Enemy Cooldowns


Sep 22, 2013 Inactive
Atemi is a flexible enemy cooldown tracker atop of their nameplates. Though, while there are already some addons achieving the same, Atemi is configurable and more modular for future work and inventions. This idea was inspired by Icicle, many thanks to their author though. While I have lots of ideas pending, please provide feedback on what cooldowns or features you are missing.


Sep 16, 2013 Release
Description AcceptDailies automatically accepts daily, weekly, and other repeatable quests as soon as you interact with a quest-giving NPC. It can also be configured to automatically accept all available quests rather than just repeatable quests. Usage Right-click on quest-giving NPCs. Watch the magic. There's nothing else to it. You can temporarily disable automatic quest acceptance by holding the shift key while opening the gossip/quest frame. This should help work around A) bugs in my code...


Sep 16, 2013 Release
Description AutoGroupFriends automatically groups you with anyone in your friend list when you or they sign on, automatically accepts group invitations from anyone in your friend list, and when forming such groups automatically sets looting to free-for-all. Obviously this behavior isn't going to be desirable for everyone — it is intended for users who play mostly in the same groups all the time, or for special-purpose toons that will always be in the same group (i.e. arena teams). I'm...
Auction Profit 0.9

Auction Profit

Sep 12, 2013 Inactive
What it does: It totals up all your auction's bids and buyouts if they are all sold in a little frame at the bottom of the auction tab. Slash Commands: /ap - Shows the list off all 3 slash commands (below) /ap Cut - Toggles the Auction House Cut on or off /ap BO - Toggles Buyout Total on or off /ap Bid - Toggles Bid Total on or off /ap Sold - Include/Exclude sold auctions in the totals Changes in v1.8: Updated the TOC for 5.4 To Do List:

AMFG Lazy Symbiosis Announce

Sep 11, 2013 Inactive
Howdy! This addon will monitor for Symbiosis casts by the druid and do one or both of the following: Announce in Party/Raid/BG chat (depending on where you are) the target of the Symbiosis as well as the abilities gained by both the target and caster (on by default). Announce to your target via whisper the ability they gain from Symbiosis (off by default). You can also check the result of casting Symbiosis on your current target before you cast it by targeting a unit in your party and typing...


Sep 11, 2013 Inactive
Jon had yet another great idea (isn't he just dreamy) during ICC the other night. This addon will allow you to type "/wtf" to perform a random WTF??? style emote. The emote is chosen from one of two lists based off of whether or not you currently have a unit targetted. I'm not all that creative so the included list with the initial release is a little sparse, feel free to leave a comment or send me a message with any suggestions - WTFs should follow the format below: Playername "WTF goes...

AMFG Lazy ReadyCheck

Sep 11, 2013 Inactive
Ya, Jon and I really are that lazy so I wrote this addon to allow you to perform a Ready Check by typing /rc instead of /readycheck, functionality that really should be built-into the game already. If you're not a raid leader or assistant, it will yell at you. If I don't update it....load out of date addons, the whole thing is seriously 8 lines of code that I don't estimate Blizz Breaking any time soon. Written by Nosorcatu of Fenris. Check out my other addons: AMFG Lazy Abandon - Easily mass...
AMFG Lazy Ilevel Cheese Button

AMFG Lazy Ilevel Cheese

Sep 11, 2013 Inactive
Howdy! This addon will allow you to equip the highest ilvl gear in your bags - regardless of whether it is right for your class, spec, etc. If there is an item in your bags that has a higher item level than what you have equipped (and you can equip it, and it's bound to you) the addon will equip it. Why would you want to do this you may ask? Well I'm not sure why anyone else would want to...but as with most of my addons, I had a specific need and decided to write an addon for it which I...
Low Durability Warning

AMFG Lazy Durability

Sep 11, 2013 Inactive
With the release of cataclysm I've found myself wiping a lot in heroics. On many occasions after a few wipes I've been standing in front of the boss ready to rip his face off when the healer asks me "Hey mister Bear person, why do you only have 40k HP?" Of course the answer is most of my gear is red and I didn't notice! In my case one of the many addons I use hides the paper doll frame and I don't think to look at TitanPanel's durability status regularly, so I needed something that would...

AMFG Lazy Assistant

Sep 11, 2013 Inactive
Since our 10 man groups always give everyone assist for ease of marking and ready checks and such, I decided to put this addon together in true AMFG_Lazy fashion. This addon will allow you to type "/la" to promote everyone in your raid group to raid assistant (not main assist). Obviously only works if you're in a raid group and raid leader, if neither of these conditions are true it will yell at you. As of 4.01, now includes the ability to promote by guild rank. Passing a number or text...
Abandon Buttons

AMFG Lazy Abandon

Sep 11, 2013 Inactive
This mod adds four buttons below the abandon button on the bottom of your quest log - when clicked they will abandon quests in your log depending on the button clicked: All - Abandons all quests in your log, no exceptions (can also use the slash command "/lab all") Gray - Abandons all gray quests in your log, no other checks (can also use the slash command "/lab gray") Inc. - Abandons all incomplete quests in your log, no other checks (can also use the slash command "/lab incomplete") Daily -...

AutoQuest 2

Sep 10, 2013 Inactive
I'm out of here This game has become too frustrating for me to play any more - so I wont be up-dateing this addon. I'm not the owner so I can't add you to the project Players are nice - bugs are frustrating Hint NPC appearing to not respond If your bags are full or your quest log is full then AQ does not handle this well and it can appear that the NPC is not responding. A work around is to ensure you map ALL the modifier keys. Then if you are having problems getting an NPC to respond you can...


Sep 10, 2013 Inactive
Simple, minimal addon to automatically switch the watched faction reputation bar to the most recent faction gain. AutoRepSwitch Automatically switch the rep bar to the most recent faction gained. No configuration, minimal footprint (2kb), install and forget. Works for all language clients with no need for localization. Will pick the correct faction regardless of collapsed/expanded state. Will respect your reputation window expanded/collapsed headers. Supports Guild Reputation.


Sep 09, 2013 Inactive
Gives you a more precise view of your Mana Bar by only showing the upper end of it. The amount of mana visible can be set using a simple slash command. Features Zoomed in view of your mana bar for better mana management. Clearly visible Arcane Charge stacks. Time left of your bombs and talents. Usage Move the addon by dragging it around, but make sure it's not locked in place. /amtr lock should be false. Resize by dragging the bottom right-hand corner. /amtr <lower mana limit> - Sets the...


Aug 14, 2013 Inactive
Arttequest. Accepts and turns in quests just by right clicking on npc, fast. Holding shift stops it.
Debuff on me

Aura Source

Jul 09, 2013 Inactive
Displays information about the "owner" of any buff or debuff on you or any other unit in game. The addon is capable of answering the following questions: Which paladin to beg for update Blessing of Kings expiring in 15 seconds? What mob has put that awful debuff on you? Which priest has just put wings on the tank? Who is that druid healing that pussy retripal you would otherwise pwn... (orly?) Many more like that (but result should match some UnitId to be determined) If info isn't shown, then...
Astrylianus Interface


Jul 02, 2013 Inactive
Astrylianus is an in game quality function deployment designed to compare pieces of gear by their stat weights. Users can input stat weights for their specific class and then compare the stats of up to three items to see which one is best for their use. - Save stat weights for all 33 class/spec combos! - Includes CapHelper so users can convert an item's given hit rating into White (Auto-attack) and Yellow (Spell) hit. Also truncates expertise after cap is reached. - Opens with command...


Jun 29, 2013 Alpha
This addon allows you to select a wishlist of items from the Blizzard Encounter Journal loot tables. Then once in a raid it will prompt you to switch specs if the boss only drops items from the other spec. eg: For Horridon you mark 2 dps items (for off spec) but no healer items (your main spec) as you have got them all. When you get to Horridon the addon will notice your Loot Specialisation is still healer but you have no healer items in your wishlist. It then sees you DO have dps items in...


Jun 11, 2013 Inactive
Never miss an arena queue again! What it does: - Audio notifications for when an arena queue is about to expire. - At 15 seconds remaining on the queue, it will temporarily disable all WoW sounds and then max your game volume, so that the notifications are more easily heard. It will restore your normal settings as soon as the queue is taken or disappears. - It is recommended that you enable "Sound in Background" so that you can hear these while minimized. (Unfortunately, the addon is unable...

Annoying Chat Fade

May 24, 2013 Inactive
This tiny addon will stop the text from fading in the chat boxes.