Dec 09, 2012 Inactive
What is ZoneMapHelper? Just a small AddOn to change the scaling of the Zone Map, aka BattlefieldMinimap. Control is found in the Interface->Addons dialog under Zone Map Helper.
Zonide's Scouter 1.4.3

Zonide's Scouter

Jun 20, 2014 Inactive
Zonide's Scouter Version: 1.4.3 (Zonide) URL: "What is this addon for?" - Short plain English version: Easy-Mode Buff/Cooldown Tracking. Summary: Simple addon that monitors tracked buff and trinket procs (and their cool downs and ICDs) and makes their current uptime (or cooldown) easy to see by putting it in a heads up display that resembles spell bars. You add buffs or trinket procs by name or by spell id in the spell editing window; Or by using Auto Spell Detect. Slash...

Zug Zug Guild Money

Oct 15, 2014 Release
Zug Zug Guild Money displays the money you have gained for the guildbank, in a broker plugin. It shows you how much guild money you generate provided that your guild has the Cash Flow perks (level 5 and level 16) The broker text shows you how much money you have generated today, and the tooltip shows the totals for the past time. Remember to file a ticket if you find a problem or want to request a feature.

Z-Perl UnitFrames

Oct 19, 2014 Beta
This will be the Warlords of Draenor compatible fork with proper permissions of the X-Perl UnitFrames GPLv3 addon. I tend to maintain this mod in the next expansion, from 2014.10.18. How to transfer your profiles from X-Perl? First of all create a backup from your "WowInstall/Interface" and "WowInstall/Wtf" folders first, just to be safe. Then start the game and enable the main "X-Perl Unitframes" module (Redownload it if you have to), but disable all of it's other modules, then log into the...