Alt Auction Tracker

Oct 19, 2010 Planning
What it does: Alt Auction Tracker will save a list of auctions that each of your characters has posted. Whenever you log into any of your characters on the same server and faction you can scan the AH for these auctions to determine if they have sold or expired. Note that if your auction is past the expiration time there is no way to tell if it sold or was expired (unless it had a bid), but at least you know it's time to go check your alt's mailbox. See the Manual page for more information on...


Sep 30, 2010 Planning
Assignments helps a group or raid leader manage raid icons and assign tasks for those icons to group or raid members. The leaders can assign roles to the "lucky charms". For example "DPS Priority 1", "Crowd Control" or "Decurse". Group or raid members running the addon will have a panel with Raid Icon, assignment type and who is assigned, and a targeting frame for whichever mob or player that raid icon is assigned to. Filtering and sorting of priorities is planned. For example DPS classes can...


Sep 23, 2010 Alpha
There is so much to do in WoW, you just have to be selective about what you do every day, and it is easy to forget those things that you might do if you have time left. This plugin will let you group tasks (kill a mob, do a raid or heroic, do some dailies, do the weeklies) into manageable chunks. You will only see those tasks you define yourself as interesting, and if they are possible to do right now on this character. This is still very early experimantal stage, not even a working addon....

Archievement Informer

Aug 22, 2010 Alpha
Description: Archievement Informer is an Addon, that informs you about Archievements in a Tooltip, when you mouseover an Item or Mob of it. Supported Game Version: 3.3.5 Supports following Archievements: - It's Happy Hour Somewhere - Ten and Twenty-Five Tabards - Tastes Like Chicken - Pest Control (Alpha Status!) Adding more Archievements soon!


Jul 13, 2010 Alpha
this is a new unit frame that ive always wanted after all the times unit frames glitch on me and such i decided to create my own easy to access and the way users like it the most

Aggro Auto-Check

Jul 06, 2010 Planning
An addon that checks who a monster has targeted and if anyone is being attacked. If a you are currently in combat with changes to another player it will notify you, or if a player aggros and gets attacked, you will be told. A HUD will always be displayed and will show aggro.


Jun 23, 2010 Alpha
Tired of long waiting for dungeon group just to get automaticaly declined in the time you went for toilet? No worries, this addon will accept your dungeon invitation for you

AOAM (Aggro On Active Mobs)

Jun 09, 2010 Planning
Here is it. The addon that helps you see wich mobs you hold aggro on. Its easy. Its a little box with all the active mobs. If its green you should wake up and hold your mouse over the box to see wich mobs you dont hold aggro on. But if its red do you keep good aggro. Have fun!!! Please set a comment :)

Addon Checker

May 27, 2010 Planning
Addon Checker is a raid leader tool for checking raiding members addon compliance. Addon Checker will be required by your raid members for the raid leader to check for compliance of common raiding addons. Currently supports the checking of the following addons: Omen3, Hudmap, GTFO, Deadly Boss Mod. Comming soon: Decursive and 25/40 Man raid support. Alpha: This is the initial alpha release to flush out any bugs before adding 25/40man raid support. If there are addon's you would like to see...

Advance exploration

May 02, 2010 Planning
Zelda music for exploring and dungeons. Also will have attacks and items that you find of higher quality to be original.

AutoXT: Train Wrecker, Whistle Blower, and Anti-Griefer

Apr 19, 2010 Planning
Main purpose of this addon is to manage Lil' XT, so he's not a nuisance. Lil' XT is an interactive non-combat pet from Blizzard's Pet Sore. He's a great guardian against annoying toys like the Toy Train; however, he can also become obnoxious if some heckler decides to constantly pull out toys from the Clockwork Toy Shoppe. To prevent such annoyances, this addon will dismiss Lil XT if one of the toy creations is destroyed around you two. Also if someone around you tries to break the silence...


Apr 09, 2010 Planning
AHExport is a tiny addon that allows the player to do a 'getall' scan of the auction house, and saves all of the returned auctions in an easy-to-parse form in the WTF folder. The user can then use a script or other off-line tools to analyse the data for all auctions in the scan. Also included is a MS-Excel spreadsheet with macros that will read the data into a spreadsheet at a push of the button, as well as analyze the pricing data in separate spreadsheet tabs for Glyphs, Leather, Herbs,...

Arena-Gurubashi v1.0

Mar 17, 2010 Planning
Gurubashi Arena v 1.0 -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ - IMPACT: Displays the table: - How many times was the player in the "Gurubashi Arena" (incl. date & time) - Success rate in percent, and decimal numbers - His most successful Equip in the "arena of the Gurubashi" - His conduct in the "arena of the Gurubashi" [passive (defensive) - Active (Attack)] - Preserved in the "arena of the Gurubashi" and much more. More information in the "readme.txt" file. Installation of "readme.txt" file carefully...

Automatic Trainer

Mar 07, 2010 Planning
This small addon trains automaticly all availble skills at every trainer.


Feb 26, 2010 Release
AutoSkull is an addon which allows for automatic marking using a Skull or all of the symbols! You can use the /as or /autoskull for the help window or click the minimap icon to get AutoSkull to toggle. Auto Skull has 3 modes: * /as skull or single | Skulls Only * /as multi or all | All Symbols * /as off | Off

Auto Pilot

Feb 25, 2010 Planning
When you get a new quest you can open you minimap and put a pinpoint on the destination of where your quest tells you to go. it will make up a path to get there and basicly drive you there. after it sets the location and a route u can sit back and wait for it to get there.

Aspiration Raid Monitor

Jan 15, 2010 Planning
Basically it'll have configurable raid frames you can use or not. The Raid leader and/or assistant will need to use them though. As soon as players join the raid, the raid leader and/or assistants will be able to assign one of the following roles role to each member. - Tank (MT or OT's) - Melee DPS - Ranged DPS - Healer (Raid, MT or OT Healer) The Raid leader can also assign tasks to specific players, which they can see when clicking on a button, filtered for them or show all task for the...

Arena Calculator

Jan 15, 2008 Inactive
Arena Calculator v1.6.3 Features: Show how many arena points you will earn for each of your teams. Show how many arena points you will have in total after the next update. Enter a desired arena rating to see how many arena points you would get with such rating. Available in the ACalc frame. Enter a desired amount of arena points to see how high rating you would need to obtain that. Available in the ACalc frame. Sort your arena teams in any way you want. (Disabled for now, might come back...