Feb 08, 2015 Release
Automatically generate macros that use the best food available. Inspired by Buffet and Mounted, MuchMoreMunch provides placeholder tags for the best food, drink and potions for use with the Blizzard macro language. Valid placeholders are: <hpp> - health potion <hps> - healthstone <mpp> - mana potion <mps> - mana gem <hpf> - health food <mpf> - mana food <b> - bandage Multiple placeholders can be combined for use in a castsequence, e.g. /castsequence [combat] reset=combat <hps,hpp> The addon...
Main Datatext


Feb 08, 2015 Release
ELvUI_LootOptions Custom datatext to manage Loot Options This is a plugin for ELvUI, it will not work on its own. This addon will add a new datatext that allows you to see and easily change loot method/options while also providing a way of quickly rolling. Just assign this datatext to any of your panels and you're good to go! Left Mouse button: Roll 1-100 Right Mouse button: Change loot options


Feb 08, 2015 Inactive
This is, in my opinion, the best UI pack for a raider assuming the roll of DPS. Major addons: Recount, Bartender, Shadowed Unit Frames, mics scrolling battle text, weak auras, DBM, master plan, omniCC, prat, quartz, tip tac, tidy plates. Includes a WTF folder for easy settup. With this addon pack you will be able to raid at top efficiency, there is absolutely nothing you should ever be blindsided by.


Feb 08, 2015 Release
Allows you to have BoE and BoA categories in AdiBags.


Feb 07, 2015 Release
Enhances the default Blizzard arena frames. Movable frames Scalable frames Scalable casting bars PvP Trinket Cooldown tracker Class-colouring features (health bar, name, frame) Go into Interface > AddOn options or just type /sarena for configuration. Credits Spaceship/Starship from Arena Junkies Tekkub Kouri Kollektiv Lyn haste evl Zork/Rothar Feedback: ArenaJunkies Discussion Beta Versions on GitHub

flaming loot ml

Feb 07, 2015 Release
Addon for tracking and distributing raid loot. This is the masterlooter addon. Other players need only download the core addon. Goals Make the rolling and master looting processes as simple and efficient as possible Distribute loot evenly Easy to use and mostly automated Adaptable to different raid groups' needs Lightweight Loot tracking System is based on epgp*. Effort spent and gear received are tracked for each player and used to assign them a priority ranking. Also supports a single mode...

Class Combo Points

Feb 07, 2015 Alpha
Class Combo Points Displays a combo point bar for the following class resources: Combo Points (Vehicle, Rogue, Feral Druid) Chi (Monk) Holy Power (Paladin) Soul Shards (Affliction Warlock) Burning Embers (Destruction Warlock) Shadow Orbs (Shadow Priest) Still in development, not finished yet.
Aura Timer Bars

Ellipsis (Multi-Target DoT Timers)

Feb 06, 2015 Release
Ellipsis (indicating omission) Typography - A mark consisting of three periods, colloquially known as 'dot-dot-dot'. Type /ellipsis in the chat window to configure this mod after installation. Ellipsis is an addon that features multi-target DoT and HoT tracking for spells that you cast on other people. It has support for all classes and can additionally be configured to track Cooldowns as well. Access the GUI by typing '/ellipsis' or by going to the WoW Main Menu, then Interface, then the...

Wormhole Centrifuge Helper

Feb 06, 2015 Release
Translates the zone names to the actual ones, when using Wormhole Centrifuge. Looking for translaters for multiple languages:

Achievement Search

Feb 06, 2015 Release
This addon will add a search box to the Achievement frame top left corner.


Feb 06, 2015 Release
GearRenter WoW addon that assists in renting PVP gear. This is useful because an item can drop in RBGs, Ashran, or the Coliseum that you already have. If you have it rented out, you can just sell it back. How to use Open up the conquest or honor vendor (for whichever gear you have rented). Click the new icon to the right of the merchant window (or type the command "/rebuy") Watch as it sells, buys, and then equips your gear. Notes This will not sell gear that has enchants on it. Who made it?...


Feb 06, 2015 Beta
A simple customizable holy powerbar for paladins. Basically it is 5 frames, 1 for each of your paladin power points. With a shadowed frame around them, they light up 1 by 1 as you get your combo points. you can customize the size of them and the colour they light up with, and place them were ever you want. To customize your frames type: /zp Post your suggestions if you want more options or anything added :)

Lazy Boss Preparation

Feb 05, 2015 Beta
Lazy Boss Preparation (LBP) checks for raid encounter you approach your spec, talents and glyphs are matching a predefined set and informs you via a popup. LBP also automatical edits four macros for every template. So LBP checks if you are prepared for the Boss. /LBP or /lbp to open the config to create a new template or edit existing ones.


Feb 05, 2015 Release
Mongo Monitor is a Battleground enhancer I PvP a lot on my Shadow Priest. I'm admittedly terrible. That doesn't mean I don't recognize absurd mouth breathing troglodytes when I see them in random BG's. MongoMon spruces up randoms quite a bit with the following features: Rankings (1-5) of most killing blows appears over nameplates. Player scores in that BG appear over nameplates. Personalized scoreboard. Killing blow sounds (Worst for last) Enhanced unit frame portraits for classes that are...
Before and After!

Hide Garrison Mining Nodes

Feb 04, 2015 Release
Hides the Mining Nodes inside your Garrison, and shows them when you enter the Mine. Known Issue: AddOn may not work with other AddOns that manipulate the Texture (such as Zygors).


Feb 02, 2015 Inactive
Formerly known as F2PAddon, this is essentially version 2.0 of that addon, completely rewritten to support multiple chat channels, and to provide more in game help to trial players.
All resources


Feb 02, 2015 Beta
ResourcesOnTop Moves the class resources to the top of the PlayerFrame, with a vertical inversion of the textures so they fit perfectly.
Interface - Tax Rates

Guild Donation Helper

Feb 02, 2015 Release
Guild Donation Helper Donate money to the Guild Bank from these sources: Commerce with merchants. Obtain money from mob Obtain money from quest Obtain money from Follower Missions Receive one email with money ( disabled in GDH 1.3.1 until this can be redone) Guild list showing who is using the addon with your quotes and taxes. Autosync data between guild members Credit System If your guild allows you take money from guild bank, as a member, the guild master can adjust one credit tax. The...

Anti Wand of Lightning Shield

Feb 02, 2015 Release
This addon is designed mainly for Multiboxers who PvP on the Ashran Island introduced in WoD, it will constantly check your raid group for the Wand of Lightning Shield debuff and warn you when it's found. The WoLS debuff will do 50,000+ damage per second, for 15 seconds, to all enemies of the caster within 8 yards of the character with the debuff. This is a bane for Multiboxers and if it's not dispelled or countered within a couple of seconds then it will more than likely wipe your raid group...


Feb 01, 2015 Release
Plays various random soundfiles from Starcraft 2 when someone sucessfully deployed a N.U.K.U.L.A.R. Launch. Blizzard Entertainment is the owner or licensee of all the sound files included in this addon. ©2010 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. Wings of Liberty is a trademark, and StarCraft and Blizzard Entertainment are trademarks or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. ©2013 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved....