CraftJapanizer Spell ToolTip


Jan 01, 2012 Inactive
CraftJapanizer_Item is CraftJapanizer Japanese-translated item data pack. A Japanese translation is added to ToolTip. Dependencies Addon: CraftJapanizer


Dec 13, 2011 Inactive
As leveling gets easier in World of Warcraft, more and more people are playing more and more alts. And for every alt you add, there are more chores to be done. You have to do your Molten Front dailies on your Hunter, make sure you get your Priest into a Firelands, get that new level 85 Mage into a BWD, and, of course, knock out a Baradin Hold on every 85. Unfortunately, it is incredibly difficult to keep track of all this. ChoreTracker attempts to solve this problem for you by providing a...

Canceled (delete plz)

Dec 12, 2011 Planning
Canceled, If any moderator passes by, pls delete this, (can't find the button.)
Main Window 4.2

Census+ (event guild search)

Dec 08, 2011 Inactive
Fork of the Census+ addon based on from rebase on Cataclysm ready Start at lvl1 To search fast for your event members, it starts at lvl 1 instead of 85. end at lvl 85 / 255 upper limit for display extended from level 80 to 85 , for counting up to level 255. Worgen, Goblin included Worgen, Goblin race and class combinations added. (now also in original addon from Count guild...


Dec 04, 2011 Inactive
CCFocus creates macros for your character's CC abilities that you might want to chain-cast in order to keep a particular target CCed. The macros it creates will: On an unmodified click: If you don't already have a focus, or your focus is dead, it sets your focus to your current target. It then casts a CC on your focus. On a control-click: It will unset your focus. On an alt-click: It will set your focus to your current target, whether you have a focus or not. If you're in combat, it will then...


Dec 04, 2011 Inactive
This addon will Disable the Mature Language Filter in-game. This fixes the bug added by Blizzard in 4.3.


Dec 03, 2011 Inactive
Crusader Audio Version 1.0.6 This add-on serves two primary purposes. It provides audio cues for particular events that some players may have a hard time keeping track of visually and it provides some fun sound clips to spice things up a bit. While the add-on has a few things in it specific to different character classes, it is not targeting any one class. Despite 'crusader' being in the name, it is NOT specifically for palladins. All can enjoys its benefits. The initial idea for this add-on...


Dec 02, 2011 Inactive
This simple addon was created to fix a bug regarding the restoring of current chat channels. When the World of Warcraft client disconnects you immediately after your loading bar completes, all of your custom chat channels are lost. Since patch 4.1, this has been happening more frequently and because of this, has become more frustrating. Chat Saver works to correct this issue. Chat Saver works by maintaining its own database of custom channels that is updated whenever you join or leave a...


Dec 02, 2011 Inactive
Description: Automatically zoom the camera view to user defined views when entering and leaving combat. Also has an option (LeapCam, added in v4.3.1) to re-orient the camera after a charge (warrior, feral druid), skull bash (feral druid) or a rogue's shadowstep. Supports three custom camera views that can be set in the config, any of which can be used as your automatic combat view. These custom views can be activated by slash commands and can be put into macros. Note on LeapCam: The effect...


Dec 02, 2011 Inactive
CorkIt Is NPC chatter driving you nuts? Do you feel like throwing Topper McNabb in the canals? Are you tired of listening to William and Donna fight over her doll? This chatter helps to give a city colour or "personality" but in no way affects your progress in the game. Sometimes it can fill your chat window to the point of causing you to miss important messages. CorkIt does one simple thing, and does it well. It removes NPC chatter. the default is to only cork NPC "/says" when you are in an...
Silencing Shot Report


Dec 01, 2011 Inactive
With the release of Cataclysm, a lot of new spells have been added and some old ones have had their IDs changed seeing as now there is only one rank of every spell. I'm doing my best to make sure everything works but please keep in mind I rely on your feedback to keep everything running smoothly as I don't play every class myself. If you think something's not working properly, please let me know and I'll get right on it. A small simple and compact addon that prints a message in party chat...

Chat Mondial du Serveur

Dec 01, 2011 Inactive
permet de lire ( et seulement lire ) les canaux des régions dont le canal commerce sans y être grâce aux autres connectés

Cast Random Mount

Nov 30, 2011 Inactive
The addon allows you to bind keys to use random flying / ground or smart mount. You can bind the keys from Key Bindings menu or use the chat commands in game: Random flying mount Random ground mount Random smart mount Slash commands: /crm for list of commands What is smart mount? Smart random mount button will cast the appropriate random mount for your zone / level. An example: If you are in Vashj'ir, you have Abbysal Seahorse and you are in the water it will cast the Seahorse. If you are in...
Cast Now!


Nov 30, 2011 Inactive
Nothing extremely complicated, CastTimeMonitor (CTM) is the first add-on I've built from the ground up. Purpose: CTM allows the user to see what the cast time of a specific spell will be BEFORE casting the spell. Configuration: All configuration is done through editing the .lua file. Trust me; it's easier than you think. Users can only set ten options. Out of the Box: Out of the box, CTM creates a simple display in the middle of your screen that shows the total cast time of a Marksmanship...
How it looks


Nov 30, 2011 Inactive
Very tiny addon, that extends the character frame stats panel with some useful information regarding two stats that should be capped for damage dealers: Hit and Expertise. It shows the missing hit or expertise rating right behind the value. If it is red, you'll need the given points of that rating to hit the (soft-)cap. If it is green, you can reforge those points. If nothing is shown you match the cap - or the addon is bugged ;-). Also the tooltip gives a brief description of that. That's...


Nov 30, 2011 Inactive
If you are typing a message in WIM or on the chat line when combat starts, this addon will interrupt your conversation so that your hotkeys function properly. You can still open chat during combat. I highly recommend that you rebind Open Chat to something other than Enter (I use Ctrl-Alt-Enter) so that you don't accidentally open chat (by trying to send your message just after combat starts, for example). The old CombatCam by Everglow provided similar functionality (and much more) but that...

CdT Radio

Nov 28, 2011 Inactive
CdT Radio is a very light and simple addon which shows in real time if the radio is on air or not. Only usable in Kirin Tor [Eu]. CdT Radio est un addon simple et très léger qui permet aux animateurs d'indiquer en temps réel si la radio est à l'antenne, si elle ne diffuse pas, ou si les animateurs reviennent suite à un problème techique ou autre. Cela permet donc aux joueurs d'être prévenus des émissions surprise sans avoir à allumer leur radio pour vérifier. Utilisable sur Kirin Tor [EU]...


Nov 24, 2011 Inactive
This addon checks to see if everyone in your party or raid has a Guild Tabard equipped. Please click on the "Like" buttons at the top right of this page. This addon was made specifically for a guild that has a rule that members must wear a guild tabard to raids. This is not useful unless you are in such a guild that likes to see all the members with a guild tabard in screen shots. To check to see if everyone in your party or raid has a Guild Tabard equipped, you may use the following slash...


Nov 14, 2011 Inactive
For the people trying to conquest cap multiple characters but hate having to relog to find out which are and which aren't. This addon adds a movable icon to the minimap ring. When mousing over the icon you will see a tooltip showing the conquest cap progress for the level 85 chars on your current server. It has support for multiple realms. Only shows for characters on the realm you are logged in now at the moment. It automatically resets with the weekly conquest reset. So no annoying config...
Main Window


Nov 05, 2011 Inactive
Description CheckMate provides a simple interface for party and raid leaders (and assistants) to ask the group common questions usually answered with a Ready Check. Also provides group instructions and additional raid functions in easy to access buttons. These questions and instructions include: Attendance Check Do You Have A Flask? Should We Continue Raiding? Roll! Uses Raid Warning or Party chat to post the message, then requests a Ready Check using the built-in Ready Check system. Can also...