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Pawn works with AtlasLoot


Jan 22, 2015 Release
Pawn calculates scores for items to help you easily find upgrades for your gear. It's completely customizable, and applicable to any class and situation: for example, it can help you decide whether to equip the ring with a higher item level but one stat you don't want (say, strength for shamans), or the ring with the lower item level but all good stats. It's that level of customization that makes it very different from more general mods like GearScore and more specialized mods like...

Profession Assistance

Jan 12, 2015 Release
This is a simple and basic addon that shows milling, prospecting and disenchanting results for your herbs, ores and gear + the required skill level! This simple tooltip "enchanter" provides information for these things! Type /PA, /Profession, /Profession Assistance, /Profession_Assistance to open the option panel! Warlord of Draenor Note: It might occur that information aren't 100% accurate on the new items. I tried my best to get it as accurate as possible from WoWhead. Gathering information...
Prospect Me Tooltip

Prospect Me

Dec 16, 2014 Release
Prospect Me is a simple and lightweight addon that gathers and stores the statistical results of a user's prospecting and milling results and displays that info inside a tooltip. The addon is designed to complement the use of addons like Tekkub's Panda although it is fully functional on it's own. Prospect Me uses ItemID's to gather, store, and display results and so should be functional with any localization. The basic functionality of Prospect Me has been updated to 6.0.3. Note, no new...
Player Frame Coordinates

Player Frame Coordinates

Nov 27, 2014 Release
Simple Script to show your location on the player frame. Can be run via macro, code found here: To see an example of what this looks like check out my Addon Spotlight on youtube

Pokemon Trainer: The Pet Battle Mod

Oct 26, 2014 Release
Pokemon Trainer: The Pet Battle Mod Pokemon Trainer (PT) was the very first pet battle related addon for World of Warcraft on Curse and is your individual combat helper when it comes to pet battles. It is completely overhauled and rewritten. Choose between the next-generation or the old combat display and start duelling until your keyboard catchs fire. Main features (during pet battles) Choose between two combat displays Displays pets rarity, level difficulties, speed indicators Displays both...
Priority List

Priority List

Oct 25, 2014 Release
* remember to uncheck "Simple Mode" in the options if you are an officer and you want to manage the wish lists * Priority List is a simple addon created for officers that follow a wish-list based loot-giving system, to easily track who's the next character eligible for a raid drop to assign, directly in the loot's tooltip. Type /prioritylist or /pl to open the addon's options frame - Priority List can be set in "Simple Mode" or not within the options: Simple Mode means you are a raider and...

Piece of Justice

Oct 18, 2014 Release
Piece of Justice is a general addon for World of Warcraft. It provides several little features to make your life in the World of Warcraft a bit easier. Every single feature can be turned on/off for it's own. General: - show online friends/guild members when logging in - auto message to group when setting hearthstone - notify/autograt when a group member levels up - auto set the reputation bar's faction group when gaining reputation - directing some popups to the chat window (like not...
Some tooltips.


Oct 16, 2014 Release
Simple tooltip modifications. Border is colored by item type/quality, NPC reaction, or player hostility/class Player names and classes are colored by dead/tapped/class Hostile NPC and player levels are colored by difficulty Target names are added to unit tooltips Health bar is moved inside the tooltip Icons are added for raid targets and linked items, spells, and achievements PvP status moved from its own space-wasting line to the level/class line for hostile players, hidden for friendlies...

Player Frame Removal

Oct 15, 2014 Release
Player Frame Removal is a simple addon that allows you to toggle the visibility of the default player & target frames. Access PFR's options by: /pfr or /playerframeremoval /pfr status - Displays visibility status of player and target frames /pfr togglepf - Toggles player frame visibility /pfr toggletf - Toggles target frame visibility Visibility preference is saved between sessions on a per character basis.

Psi Item Tooltips

Jul 04, 2014 Alpha
Reorganises item tooltips. In particular, condenses some labels into fewer lines and makes secondary stats show as +Whatever instead of Equip: line. The whole thing is probably buggy in a lot of corner cases that I have not experienced myself, and I know that recipes are screwed up and that it interferes with other addons like arkinventory appending messages to the end of the tooltip. Oh, well. Some examples (new/old): Shorten secondary stats into +Stat, but keep them green. Collapse a bunch...


Oct 14, 2013 Inactive
Powful DPS Addons which integrate most optimized rotations for every supported spell of all classes. these Addons suggest you the next spell which bases on energy, buffs, debuffs, cooldowns, casting status, moving status, range , the rationship of each spell and so on. The addons's description presents you all classes dps theories, rotations and priorities. Currently the HunterDPS and MageDPS will be the powest, HunterDPS can even predict future 2-5 spells in sequence in order to use power...
Broker Tooltip


Sep 12, 2013 Inactive
ProfessionALT Allows you to list your Alternate characters' Profession Links to people, channels, or your guild without having to switch to them. Features Data Broker tooltip for showing and linking professions. Floating Link Box for showing and linking professions. AutoRespond to profession list requests. Localization Help With Translations
Summary Tab


May 23, 2013 Inactive
PlayerScore Overview PlayerScore is the next evolution of GearScore® and aims at providing a utility infinitely more useful then just the score of a player's equipment. PlayerScore provides raid leaders with a wealth of instant knowledge such as Complete Raiding History - Allows you to view an easy to read breakdown of a player's raiding history including every boss kill and current top-tier raiding progression. Equipment Layout - Well designed layout allows you to manually check a player's...


Apr 28, 2013 Inactive
Adds simple player tooltip about WoW Pet Battle Player Rating for Pet Battle Leagues (Hegemony@Senjin-EU)
Minimap Tracking


Sep 27, 2012 Inactive
What's this? PetCaught is a very simple addon that appends a "Caught" or "Not Caught" note to the tooltips of any wild battle pets you may encounter. The goal is to help you catch 'em all more easily, removing the need to check the pet journal to determine if you've already captured a certain pet. The addon will add the note to both world tooltips as well as minimap tracking tooltips. In addition, it will note the quality of your captured pet (for example, Poor, or Uncommon) so that you can...

Player Stats

Jun 15, 2012 Planning
This addon will allow you to view your player over a length of time, such as differences in intellect/spell power/stamina ect. It will also allow you to view your current item level (not the default UI item level), any changes you can make using stats you prefer, as well as gems and enchants in order to optimize your character. It will also track raid performance over a period of time for viewing if you are trying out a new spec or using different stats. If using the tooltip feature the...


Jan 07, 2011 Planning
Profession Trainer Profession Trainer is a add-on that integrates itself with your choosen professions, tooltips, and your bank. It provides a easy to use interface that tells you exactly what you need to craft the items to level your profession the quickest, it will put a note in the tooltip of an item you will need if you happen across it in the world. It will also search the auction house if you choose to find materials as well as give you a price. Every Profession will be supported.


Jun 01, 2010 Planning
Simple addon - modifies the tooltips displayed when mousing over on a target to include short notes you have left for yourself - like "Wants to hit OS3D", or "Secret member of the Illidari" or whatnot. Notes are added via the right-click menu - select "Add Plotnote" and then enter a very brief note (150 characters maximum).
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