Pet Battle


Sep 03, 2015 Release
In the battle, cage or npc tooltip, show the quality of battle pets you already own of that species.
Setup page

BeanCounter Export

Sep 02, 2015 Release
I was quite bored to not be able to extract information from the in-game BeanCounter addon from Auctioneer Suite. With some VBA and regular expressions I succeeded to gather what I needed. This excel file requires Office 2007/2010 and macros to be allowed. Browse to your BeanCounter.lua and click Run button. (For versions 1.3 and lower: when the file opens hit Alt+F8 to run the macro named ReadFile...) It will ask for your full path to your BeanCounter.lua (default c:\program files\World of...
Guild Tooltip


Sep 01, 2015 Release
Summary BetterTooltips is a lightweight attempt to add some really useful information to the standard Blizzard in-game tooltips, and was inspired by Blizzard's own in-game Game Menu Microbutton tooltip (the one with your latency, framerate, etc). Version 2.2 is here! New features and updates include: Updated the Character Tooltip with a WoD-specific currency section that automatically populates with your Warlords of Draenor currency (Apexis Crystals, Oil, Garrison Resources, etc.) Moved the...
New format in tooltip

Bang! Bang!

Sep 01, 2015 Release
Report the famous Bang! Bang! when do killing blows and play greats sounds as first blood, double kill, etc. Functions: Report to say chat the famous Bang! Bang! and play greats sounds. Type !hks in chat officer to expand a little ranking of actual session and total hks of all guild members that have the addon. Raid/Party leader can type !hks to expand also. Simplified spell interrupt system. Improve buff timers (new format mm:ss). Change portrait picture by icon class. Rogue sap reporter....
Seperated Bars


Aug 27, 2015 Release
Next planned feature Config Options for Hide Main Menu ActionBars Pet Bars Fixed Frame Position for Action Bars Hide Borders for Action Bars Configure third resource bar Version Bugfixes. Version New WOW Version 6.2.0. You can hide Bag Frame and Stance Frame. Color for focus changed to orange. Version Added Resolve Bar ( Percentage and damage taken per second ) Version Support Version Version 0.9.6 XP Bar and FactionBar Version 0.9.5 Support Version 6...

Best Scrap Meltdown

Aug 27, 2015 Release
About Small Addon for highlighting the most beneficial Enhancement Token when turning in the Scrap Meltdown Quest.


Aug 26, 2015 Mature
This is a timer library originally created for the SpellFlash addon. Please click on the "Like" buttons at the top right of this page. The LibStub library will need to be loaded before this library. The BigLibTimer API list may be found here. If you have even five or ten dollars to spare, it would mean an awful lot to me and my daughter. Use this button to send donations of $12 or more: Use this micro payment button to send donations of less than $12: Or use this address if you have Bitcoins:...
The suggestion Frame

Balance Spell Suggest

Aug 23, 2015 Release
BalanceSpellSuggest Simple spell suggestion for balance druids. Displays a simple frame with the texture of the next spell you should cast. Rotation is loosly based on the Icy Veins guide found here and here. The frame is only shown if you have a target which is attackable. To setup, just use a training dummy as a target. The options menu can be found in the Blizzard Interface options AddOns tab. Things to consider Currently only Euphoria is supported. There is support planned for Stellar...
BestInSlot Overview


Aug 23, 2015 Release
What does this addon do? BestInSlot will allow you to set your own Best In Slot list and share it with raid members and guild members for easy raid managing. BestInSlot also integrates in item and boss tooltips to quickly give users feedback if they need the item or boss. What is the idea behind BestInSlot In our guild we use EPGP as a loot system, but we found that sometimes people get items because they have the highest priority rating, but it's not their best in slot, while it is for...


Aug 23, 2015 Release
BBDKP is an AddOn created for the "Booty Bay Fishing Club" on the Frostwhisper EU server. The AddOn is used to track all members during the raid, which encounters they participated in, and which items they received. More detailed description will follow once development finishes. Functionality - "Start raid" window pop up when in a raid and master looter status is granted. - "Stop raid" window pop up when master looter status is lost. - "Encounter" window pop up after an encounter (succesful...
Raid warning

Battleground Radio

Aug 21, 2015 Beta
turns Battleground's "inc" calls into raid warnings/audible message so you don't miss them while in combat Turns inc calls into audible raid warnings Call inc fast via keybinding (need to be set from keybindings -> other -> Battleground Radio) functionality: press Call inc keybinding once for -> inc 1 <node>, twise for inc 2 <node> etc.. press and hold down Call inc keybinding for "<node> clear" or to cancel sending your inc call planning on adding more features in the future including but...

Better Favorite Mount

Aug 21, 2015 Release
Better Favorite Mount Disclaimer I do not have many mounts so I could not test every mount scenario. I am sure bugs will exists, please bear with me. Every time you favorite or unfavorite a mount, you must sync the add-on to update it. This addon cannot override the behavior of blizzards random favorite mount button. (You must call the addon's summon command) Summary The blizzard summon random favorite mount system is very limited. There is no way to alter the conditions in which your...
Buffy Screenshot


Aug 18, 2015 Release
Do you find yourself forgetting to rebuff when your class buffs expire? Or do you simply want a way to tell when someone in your party is missing certain buffs you could cast? Buffy comes to your aid and you'll never forget to buff again! Buffy tells you when a buff you can cast is missing on you or any of your party members. It looks through all the buff categories to determine which types are missing and gives recommendations accordingly. Buffy can also be configured to alert about missing...


Aug 17, 2015 Release
Have a question? Check the FAQ! Overview Bagnon merges all of your bags into three windows: inventory, bank and guild bank. Beyond the basic all-in-one functionality, Bagnon also provides: Text and Flash Find searching (see syntax) Ability to view the inventory & bank of any character, from anywhere * Coloring based on quality, being a quest or unusable item Databroker, ItemRack and Wardrobe support And much, much more * - Requires the player to login and visit the bank once at each character...
Badlands & Felwood Advice

Best Quest

Aug 16, 2015 Release
Description This AddOn by itself does nothing. This AddOn is the required "engine" to drive all Best Quest modules. You need this engine and at least one module for anything to happen. How to Instal Instal this AddOn like any other AddOn. Instal one or more Best Quest modules like any other AddOn. Use the installer provided by this webpage if you really must. Whenever updating or installing *any* AddOn you *must* quit WoW completely, relaunch, then enjoy! Modules Best Quest Lore - Level...


Aug 14, 2015 Release
This addon is for the three Domination Battlegrounds in wow. -Arathi Basin, Deepwind Gorge and The Battle for Gilneas. I also added it to Eye of the Storm bg. It is four frames one for each bg. Only one frame will load when you enter the bg. You can drag the frame where you want. When you click left mouse button it calls for help and when you press right mouse button it says base is safe. Slash Commands: /BGCallouts followed by show or hide. Ex. /BGCallouts show and /BGCallouts hide. Whith...
Tooltips: unit, minimap, item

Better Battle Pet Tooltip

Aug 14, 2015 Release
Adds your highest collected level and best collected quality to battle pet tooltips. Zeigt im Kampfhaustieren-Tooltips die höchste Stufe und Qualität, die Ihr habt gefangen. Mostrar el mayor nivel y calidad de las mascotas de combate capturados en las descripciones. Afficher le plus haut niveau et qualité des mascottes de combat capturées dans les infobulles. Mostrare il più alto livello e qualità dei mascotti da combattimento catturati nelle descrizioni. Mostrar o mais alto nível e qualidade...
BigComboPoints Final Version

Big Combo Points

Aug 12, 2015 Release
A simple Add-On that enlarges the default combo point HUD. With this Add-On it's easier to keep track of your combo points. Works for Rogue and Druid. Install, put in your Interface > AddOns folder and you're good to go. No configuration available.


Aug 09, 2015 Release
Description BonusRollPreview allows you to see at a blance what the possible yields from a bonus roll would be. When the bonus roll window shows up, press the arrow button to show a quick preview of items. You can also change your spec priority right from the window, see the button in the top left corner. So, from now on you don't have to alt-tab to a browser or open the Encounter Journal while on limited time. This addon was made based on an idea posted on reddit. Feedback If you have a...
spell bar

Bich, the Spell Tracker

Aug 09, 2015 Release
Want to know about a mob's spells' effect? No need to minimize the game window nor searh on wowhead! Check it in game immediately! In game information is always the BEST. This addon allows players to track the creatures around them, and will display a spell bar to show the mobs' spells. Use it in dungeons or raids, or just for fun! Attention: the spell icon will appear after the spell is first casted. That's the word "track" means. PS: Whatever questions about it, you're welcome to comment....