Dec 02, 2014 Release
What does Calamary do? Calamary draws (unsheaths) your weapon(s) in case they aren't already over and over increases the probability of your weapon(s) being drawn (unsheathed). And nothing else.


Mar 15, 2015 Release
Ultra simple calculator in the chat window. Type /calc <expression> to show the result. The result can be copy-pasted by making a shift+click on it. ie: /calc 5+8 /calc (2+3)*5 /calc cos(PI/2)


Feb 25, 2015 Mature
A simple addon that displays numbers related to player created events in a Heads Up Display on your calendar button. The top number represents the number of events occurring today. The left number represents the number of guild event sign ups available. The right number indicates the number of pending event invites. Also provides a more noticeable 15 minute alarm for events starting soon. The text and fonts can be changed in the lua file. Or check out CalendarNotify


Feb 25, 2015 Mature
A simple add on that notifies you of pending calendar event invites, guild event sign ups and to notify you of player created events occurring "today". It will also provide a more noticeable 15 min. warning alarm for events that are beginning soon. Or check out CalendarHUD
Hitmarker in action

Call of Duty style Hitmarker

Dec 08, 2014 Release
Possibly the dumbest, and yet best, add-on you could get! Displays a hitmarker when you hit your target. Great for PvP videos! Be the most #SWAG WoW player, and show off your 1337 skillz.

Calm Down and Gamble

Mar 24, 2015 Planning
Calm Down and Gamble! This addon was created to compete with addons like Cross Gambling. CalmDownandGambling brings more channel options (Say, Party, Raid), and FOUR NEW game modes (Yahtzee, High-Low, Inverse, MiddleMan)! Taking Suggestions For More Game Modes!! GameModes There are 4 game modes togglable by continuing the press the game mode button. It will cycle through all 4 game modes. High-Low Game Mode where the highest roller gets paid by the lowest roller the difference in their rolls....
Calqulator Main


Aug 24, 2014 Inactive
Calqulator Calqulator is a simple Calculator for World of Warcraft. With Calqulator you are able to calculate everything. All Methods are optimized to reduce the amount of errors to a minimal number Functions Calc with Numbers and Decimals (Max. 15 Numbers/Letters/Chars) Tooltip with helpful Informations Automatic show when the Auctionhouse is shown Keybindings for easy use (Full Numpad and some other) Minimize Calqulator for fast using Optional Rounding (Tooltip, The Method is deteced...

Camera Max Factor

Mar 18, 2015 Release
This is my first small AddOn, which sets the Camera Zoom Factor to it's maximum on every login.

Canceled (delete plz)

Dec 12, 2011 Planning
Canceled, If any moderator passes by, pls delete this, (can't find the button.)


Oct 17, 2014 Release
CancelFormForCrafting This very lightweight addon removes your shapeshift form when you try to craft something. When you try to craft and are shapeshifted you would only get the error message "You are in shapeshift form" normally [Edit: This seems to be a bug which comes along with Quartz]. The addon removes your shapeshift and lets you craft your stuff. It is enabled for druids only. The addon is disabled while you are in combat, so it should not cause any taint. Just be cautious when trying...
options for bindings


Feb 27, 2015 Release
Quickly and easily remove unwanted buffs by using keybindings. Unerwünschte Stärkungszauber mit Tastenbelegungen abbrechen. Rápidamente cancelar los beneficios no deseados mediante las asignaciones de teclas. Быстрое удаление ненужных баффов с помощью сочетания клавиш. 使用绑定的快捷键快速移除不想要的buff。 使用綁定的快捷鍵快速移除不想要的buff。 Description Cancel My Buffs lets you bind keys to cancel buffs without hunting for tiny icons to click on. You simply choose (ahead of time) which buffs you want to cancel, add them...

Candy Buckets

Oct 30, 2014 Release
Official repository can be found at GitHub. The addon was reworked for WoD so please bear with me if there are issues, and feel free to post any errors for me to fix. Thanks! Candy Buckets makes it easier to track several world event objectives: - Hallow's End - Lunar Festival - Midsummer Fire Festival Features implemented: - Simple overview on zone and continent views. - Works with the default map, probably not with addons like Carbonite. Any suggestions? Drop a comment and let me know! :)

Can't Heal You

Oct 31, 2014 Inactive
Can't Heal You will automatically whisper people who you try to heal or buff, but who move out of your range or aren't in line of sight. That way, they know you're trying, and can possibly move to help you heal them. It works automatically -- you just cast your healing spells and buffs the way you already do, even if that's through Healbot, Grid+Clique, or whatever. It also only whispers people who are in your raid, party, or guild, so you don't whisper random strangers you decide to try to...


Nov 25, 2013 Beta
Capitalist is used for simplifying the process of keeping crafted items in stock at the auction house including raw materials purchase, selling price calculation, and bulk listing. All professions are supported. NOTE: Data format changes in r30, r53, r84, and r89. Recommend clearing out your old Capitalist.LUA SavedVariables file when transitioning to those builds.
Captains Log!


Mar 15, 2015 Release
Captain's Log is a small LDB feed that stores the messages you receive over the various communications channels (whisper, party, guild, raid,, etc.). Currently 10 messages are stored per medium, and these are displayed in the tooltip you receive when mousing over the plugin on your LDB display. This addon requires a LDB display addon in order to be displayed. Right now I don't have many more plans for this as I'm quite happy with where its ended up.
Info Window Display

Carbonite Info

Dec 21, 2014 Release
Carbonite Info is a small addin for Carbonite which allows you to create 2 informational windows. These windows can be customized to show the information you want to see, when you want to see it. Set them up with simple xml style parameters and they will update to display the information within a small easy to view window.
Carbonite Map

Carbonite Maps

Jan 15, 2015 Release
Carbonite Maps is a google style map replacement for world of World of Warcraft. Please visit Carbonite's official support forums for technical support, bug reports, comments, suggestions, etc. Map - The Carbonite map gives you all the information you need in one easy to use and flexible Google like map. Move, size or zoom it the way you like. Guide - Want to know where the nearest bank is? locate a mailbox? The entrance to the latest raid? Carbonite maps can pinpoint and show you the way....
Carbonite Notes Window

Carbonite Notes

Jan 15, 2015 Release
Carbonite Notes is a addon for Carbonite Maps. It allows you to create and save waypoints around the world for easy viewing and recollection. Has the ability for addons of it's own so people can make easy groupings like candy buckets or treasure points without affecting your own saved notes
Quest Window

Carbonite Quests

Jan 15, 2015 Release
Carbonite Quests is an all in one Quest replacement system for World of Warcraft Please visit Carbonite's official support forums for technical support, bug reports, comments, suggestions, etc. Features: Ties into Carbonite Maps to allow objective waypoints, and NPC tracking. Smaller more managable quest watch which supports bonus quests, scenarios, proving grounds and challenge modes along with Achievement and Quest tracking Quest Journal that is clean cut, shows history of done quests.
Carbonite Social

Carbonite Social

Jan 15, 2015 Release
Carbonite Social is an addon for the Carbonite Maps system. Carbonite social allows you to easily view friends also use Carbonite, along with it's Punk detection system which alerts you if someone from the other faction is around you, or other users of Carbonite in the same zone. Includes an easy targetting display and menu for those of the opposite faction (Punks window)