Dec 19, 2012 Beta
Automatically enable loading of out-of-date addons after a patch. Note that patch changes can cause addons to behave erratically, sometimes in ways that aren't obviously tied to a specific addon (eg. an addon causing frequent errors can cause low framerate or lockups); only use this addon if you are familiar with the risks and know how to troubleshoot them should they arise.
AuraMonitor filters


Dec 17, 2012 Release
Overview Simple lightweight addon that shows only your buffs for friendly or debuffs for hostile target. Auras can be filtered and sorted by duration left. Features Sorting by duration left. Same features as WoW buffs and debuffs icons: icons, cooldowns, stack counts. Easy customization. To access setting type /am or /auramonitor Can be scaled from smallest to large. Amount of visible auras is window "width/height". Filters to hide auras you don't want to track. Customizable transparency. How...
Tooltip Screenshot


Dec 11, 2012 Release
About AutoText AutoText is an addon for managing whispers, tells and other messages that you send frequently. You can use it for strats, raid assignments, vent info and many other things. Each message can be assigned to a category to let you group up messages in whatever way you like. Examples might include Officer, Raid, General, etc. The category is used to group related messages in the configuration UI and in the LibDataBroker tooltip. Feature ideas or requests should be filed as Tickets...


Nov 30, 2012 Release
If you are like me, you are logging combat for World Of Logs or a similar site for your guild. If you are like me, you also often forget to reenable combat logging after a disconnect or similar events that stop combat logging. This can result in some angry guildmates. No more! AutoCombatLog enables or disables combat logging (just like using the /combatlog command) whenever you enter or leave a raid instance, either by entering the portal, accepting a summon or simply logging in while already...


Nov 30, 2012 Release
If you use the TradeSkillMaster Application from, you have access to's daily market-price updates based on 24/7 hourly scans, so you don't have to worry about day-versus-night bias when your computer's off. But on high-traffic auction houses, even WoWuction doesn't tell you the whole story. Here's why you need to use more than one price source, and take advantage of Auctioneer Appraiser's ability to combine them into one estimate (called "ensemble...


Nov 30, 2012 Release
If you're like me, you hate it when your add-ons give you auction prices that are out of date, distorted by outliers and thin trading, or just plain wrong. Even WoWuction, with its hourly 14-day scans, isn't perfect at avoiding this problem. So you read the prices and do mental math, comparing the various numbers WoWuction comes up with. But this is slow and tedious, and you make mistakes like everyone else. To solve that problem, this add-on brings together advanced statistics, domain...


Nov 29, 2012 Release
It's a simple parser of your chat channel 1, 2, 3... and guild. - You can create lists like : grouping ds heal grouping ds rogue If ("ds" and "grouping" and "heal") or ("ds" and "grouping" and "rogue") are found in the chat, the addon will show you a popup to click and whispered a predefined answer (on guild channel it's just say, not whispered) It's can be useful to find group or pick up and a lot of things. With this addon, you can parse everything you want, you are just limited by your...


Nov 25, 2012 Beta
Allows you to have BoE and BoA categories in AdiBags.


Nov 22, 2012 Release
Aura Mastery A simple but useful addon which show information about active or missing auras on you or your target. This is a PowerAuras like addon but have a great diference in how to manage it. First it doesn't have an interface yet so you have to add or remove your auras by command line. It also doesn't have support for stack showing yet again. To make it easy for you, I'll show you how is the command syntax and also I'll add a file with some explanation and some examples. Command Line for...


Nov 17, 2012 Release
Please see the ReadMe and MenuList file for information on how to add or remove skins Features The Three Winds

Auto Questing Tools

Nov 08, 2012 Release
The main focus of this addon is to help you fly through questing. Features Auto Quest Accept: If you're below 90 it accepts all available quests that award experience, otherwise it accepts all quests. This is mainly because when you're leveling the only quests that matter are the ones that help you reach 90. And after 90 all quests still give reputation, so they are worth doing; Auto Quest Complete: If the quest you're about to deliver has several rewards and you must choose one if you have...
Star and Square

Arena Raid Icons

Nov 04, 2012 Release
Arena Raid Icons automaticly sets raid icons on your team at the start of an arena game (if you're the leader). The addon was orignally written by someone else (forgot the name) and I have been using it for a while. After requests from some people I decided to make it available to everyone this way. The default markings give each class a certain icon. Some classes share icons (e.g. hunter and monk) and this is currently causing problems. No bugs or crashes occur but the addon might try to...

Arkanum Re­k­ru­tie­rung

Oct 28, 2012 Release
Unser Gildenrekrutierungsaddon! =) /ads (geht auch als Makro) Ein zufälliger gildentypischer Werbespruch wird in Handels-, Allgemeinchat oder Gruppenchat gepostet. Aktuell 11 verschiedene Sprüche. EN / US: our guildrecruiting addon! =) /ads (also as makro) A random recruting text (typically for our guild) is posted in trade-, general or party chat. There are 11 cool and diffrent texts.
Mini mode

Accurate coordinates (DCOORDS)

Oct 27, 2012 Release
<b>I NO LONGER HAVE WARCRAFT INSTALLED AND THUS PROBABLY WONT BE UPDATING THIS ADDON ANY TIME SOON</b> <p><strong>DCoords v3.x</strong><br> <br> DCoords is a small lightweight coordinates addon.<br> <br> <b>IF YOU CANT SEE DCOORDS RESET IT! BY TYPING /DC RESET</b> <br> <br> DCoords allows you to: <ul> <li>Customise your coordinates bar to how you would like it</li> <li>Turn on or off the displaying of what zone your character is in</li> <li>Turn on or off the displaying of what sub zone your...

Animor's hebChat

Oct 22, 2012 Release
Animor's hebChat Adds support for Hebrew characters in WoW chat. hebChat is intended for Hebrew speaking players that want to chat in Hebrew in WoW in-game chat. Note: hebChat works only for the following chat channels: Whisper, Guild, Officer, Party, Raid, BN-Whisper. Instructions In order to delete Hebrew characters, use "Delete" key instead of "BackSpace". 4 ways to switch languages between English and Hebrew: (a) Click the language toggle button. (b) Hit ctrl-tab while typing in chat. (c)...


Oct 22, 2012 Release
Quick, simple mod for rogues that displays timer bars for rupture, hunger for blood, and envenom. Also has a bar for combo points.
Auctioneer tooltip with TUJ information


Oct 20, 2012 Release
Auc-Stat-TheUndermineJournal is an Auctioneer statistics module that returns price data from The Undermine Journal addon. You must have either The Undermine Journal or The Undermine Journal GE addon installed for this addon to have any effect. Enabling this module within Auctioneer will allow the market data from The Undermine Journal addon to be used in market value estimations by Auctioneer right along with the other statistics modules.


Oct 20, 2012 Release
C'est un addon très simple d'utilisation : Il affiche (pour l'instant) 4 horloge utile de Wow : - Le reset des quetes journalières - L'horloge de la ferme - Tol Barad - Joug d'hiver J'ajouterai toutes horloge de Wow qui puisse être intéréssente ou que vous me proposerez. Il est possible de choisir les holorges à afficher, d'activer ou non un rappel à soi-même, d'activer ou non un rappel à la guilde. "/aclock" ou "/azhclock" pour ouvrir la frame des horloges -- Addon realy simple to use : It's...
Main frame


Oct 11, 2012 Release
AspectReminder is a hunter mod to help you manage your Aspects. It simply displays a colored frame depending of your current aspect. The "Aspect of the Pack" buff is prioritized, even if this buff has been casted by a member of your party or raid. This frame is movable and resizable. Each aspect's color and transparency can be customized. When AspectReminder's frame is visible, you can: Right click to lock/unlock the frame When AspectReminder's frame is visible and unlocked, you can: Drag the...
Aloft NPC Reputation Module Example 1

Aloft NPC Reputation Module

Oct 01, 2012 Beta
This is a module for the AMAZING addon Aloft. It adds the ability to display the colour of the reaction the NPC's have to you (your Reputation with them). As reputation is character specific if you choice to store the values (on by default) it will store them for each character separately. It add the key: NPCRepColor To use this module to colour the health bar of NPC's to their reaction (so not just red/green but also orange yellow etc...) add the following to the HealthBar Color section:...