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AuctionLite: Improved Search

Oct 14, 2014 Release
Info AuctionLite: Improved Search implements the search filtering options that are available to the Blizzard auction house UI into AuctionLite's buy tab in a compact interface at the top of the tab. Available filtering options are: Usable Items Item category Item rarity Minimum/Maximum level Performance Statistics: Load Time: 15ms Memory Usage: 24 KB


Oct 13, 2014 Release
AutoTitle is a simple title manager for people who, like me, use "roleplay" titles according to their character's specialization and are tired of selecting one every time. You can select as much as you want for each specialization, and the addon will automatically choose one randomly from the list when you switch specs via the minimap button. v0.2 : UI issues solved, should be 100% functional ! I'm now working on a LDB / datatext similar to ElvUI switchspec, but including AutoTitle...
Arcira v1.00


Mar 27, 2014 Mature
This add-on provides a better and prettier display for Arcane Charges. It will show more useful things as soon as someone who actually plays an arcane mage tells me what to add.
AltTabs - Wide


Nov 16, 2013 Alpha
Extends Blizzards Tradeskill UI to include character and spellbook style tabs to alllow easy viewing of the tradeskills of all your characters on a realm


Jun 29, 2013 Alpha
This addon allows you to select a wishlist of items from the Blizzard Encounter Journal loot tables. Then once in a raid it will prompt you to switch specs if the boss only drops items from the other spec. eg: For Horridon you mark 2 dps items (for off spec) but no healer items (your main spec) as you have got them all. When you get to Horridon the addon will notice your Loot Specialisation is still healer but you have no healer items in your wishlist. It then sees you DO have dps items in...


Feb 27, 2013 Inactive
AutoRole2 will automatically select or suggest a role based on your class and talent specialization during role checks and talent specialization changes. If you are a Hunter, Mage, Rogue, or Warlock the damage role will always be selected, if your talent specializations only allow for one role (e.x., Frost Death Knight / Unholy Death Knight), that role will be selected, in all other cases a role will be suggested based on your active talent specialization. New in v1.08 Configuration UI to...

Animor's hebChat

Oct 22, 2012 Mature
Animor's hebChat Adds support for Hebrew characters in WoW chat. hebChat is intended for Hebrew speaking players that want to chat in Hebrew in WoW in-game chat. Note: hebChat works only for the following chat channels: Whisper, Guild, Officer, Party, Raid, BN-Whisper. Instructions In order to delete Hebrew characters, use "Delete" key instead of "BackSpace". 4 ways to switch languages between English and Hebrew: (a) Click the language toggle button. (b) Hit ctrl-tab while typing in chat. (c)...

Ardery's UI

Jun 27, 2012 Beta
Right now it is very experimental and shouldn't really be downloaded. All modifications must be done through Lua changes. Features: Class icon for unitframes Custom textures for health and mana bars. Class colored health & name background Darkened actionbars Hidden macro and hotkey text OmniCC-like cooldown text. DR Tracker for arena frames Trinket shower for arena frames Custom interrupt bar

Auction Undercut

Mar 07, 2012 Planning
Auction undercut uses either Auctioneer data or it's own scan data to compare your current auctions against the lowest bid or buyout currently on the AH and then lists all items that you are being undercut. It then allows you to cancel those auctions. Full integration with either the default AH or Auctioneer.


Feb 28, 2012 Planning
A Simple way to know the arms rotation to maximise DPS. It will be an addon which will display a possible Arms DPS Rotation when /ArmsRotation Is typed in the chat section. I am currently working on a method of showing this rotation without spamming a chat, maybe even a GUI. This is a design for a friend playing a 60 arms warrior, so the abilities and rotation will be focused around that level. I am still looking for a new or intermediate lua and xml coder for help with this project.


Feb 27, 2012 Planning
AKAttendance is meant to be used by officers or raid leaders in guild raids to keep track of who attends the guild raids using four simple functions. Data for the addon is stored in the guild note of each guild member. Start Raid - Increases the attendance of each guild member who is in the raid group. Clear Attendance - Removes all addon data from the guild notes. + Attendance - Meant to be used with the guild roster open. Increases the attendance of the player you currently have selected in...


Nov 02, 2011 Planning
I find my directories full of tiny addons designed to do things like auto-accepting group invites, enabling arrow right & left to edit messages in chat boxes, etc. So, this framework allows registering standard responses to events. Maybe. (It's my first crack at an addon) "Action bars" is the closest category I can think of.


Oct 07, 2011 Planning
General AchievementMaster Is a Add-on that Allows you to Create and Link custom achievements into And chat window Slash commands AchievementMaster recognises the following slash commands: /AM - brings up the main configuration screen. /Dam - disables AchievementMaster /Eam - enables AchievementMaster

Alternate Achievements

Aug 14, 2011 Alpha
Allows the player to create their own achievements that they can then send to other users of the addon. The faux achievements will be listed alongside the official Blizzard achievements in the default Achievement UI. To create achievements and edit the addon settings, click on the "AA Menu" button in the lower right hand corner of the WoW Achievement window.

Azure Tidy Bags

Jul 19, 2011 Planning
An addon built to make your bags more tidy. Used to keep certain types of items together and make your bags more space efficient.

Azure Guild Calendar

Jul 19, 2011 Planning
An addon built for fast and easy event sharing with your guild. Originally designed for <Of The Azure Sky> on The Sha'tar realm. Used to share events and meetings with the rest of your guild, or a small selection of your guild. You can select to send to all at a certain level and higher.

AILCS-Average Item Level Calculation System

Dec 28, 2010 Planning
It occurs to me that Blizzard is trying to switch everything from gearscore to Item Level, so im going to make make that a bit easier for u by auto calculating your item level.

AutoQuest Framework

Dec 17, 2010 Planning
AutoQuest Framework (Work in Progress) AutoQuest will be a complete redesigned standalone and expandable framework for my previous and currently out of date addon AutoQuest 2. Based on the original idea of the addon, I am creating a self-sufficient and expandable library to make questing easier. All the same features will remain with new concepts introduced by Blizzard in the release of Cataclysm. While I begin planning, I invite developers to test and elaborate on the upcoming Alpha version...

Archaeology Data Tracker

Dec 17, 2010 Alpha
Tracks Archaeology item co-ordinates. Eventually there will be a way to track on the map, and a place to upload data to. To view the data navigate to: /World of Warcraft/WTF/Account/<your account name>/SavedVariables/archdata.lua Data is presented in this format: Zone__PosY__PosX Use a Textedit program to open this file.

Alt Auction Tracker

Oct 19, 2010 Planning
What it does: Alt Auction Tracker will save a list of auctions that each of your characters has posted. Whenever you log into any of your characters on the same server and faction you can scan the AH for these auctions to determine if they have sold or expired. Note that if your auction is past the expiration time there is no way to tell if it sold or was expired (unless it had a bid), but at least you know it's time to go check your alt's mailbox. See the Manual page for more information on...