Mar 09, 2014 Release
Introduction Originally WoW's trial accounts could chat freely, and invite people to groups, however, once gold sellers started using trial accounts to spam messages to paying players, restrictions were put on trials to prevent them from being used in this way. While there was a time limit on trials, those restrictions were not so much of a problem for the people using them, as they would not have long enough to form communities of trial players, but now that the time limit has been removed,...


Feb 11, 2011 Inactive
A sloppy-yet-epic addon that substitutes certain phrases in the chat with ragefaces as necessary. Below is a small list of some of the substitutions that occur. For more information, refer to the /fu or /f7u12 command. {advicedog} {philosoraptor} {f7u12}, {fu} {troll}, {trollface} {megusta} {yuno} {melvin} {pokerface} {okay}, {ok} Capitalisation and whitespaces inside the braces are ignored. This means that {TRoLL fAc E}, {TROLL FACE}, {tRoLlFaCe} and {trollface} are all interpreted the same...
FaceMelter In Action

FaceMelter Reloaded

Aug 29, 2011 Inactive
Spell recommendation addon for Shadow Priests. Support for the following spells and options is included: Shadowform*, Vampiric Embrace*, Inner Fire*/Inner Will*, Shadowfiend*, Dark Archangel*, Shadow Word: Pain, Vampiric Touch, Devouring Plague, Mind Blast* - including cast with a minimum # of Shadow Orbs, Dispersion* - mana threshold for suggestion, Shadow Word: Death* - including a cutoff for your priest's health so you don't kill yourself, execute setting, and mana threshold for...
Corner Indicators

Faceroller HolyPaladin

Jan 10, 2011 Inactive
Faceroller_holypaladin Here's my interpretation of holy paladins healing rotation in faceroller form. In no way do I suggest you stick to this as a must do rotation, but it will show you which spell is probably best to use next. For example there are probably cases in normal ICC10 where Divine Light is complete overkill and Flash of Light or Holy Light are more suited. Presumptions You use clique or mouseover macros when healing... The 'boss'/a mob is your current target (as faceroller...
Faction Addict Main Window

Faction Addict

Sep 15, 2013 Release
Description: Faction Addict is a stand-alone addon that provides additional faction information to your characters working towards faction based achievements. Intended for those players who work on gaining exalted with many factions but also helpful to those that do not. There are in game achievements for being exalted with 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, and 60 factions respectively. Faction Addict also provides a reputation logging system that allows the player to see what...
v1.2 Tooltip frame


Nov 28, 2012 Release
FactionBroker is a simple DataBroker object for displaying information on a "watched" faction. Information that can be displayed Faction name Standing with faction (Honored, Revered, etc) Progress at current standing (1500/3000) Reputation remaining until next standing level Color the output text Default DataBroker display color Specific color (User specified) By standing level (User specified for each standing level) Faction list tooltip Sortable faction list Ascending or Descending Faction...
v 2.0 GUI

Faction Grinder 3

May 08, 2012 Inactive
Faction Grinder has gone to version 3! Now with improved localization and in-game settings integration. Revived in preparation for Mists! We are working on updating old factions and adding new ones. If you'd like to help, check out the TemplateFaction.lua file in \FactionData and see how easy they are to make now! Features: Track faction items on all your characters and include them in your item count Turn-in locations for all repeatable rep quests Mouse over quest icons for detailed grinding...


Apr 04, 2014 Release
Factionizer Features how many reputation points are missing to the next reputation level in your reputation window extended reputation detail window showing how many points you need for your next reputation level how much reputation you can gain by completing repeatable/daily and gathering quests mobs that give reputation Built in localization for quest, item, and instance names order factions by reputation level faction output controlled by chat general settings Slash commands /fz help Show...
out of combat


Oct 14, 2011 Inactive
An interface mod that fades frames until they are interacted with. Includes customisable alpha, zones and frame blacklist, accessible from the addon list or /faded misc stuff to do: fix minimap sprite fading add fade out delay
Failchievements Achievement Pane


Nov 15, 2010 Inactive
Failchievements Please use the Curseforge Ticket Tracker to report issues with this addon if you would like them to be quickly and efficiently resolved. Overview A custom achievement suit that offers you with unique challenges and accidental awesomes that may happen in general play, PvE, PvE, or even just standing around talking. This addon adds a new Achievement category, and integrates completely into the built in Achievement system. Just install and play! Mission The purpose of this addon...
FailScore Display


Apr 18, 2012 Inactive
About FailScore FailScore will calculate your characters overall success by determining how many times you failed (died) compared to your victories (boss kills). An "AWESOME" player will have a negative FailScore while a "FAIL" player has a positive FailScore. (So think of the scoring system like golf) FailScore right now only determines your PVE score, it ignores failures in PVP situations for now. How FailScore is calculated? FailScore is calculated based on your player's PVE stats. You...
Enhanced language menu


Nov 24, 2013 Release
FairLanguage is an addon designed to bring more fairness to role-playing communication and less confusion to guilds, instance groups and raids. It simply circumvents the use of race specific language, instead sending every message in clear text, placing the language tag of the selected language up front. For role-players this enables you to tell players, which language you are speaking, while still giving them the chance to understand what you are saying and leaving it up to them if their...
In-game example

Fake Achievement

Sep 11, 2013 Release
Create fake achievement links to be used in that messages to impress noobs, fake PGMs and make laugth your friends and the girls ! Usage /fa <achievement> <date> Achievement can be the achievement ID (retrieved from WoWHead for instance) or any incomplete achievement link Date is format is day/month/year. Year is in 2-digit format representing the year of the 21st Century. Examples: /fa 4999 8/12/10 /fa [Realm First! Level 85] 8/12/10 The achievement link is generated for the currently...
Example 1


Sep 24, 2012 Release
FarCaster is an addon primarily for healers or anyone who wants one-click buttons for buffing/debuffing. It works similarly to BeneCaster (which was based on Caster), an addon which is no longer updated. Note, FarCaster is NOT technically a continuation of these addons. It's completely rewritten from scratch, and none of the original authors are involved in this. Basically, FarCaster lets you select beneficial spells form your spellbook and have them attached to player, party, raid, target,...
Main Window


Nov 17, 2013 Inactive
Introduction Ever wanted a simple summary of the ore or herbs you are farming. Fed up of having to check you bags. Well Farmed is for you! Farmed understands the items that are typically farmed and automatically provides a categorised count of those items in you bags.. The features are:- Displays total money. Displays space left in bag for farming. Summarised items into key categories (ore, stone, gem, cloth, herb, leather, elemental, Fish, other). Displays dropped item in your bag that are...
FarmHud, GatherMate2, and Routes


Sep 02, 2012 Release
Turn your minimap into a hud for farming ore / herb. Works with GatherMate2, Routes, and _NPCScan.Overlay.
FarmIt 2.2


Dec 06, 2012 Release
FarmIt helps WoW players to actively monitor how much they have of ANY ITEM. This is especially helpful when you want to keep an eye on items that cannot be placed on the standard action bars. For example: I use FarmIt while mining, so I always know exactly how much ore I have, without having to dig through my bags and count them. This addon has been written to be as light and fast as possible. FarmIt employs optimized item count methods via effective use of the World of Warcraft API, this...


Oct 21, 2013 Release
This addon lets you decide which of your precious head and cloak gear should be shown or hidden upon equipping them. Useful for example if you are an engineer (or for some other reason) and have got lots of headgear with varying beauty. - Usage Type '/fashion' to bring up the config panel. Add an item by shift-clicking on it while the frame is visible. It will be added as showing by default. Click an item to change its visibility state. Shift-click an item to remove it from the database.
Config Window


Jul 14, 2012 Inactive
About FashionFighter FashionFighter makes you ready with one click. Changing your style and more! Features Changing Gear Enable/Disable visibility of Helmet Enable/Disable visibility of Cloak Sheathe or Unsheathe weapon Dismissing an active Companion Calling an companion Changing Talent spec Keybindings Usage /fashionfighter or /fafi /fashionfighter help or /fafi help for available commands Report Bugs/Feature Request Feel free to report bugs or feature request via comments or the ticket...


Jul 22, 2012 Inactive
FastID v1 /id /fastid Quick & Easy view of current item codes for player Easy link export to wowhead!