Simple Taunt Announce

Oct 18, 2014 Mature
Simple Taunt Announce Copyright 2011-2014 BeathsCurse (Saphod - Draenor EU) Introduction Simple Taunt Announce (STA) is a World of Warcraft addon that aims to be a relatively simple and efficient, yet flexible taunt announcer. The main use of such an addon is to help coordinate taunt swapping in raids (though it also works well for blaming the pug DK dps who thinks Death Grip is part of his rotation). STA will announce failed taunts (targets who are immune), and for multi-target taunts it...


May 23, 2013 Inactive
Overview Adds a /tt command for sending whispers to your current target. When used interactively it will dynamically change the text from /tt to a whisper showing your target’s name. Also can be used from macros. No configuration required, just install and go.

Simple Text Blackjack

Sep 27, 2010 Planning
A simple text based blackjack addon that is based around blizzard's /roll system for public accuracy. Was made for friendly wagers. Do not use for in game gold bets. Gambling is against Blizzard's policy.
STM Horizontal bars

Simple Threat Meter

Sep 10, 2013 Inactive
I'm out of here This game has become too frustrating for me to play any more - so I wont be up-dateing this addon. I'm not the owner so I can't add you to the project Players are nice - bugs are frustrating DESIGN Simple Threat Meter is a lightweight mod that displays your threat level on your current target as a bar. It's there when you want it to be and gone when you don't need it. The bar displayed fills up from 0% to 100%. When it hits 100%, that's the point where you pull aggro off the...


Jan 19, 2015 Release
SimpleTweaks improves the default UI without changing the look of it. It helps reducing the amount of bloated add-ons required to have features that should be there by default. Features: Adds an outline to the default chat font to make it easier to read Adds more size options to chat font menu (from 12 to 18) Displays debuff icons above enemy nameplates Adds class colors everywhere! (health bars, chat, guild, friend list, battleground scoreboard, etc.) Adds coordinates to the world map...


Feb 14, 2014 Inactive
SimpleVignette Warns you in the chat window and as a raid warning (also party chat if enabled) when you are near any item or creature that triggers a mini-map vignette icon such as rare mobs and chests on the Timeless Isle. /sv or /simplevignette to show options menu. /sv ? or /sv help to show commands.
Nav and Color

Simply Notes

Sep 16, 2012 Inactive
A very simple Notepad addon with an intuitive UI You can store as many individual notes as you want in this notepad Your notes are available to all of your characters! You can resize / change scale / change transparency / move the notes window to fit with your UI You can choose the font and fontsize (6 fonts included) You can colorize your text to highlight important notes Undo your changes with Ctrl+Z / Redo them with Ctrl+Y Full Link Support ( Achievements, Items, Players, .etc ) Advanced...
Simulacrum Symbol


Jan 10, 2015 Beta
Shows which spell was absorbed by Dark Simulacrum in an icon frame. use: /ds lock - to unlock / lock the frame to move around /ds scale - to scale the size of the frame (between 0.1 - 3) /ds alpha - to set the transparency of the frame (between 0 and 1) thanks to Gont testing the first version


Oct 24, 2014 Release
This is a small addon that simplifies the process of generating a Simulationcraft profile for your character. Typing the chat command /simc will bring up a text box containing an exported profile for your character. This profile can be copy/pasted into SimC's "Simulate" window or into any text editor and saved as a .simc file. This addon eliminates the need to log in and out repeatedly to update the armory in order to re-import your character through Simulationcraft's GUI, speeding up the...
Config Mode

Sinestra Wrack Helper

May 25, 2013 Inactive
Info Sinestra Wrack Helper displays a customizable set of bars that provide an easy-to-see warning as to when Wrack needs to be dispelled off of raid members. Each bar shows: The player's name The time that wrack has been active on them How much damage the next tick of wrack will do on them. Each bar is also colored based on the time that Wrack has been active on a unit. Slash commands are /swh, /sinestrawh, and /sinestrawrackhelper /swh config or /swh options to display the options. All...

Skaadoosh's AH Spreadsheet

Mar 14, 2011 Planning
TODO: Create GUI for custom spreadsheets i've created oog. TODO: Link to Auctioneer, Auctionator for accurate market numbers. TODO: Link to Altoholic/DB-broker to get specific crafting recipes. TODO: Link to Profession add-on to enable queueing.
Colored breakdown

Skada Ability Tracker

Nov 23, 2012 Inactive
This adds two modules to Skada: AbilityTracker: Shows the last 10 abilities that a player has used and time between casts AbilityBreakdown: Tracks personal ability usage and shows 1) time until an ability can be used again and 2) delay between when available and when used. Module's primary purpose is as a post-combat diagnostic tool to see if you are using all your abilities to their maximum efficiency (if your class/spec revolves around cooldowns, e.g. hunters). Although you can also use it...


Mar 01, 2014 Planning
A simple module for Skada which displays the current DPS for all raidmembers.


Nov 30, 2013 Inactive
SkadaExplosive is a mod for Skada to log the following data: lock and load proc count used lock and load stacks max consecutive fired explosive shots max damage of one exlposive shot tick total damage of explosive shot average damage of one explosive shot tick
Main Window

Skada for Tanks

Jun 10, 2014 Inactive
This is a plugin for Skada that adds information useful for evaluating a tank's performance. You must have Skada installed for this addon to work. It will add a mode to Skada called "Healing Required", which is the amount of healing each person took from other players. Put another way, it is the same as Healing Taken minus self healing. The lower this number, the better. It will also add extra information to Damage Taken, if you are using that module, showing which tanking buffs were used for...
Skada Healthstones

Skada Healthstones

Aug 12, 2014 Inactive
This module simply tracks healthstone usage within Skada. You must have Skada Damage Meters installed to use this module.
Ex Hunter Hero

Skada Hunter Hero

Nov 24, 2012 Inactive
Adds a Skada module for (BM) hunters: Do the BM rotation while the abilities are scrolled along. Pull out a pet, find a target dummy and hit those buttons as they come along. Learn how easy, simple and stupidly static the BM rotation is! Requires Skada Ability Tracker Read notes for more info Survival spec support possibly in the future.


Nov 19, 2013 Inactive
Skada module to record how many times you and your friends jump during fights. NB. Your friends also need to run this addon to track theirs.


Aug 15, 2010 Alpha
Adds a parry tracker to Skada: useful for parry-sensitive fights like Halion and Sindragosa. Pets are automatically associated with owners. Clicking a player's parry count will show which mobs were parried. Synthesized from SkadaFail and SkadaDamage.


Oct 14, 2014 Release
A module for Skada that tracks pickups and AoE bursts from Gift of the Serpent healing orbs.