RareShare TomTom Integration


Apr 12, 2014 Inactive
RareShare receives and shares information on the locations and current HP of rare mobs both on The Timeless Isle and across the rest of Azeroth and Outland. RareShare receives and shares information on the locations and current HP of rare mobs both on The Timeless Isle and across the rest of Azeroth and Outland. Features Detects rare mobs when targetted Detects rare mobs when mouse is rolled over them Detects health changes of rares Detects deaths of rares via combat log Announces discovery...
All Out - Player Info

HeartBeat Sensor

Apr 11, 2014 Inactive
HeartBeat Sensor This addon was a created out of personal desire to be able to better stalk my prey. The addon is currently lacking many features that I would like to implement and they will be added to the project one by one. Current Features Graphical Player Management Tool Player Tracking: Monitors the area for players on your custom "hit list" as well as stealth player detection. Player Notes: Add players to a "hit list" allowing you to add custom notes about that player. Kill/Death...


Apr 10, 2014 Mature
Plays the A-Team soundtrack when someone in your Party/Raid casts "Army of the Dead". Commands: /ateam enable: Activate auto play /ateam disable: Deactivate auto play -------------------------- Spielt den A-Team Soundtrack, wenn ein Todesritter in der Gruppe/Raid "Armee der Toten" zaubert. Befehle: /ateam enable: Automatisches Abspielen aktivieren /ateam disable: Automatisches Abspielen deaktivieren
Circle + One


Apr 08, 2014 Inactive
Ion! A macro-based action bar addon. It can stand on its own or supplement any other action bar addon or even the default Blizzard UI. Buy Maul a Coke! "Feel the power of the macro side..." A WoW 5.x Mists of Pandaria addon. Official Thread - Visit this thread for more information on Ion! FAQ - The official FAQ for Ion! Bug Reports - Report bugs here Feature Requests - Request features here Comments - If you wish to post a comment, you may do so here. Be sure to check out the Optional Ion...


Apr 05, 2014 Inactive
This addon add support Masque skins to default blizzard action bars except bonus bar (work in progress).
Example Image


Apr 05, 2014 Inactive
This was a small project that I worked on to both learn how to make an addon, and make it easy for myself to find herb locations without leaving the game. The addon adds text to the tooltips of herbs in the game, which lists what zones the herbs are located in. For example: Fool's Cap would have the text "Gathered in: Dread Wastes, Townlong Steppes, The Jade Forest, Timeless Isle." There are no commands for the addon at the moment, because it is just a very small, very low memory addon....

flaming loot ml

Apr 04, 2014 Inactive
Addon for tracking and distributing raid loot. This is the masterlooter addon. Other players need only download the core addon. Goals Make the rolling and master looting processes as simple and efficient as possible Distribute loot evenly Easy to use and mostly automated Adaptable to different raid groups' needs Lightweight Loot tracking System is based on epgp*. Effort spent and gear received are tracked for each player and used to assign them a priority ranking. Also supports a single mode...
Individual Gratz


Apr 03, 2014 Inactive
Similar to AutoGratz, but with some more features, such as messages for specific people or achievements. Working Features Guild gratz. Battleground Victory Gratz for specific achievements. Gratz for specific people. Ding Settings Disable: This option makes it so that the addon does not send gratz messages at all. Delay: This sets the range of delay before sending a gratz. The delay is in seconds. You do not want to use a delay of 0 seconds because it might send a gratz before the achievement...
SpeedO - Display


Apr 03, 2014 Release
SpeedO displays your your current travel speed and map coordinates in a minimalistic way. Displayed Info: X, Y location Speed in % of running. [Note 1] Speed % horizontally over the map. (excludes loss of momentum when ascending or descending) Degrees Pitch angle Display: Small format to not be a distraction or waste screen space. Can be moved to any place on the screen but by default it is displayed in the very top left corner of your screen. Note 1) Blizzard considers running to be 100%....

Titan Panel [Professions]

Apr 02, 2014 Inactive
My guild is a crafting guild and some members asked me to make a addon to make it quicker to craft. So, here it is. For professions that have a window, clicking on the profession opens its' window. For those without a window, it creates a button in the center to allow usage of that skill. One click on the button activates that skill, but leaves the button intact so it may be used many times. A double click on the button activates that skill and removes the button. Dependency: Titan Panel Any...
SkyCompass ScreenShot 2


Apr 02, 2014 Inactive
World of Warcraft has always had two main ways of navigation. A small, short range, top-down Minimap, and a large, long range, top-down World Map. The trouble with both of these, is they force you to either look away from, or mostly block your view of the game world. Other games have sought to address this by putting important destinations on a "tape" compass. This not only allows you the ease of simply pointing your character towards the destination, but takes up significantly less space on...


Apr 02, 2014 Inactive
DisputedGrounds was created to support a graduation project that looks for patterns in winning faction battleground results. The data collected should be sent to and is processed and made available to the WoW community. This might shed light into the old question: does Horde really pwns Alliance? Slash commands: /dpg export - displays current data for exporting to another application (text pad, email, web form). Link on bottom right corner selects all text, us...


Apr 02, 2014 Inactive
Interrupt Manager A very simple addon that will let you set up interrupt rotations within a raid or a party. Will also announce when you use an interrupt for general use (can be disabled). Usage: /im Simply fill in the names of the interrupters in the order you want them. If you do not have use for 5 interrupters, leave the boxes as they are or empty. More than 5 interrupts per rotation should never be needed. Click the numbered icons to the left of the editboxes to fill in the name of your...
gfxMastery 1


Apr 01, 2014 Inactive
This addon has no in-game settings at the moment. I am currently only interested in assuring the core functionality is correct. When you enter an instance(dungeon) that is for a PVE group, Raid or PVP group this addon will set almost all graphics settings to the "low" settings. When you are again in the "normal" world your settings will go back to their ultra settings. There is a small arrow currently anchored to the side of the minimap title bar. It points up and is colored red when the...
SmartBag Settings Window


Apr 01, 2014 Inactive
SmartBag! SmarBag is an addon meant to help you keep your inventory organized. It does this by automatically moving items into bags for you. What it moves and where it moves it to is up to you. After downloading the addon once you login for the first time you'll see the SmartBag configuration screen. Simply pick what bag you'd like your gear sorted into and wether or not you'd like to automatically sell useless grey items when you open a vendor. That's it! You don't have to think about moving...


Apr 01, 2014 Planning
Experimental test addon creating a dance button interface


Apr 01, 2014 Inactive
An armorkini module for MogIt. This collection of bikini-like and skimpy looking outfits is based on this thread, which was written by Lull of Misha (US). A big thanks to her for all the hard work she has put into the list (and for giving me permission to use it in this addon). Requires MogIt v3.3


Apr 01, 2014 Inactive
MogIt_Roleplay is a plugin for MogIt that adds most of the roleplay items that were excluded from the base modules (because they cannot be used for transmogrification). Requires MogIt v3.3

Ion: Menu Bar

Mar 31, 2014 Inactive
Ion: Menu Bar is a menu bar replacement that works within the Ion UI framework.

Ion: Status Bars

Mar 31, 2014 Inactive
Ion: Status Bars that work with the Ion UI framework. This addon provides various status bar type objects including cast bars, xp bars, rep bars and mirror bars.