Apr 29, 2016 Release
Broker_EPGP displays the sorted list of guild members with their PR (EP/GP) ratings. You don't need to install EPGP.


Apr 28, 2016 Release
Broker_MuteSound Mutes/unmutes sound. It's LDB plugin, so it's simple.
Vote Window


Apr 27, 2016 Release
Big Dumb Loot Council is an addon that helps to assist loot councils in gathering item interest, comparing upgrades, and voting on who get's loot. I wrote this addon because the other options are either broken, missing features, or far too feature heavy. This is a lightweight low footprint replacement. Usage Simply loot a boss to use the addon. /bdlc test - test the addon (must be in a raid group to test) /bdlc config - set the minimum rank to be allowed in loot council automatically /bdlc...


Apr 27, 2016 Release
bdGrid is a raid frame replacement. Inspired heavily by freebGrid, bdGrid aims to provide simplistic, functional, lightweight raid frames to your UI. It already works on Legion alpha as well. note: You need bdCore to use this addon, or any other bd_ addons Features Absorbs Short Names Important Buff/Debuff displays (comprehensive list already installed, can add more through in-game config) Range indicator arrow Clique support Purdy look /bd config to access in game config /bd lock to...


Apr 27, 2016 Release
bdCore is a required addon for running any bd_ addons. This will be updated *often* to include new raid auras, and support new bd_ addons. Usage: /bd - view all options /bd lock - unlocks all bd_ addons /bd config - shows the configuration window for all bd_ addons /bd reset - resets the saved settings account-wide for all bd_ addons (careful)


Apr 27, 2016 Release
bdActionbars are a action bar replacement. bdActionbars are a lightweight, functional, and customizable replacement to the default UI. note: You need bdCore to use this addon, or any other bd_ addons Features [INDENT]Resizing Buttons Bar Alpha Change number of rows in each bars Vehicle button Hide bars until mouseover Hide Keybinds until mouseover In game config Purdy look[/INDENT] /bd config to access in game config /bd lock to unlock the addon and move it around To Do List In game...
Baud Mark 1.2.0

Baud Mark

Apr 27, 2016 Release
Ready for Legion Alpha Patch 7.0.3! Works with Patch 6.2.4! For target as well as world marker functionality, check out DejaMark. Changes from the original: The center is blank, click it to clear the mark from your target, Skull is now at the top. Removed the limitation of not being able to mark targets when you are solo or not the party leader. Enjoy! What it does: BuadMark: Displays a circular menu around your cursor with marking symbols while a hotkey is held. The menu disappears when a...
Battleground Stat Tracker

Battleground Stat Tracker

Apr 26, 2016 Release
BG Stat Tracker is a simple on screen display that will show you your Honorable Kills, Killing Blows, and Deaths for the current battleground and session. The window will automatically show/hide when in/out of a battleground. /bst show - Shows the window /bst hide - Hides the window
Pet Battle - Default Info

Battle Pet BreedID

Apr 22, 2016 Release
Battle Pet BreedID is a standalone addon that will display the Breed of any pet in the following situations: In Battle In your Pet Journal's scroll list In your Pet Journal's pet description tooltips In Item tooltips In Chat Link tooltips In the "Collected ..." line (with BattlePetCount installed) Theorycrafting is up to you... but if you know what stats you value most, now you can find them! To learn how the Breed ID affects your pets, go here:...

Blackjack Dealer Client

Apr 19, 2016 Release
This is the Dealer client for my Blackjack game. Only run this AddOn if you intend to play as the dealer, otherwise you can download the player client "Blackjack Player". Every game needs one player to be running the dealer client. You can download the Player Client here. You can play hands of blackjack with your friends and guildies. It comes with an intuitive visual GUI to show any information about the game going on. Players can join or leave between hands, or just spectate games. Betting...
Blackjack game

Blackjack Player Client

Apr 19, 2016 Release
This is the Player client for my Blackjack game. Only run this AddOn if you intend to play as a regular player, otherwise you can download the dealer client "Blackjack Dealer" if you intend to play as the dealer. Every game needs one player to be running the dealer client. If you were looking for the Dealer Client, you can find it here. You can play hands of blackjack with your friends and guildies. It comes with an intuitive visual GUI to show any information about the game going on. Players...

Baud Bag

Apr 17, 2016 Release
Summary Allows you to combine your bags into a single, larger one, yet gives you the power to choose which bags to combine. Complete with a user-friendly graphical menu for changing how your bags will display. Use /baudbag, /bb, the menu button on any of BaudBag's containers or the addon options interface of WoW, to change the settings for this addon. Feature List Customizable bag joining. Various background choices, including 3 of Blizzard's bag skins. Bank and Reagentbank contents viewable...
Bonus Roll Window Hide messgae

Bonus Roll Window Hide

Apr 17, 2016 Release
This simple addon hides annoying bonus roll window when you run through 5 people mythic dungeons. When bonus roll will be hidden you will recieve message about it. Works only in 5 ppl myth dungenons and when you leave dungenon you'll see the last bonus roll window /brwh - to show hidden Bonus Roll Window
Below Average Items - Visual Indicator

Below Average Items (Low Item Level Indicator)

Apr 15, 2016 Release
Description: Below Average Items is an addon that places a small visual indicator on equipped items that are below your current iLvl average. A quick glance at your character sheet makes it easy to see which items are below average without having to examine each item individually. A yellow visual indicator marks the below average items. A red visual indicator marks the lowest level item(s). Mousing over the visual indicator will show a tooltip with the items iLvl vs your current average....
Locked down buffs, 2 expired or out of range


Apr 11, 2016 Release
Buffwatch is a buff monitoring tool for all classes which lets you easily and clearly keep track of any buffs on yourself or your party/raid, and also allows you to quickly recast your buffs at the click of a button. You choose which buffs you want to monitor and Buffwatch lets you know when they have run out, with clickable buttons to recast them. Buffwatch can be used to : Keep an eye on buffs that you want to keep up during a raid (eg. Paladin blessings, AI, MotW, Fortitude) Making sure...
Bam Config


Apr 08, 2016 Release
This is a recreation of the former BaM Mod, a novelty AddOn that produces detailed chat outputs about your critical strikes. Some modern additions include Blizzard Options Interface config panel, conversion of audio clips to Ogg, and output throttling.

Blizzard Raid Frames - Bigger Buffs

Apr 06, 2016 Release
Bigger Buffs World of Warcraft addon targeted at healers. Tweaks raid frames to change buffs appearance and behavior. Type /bigger ingame for options. Can increase buffs' size Can show more buffs Monks: shows extend life General: shows defensive CDs Settings: /bigger scale 15 - Changes the scale factor. 11 is Blizzard default. 15 is addon default. /bigger maxbuffs 5 - Changes the maximum number of buffs. 3 is Blizzard and addon default. /bigger hidenames 0 or 1 - Hides the names when in...

Best Quest Lore

Apr 05, 2016 Release
Description Adventure efficiently whilst also maximising the storyline, fun and reward possibilities. BQL also provides essential background lore. It is extensively researched. Much of WoW is based upon events occurring in other games, books and comics. BQL does NOT break immersion for RPers. Features Advises on where to next quest. Sometimes Blizzard provides a choice Welcomes you to every zone with suggestions on where to go Provides extra pointers for certain interesting or confusing...


Apr 01, 2016 Release
A databroker addon that simply stores and displays your played time for each level while you are levelling your character.
Options - v1.1.0-1

Buff Check

Mar 29, 2016 Release
Buff Check is a simple addon that scans the group for missing buffs and displays the results to chat. Feel free to post about bugs or request features in the comments below. All feedback is greatly appreciated! Overview Check for players that are missing raid buffs Display output to chat (channel chosen based on group type) Optionally check buffs after a readycheck ends Hide specific buffs from the output Command Listing "/bc check" - Check for missing buffs and display based on current...