Mar 07, 2015 Release
Just a tiny little add-on to make sure you don't forget to refresh your flask during raids when your concentration tends to be elsewhere. It gives you a small movable button which automatically loads the last flask you've used and which you can click to drink another one. It shows how many flasks you have left, lights up 5 minutes before the flask runs out, and starts blinking 1 minute before it runs out. To keep this add-on footprint absolutely minimal, the only permanently visible part is...

Silence I Kill You

Mar 07, 2015 Release
Plays popular "Silence, I kill you!" sound every time you interrupt somebody's spell. Type: "/sil on" to enable sound "/sil off" to disable sound
DejaMark Frame


Mar 07, 2015 Release
Works with Patch 6.1: Garrisons Update! Now with world flare marking ability for Circle, Moon and Skull DejaMark was created with the generous help of Ro, Choonster, Phanx, Dridzt and Sedivy on the WoW UI and Macro forums and the Curse Forge forums. Enjoy! DejaMark: Shows and hides the target and world markers while holding a hotkey. Use: Set the key-binding in the WoW key-bindings menu under "DejaMark". Hold down your chosen key to show the markers at your mouse cursor. Release the key to...
Priest Friend Settings Page

Priest Friend

Mar 07, 2015 Mature
This addon helps priests manage their buffs, notifies them when their shackle breaks, reminds you to keep your inner fire up, helps manage their 3 min fear ward, and notifies you when someone gets a disease or magic debuff so you can dispell it. In addition it plays some funny sayings when you cast spells (but only if you want). To configure PriestFriend just type /pf show I hope you all like it, let me know if you have any suggestions :-) Known Bugs None that I know of, please let me know if...


Mar 07, 2015 Release
Implements a workaround for a bug that exists in the Mac WoW client which corrupts movie recording when the client is launched with High or Ultra quality shadows. If you never set your shadow quality above Low, you should not need this addon. HOW TO USE THIS ADDON: There is a known bug in the Mac Client that causes recorded video to become corrupted if the client is launched with Shadow Quality set to Fair or better. This addon "fixes" this by setting Shadow Quality to Low upon logout, then...


Mar 07, 2015 Release
A broker addon that will allow you to create a list of favorite companions (minipets) and easily summon them. New in 2.3: Tracking for wild pets is now available! Under the various sort methods, choose Wild Locations. It will now list all the zones by continent, and the wild pets you own and don't own from each zone. Quickly see which pets you still need to collect. Great for helping track your growing collecting and what you still need to find, and where! You can also shift click on any pet...
Hotkey Label Improver: Before and After

Moncai Hotkey Label Improver

Mar 06, 2015 Release
About Hotkey Label Improver Let's say you want to bind some actionbar buttons to Ctrl--, Numpad-5, Ctrl-Alt-F7. These would show up as ', Num... and ', which is totally unclear! With this addon these will display as c--, N 7 and G7 so it's easier to look up what key combo is bound to what! (G stands for Ctrl-Alt-F#, I use the G keys on my logitech gaming keyboard that way, G1 bound to Ctrl+Alt+F1 and so on. If there is demand for other shortcuts I will try to add them later on). Let me know...


Mar 06, 2015 Release
Note: v2.0 cannot use old saved variables file and may error when trying to read them, so its best to delete and start fresh. This addon stores Talent/Major Glyph setups for different bosses, saving you from trying to remember them all or having to write them down. Chat Commands: /specstorage /specs Notes: The addon stores per class, so two mages on an account would have the same store. UI will only display the current active specialization setups. From a fresh start you'll only be able to...
Moncai's Compact Experience Bar

Moncai Compact Experience Bar

Mar 06, 2015 Release
Reasons for Compact Experience Bar Are your mates constantly asking you how many bars/boxes/bubbles you have or are away from the next level? Ever wonder how many boxes/bubbles/bars this next quest will net you or how many you need for next level? Or maybe you are more of a percentage kind of person, constantly trying to guess what percentage you are at? Meet Moncai's Compact Experience Bar! In a neat and concise way it gives you a compact experience progress bar overlaid with a textual...

Flight Map and Time

Mar 06, 2015 Release
About Flight Map and Time Flight Map and Time is all about the flights you take in the World of Warcraft. It draws lines on the continent maps, showing you visually where you can fly from each zone as you mouse over them, as well as showing a window listing all the available destinations, their costs and their flight durations. On the zone level map, flight masters appear as small boot icons, allowing you to see where they are. During flights, a castbar-alike progress bar will show you how...
Options Window

Smart Repair

Mar 06, 2015 Release
Smart Repair v. 2.3 What is Smart Repair? Smart Repair simply allows you to choose how you want to repair your gear. Depending on your current group status, you can set Smart Repair to repair your gear using your money, your guild's money, or take no action. As an example, you can self-repair when in solo, but use the guild funds when in a guild group or raid. Then if you don't have permission to use the guild funds for repairs, you can set up a backup action such as using your money to...

Character Favorite Mounts and Pets

Mar 06, 2015 Release
Favorite Mount is new feature in World of Warcraft, that allows you to select favorite mounts and gives you button that summons random selected from them. The problem is this feature is account-wide, and garrison stable also uses this to display mounts. If you want different favorite mounts on each character this addon is just for you. Addon also allows you to choose different pets on on each character as well as pet batlle teams.


Mar 05, 2015 Release
7/21/2013 Update: I've returned to WoW and will now be maintaining RecountCC again! The latest version includes some fixes for pets, along with a new section in recount for CC taken (similar to Damage Taken vs Damage in Recount). As usual make a ticket if a spell is missing. Shows the number of Crowd Control effects that a player has used, and who they have used them on. For most AoE CC effects (For example Psychic Scream) it will count each player it affects rather than the number of times...
Party Frames

Dark Default Frames

Mar 05, 2015 Beta
This is a simple re-texture of the default Unit Frames. It is a cosmetic change only. Note: Two of the images show what the Dark Default Frames look like with Semi Class Color Healthbar installed. This mod itself does not alter the healthbar color of unit frames. Installation Download and extract the .zip file. Drag the "Interface" folder to the World of Warcraft folder. Do NOT install to the Addons folder. It won't work.

Quest Progress Sound

Mar 05, 2015 Release
Tracks quest progress and playing sound files when a part of a quest is finished or a quest finished at all. Same is possible for your party members (if they have installed this addon too)
CharmKeys Configuration


Mar 05, 2015 Mature
CharmKeys is an extremely simple addon, designed to make it easy to mark targets in combat. It allows you to bind keys to assign a raid marker to the unit that is under the mouse cursor, whether it's a unit frame, name plate, or character in the game world. Since it uses the mouseover unit, you don't have to change targets in order to re-mark, vital for a tank or melee DPS. The same effect can be accomplished with macros, which is why the addon is so extremely tiny. CharmKeys just allows you...
InstanceTime - Instance List 2


Mar 05, 2015 Release
About 'InstanceTime' This AddOn records how long it took to complete an instance. The timer will not be interrupted by dying (and running back to the instance) oder by beeing reanimated. It will stop the timer and add an entry to the list, if you are alive and leave an instance or if you are using the "ghosthealer". By entering an instance, the timer will automatically start. By leaving the instance, the timer will automatically stop. There's nothing to be done by the player. This AddOn is...


Mar 05, 2015 Planning
Storytelling addon for roleplay with the main goal of simplifying roll events and threshold rolling for the storyteller/dm.

Rare Spawn Overlay

Mar 04, 2015 Mature
Rare Spawn Overlay Places colored locations of areas on the map where certain rares can be found. Notice for RSO 5.2 Added Warbringer and Warscout paths, and Uldum Camel Statue Spawn Locations Notice Sorry for the inactivity on this addon, i took a break from the game for several months, i plan on coming back for Warlords. i also plan on adding the lower levels soon, and see about the 6.0 issue it stopping to work. Thanks, Colonyl3 Shades the area of the Rare Spawns, in Outlands, Northrend,...


Mar 04, 2015 Release
_NPCScan.Overlay.Broker This add-on works with _NPCScan.Overlay and gives you a toggle button to show or hide it's Mini Map Overlay display. Use with your LibDataBroker (LDB) tool of choice. I recommend Bazooka, but there are many to choose from. Click: Toggles display of _NPCScan.Overlay's Mini Map layer. CONTROL-Click: Toggle display of _NPCScan.Overlay's World Map layer. Middle-Click: Toggle display of Both _NPCScan.Overlay's Mini & World Map layers Right Click: Open _NPCScan.Overlay's...