Jun 30, 2013 Release
Mit C21 habe ich mir eine Art Libary gebaut, dass ein paar handliche Funktionen mitbringt: Für´s tanken: zeigt an wer gespottet hat. Für´s tanken: zeigt an welches Pet knurrt Für´s tanken: zeigt an wer HT gezogen hat Für´n LFR: zählt die Raidmember pro Realm und listet die vom eigenen Server namentlich auf. Für´s Gold scheffeln: bietet die Berufe im Handelschannel an Für´n Spass: whispert Priester an die mit Glaubenssprung rumspielen Für die Nerven: welcher Hunter hat Aspekt des Rudels an?...


Sep 11, 2013 Release
Ultra simple calculator in the chat window. Type /calc <expression> to show the result. The result can be copy-pasted by making a shift+click on it. ie: /calc 5+8 /calc (2+3)*5 /calc cos(PI/2)
Calculator with minimap button


Mar 04, 2014 Release
In-game calculator (normal mode) - movable and with button at minimap Use /calculator resetpos - for return calculator to default position Use right-click on minimap button to move it

Calendar Alt Tracker

Sep 03, 2012 Inactive
General I created this mod for myself to assist in finding people for alt raids. Calendar events are limited in that you can only see who has accepted / declined an event. They don't show online status, nor do they show what role (healer/tank/melee/range dps) a person is assigned as. Calendar Inviter was an addon that added this functionality to it, however it only tracked people on the calendar event. Since calendar events can only hold 100 people, I could not add everyone and their alts for...

Calendar Event Notifier

Dec 09, 2010 Inactive
This addon will monitor the calendar and notify you of any new events that are coming up and allow you to set your sign up status for the event.


Sep 12, 2013 Release
A simple addon that notifies of today's events, changes that have occurred on events already accepted/declined and the presence of pending events. Moreover, reminds of upcoming events. Note: use slash commands "/ce" or "/calev" to open the configuration panel.


Mar 10, 2013 Release
A simple addon that displays numbers related to player created events in a Heads Up Display on your calendar button. The top number represents the number of events occurring today. The left number represents the number of guild event sign ups available. The right number indicates the number of pending event invites. Also provides a more noticeable 15 minute alarm for events starting soon. The text and fonts can be changed in the lua file. Or check out CalendarNotify

Calendar Inviter

Sep 14, 2012 Release
I am no more raiding, but still wanna keep this addon alive, so again, PLEASE, report any bug/problem as curse comment or curseforge ticket. this will help. thanks. What is this? This is nothing more than the name tells. Another panel, that opens near the blizz calendar event panel, that gives you more information about the players. Before forming raid, u can know: -who is online and who is not (instant for guildies and friends, periodically performs whois on offguild players) -who is on an...


Mar 10, 2013 Release
A simple add on that notifies you of pending calendar event invites, guild event sign ups and to notify you of player created events occurring "today". It will also provide a more noticeable 15 min. warning alarm for events that are beginning soon. Or check out CalendarHUD


Sep 17, 2013 Beta
CalendarSpamRemove removes any pending calendar invite from the currently visible month that is not from a member of your guild or from someone in your friends list. Optionally, the author of the spam can be reported. Reports are only made once for each unique author. As installed, CalendarSpamRemove will not remove or report until configured to do so using slash commands. The slash command "/csr" or "/calendarspamremove" will print the help text, "/csr remove" will toggle the remove option,...


Nov 30, 2012 Release
This simple and lightweight addon displays two small buttons: dices and cancel. The dices are used to summon a random pet, the cancel button dismisses the currently summoned pet. Drag the frame to move it anywhere you want. As I could not find an addon that does this without any problems (for me), I just created one myself. Enjoy.

Call me Kenshiro

Jan 25, 2014 Inactive
Hi there, I'm KenshÌro from Archimonde (Euro server), Alliance side (what else for a Monk named KenshÌro, right?!) When i first started to play the Monk class, I couldn't help but think about Kenshiro from Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star in America), especially when using the Fists of Fury move... xD I looked over the net to find an addon that could add voices and sound effects from Hokuto no Ken, and i eventually downloaded Hokuto no Monk. Although I appreciate the efforts of the...

Call of Elements

Feb 06, 2014 Mature
Call of Elements is a totem addon for Shamans. It handles totem timers, totem bars (different display modes), totem sets with an easy cast of the whole set, totem advisor, and much more.

Camera Controller

Jan 14, 2012 Inactive
A tiny addon that allows you to set your camera to the maximum distance the game will allow with one simple command! Type /cam max and zoom your camera out, and see the world as you've never seen it before. You can also set it to the minimum with /cam min, or any increment of 5 away with /cam 0, 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25


Aug 03, 2011 Inactive
I like to zoom out on various encounters since Illidan, but I'm annoyed of running this macro by hand. This addons runs /console CameraDistanceMaxFactor 5 on startup and increases your maximum zoom drastically.
Settings UI


Oct 26, 2013 Release
CameraPlus is dedicated to all movie makers. It is a simple but powerful WoW addOn to make accurate and smoothy WoW movies! With CameraPlus you can switch into 'Movie mode' by selecting a binded key. When this movie mode is engaged, user defined specific WoW UI parts - like names, chat bubbles, combat texts... - can be shown or hidden and camera movements speed can be adjusted, so soft panoramic camera movements can be created at the desired speed. - keys can be binded to continuous...

Camp Out

Aug 31, 2012 Inactive
Note: You can leave a private message for me here: Talk to Skulhamr Camping can be a boring 20 seconds unless you have this tiny addon to entertain you with sight and sound. It takes no memory but counts down to your release and sends you off with the peals of huge bells! To Install: Use the Curse Client Auto-installer or extract the "CampOut" folder contained in this zip file into your "World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons folder. (See illustration for help with a manual install.) To...
Lady Sylvanas

Camp Out Music

Jan 05, 2014 Release
Note: You can leave a private message for me here: Talk to Skulhamr When you type "/camp" in an inn or major city, you instantly log off and back to your character selection screen. However, if you're out in the wilds, the game takes 20 seconds to exit. This tiny addon provides the angelic tones of the Sindori during the count-down. Enjoy the Lament of the Highborne. To Install: Use the Curse Client Auto-installer or extract the "CampOutMusic" folder contained in this zip file into your...
Cancelator Screenshot

Cancelator - Mass Auction Cancel Utility

Jun 26, 2012 Inactive
Cancelator UPDATE: October 16, 2010: Cancelator is no longer automated. A hardware event IS required for each cancellation. The filters still function the same way they did before, except now the button you'd press once before to trigger the cancellation of all auctions, has to be hit for each auction you wish to cancel. The filters will allow you to go "click happy" on the button to cancel the auctions one by one that fit the specified filter. Cancelator is a utility to help mass cancel...

Canceled (delete plz)

Dec 12, 2011 Planning
Canceled, If any moderator passes by, pls delete this, (can't find the button.)