Main DKP Frame


Mar 02, 2014 Release
WebDKP is an addon that allows guild leaders to easily manage the DKP for their guild. It works with a companion website [] where guild leaders can upload and display their guilds DKP for free. As of version 3.1 you can track raid attendance. Check the screen shots for a visual on raid attendance tracking. The system was made to be easy to work with. In game guild leaders have access to their DKP and can easily record awards and view changes. Then, with a press of a...
Default Image of Foamy

Foamy the Squirell (SDSP)

Mar 02, 2014 Inactive
Foamy the Squirell Super Duper Sound Pack "Taste my squirelly wrath!", "creamy, creamity, cheese" To use this addon you do need the Super Duper Soundpack addon
A player


Mar 01, 2014 Release
A simple addon which displays the name, target and approximate health of the unit under your mouse in text form. I've had this for a while now, and while it's remained mostly unchanged since I made it I haven't posted it anywhere. I thought I'd change that today. It proved particularly useful for tanking, but I mostly made it to reduce on-screen clutter. There is currently no configuration UI, but all important settings such as the position and font can be changed in the settings table,...
After an Alterac Valley


Mar 01, 2014 Release
Overview Displays the total experience, reputation, money and currency gained after finishing an instance (dungeon, raid or battleground). Notes For feedback, support, suggestions and bug reports, feel free to post a ticket. Please consider supporting Bump with a donation. Visit me at!
AntiSpam Options 1

MrtWoo: Anti Spam

Mar 01, 2014 Release
English MrtWoo - This is a group of useful addons and not very usefu... Anti-Spam This module designed to block the flood and spam in the channels (blocking spam based on the filter from the addon SpamMeNot). Features Block Russian and English spam Block duplicate messages (including multi-line messages) Weighs words and patterns to determine if a message is spam. Not fooled by space and number substitution in messages l1k3 th15. Can run in silent mode so you are not disturbed by spam at all....


Mar 01, 2014 Planning
A simple module for Skada which displays the current DPS for all raidmembers.
SkillWatcher Info Window


Mar 01, 2014 Release
SkillWatcher is an addon that shows a small on-screen window that displays all your current profession skill levels that can be "leveled up". On skill levelup, the info window colorizes the text of the skill, an easy visual cue to see when a skill levels up, as well as coloring the skill when it is time for training! Also, SkillWatcher replaces the tooltip for herb and mining nodes, showing the skill range to get a point, as well as common drops. Even better, for people with unlocking skills...

Holy Power Notifier

Mar 01, 2014 Release
This addon puts a graphic above your character (similar to Power Auras or the built in Spell Alerts) when you have Holy Power. You can set how many Holy Power you must have for this graphic to display using the /hpn command. You can also track individual points of Holy Power.


Mar 01, 2014 Release
This addon (which is dependent on DBM being installed) will play the Zelda "Secret" sound when Arthas opens up the Bookshelf after killing the boss in Culling of Stratholme. That is all it does. The closest thing to any updates I have planned are if people volunteer to help me localize it. Also maybe adjusting when the sound plays by a second or so. We'll see. Enjoy this as much as I will!
EMP Gui Black


Mar 01, 2014 Release
'''EpicMusicPlayer is a World of Warcraft game music and custom mp3 player with multiple playlist support a broker plugin and a fancy little 3d model.''' Demo Watch a 2 minutes high quality video demo on YouTube:) Features Playlist with all the WoW game music. Over 2000 Songs including Myst of Pandaria music. Play mp3 or ogg music files. Fancy little 3d model which will play/dance to your music Data Broker plugin Multiple playlist support. Add/Remove playlists ingame. Move songs between...
GnomTEC Gnomcorder StAN

GnomTEC Gnomcorder

Mar 01, 2014 Release
(preliminary german description / will be updated soon) GnomTEC Gnomcorder Basismodul des modular aufgebauten Gnomcorders von GnomTEC welches modernste gnomische Kommunikations- und Informationstechnologie in einem handlichen Kästchen vereint. Oder einfach gesagt ein kleines modulares Addon dass geschaffen wurde um das Leben einer Rollenspielgilde die eine Sturmwinder Wacheinheit verkörpert zu erleichtern (wobei es sich nicht auf Sturmwind einschränkt). Ursprünglich entstanden aus einem Addon...
VGS Command Listing


Mar 01, 2014 Beta
Shazbot is a voice communication tool that was created primarily for entertainment, but has benefits in PvP as well. Shazbot allows player to communicate with each other with information regarding their needs relative to the battlefield. For example, using '/vgs vaf' will alert other users that you are going after the flag. For those that are new to this type of system, a full voice listing is included and available by using '/vgs'. Every voice command will print out the VGS shortcut that was...
Tol Barad Reminder

Tol Barad Reminder

Feb 28, 2014 Release
This is a simple addon which prints an announcement in chat when the battle for Tol Barad is approaching, so you don't forget to queue up if you intend to. It also prints whether you are attacking or defending if that information is available. The addon also includes functionality to keep track of the timer even when you are inside an instance or battleground, where you normally can't see the timer. As usual it prints the 15 minute and 1 minute warning and the /tbtime command will let you...
Many Loots!

Improved Loot Frame

Feb 28, 2014 Release
Info Condenses all loot onto one page when using the Blizzard default loot frame (instead of having three items per page with scroll buttons). Using Improved Loot Frame will allow you to better see what loot is on a boss, especially in 25 man raids where there is a very large number of items on each boss. Performance Statistics: Load Time: 2ms Memory Usage: 2.5 KB Compatible with AddonLoader Other "Improved Frame" AddOns: Improved StableFrame Improved PvP Frame Improved Options Frame
Recycle Bin 2.1.2 Screenshot

Recycle Bin

Feb 27, 2014 Release
Addon Description This addon allows you to easily click and drop any item in to the "Recycle Bin" frame, and that item will be instantly deleted without you having to type Delete or click yes! This means you will never have to type Delete or click Yes to get rid of an item you want to just throw away! This allows people to mass delete items far faster than ever before. It also is great for those annoying items that seem to refuse to delete by normal click and drop methods. So if you have ever...
TSM_pricereply v2


Feb 27, 2014 Release
TradeSkillMaster_PriceReply WARNING: This is not an official Tradeskillmaster module warning what you see here is based off of default settings TradeSkillMaster_PriceReply is a TSM Module that replies to special commands to reply with a price automatically. from toon1: PR: [Bold Primordial Ruby] to toon1: PR: MP: 3g55s85c / MB: 3g75s0c / Scanned: 0 Hrs 16 Mins Ago Is basically how it will reply to actions. It will check for PR: [itemlink] (or your set command) at the start of a sentence if it...
Version 1.0 options

Random Quoter

Feb 27, 2014 Release
Random quoter is an addon that throws out random quotes at specified interval. It currently has a large default lists but as of writing this, i have also made a module for it which will quote @AngryOrc1 from twitter(Random Quoter AngryOrc). The addon currently only prints to /say and by default it is at 5 mins. Commands The current commands for the addon are as follows: /rq - opens the main options window /rqmodules - Prints out a list of the current modules /rqrandomizer - Runs the main...


Feb 27, 2014 Release
Money Broker You can have a banker to send money from and to with a min and max setup. Locales: enUS, deDE,koKR Bugs & comments Please use WoWInterface for bugs & comments. WoWInterface

Broker Pack

Feb 27, 2014 Release
Broker Pack is (not only) a collection of my available zz brokers - zz_Coords (Standalone) - zz_Bags (Standalone) - zz_MiscHelper (Standalone) - zz_Money (Standalone) - zz_Repair (Standalone) - zz_Infoclock (Standalone) - zz_Friends (Standalone) - zz_Mailbox (Standalone) Broker Pack is putting all the addons in one addon. So in the addonlist you will only see Broker Pack listed. And in the preferences all settings can be found in the Broker Pack-Prefs. Bugs & comments Please use WoWInterface...
Screen SFN

SFN - Show Frame Name

Feb 27, 2014 Release
SFN - Show Frame Name, аддон выводит название "Frame" на которую наведен курсор. Очень полезно для игроков которые создают аддоны и которым нужно посмотреть название "Frame". Включить отображение имени "Frame", можно комбинацией клавиш CTRL+R. SFN - Show Frame Name, the add-on displays the name of the "Frame" on which the cursor is. Very useful for players that create the add-ons and who need to show the name of the "Frame". Enable the display name "Frame", you can press the key combination...