Oct 28, 2014 Release
AuctionValue adds up the buyout amounts of all of your posted auctions and shows the total at the bottom of the auction window. Type "/auctionvalue" or "/av" to see what the total was the last time you were at the auction house. Version 1.2.3 ToC update for 6.0


Oct 25, 2014 Release
Issues for 6.0 Now some cc spells that is new or with its id changed are not included. This will be updated later. This is a small addon. It changes the default raid frames to show more buffs and debuffs, that meets the needs of arena or BG players.(as we know, the default compact raid frame can only show 3 buffs and 3 debuffs.) Type /as to config /as buff <number> number of buffs (default 6) /as debuff <number> number of debuffs (default10) /as min <number> number cap of your raid or party...


Oct 23, 2014 Release
Ever since I idled in Orgrimmar I've had thousands of whispers asking for portals to X and Y. I don't mind doing it once in a while but when it becomes every couple of mins it becomes quite irritating. This addon simply replies to the person sending the request with a simple message explaining that you don't give out portals due to all the requests you get so you don't need to. Future versions will have some form of customisation in them to change message, set trigger lists, etc etc but right...


Oct 22, 2014 Release
Adds a button to your enchanting proffesion. Button allows you to place enchant to your gear or Enchanting Vellum in one click or to queue more enchants and you just click items in your inventory. Unfortunately UseItem functions are protected and requires hardware event (mouse-click in our case), so enchanting cannot be fully automated. First time you click on AutoEnch button, a dropdown menu appears and you can select behavior of a button. You can set new behavior by right-clicking on a...
Afterlife Crowd Control

Afterlife Crowd Control

Oct 22, 2014 Release
Afterlife Crowd Control (60000-R1) Released 22nd October 2014 ================================================== Afterlife Crowd Control is a World of Warcraft addon designed to monitor yours and your party or raid members crowd control spells and warrior taunts giving you and your party warnings that your target has broken, or a warning at 10 and 5 seconds before break happens. Furthermore, this addon will also tell the party who broke your targets crowd control spell so there's no more...


Oct 21, 2014 Mature
_____________________________________________________________________________________ AceM2L2 Ace Mobs to Level 2 Author: instant Version: 1.2 _____________________________________________________________________________________ This addon will tell you how many of the current target you will need to kill before you will level up. This will be displayed in the chat window in the format. "15 Blind Buearocrats needed for next level" It will also tell you how many more mobs or handins/quests you...


Oct 20, 2014 Release
This addon dinamically creates a list of minicastbutton for all the spells you need to cast on friendly target. It's aimed to tank and dps, healers usually have more specific addons, but maybe you can find some use for it even if you are a healer. For example, assumed you are a druid, AQB will make for you: a button to cast Rebirth on tank(s) a button to cast Rebirth on healer(s) a button to cast Innervate on healer(s) a button to cast Innervate on yourself a button to /assist tank(s) a...


Oct 19, 2014 Beta
Anticipation Shows the Anticipation talent buff stacks as additional combo points. It also makes normal combo points appear instantly, without the default 30ms animation.


Oct 18, 2014 Release
Auto Plates is an addon which is designed to automatically switch on NamePlates when entering combat, and automatically switching them off when combat has been dropped. It is capable of delayed auto off ( such as waiting 30 seconds after leaving combat to hide plates) up to 3000 seconds, with a minimum of 1 second. It currently contains five modes. 1, Always toggle nameplates 2, Toggle, but in instances always show nameplates 3, Toggle, but leave manual control in instances 4, Always off 5,...


Oct 18, 2014 Release
Description This addon helps you FIND BETTER GEAR (Armor, Weapons, Trinkets etc.) on the auction house. It uses the WeightsWatcher addon to compare what you are currently wearing with the items for sale on the auction house. Requirements This addon REQUIRES both WeightsWatcher and Auctioneer Suite to be installed Localization 100% Localized. Did a lot of it with google translate, so please offer suggestions / corrections as needed. Your participation is welcome on our Localization site. How...


Oct 18, 2014 Release
Description This addon is an extension of Auctioneer Advanced. It provides you with upgrade choices based on values returned by the HealPoints addon. This addon requires both HealPoints and Auctioneer Advanced to be installed. How To Use Off-line Use Click Search Tab of Auctioneer. Expand Searchers and select HealPoints. Set other options as you like. Click Search. Real-time Use Ensure that HealPoints is selected in the list of searchers to use for Real-time Searches. Activate Realtime scanner
Auc-Searcher-Pawn Options


Oct 18, 2014 Release
Description This addon helps you FIND BETTER GEAR (Armor, Weapons, Trinkets etc) on the auction house. It uses the Pawn addon to compare what you are currently wearing with the items for sale on the auction house. Requirements This addon REQUIRES both PAWN and AUCTIONEER SUITE to be installed Installation Notes When you install this addon by Curse-client then it will install Auctioneer and Pawn (if needed) automatically or you can install them manually by yourself. Localization 100% Localized...
Addon Manager 1.1 MAIN

Addon Manager

Oct 17, 2014 Release
About What does Addon Manager Addon Manager allows you to manage your Addons easy, fast and without any performance hit. Dont worry if you need different Profiles for every Character you have, Addon Manager will do that for you. Functions Full GUI By clicking on the Button "Memory" your WoW Addondata will be deleted. This saves a lot of performance. Enable & disable addons ingame with 3 clicks See the Memory Usage of all your Addons Disable all Enable all Fast UI Reloading Important This...


Oct 16, 2014 Release
If you're like me, you hate it when your add-ons give you auction prices that are out of date, distorted by outliers and thin trading, or just plain wrong. Even WoWuction, with its hourly 14-day scans, isn't perfect at avoiding this problem. So you read the prices and do mental math, comparing the various numbers WoWuction comes up with. But this is slow and tedious, and you make mistakes like everyone else. To solve that problem, this add-on brings together advanced statistics, domain...

aunty - Taunt Announcer

Oct 16, 2014 Release
aunty is a simple addon that announces taunts. It will report differently depending on the current type of instance you are in and whether that person should be taunting. Usage You can control aunty using the slash command /au and: toggle - toggles aunty from on to off, or vice versa on - turns aunty on off - turns aunty off
Loot spec setting for each boss

Auto Loot Spec

Oct 15, 2014 Release
Description AutoLootSpec lets you pick a loot specialization for each boss of a raid, and automatically changes the loot spec when you target that boss or when the encounter starts. It works with all raid bosses that have a dungeon journal entry (i.e. Cataclysm and up). Usage Open dungeon journal to raid boss (e.g. Horridon). Select desired difficulty in dungeon journal. By default Auto Loot Spec will maintain different settings for each difficulty. (You can also use the same settings for all...


Oct 15, 2014 Release
Quick, simple mod for rogues that displays timer bars for rupture, hunger for blood, and envenom. Also has a bar for combo points.


Oct 15, 2014 Release
AutoRole AutoRole sets your role based on your current specialization automatically any time you join a group or raid and updates it any time you change specializations. Main Page The main page for AutoRole on Curse. Development Page The development page for AutoRole on CurseForge. Addon Usage No user interaction is required for the addon to function. Type /ar role to see your current role.


Oct 15, 2014 Release
ArchDB is an addon that will scan your known Archaeology finds and report in a window which artifacts you have not found yet for each race. It will also track which artifacts you have found, with counts. The main window is opened with the command /archdb You can toggle showing all artifacts, or only the unknown ones. Version 1.1: Shift clicking links will link the artifact to your chat window. Position and resizing of the window is remembered. To reset to defaults, use /archdb reset...

Announce Resurrection

Oct 15, 2014 Release
Announce Resurrection Overview This is a lightweight addon will simply say to party members who you are resurrecting to save confusion and duplication when people die in parties or raids. Set-up There are no controls, no set-up. Very simply, it detects the spell cast and makes an announcement. Related Add-ons See also my Announce Pally Assist and Announce Misdirect add-ons.