Auto Decline Guild Invites

Apr 08, 2013 Inactive
Just a SIMPLE Auto Decline Guild Invites AddOn. NO OPTIONS! Just Install & Go!

Auto Instant Summon

Mar 29, 2013 Inactive
Just a SIMPLE Auto Instant Summon AddOn. All it does is Accepts a Summon Instantly. GREAT for people that like to Duel Box OR if you are AFK on a Bathroom Break and your Raid Group Summon's you, You get the Summon Instantly. No Options, just Install & Go!


Mar 24, 2013 Inactive
This addon puts all of your tradeskills under one button. It also has a couple of other features. It will configure itself according to the abilities of the current logged on character. Drag the button wherever you want it using the right mouse button and drag action. The interface options features include a scale to shrink the button. Also there you can find a checkbox to turn on the shutup feature and the auto decline duels feature. The shutup module automatically turns off the yell channel...

Ardent Defender

Mar 18, 2013 Inactive
Ardent Defender is an addon designed to help Protection Paladins. It provides several functions which I found useful as a Tankadin, and hope someone else finds them useful as well. Ardent Defender will: - Announces when Ardent Defender proc's and saves your life, as well as flashing your screen and shaking it to alert you to the averted death. - Detects and tells you when someone causes a parry on an NPC you are tanking. Also tells you if you cause a parry on an NPC someone else is tanking. -...

Achievment Screenshotter 2

Mar 12, 2013 Inactive
looking for translators I need your help to translate AS2 in your language. :) english "Screenshot or it didn't happen!" Who hasn't heard that? Well, now you can make sure you can shut those skeptics up, with screenshots of your proudest moments in WoW, take automagically by Achievment Screenshotter 2 This add-on will automatically capture screenshots of important events in the life of your toons: Achievements, BG ends, LFG dungeon ends, level-ups, rep milestones, and boss kills in dungeons,...
Now Supports Talents!

ActionSwap 2

Mar 12, 2013 Inactive
ActionSwap 2 is an addon to help you effectively triple spec by swapping out sets of actions, talents, glyphs, and / or keybindings. Specifically, ActionSwap 2 can help you: Save an inactive spec (actions, talents, glyphs, and keybindings) Backup and restore your action bars / talents / etc. to a previous state Share a set of actions between primary / secondary spec (i.e. mount buttons) Keep different keybindings for primary / secondary spec Recover buttons that WoW has automatically removed...
The Icon Selector


Mar 12, 2013 Inactive
AdvancedIconSelector is a complete replacement for the standard Blizzard macro / equipment set icon selector. It has a built-in search feature and an optional keywords library to make finding the right icon for your new macro or equipment set as easy as conjured mana pie! This addon has several goals: To make the icon selector dialog resizeable, so you can see more icons at once. To allow searching by icon filename. To allow searching by addon-defined keywords (like "fire" or "cat"). To make...


Mar 08, 2013 Inactive
1.) AB automatically moves items to special bags (like herbs etc), if there are any and there is space in them. No need to do anything for that, it is automagic. :-) 2.) AB destroys grey items when free slots fall under a certain limit (default 3 slots, changeable). But it only destroys items (or stacks) below a certain value (default 1g, changeable). This has to be activated by you by entering "!poor" as pattern and "destroy" as destination. After that you can use "/ab junk" to see what will...


Feb 27, 2013 Inactive
AutoRole2 will automatically select or suggest a role based on your class and talent specialization during role checks and talent specialization changes. If you are a Hunter, Mage, Rogue, or Warlock the damage role will always be selected, if your talent specializations only allow for one role (e.x., Frost Death Knight / Unholy Death Knight), that role will be selected, in all other cases a role will be suggested based on your active talent specialization. New in v1.08 Configuration UI to...
Monk Sample


Feb 22, 2013 Inactive
ActiveStats is a World of Warcraft addon intended to track statistics of various active abilities. The original goal was to be able to track the various tank active mitigation abilities such as Shuffle, Elusive Brew, Savage Defense, Blood Shield, etc., but the addon can be just as useful for any class and spec that has abilities for which they wish to track uptime. The existing combat trackers were excellent for many purposes, but I could find none that would track the uptime of these types...
ABK AddOn v1.4.1.6


Jan 08, 2013 Inactive
ABK, das In-Game Lexikon für World of Warcraft Copyright: 2010-2013 01.09.2013 - Neue aktualisierte Fassung für "Mists of Pandaria" befindet sich momentan in Arbeit! ###UPDATE 01.09.2013--- Eine neue Version wird demnächst folgen, nach einer längeren Pause wird dies aber sicher noch ein wenig dauern. Ein seperater englischer Client wird dann auch veröffentlicht. Über ABK - Das In-Game Lexikon ABK übersetzt Ihnen die Abkürzungen, denen man häufig in World of Warcraft begegnet. Zusätzlich...


Jan 01, 2013 Inactive
AutoSell2 Autosell2 is a small addon that sells ALL grey/junk items, unusable soulbound items (disabled by default), and repairs your armor when you open a merchant window. There are options for toggling the chat output, selling soulbounds and using guild funds for repairs. The "do not sell" feature allows you to add/remove items from a list of items not to be sold regardless of the items color. It also keeps track of the gold earned from greys and gold spent on repairs since installing the...


Dec 19, 2012 Inactive
Automatically enable loading of out-of-date addons after a patch. Note that patch changes can cause addons to behave erratically, sometimes in ways that aren't obviously tied to a specific addon (eg. an addon causing frequent errors can cause low framerate or lockups); only use this addon if you are familiar with the risks and know how to troubleshoot them should they arise.
AuraMonitor filters


Dec 17, 2012 Inactive
Overview Simple lightweight addon that shows only your buffs for friendly or debuffs for hostile target. Auras can be filtered and sorted by duration left. Features Sorting by duration left. Same features as WoW buffs and debuffs icons: icons, cooldowns, stack counts. Easy customization. To access setting type /am or /auramonitor Can be scaled from smallest to large. Amount of visible auras is window "width/height". Filters to hide auras you don't want to track. Customizable transparency. How...
Tooltip Screenshot


Dec 11, 2012 Inactive
About AutoText AutoText is an addon for managing whispers, tells and other messages that you send frequently. You can use it for strats, raid assignments, vent info and many other things. Each message can be assigned to a category to let you group up messages in whatever way you like. Examples might include Officer, Raid, General, etc. The category is used to group related messages in the configuration UI and in the LibDataBroker tooltip. Feature ideas or requests should be filed as Tickets...


Nov 30, 2012 Inactive
If you are like me, you are logging combat for World Of Logs or a similar site for your guild. If you are like me, you also often forget to reenable combat logging after a disconnect or similar events that stop combat logging. This can result in some angry guildmates. No more! AutoCombatLog enables or disables combat logging (just like using the /combatlog command) whenever you enter or leave a raid instance, either by entering the portal, accepting a summon or simply logging in while already...


Nov 30, 2012 Release
If you use the TradeSkillMaster Application from, you have access to's daily market-price updates based on 24/7 hourly scans, so you don't have to worry about day-versus-night bias when your computer's off. But on high-traffic auction houses, even WoWuction doesn't tell you the whole story. Here's why you need to use more than one price source, and take advantage of Auctioneer Appraiser's ability to combine them into one estimate (called "ensemble...


Nov 29, 2012 Inactive
It's a simple parser of your chat channel 1, 2, 3... and guild. - You can create lists like : grouping ds heal grouping ds rogue If ("ds" and "grouping" and "heal") or ("ds" and "grouping" and "rogue") are found in the chat, the addon will show you a popup to click and whispered a predefined answer (on guild channel it's just say, not whispered) It's can be useful to find group or pick up and a lot of things. With this addon, you can parse everything you want, you are just limited by your...


Nov 25, 2012 Inactive
Allows you to have BoE and BoA categories in AdiBags.


Nov 22, 2012 Inactive
Aura Mastery A simple but useful addon which show information about active or missing auras on you or your target. This is a PowerAuras like addon but have a great diference in how to manage it. First it doesn't have an interface yet so you have to add or remove your auras by command line. It also doesn't have support for stack showing yet again. To make it easy for you, I'll show you how is the command syntax and also I'll add a file with some explanation and some examples. Command Line for...