BestInSlot Overview


Apr 01, 2015 Release
What does this addon do? BestInSlot will allow you to set your own Best In Slot list and share it with raid members and guild members for easy raid managing. BestInSlot also integrates in item and boss tooltips to quickly give users feedback if they need the item or boss. What is the idea behind BestInSlot In our guild we use EPGP as a loot system, but we found that sometimes people get items because they have the highest priority rating, but it's not their best in slot, while it is for...

BulkOrder - Work Orders Automated

Mar 31, 2015 Release
Aren't you tired of going to the work orders NPC and just clicking... and clicking... and clicking? Well, click no more! All you need is to install this add-on, and from that moment talking to a work orders NPC in your garrison will automatically queue all available work orders for you! In order to open the work orders window without automatically queuing all work orders, hold down the LEFT SHIFT key. Work orders at the Trading Post, Dwarven Bunker/ War Mill and Goblin Workshop are by default...

Battle Pet Tabs

Mar 31, 2015 Release
Official repository can be found at GitHub. Battle Pet Tabs You can create up to 10 team loadouts and toggle between them by pressing the tabs on the Pet Journal - could it get any simpler? You can also store your team compositions into a dropbox, and then easily swap between active and inactive teams! Warlords of Draenor The addon has been reworked and released as early beta for WOD. Feedback regarding bugs and issues are encouraged.
Raid warning

Battleground Radio

Mar 30, 2015 Beta
turns Battleground's "inc" calls into raid warnings/audible message so you don't miss them while in combat Turns inc calls into audible raid warnings Call inc fast via keybinding (need to be set from keybindings -> other -> Battleground Radio) functionality: press Call inc keybinding once for -> inc 1 <node>, twise for inc 2 <node> etc.. press and hold down Call inc keybinding for "<node> clear" or to cancel sending your inc call planning on adding more features in the future including but...

Best Scrap Meltdown

Mar 30, 2015 Release
About Small Addon for highlighting the most beneficial Enhancement Token when turning in the Scrap Meltdown Quest.

BestInSlot Warlords of Draenor Dungeons

Mar 29, 2015 Release
Warlords of Draenor Dungeon module for BestInSlot. This module requires BestInSlot version 6.0.04 or higher.
Buffy Screenshot


Mar 28, 2015 Release
Do you find yourself forgetting to rebuff when your class buffs expire? Or do you simply want a way to tell when someone in your party is missing certain buffs you could cast? Buffy comes to your aid and you'll never forget to buff again! Buffy tells you when a buff you can cast is missing on you or any of your party members. It looks through all the buff categories to determine which types are missing and gives recommendations accordingly. Buffy can also be configured to alert about missing...
User interface

Big Dick Club

Mar 23, 2015 Release
If you are playing World of Warcraft since Vanilla/BC you probably remember the "bam addon", an addon playing a soundfile on critical strikes. Friends of mine and I decided that it was time for another addon of this type since the original was last updated some years ago. In addition to the original this addon saves your critical strike records and also shows a tooltip with informations (see screenshots). Be careful with using this addon, while some people find this fun it may be extremely...


Mar 22, 2015 Release
BonusRollTracker keeps track of your Bonus Rolls on loot. You can see what you rolled and when you rolled. With the "bad luck protection" on loot rolls, this addon may also help you "game" a certain boss for higher chance of loot (odds are pretty high after 4-5 consecutive gold rolls.) BRT works automagically in the background. Type /brt to bring up the history window.
Seperated Bars


Mar 21, 2015 Release
Version Added Resolve Bar ( Percentage and damage taken per second ) Version Support Version Version 0.9.6 XP Bar and FactionBar Version 0.9.5 Support Version 6 Version 0.9.4 Pet action bar is hided when sliding extra bar is shown Version 0.9.3 Added pet action bar Version 0.9.2 Bugfix with sliding extra bar Version 0.9.1 Complete redisign of blizzard ui first step moveable actionbars / menubar. Interface => Addons => Brewmaster => UseBremasterLookAndFeelConfig (Note...
Options Panel

Busy and Away

Mar 21, 2015 Release
Restores your DND message when you return from AFK. You can also: * Set your AFK message to your DND message * Auto-reply to whispers with your DND message * Auto-reply to whispers with your AFK message * Adjust the amount of time in between DND/AFK auto-reponses Use "/baa" to open user interface options.

Blackhand Marks & Bombs

Mar 20, 2015 Release
A simple addon to announce Marks of Death and Slag Bombs that applied on you during Blackhand encounter in Blackrock Foundry. Similar to the announce appeared in Method's Mythic Blackhand kill video. The message will include you ID, mark / bomb, and a direction, "Left / Middle / Right" for marks and "Front / Middle / Back" for bombs. The directions will help you and your friends not to stand too close to each other when running out of the raid. Everyone in your raid have to install BHMB in...
Baud Mark 1.2.0

Baud Mark

Mar 18, 2015 Release
Works with Patch 6.1: Garrisons Update! For target as well as world marker functionality, check out DejaMark. Changes from the original: The center is blank, click it to clear the mark from your target, Skull is now at the top. Removed the limitation of not being able to mark targets when you are solo or not the party leader. Enjoy! What it does: BuadMark: Displays a circular menu around your cursor with marking symbols while a hotkey is held. The menu disappears when a symbol is selected,...


Mar 18, 2015 Release
Many apologies for taking so long, work and a cold made it hard to have time to update! Latest Change: Added in reagent bank support. Did some reformatting and adjusting of the code, mostly for looks. Updated TOC. BuyEmAll Created and maintained by Cogwheel to v2.8.4. Now maintained by Shinisuryu. BuyEmAll enhances the shift-click interface at vendors. Features Type in the amount you want to buy This is actually part of the default UI. Enough people don’t know about it due to the fact that...


Mar 18, 2015 Release
The classic game "Bullshit Bingo", usually played in office-meetings, has hit WoW! You can fill your own phrases into a 3x3 bingo-field and sync your phrases with other users. Whenever a phrase is said or a specified action occurs, cross it out on you bingo-sheet. Having three phrases in a line, you will yell "Bullshit!".
Setup page

BeanCounter Export

Mar 18, 2015 Release
I was quite bored to not be able to extract information from the in-game BeanCounter addon from Auctioneer Suite. With some VBA and regular expressions I succeeded to gather what I needed. This excel file requires Office 2007/2010 and macros to be allowed. Browse to your BeanCounter.lua and click Run button. (For versions 1.3 and lower: when the file opens hit Alt+F8 to run the macro named ReadFile...) It will ask for your full path to your BeanCounter.lua (default c:\program files\World of...
The suggestion Frame

Balance Spell Suggest

Mar 18, 2015 Release
BalanceSpellSuggest Simple spell suggestion for balance druids. Displays a simple frame with the texture of the next spell you should cast. Rotation is loosly based on the Icy Veins guide found here and here. The frame is only shown if you have a target which is attackable. To setup, just use a training dummy as a target. The options menu can be found in the Blizzard Interface options AddOns tab. Things to consider Currently only Euphoria is supported. There is support planned for Stellar...


Mar 15, 2015 Beta
BdsK-RaidAssist is a addon to make a raiders and a raid leaders day easier and support them in sorting out which raid members still needs loot from which boss and to respect the raid members mood when it comes to changes in the lineup. More features to come....


Mar 12, 2015 Beta
Moonkin assistant, tell you the spell to launch according to the eclipse progression, when you should refresh your dots and use Starsurge. Unlock, click & drag the HUD /boomy unlock Lock the HUD /boomy lock Scale the HUD ([number] between 0.25 and 2) /boomy scale [number] Reset the addon configuration /boomy reset


Mar 10, 2015 Release
A broker plugin that shows the current amount of seals of tempered fate and the amount you've earned in the current week of your three total ones and which quests you've done to get them. Requires a broker display addon to see it and the tooltip. I use Bazooka but any other one should also work. If you don't have a broker addon you can use the /bseals command typed into chat to get a quick readout. I've added the following commands into the latest version to alter text this addon displays:...