Jan 06, 2015 Release
PRESENTATION Wonderbar replaces the default actionbars. It is intended to give you a better control over your bars in order to play as freely as possible. It's free, light, customizable, fast and work perfectly ! You can create as many bars as you want, resize them, and create complex modifier behaviors. You can also cast all spells of bar onto a defined target. The configuration is simple and powerful, no macro scripting skill is requiered. FEATURES • Use any keys or mouse buttons as...
Example Looting

Scrolling Loot Text

Jan 06, 2015 Release
SLoTe Overview: Do you know what Scrolling Combat Text is? I hope so, this is the same kind but for items. How does that work? Well, this add-on will hide your Loot window and show you all items you pick-up as a scrolling text, with the the number and value of the item and the color of the rarity as font color. Commands: /SLoTe enable - enables the scrolling loot /SLoTe activate - see enable /SLoTe disable - disable the scrolling loot /SLoTe deactivate - see disable /SLoTe loot enable - shows...

machtDRUCK gz

Jan 06, 2015 Release
Posts congratulation Messages into guild chat when a guildmate earns an achievement. Mainly used for a large Guild on German Server Taerar.
updated interface for WOD


Jan 06, 2015 Release
I have updated the addon as I still hate Blizzard's way how they handle the world markers in the interface. The frame is hard (not to mention if you are in a fight) to access. To use the markers you need to be: Raid Leader or Raid Assistant, or be in a 5 man party. This mini add-on makes a new frame for you where you can access these world markers. To open the window type the command /smoker enjoy
Screenshot version 2.0.1


Jan 05, 2015 Release
To use: Type /arch to open the main window. This contains a list which shows each race with a project count, your progress on the current artifact, and how many keystones you have. There are also a few buttons along the bottom of the window: - The far left button opens the travel frame. This holds a list of the items and spells you have that you can use to instantly travel around the world with (hearthstone, teleport etc). This list may not be complete; if you have something that should be on...

Friend & Ignore Share

Jan 05, 2015 Release
Features: Creates a global friends list, boot strapped by the current friends of each alt you log in as. Adds friends that are in the global friends list who are not friends of the currently logged on alt. Adding a new friend adds it to the global list which will transfer it to your other alts as you log them in. Removing a friend removes it from the global list and will remove it from your alts as you log them in. Tracks your alts and adds them to the global list of friends so that your alts...


Jan 05, 2015 Release
Vortex lets you view the inventories of all of your characters at any time. The user interface is designed to be quick and easy to use, and to look similar to the default interfaces. Suitable for people who aren't interested in one bag-solutions or replacing the default interfaces. The base addon includes modules for all items; equipped, backpack, bank, void storage, mailbox, auction house and guild bank items. Vortex uses the DataStore suite of libraries to store all the information. If you...

DBM Voicepack German

Jan 05, 2015 Release
English: This is a German voicepack for DBM. You can install it like the english voicepack. German: Dies ist ein deutsches Sprachpaket für DBM. Es ist genauso zu verwenden wie das Englische Sprachpaket.. Nach dem Umstellen bitte zur Sicherheit ein UI-Reload durchführen.


Jan 05, 2015 Release
Mutilate is an action recommendation mod for rogues in Assassination spec. It takes the current state of the game (buffs on you, debuffs on your target, combo points, energy, etc), and recommends a good move to do next. This mod is single target only and doesn't consider Fan of Knives. Rotation logic is based on as of 6.0.3. The addon displays a panel of icons. The large central icon is the recommended...
Main Screen

Meta Achieve

Jan 05, 2015 Release
Using /meta to open the menu, you can select from a list of Meta achievements Once the achievement has been selected, pressing Group Check will scan the party New menus will be made for each player that is in your group, with a checklist of the achievements they have completed The Everyone tab will show if everyone in the group has completed the achievement or not Players must be within 40 yards to be scanned successfully
Bagnon Equipment Example

Bagnon Equipment

Jan 05, 2015 Alpha
Displays up to 3 equipment set icons from your WoW equipment sets as overlays on your item icon.

Garrison Status

Jan 04, 2015 Alpha
Overview Garrison Status tracks your work orders and follower missions for all your characters on the same realm or WoW account. Features Tracks your follower missions. Tracks the work orders for all garrison buildings. Tracks the completion of the garrison invasion. Tracks and displays the balance of garrison resources.

Multishot (Screenshot)

Jan 04, 2015 Release
Multishot Multishot is a tiny addon that automatically takes screenshots of memorable events in your World of Warcraft career. It's a photo diary of everything you come across in Azeroth, Outland and Northend. Features & screenshot possibilities level-ups and guild level-ups achievements and guild achievements reputation changes challenge mode medals battleground and arena wins trade window transactions garrison building completion any rare/rare-elite mob kills And most of all: boss killshots...
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Jan 04, 2015 Release
A quick and simple hack I made to ease this daily crucial choice: "should I make a new Secrets of <insert your profession here> to buy another receipe?". DontBuyIt will simply turn the patterns you already know to yellow so you quickly know if you need to craft a new Secrets to buy a new pattern. Mostly useful at your garrison's profession buldings but works with any merchant that sells profession patterns. Should work with any client locale though I couldn't test any besides French - please...
Guild Mailbox

Guild Mailbox

Jan 04, 2015 Release
GUILD MAILER WITH CUSTOM FILTERS FOR SENDING MAIL TO GUILD MEMBERS (class, rank, officernote, note, level). AS WELL AS OPTIONALLY SENDING MONEY. 'Open your mailbox and send a mail to the default guild mail address: Guild' A window will appear, where you can choose which rank, class and level your recipients should have. Additionally you can filter guild members whose officer note/note contains, or does not contain a certain text. If you leave an edit box empty that filter is not used. It is...
Virtual Piano 1.5 Interface (2)

Virtual Piano

Jan 04, 2015 Release
Virtual Piano Virtual piano is what it says it is; an 88 key virtual piano. For World of Warcraft. With quite a few more features you'd not expect to find on just a piano. Video preview of the addon is here. Yes, you can use your mouse. You can use your keyboard. You can play live with friends. You can play back midi files. You can even use a midi keyboard if you use third party tools like Bome's Midi Translator. It has playlist and shuffling and playback controls. Want to play with your...
MarcoPolo Sample


Jan 03, 2015 Release
Automaticaly buy reagents (or anythig), sells gray items and repair armor. MP goal is to automate anything that can be automated while interacting with merchants and be as light weight as possible. Each time you interact with a merchant, MP will try to sell grays items, repair your armor, and it can be configured to buy reagents (or anything else) if they're availables. Syntax: /mp Will show addon version and the items you want MP to buy. /mp guild yes repair using guild gold. ("yes" is...
Latest config panel


Jan 03, 2015 Release
This is my first addon that I've written, just because I couldn't find one that suited my needs. As a healer I was having issues wherein party members were unaware of me being stunned/silenced or otherwise incapacitated and unable to heal. This addon checks your debuffs periodically and uses name & description checking to determine the type and length of the debuff, notifying the configured channel where necessary. It started off just being under development for me and people I know, but...
Added interface

Heal Vs. Damage

Jan 03, 2015 Release
An addon which will show a comparison bar of healing done and damage taken on the targeted unit. Along with it comes a mana used bar to get an indication on how long you can keep up this healing levels.
General veiw

Hagakure Cooldowns

Jan 03, 2015 Release
Main idea of addon - reducing amount of raid leader work on tracking cooldowns. In time of addon creation I knew only one addon for tracking CDs - Track Cooldowns. But it shows only CDs. This addon's goal - show all available cooldowns of raid (and even group, if u turn it on) depending of player's spec. So if u have restor druid, u will see tranquility, that has 3 min cd. If you want to help with others localizations or have good idea, how increase quality of addon, you can always contact me...