May 01, 2016 Release
A simple addon that tracks when your character levels and how much time is played. Use the slash command /whenlevel to get a brief report of recorded data. Public git repository for WhenLevel
HUD Feature

FS Core

May 01, 2016 Release
FS Core provides a framework to build powerful addons, WeakAuras and enhancing boss mods for high-end raiding. This addon provides features to other addons, it won't do anything useful on its own. Features 3D Arrow Easy BigWigs injections & interception Cooldowns tracker Head-up display (HUD) Hostile tracker Network Roster tracker Service coordinator election system Geometry algorithms Pacman (Lua package manager) Encounter mods framework (optimized for Pacman) API Modules API is available...
Send mail panel


May 01, 2016 Release
Purpose Are you having an hard time remembering which of your toon should receive herbs (but only a certain type), while another one need ore but also pelts? And pet charm.. where am I storing them? Functions Mail Commander allows you to define a per character list of needs which wil be displayed when you open the sendmail panel allowing you to send all requested items or just some of them. You can make this selection permament, disabling some kind of items, or just cherry pick each time You...
Available missions (little screen mode)


May 01, 2016 Release
GarrisonCommander Description GarrisonCommander can automatically schedule all your missions with just 2 clicks, complete missiosn with 1 click, build optimal parties and includes realm wide brokers for garrison resources, mission statuses, work orders, harvesting and much more. Two very special features of Garrison Commander are Mission Control and Per follower mission list. Shypyard Naval mission are receiving the same enhancements of infantry missions. In the map you will see the best...
LootAppraiser Challenge - host configuration


May 01, 2016 Beta
LootAppraiser_Challenge provides an additional LootAppraiser module for ingame transmog / farm challenges across realm and faction. Dependencies: LootAppraiser 2016.v1.6.10 or later TradeSkillMaster (the easy way -> all modules and TSM DesktopApp with correct realm setup) BNet connection and a full bnet list of friends ;) 'LootAppraiser Challenge' streamers Pictures are far more expressive than words (in Brackets: Language and Region): (GER - EU)...


May 01, 2016 Release
Open things that can be opened, like clams or barrels of fish. Should support every openable looted thing I've run across, including seasonal bribes. Note that it can't actually open the things for you; you still have to click on them. ClamStacker just makes it really obvious when you get something that can be opened and simplifies the opening process. There are configuration settings now. You can specify if the window should stack multiple openable items horizontally or vertically, you can...


May 01, 2016 Release
SellableItemDrops remembers your looted items during an item farming session. The session item list shows name, time, location of every dropped item and it's market value based on a price source (Trade Skill Master). The session data can be archived to a database and this database of previous farm runs can be searched for items and more. It supports competitive transmog challenge runs where you try to reach the highest accumulated market value of all dropped items during a given time period....


May 01, 2016 Release
Just a small addon that will rotate the camera around your character after you go afk. Just a neat effect similar to other games like Oblivion. Currently AFKCam uses your camera save slot 5 to save your view before you went afk so that when you return the camera automatically resets. If you don't want AFKCam to do this, open the AFKCam.lua file and change the third line "local b_saveView = true;" to "local b_saveView = false;".


May 01, 2016 Release
In short All armory information as (once) seen on the official site from Blizzard Entertainment, in game, for all your characters, on all realms Enables the use of a compact character frame Detailed profession information of all your characters PVP information, including arena teams Searchable inventory, including bags, bank, mailbox and auctioned items Quest logs and spell books of all your characters Friends, ignores and events of all your characters Share quests, recipes and character...


May 01, 2016 Planning
MaterialTree creates a tree of the materials needed for the selected recipe in a profession window. MaterialTree has 2 output sections: 1) The remaining non-craftable materials needed for the selected recipe. For example, if you want to make 2 [Rough Copper Bomb], and you already have 3 [Rough Stone] and 2 [Copper Bar], this section would display: 1 [Rough Stone] 2) A tree of all the materials needed for the selected recipe (using what you already have as it calculates the tree). For example,...

Ted's PVP Spelltimers

May 01, 2016 Release
Ted's PVP Spelltimers provides audio and visual alerts in the form of a countdown to track player cooldowns. Currently only defensive cooldowns are implemented, but this may be extended to offensive cooldowns in the future. Originally I was using a WeakAura to track these, but as I added more and more spells it became unwieldy. The outcome: one addon that can replicate what required many WeakAuras. And why not share it?
HUD (health and mana)

Life Monitor

Apr 30, 2016 Release
Monitors your health and your mana (if used) and alerts on multiple levels and multiple ways. If your health or mana get low the following alerts can be used. HUD, in the middle of the screen your health or/and mana status will be displayed briefly with large letters Audible alert Screen edge flashing for heath (red) and mana (blue) when very low Chat box alerts for healers announcing to your group (raid/party) All alerts types can be enabled or disabled Percentage levels for alerts can be...

Let Minnow

Apr 30, 2016 Release
Description Randomly selects a fishing pole every time you cast. Details You are the complete angler of Azeroth. It is now time for you to prove your worth to others. Cast with pride as other adventurers look on with envy! No sooner have you bagged your catch than you have instantly selected a fresh pole and cast, all with a single button click. You, my friend, have swag! Exalted with The Anglers and the Kalu'ak? Of course! Been rewarded by Nat Pagle for fishing rare fish of Azeroth?...

Trading Post Optimiser

Apr 30, 2016 Release
This addon tells you wich mats from the daily trader at the Trading Post are worth the most in terms of AH value/ressource spent (Auction House cut accounted for) in the click of a single button as well as the best trade across all traders. If your server has a very poor economy, the addon will recommend buying Smuggled Sack of Gold. Requires TSM_AuctionDB to work. To start using: Upon entering the world with a character, a macro called TPO with a Pepe icon will be created. Just put the macro...
Basic display look

Heirloom Quest Tracker

Apr 30, 2016 Release
Help give feedback in input quickly via my addon Facebook Group. I check comments infrequently and the email notification system for them is slow at times. So have comments, suggestions, bugs, let me know quickly in the group! This addon allows the creation of a per toon database for tracking Heirloom upgrade token quests that are tied to Misprinted Draenic Coins. Also provides a DB display for quickly viewing progress in a frame on multiple toons and servers at once. Eventually want to get...


Apr 30, 2016 Release
Note: I'm baaaaaaaack In-game commands: /pui or /powerui Official UI of Sativamonk/SusejFTW Now includes a configuration menu and profiles, for easy saving and reloading of your favorite setups. - What does PowerInterface do? PowerInterface provides you with small but useful tools for improving the basic UI, with things like being able to reposition and scale the party frames, automatic re-positioning of the actionbars, hiding unnecessary text, along with minor improvements such as...


Apr 29, 2016 Release
Grail is a library of quest information designed to provide that quest information to other addons to make their decision processing easier. For example, an addon like EveryQuest or TourGuide would be able to make use of Grail's knowledge to determine if a quest has been completed, whether the character can obtain a quest, what reasons the character cannot obtain a quest (lack of level, wrong race, wrong class, not enough reputation, has not completed a prerequisite quest, etc.), the location...
Prerequisite quest tooltip


Apr 29, 2016 Release
Wholly is a complete visualization of the Grail quest database addon as it relates to the player. It shows a panel with quests conveniently separated into zones and indicates their status. Quests can be filtered so only those that need to be completed, etc. appear. Wholly also shows pins on the world map for locations where quest givers appear, and the pins are similarly colored based on their status. Problems? Please submit a ticket. Localization Please help with localization if you can....
Rematch 4 Standalone


Apr 29, 2016 Release
Rematch is a pet journal alternative for managing pets and teams. Features Save and load teams per target. Store unlimited teams in up to 16 user-defined tabs. Manage and automatically slot leveling pets with the Leveling Queue. Find counters with extended pet filters such as Strong Vs and Tough Vs. Search for abilities and text within abilities. Add notes to teams or pets as reminders or to find later with search. Send teams to other Rematch users or share with plain-text exported teams. Use...
Interface Shot


Apr 29, 2016 Release
Veneer is an interface customization tool focused on the Aura and Objectives frames. Project scope includes providing an extensive configuration GUI that allows for detailed user-friendly control of the positioning, flow, and aesthetics of buff icons and tracker objectives. Movable "stencil" guides that can be turned on and off independently of the configuration panel. Snapping support for frame-to-frame anchoring Consolidated Raid Buffs display that can either stand alone or embed within a...