fixes the mouseover crash on Horsemen event, warsong flag, mage tables, maybe more... But disable every tooltip in the game, revert back included Thanks a lot to whoever found this solution to the mouseover crashes. This work perfectly for me. As my macro bank is full, a simple addon is the simplest way to toggle it on and off, and I'd like to share it /nmc to toggle on/off the tooltips You can create a macro with /nmc to toggle it on/off with a simple click This addon applies this solution :...

Name Change Scripts

Feb 24, 2012 Inactive
WHAT DOES THIS ADDON DO? This addon allows you to essentially "change" or hide your name on your screen only. The addon will also change your party members names to their respective class names on all unit frames/tooltips/scoreboards. Where does it change your name? Unit Frames Player Frame Target Frame Target's Target Frame Focus Frame Focus' Target Frame Tooltips Default Tooltips Guild (Changed to 2nd edit, see below for info on configuring this addon) Scoreboard Your Name Partners Names...