Arena vs DPS with Tacktic mod only


Mar 22, 2014 Release
Tacktic is a WoW mod used for the marking of enemy and friendly targets via nameplates. You can use Tacktic as a solo player, in a party, or as a raid group. Any members of your group also using Tacktic will see the same marks above targets, thus allowing teams to quickly communicate what targets are designated for what actions, roles, etc. I also highly recommend Tidy Plates in combination with this mod, as the floating healthbars on nameplates can get quite annoying without it. In the...

Vachiusa Rotation Assistant

Mar 21, 2014 Release
Here a simple addon which supports/assists you in WOW rotation for all roles but especialy for healer classes. It will display spell icon on raid frame to assist/suggest you right time to do. Currently it supports UI(s): 1. Blizzard frame 2. HealBot addon frame 3. ElvUI addon/skin frame. Currently it supports specs: 1.Disc Priest 2.Holy Priest 3.Resto Druid 4.Mist Monk 5.Holy Paladin 6.Resto Shammy


Mar 20, 2014 Release
An addon for storing and sending tactics and other messages to the party, raid, battleground, channel # or say channels. The stored information is shared between all your characters and is stored between sessions. With this addon you don't need to use up macro space just for messages that you want to save and send in game. Usage: /tacticator - Opens the Tacticator /tacticator hide - Hides the Tacticator /tacticator history - Shows the incoming message history /tacticator buttons - Shows...
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku

Monk Street Fighter Tatsumaki Senpukyaku

Mar 20, 2014 Beta
ABOUT Plays a "Tatsumaki Senpukyaku" sound file from Street Fighter 4 when using the Monk's Spinning Crane Kick, or a shorter "Tatsumaki" when using Rushing Jade Wind. This is just a simple and stupid idea I had while learning how to make add ons, so I thought I'd share it for fun :D USAGE Use '/ts toggle' or '/tatsumaki toggle' to turn it off/on while in game (on by default). MINOR WARNINGS When you toggle this off while in game, using '/ts toggle' or '/tatsumaki toggle', it will remain off...


Mar 20, 2014 Planning
A communication library supporting firm real-time communications. In the case of a missed deadline the sender can choose to delete the message (firm realtime), or let it be sent too late (soft realtime).

Panic Tracker

Mar 20, 2014 Release
This addon shows the total amount of damage and healing received in the last few seconds (customizable time span) as a percentage of your health pool. This can help you in handling your defensive cooldowns - ex1: you are taking moderate damage and you see you are not being healed, don't panic and pop some cds - ex2: you are taking moderate damage and suddenly your damage taken bar fills up, don't panic and pop some cds (although it's better to anticipate these situations) - ex3: you can...


Mar 20, 2014 Release
Repairs you and sell all grey items and items you add with command /rawt add [ItemLink]. For other available options type /rawt help into a chat. You can set addon to automatically open every lootable item in your inventory or to automatically delete trash items. Rawt v1.4 brings simple options interface that allows you to avoid using slash commands.


Mar 20, 2014 Release
What is it? GladiusMoP is a Gladius replacement addon; Unit frames to display important information about your enemies in arena. Type /gladius to being up the settings UI. Type /gladius test1-5 to display test frames. Features Display diminishing returns on spells: Display diminishing return timers on all CC types Track enemy dispel cooldowns: Show dispell cooldowns on your enemies to avoid having important buffs dispelled Track enemy PvP trinket cooldowns: Know when you can CC freely Change...
Main List


Mar 19, 2014 Release
EmoteLib is a user defined emotes library. This WoW addon allows you to store and quickly play your personnal emotes or built-in emotes. Emotes are displayed in a scrollable and resizable list. Main emotes list: Click on the list' title to display a local dropdown menu with more options. Shortcut: click on the list' title with SHIFT, CTRL or ALT key to collapse or expand the list. Simply left-click on an emote to play it. Right-clicking on an emote displays a local dropdown menu with more...
LostTreasures v3.01 - UI


Mar 19, 2014 Release
Should now work with 5.4 Will be doing real release next week New Author for LostTreasures POMEROL2 TAKES OVER LOSTTREASURES CARE AND FEEDING I am taking the reins from LookToKid to keep LostTreasures up to date, fix bugs (if any) and add features. I will get the out of date warning updated I will get a few bugs fixed (if any) prioritized by user comments and notes Taking suggestions for new features Many thanks to Looktokid for creating and letting me take over, thank you. Who is Pomerol2...
Mineable Node (not high enough)


Mar 18, 2014 Release
GatherNotify GatherNotify adds the following improvements to the gathering profession leveling experience: Notifies you when you are able to pick a new herb, mine a new mineral, or skin a new level of creature upon reaching a level where new herbs/minerals/creatures are available. Also takes into account temporary boosts, so if you're level 89 mining with a +10 boost, then upon reaching level 90, it will tell you that you can now mine iron, with your current boost. Upon reaching level 100...
In combat


Mar 18, 2014 Beta
RaidCDsA_Lite RaidCDsA_Lite works along with Raid CoolDowns Announcer, it handles the timeline monitoring before-pull, in combat and post-combat. You can either install both addons if you are a Raid Leader and you wish to have a clear look at your own timelines. Or you can install RaidCDsA_Lite alone if you are a Raid Member and one of your raid leaders uses Raid CoolDowns Announcer. Slash command: /rcdal Changelog. v0.1.4 Timelines backup if you relog in combat. Warning if raid leader goes...
Claw Cat & Flash


Mar 18, 2014 Release
Looking for help? If you're on the US servers, add Spy#1955 to your RealID and I can try to answer your questions to the best of my ability. ;) Versions 5.4.0-1 and up are based on Patch 5.4: • Druid_Feral_T16H_Adv_Rotation.simc, SimulationCraft rev. 17897 (October 14, 2013) Version 5.4.0-0 and 4.3 is based on Patch 5.4: • Druid_Feral_T16N_Adv_Rotation.simc, SimulationCraft rev. 17581 (September 9, 2013) Version 4.2 is based on Patch 5.3: • Druid_Feral_T15H_Adv_Rotation.simc, SimulationCraft...
Help List


Mar 18, 2014 Release
Description: This is a simple mod I wrote to alert me when specific people come online from your realid/battletag contacts list. it simply plays a sound for anyone you add to a built in watch list. How to Use: Simply do "/friendsalert help" to get a list of commands to get started. From here you get commands for finding friends battletags, and adding/removing them from watch list. Limitations: Do to way realid friend names are encoded, it's not possible to use name matching. Because of this,...


Mar 18, 2014 Release
Translates [Itemlinks] posted in chat into your local client's language. If links fail to translate then its most likely because the games's local database does not have the item/spell in cache yet. Example: If someone with a german client links something in chat: [Kaputter S.I.E.G.-Knopf] and you are running the english client then you will see [Broken I.W.I.N. Button] instead. Please post bugreports and feature requests on the project page
Chat message


Mar 18, 2014 Release
Allows you to change the rank of multiple guildmembers in your party/raid with a single command. Example: /SetGuildRank raid 3 Set all the guildmembers in my raid to rank 3. /SetGuildRank raid 3 5 Set all the guildmembers in my raid that currently has rank 5, to rank 3. /SetGuildRank HappyFruit 3 Set the player named 'HappyFruit' to rank 3. /SetGuildRank Bob-Doomhammer;Jake 3 Set players named 'Bob-Doomhammer' and 'Jake' to rank 3 (notice the ; and no spaces) /SetGuildRank List List all the...
Search Window


Mar 17, 2014 Release
Description Ludwig is an ingame item database addon. What makes it different from similar addons? Well, mainly it: Includes all existing items right from the start Searches trough more than 47.000 items in a blink Allows you to easly type any item [[link] into the chat Mostly Load on Demand Commands /lw or /ludwig - Brings up the search frame /lw <name> - Prints out a list in the chat window of the top 10 items matching <name> Linking Items Simply type two brackets followed by the item name...


Mar 17, 2014 Planning
SmartTrade is designed to watch your channels so that you don't have to. It picks up on keywords in people's channel messages so that you get less spam in your trade chat and more opportunities to sell. As the addon develops, more functionality regarding professions and reagents will become available as well as a buying module for people looking to buy rather than sell.
TPS Options

Tiffy's Pet Summoner

Mar 17, 2014 Release
This basic, incredibly lightweight (~10 KiB memory) addon attempts to ensure you always have a non-combat pet summoned at all times from either your entire pet collection or from pets you've marked in your pet journal as your favorites. It was created as there are several quirks in WoW which result in your current companion becoming unsummoned, such as zoning to instances or moving between zones which are cross-realmed between servers. There is also a setting to summon a new companion at an...

PetTracker Carbonite

Mar 17, 2014 Beta
Overview Adds Carbonite support to PetTracker: Displays the locations of all pets, stables and tamers on the Carbonite map. Shows your progress of catching pets in the current zone on Carbonite quest tracker. Notes Currently, only the latest Carbonite beta version is supported! For errors and feature requests, please post a ticket. Visit me at