Apr 20, 2015 Alpha
Tasks is an addon for creating task and to-do lists for your World of Warcraft characters. TASKS IS CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT AND NOT FULLY FEATURED AT THIS TIME Features Create tasks and organize into lists Automatically reset tasks on daily or weekly schedules (or never at all) Categorize lists and tasks based on character criteria This means you can mark a list or task as level 100 only. Then, as soon as that new alt hits 100, it will show up. Automatically complete tasks based on certain...
Player Upgrade Comparison

Master Loot

Apr 20, 2015 Release
Master Loot is an in-game Robo Council-style tool for progression raiding guilds that use loot council to optimize the benefit their raids receive from gear drops. It enables players to quickly compare how much of an upgrade a certain item is for the other players in their raid . Future enhancements will include automation for loot council management and loot distribution. Check back frequently for updates; Please use the ticket system to report bugs and request additional features. Your...

LunaEclipse's Custom Ovale Scripts

Apr 20, 2015 Release
This is a set of custom scripts for Ovale Spell Priority based on community knowledge and experts, usually mythic raiders that differ from the default SimC APL that the default Ovale scripts are based off of. Supported classes are always listed with sources. Please check the Sources heading to determine which classes are supported. is now becoming a hub of valuable guides by mythic raiders, and as such all my future scripts will be based off the guides and priorities...


Apr 19, 2015 Alpha
Not for Public Use Version 4 of the LUI interface, a complete UI overhaul. Currently experiement and nothing more than a shell of an addon and should only be installed on a wow installation you arent playing on. Discussion:
Pet Tamers

Daily Global Check

Apr 19, 2015 Release
Type /dgc to open the main frame This addon, with its plugins, opens an easy to read frame that tracks which dailies/weeklies have been completed by your character. It can track simple things like available quests or the more difficult things to remember like which world bosses have been killed. With TomTom installed you can easily set waypoints if available. This is a list of the currently available plugins: Daily Global Check_World Bosses Daily Global Check_Isle of Thunder Daily Global...

RealUI localization

Apr 19, 2015 Alpha
This file is to assist in localization for RealUI. It is not a full addon.

Z-Perl UnitFrames

Apr 19, 2015 Release
This will be the Warlords of Draenor compatible fork with proper permissions of the X-Perl UnitFrames GPLv3 addon. I tend to maintain this mod in the next expansion, from 2014.10.18. How to transfer your profiles from X-Perl? First of all create a backup from your "WowInstall/Interface" and "WowInstall/Wtf" folders first, just to be safe. Then start the game and enable the main "X-Perl Unitframes" module (Redownload it if you have to), but disable all of it's other modules like this, then log...

Chat Norris

Apr 19, 2015 Release
Features This addon allow you to extend default chat functionalities, without change it drastically and keep a low use of resources. Copy chat URL links. Copy chat messages. Clear chat messages. Shift + Click on TargetFrame, FriendsFrame, WhoFrame and GuildFrame copy nick. Allow chat cursor movement without hold the alt key. Hide the friends button. Hide the emote button. Hide the scroll buttons. Hide the scroll to bottom button. Hide the combat log. Hide the pet combat log. Automatic chat...
Main Window Default Skin


Apr 19, 2015 Release
Details! are under development, new features are being added every week, and we advise that find some bugs is normal, please report if you find any one. This addon are a 'damage meter' type addon which analyze and store all combat data and display in a fashion way to you! Some features which you will find in Details!: native multi window support where you can open and close on-the-fly. store all data and display only what you want. fast engine for capture data not hurting your fps. full...
Tidy Plates - More Combat Views

Tidy Plates

Apr 19, 2015 Release
Tidy Plates enhances World of Warcraft's floating health bars - commonly known as 'nameplates' - and provides a flexible theme system which can be used to create your own design. This download comes with several theme packages, but alternatives are available. Tidy Plates on YouTube Basic Configuration Use the command, '/tidyplates' as a shortcut to the interface panel for Tidy Plates. On that panel, you'll be able to select from a list of available themes. The theme you choose will define...
item comparison

Stat Weight Score

Apr 19, 2015 Release
Stat Weight Score report issues with this addon using curse ticket system if you are interested in helping translate this addon, please see this page Calculates a score of an item based on stat weights and the item's stats. This addon aims to help you in decisions regarding gearing, by displaying a weighted score for each item in the tooltip. This is particularly useful for situations when an item drops from a boss, and you immediately want to know how much of an upgrade it is (if at all), or...
Raid #6


Apr 19, 2015 Release
VuhDo release v3.6 with support for Warlords of Draenor! To get started read the updated quick start guide over at Icy-Veins. Keep those feature requests and bug reports coming! Please file CurseForge tickets to report any bugs or to make feature requests. For general help and discussion visit our forum at What is VuhDo? – VuhDo is a raid monitor similar to CTRaidAssist or Blizzards built-in raid frames. Basically this is about displaying the health of raid members in form of...

Sushi Sort

Apr 19, 2015 Release
Keep it simple. There are other addons around that will sort the stuff in your bags but to use them you need to learn slash commands and to keep from sorting all the stuff in your bags you have to spend a lot of time configuring them. This addon is all about simplicity. All your bags and your bank bags have a checkbox. if the bag is checked then it will be sorted. if it is unchecked then it won't. That easy! To sort your bags, there is a button on your backpack. To sort your bank and bank...
Example List


Apr 19, 2015 Release
Coylist is a very simple todo list addon. One or more frames can be created to hold one or more lists. Each list can be configured to reset automatically each day, each week, or never. Reset times can be adjusted. By default, the daily reset list type will use the built in daily quest reset time. The weekly reset occurs at that time on Tuesday. Both the daily time and weekly day can be configured through the options screen. There are four types of lists. Daily lists will reset at the daily...

Destruction For Dummies

Apr 18, 2015 Release
Executive Summary Install this mod; when a suggestion frame shows up in the middle of your screen (when you are out of combat) move it to where you want it. When the frame shows you a picture, cast the spell that picture represents. If nothing ever shows up, your current class/build is not supported. That's all you have to know. Have fun, I hope you like it. Introduction This addon will display the recommended spell for you to cast (in or out of combat). It keeps track of what buffs/debuffs...

Garrison Shuffle

Apr 18, 2015 Release
Adds a Shuffle button to your Garrison Jukebox Press Shuffle to play a random song. You can also sort the list in Alphabetical order
MayronUI Gen4 Pack Preview

MayronUI Core AddOns only!

Apr 18, 2015 Release
WARNING! (Please Read): This Download is just a folder containing the Core AddOns found in the MayronUI Gen4 UI Pack. Please Download the UI pack instead of this AddOn if you have not already done so because using the AddOn's in this Download folder on their own is strongly not recommended! (You would be missing many important AddOns that control Unit Frames, Action Bars, and more). AddOns included: MayronUI MayronUI_ReskinUI MayronUI_SetupData For all other AddOns shown in the screen shots...


Apr 18, 2015 Release
One of the common issues of macros is that error sounds and messages are played, even though the player does not wish to hear or see them. This usually happens when abilities, or items are chained together. For example: #showtooltip /cast Mangle(Bear Form) /cast [nomod] Maul(Bear Form) /startattack or #showtooltip Arcane Blast /use 13 /use 14 /cast Arcane Blast In the first case, if Maul is not ready, then the error messages will be played/displayed whenever the macro is activated. Likewise,...

Best Scrap Meltdown

Apr 18, 2015 Release
About Small Addon for highlighting the most beneficial Enhancement Token when turning in the Scrap Meltdown Quest.


Apr 18, 2015 Release
Interrupt Manager A very simple addon that will let you set up interrupt rotations within a raid or a party. Will also announce when you use an interrupt for general use (can be disabled). Usage: '/im', '/ima' or '/interruptmanager' Simply fill in the names of the interrupters in the order you want them. If you do not have use for 5 interrupters, leave the boxes as they are or empty. More than 5 interrupts per rotation should never be needed. Click the numbered icons to the left of the...