Oct 16, 2014 Release
If you're like me, you hate it when your add-ons give you auction prices that are out of date, distorted by outliers and thin trading, or just plain wrong. Even WoWuction, with its hourly 14-day scans, isn't perfect at avoiding this problem. So you read the prices and do mental math, comparing the various numbers WoWuction comes up with. But this is slow and tedious, and you make mistakes like everyone else. To solve that problem, this add-on brings together advanced statistics, domain...

aunty - Taunt Announcer

Oct 16, 2014 Release
aunty is a simple addon that announces taunts. It will report differently depending on the current type of instance you are in and whether that person should be taunting. Usage You can control aunty using the slash command /au and: toggle - toggles aunty from on to off, or vice versa on - turns aunty on off - turns aunty off
Loot spec setting for each boss

Auto Loot Spec

Oct 15, 2014 Release
Description AutoLootSpec lets you pick a loot specialization for each boss of a raid, and automatically changes the loot spec when you target that boss or when the encounter starts. It works with all raid bosses that have a dungeon journal entry (i.e. Cataclysm and up). Usage Open dungeon journal to raid boss (e.g. Horridon). Select desired difficulty in dungeon journal. By default Auto Loot Spec will maintain different settings for each difficulty. (You can also use the same settings for all...


Oct 15, 2014 Release
Quick, simple mod for rogues that displays timer bars for rupture, hunger for blood, and envenom. Also has a bar for combo points.


Oct 15, 2014 Release
AutoRole AutoRole sets your role based on your current specialization automatically any time you join a group or raid and updates it any time you change specializations. Main Page The main page for AutoRole on Curse. Development Page The development page for AutoRole on CurseForge. Addon Usage No user interaction is required for the addon to function. Type /ar role to see your current role.


Oct 15, 2014 Release
ArchDB is an addon that will scan your known Archaeology finds and report in a window which artifacts you have not found yet for each race. It will also track which artifacts you have found, with counts. The main window is opened with the command /archdb You can toggle showing all artifacts, or only the unknown ones. Version 1.1: Shift clicking links will link the artifact to your chat window. Position and resizing of the window is remembered. To reset to defaults, use /archdb reset...

Announce Resurrection

Oct 15, 2014 Release
Announce Resurrection Overview This is a lightweight addon will simply say to party members who you are resurrecting to save confusion and duplication when people die in parties or raids. Set-up There are no controls, no set-up. Very simply, it detects the spell cast and makes an announcement. Related Add-ons See also my Announce Pally Assist and Announce Misdirect add-ons.

Announce Misdirect

Oct 15, 2014 Release
Announce Misdirect Overview Let your party or raid know when you have set them as the target for your misdirect so they can expect to receive the agro it will transfer. This is a very simple, light-weight addon. There is nothing to set up, nothing to configure. It detects and announces when you use misdirect. Related Add-ons See also my Announce Resurrection and Announce Pally Assist add-ons.
Announce Pally Assist Test Toon

Announce Pally Assist

Oct 15, 2014 Release
Announce Pally Assist Overview This very lightweight addon will provide to party and raid an announcement and brief details about casts of: Hand of Protection Hand of Sacrifice Hand of Freedom Hand of Salvation Hand of Purity Devotion Aura This will allow healers to anticipate reduced damage to the party and allow them to plan heals accordingly. In the author's main raid team, use of this add-on has given a sense of confidence to raid members knowing that something was being done to remediate...
Sub Categories

Achieve It

Oct 14, 2014 Release
Achieve It aims to make using and tracking achievements easier. Built directly into the existing Achievements frame, it provides a number of modifications. Character Achievements Sub Categories Achievement categories are broken down into further sub categories. Quests Cataclysm Sub categories per zone Pandaria Sub categories per zone Draenor Sub categories per zone Dungeons & Raids Sub categories per Instance and Boss Professions Archaeology Sub categories per race Scenarios Sub categories...
Search Options

AuctionLite: Improved Search

Oct 14, 2014 Release
Info AuctionLite: Improved Search implements the search filtering options that are available to the Blizzard auction house UI into AuctionLite's buy tab in a compact interface at the top of the tab. Available filtering options are: Usable Items Item category Item rarity Minimum/Maximum level Performance Statistics: Load Time: 15ms Memory Usage: 24 KB


Oct 13, 2014 Release
AutoTitle is a simple title manager for people who, like me, use "roleplay" titles according to their character's specialization and are tired of selecting one every time. You can select as much as you want for each specialization, and the addon will automatically choose one randomly from the list when you switch specs via the minimap button. v0.2 : UI issues solved, should be 100% functional ! I'm now working on a LDB / datatext similar to ElvUI switchspec, but including AutoTitle...
Arcira v1.00


Mar 27, 2014 Mature
This add-on provides a better and prettier display for Arcane Charges. It will show more useful things as soon as someone who actually plays an arcane mage tells me what to add.
AltTabs - Wide


Nov 16, 2013 Alpha
Extends Blizzards Tradeskill UI to include character and spellbook style tabs to alllow easy viewing of the tradeskills of all your characters on a realm


Jun 29, 2013 Alpha
This addon allows you to select a wishlist of items from the Blizzard Encounter Journal loot tables. Then once in a raid it will prompt you to switch specs if the boss only drops items from the other spec. eg: For Horridon you mark 2 dps items (for off spec) but no healer items (your main spec) as you have got them all. When you get to Horridon the addon will notice your Loot Specialisation is still healer but you have no healer items in your wishlist. It then sees you DO have dps items in...

Animor's hebChat

Oct 22, 2012 Inactive
Animor's hebChat Adds support for Hebrew characters in WoW chat. hebChat is intended for Hebrew speaking players that want to chat in Hebrew in WoW in-game chat. Note: hebChat works only for the following chat channels: Whisper, Guild, Officer, Party, Raid, BN-Whisper. Instructions In order to delete Hebrew characters, use "Delete" key instead of "BackSpace". 4 ways to switch languages between English and Hebrew: (a) Click the language toggle button. (b) Hit ctrl-tab while typing in chat. (c)...


Sep 28, 2012 Release
Automatically switches your reputation tracking to the faction you gain reputation with.

Ardery's UI

Jun 27, 2012 Beta
Right now it is very experimental and shouldn't really be downloaded. All modifications must be done through Lua changes. Features: Class icon for unitframes Custom textures for health and mana bars. Class colored health & name background Darkened actionbars Hidden macro and hotkey text OmniCC-like cooldown text. DR Tracker for arena frames Trinket shower for arena frames Custom interrupt bar

Auction Undercut

Mar 07, 2012 Planning
Auction undercut uses either Auctioneer data or it's own scan data to compare your current auctions against the lowest bid or buyout currently on the AH and then lists all items that you are being undercut. It then allows you to cancel those auctions. Full integration with either the default AH or Auctioneer.


Feb 28, 2012 Planning
A Simple way to know the arms rotation to maximise DPS. It will be an addon which will display a possible Arms DPS Rotation when /ArmsRotation Is typed in the chat section. I am currently working on a method of showing this rotation without spamming a chat, maybe even a GUI. This is a design for a friend playing a 60 arms warrior, so the abilities and rotation will be focused around that level. I am still looking for a new or intermediate lua and xml coder for help with this project.