Auto Dismount

Auto Dismount

Feb 02, 2014 Release
Auto dismounts when the error messages "You are mounted." triggers. This can be very helpful for quests and other things where you would normally have to dismount manually. It has a check to not dismount you if you are flying or targeted by one of this ground effects: Fleet Winds (Jade Forest), Gross! (Valley of the Four Winds), Consuming Rune (Krasarang Wilds), Overcome by Anger (Kun'Lai), Wild Energy (Isle of Thunder), Lightning Strike (Isle of Thunder)! Blanche's Elixir of Replenishment (A...


Feb 02, 2014 Release
Say around you, you been hit by touch of karma Even if you stop to hit the monk, all your mates must also stop dps this monk. Otherwise you'll be dead, because all damage are redirect on you during 10s. That's the reason I made this add-on. Touch of Karma -> All damage you take is redirected to the enemy target as Nature damage over 6 sec instead of you. Damage cannot exceed your total health. Lasts for 10 sec. The original idea came from the addon "say sapped" of bitbyte. - Eshria

Obsidian Nightwing Silencer

Feb 02, 2014 Release
Don't like the annoying sounds the Obsidian Nightwing makes? This "addon" silences the "aggro" sound(s) the RAF mount makes while maneuvering. Do not use the Curse Client Auto-installer. It is a known issue that it does not properly install sound mods. Install: Extract the "Data" folder contained in this ZIP file into your World of Warcraft folder. This will create a folder called "Sound" in the "Data" folder. Uninstall: Rename or delete the "\Data\Sound\Creature\OnyxPanther" folder from your...


Feb 01, 2014 Alpha
A library to test the usability of an item based on class/spec/current gear.


Feb 01, 2014 Release
Autocomplete options by categories on sending mail Use it to have autocomplete only for chosen category/categories to avoid sending something precious to someone else. You can select in send mail dialog autocomplete for: One of your alts One of your friends who is online One of your guildies who is online One of your friends who is offline One of your guildies who is offline Someone you interacted with Mix of options List of alts since v2.0 Alt names will be stored after entering game with...


Feb 01, 2014 Release
This addon, is simply a Balance Druid rotation plugin for the SkeenCore3. It serves to isolate the rotation, and does nothing on its own, as it's fully dependend on the core. For tickets/comments please refer to SkeenCore3 @


Feb 01, 2014 Inactive
Write down an excuse in chat regarding your death. You can freely customize the excuses to be used. You can go from "Aww man why did you run to me with such a debuff?" to blaming your mouse for running out of batteries in the middle of the combat. The point of it all? Point the finger onto someone else, but in a funny way ;)

Excuse ME

Feb 01, 2014 Release
This addon writes in party or raid chat a random excuse after a random timer (7 to 16 seconds) whenever you click not ready during a ready check or you don't answer before the randomly generated timer expires. If instead you click yes nothing happens. The addon can be enabled / disabled in game and the random timer too. Run "/xme" in game for a list of commands or "/xme help" . Check out the ReadME.txt file for further information on how to add more random excuses to the addon or customize...


Feb 01, 2014 Release
TRPPlus adds some minor fonctionalities to famous Telkostrasz's Total RP 2 addon. - displays a colored mark in TRP title bar to show your RP status. - adds a button to make your pet perform an emote. This shortcut is also bindable. - adds the ability to right-click on TRP2 icon language to switch between common and native language. This shortcut is also bindable. - adds the ability to perform an emote when using the show/hide helmet button with a modifier key. Modifier keys are SHIFT, CTRL or...
Options screen


Jan 31, 2014 Release
Description This addon allows the player to select certain conditions on which to turn off guild names, player titles or both in order to make for less clutter on the screen when you are playing with people you know. The conditions are: Outside In a city (this checks whether the player is resting) In a 5-man dungeon In a raid In a battleground In an arena Usage Simply install the addon and look in the ingame addons menu for ToggleNames.


Jan 31, 2014 Release
General ShortMacros is an addon that provides a couple of shorthand slash commands in order to reduce macro size, given the limit of 255 characters per macro. Provided commands Currently only four commands are implemented, but I will add more if I can think of them (or if they are suggested through the comments). Disable errors/sound: /de, /disable_errors Enable errors/sound: /ee, /enable_errors Set raid target on current target: /rtt #, where # is: 0-8: this will either set the raid target...
Looting Example

Cash Flow Lite

Jan 31, 2014 Release
Converts your long money loot messages, including Cash Flow perk messages, into something simple and light that takes up less room in your chat frame :) Example: +4g 21s 83c (21s 9c)
StatsNow Updated Example


Jan 31, 2014 Release
A small plug-in for LDB display addons that shows the stats you want live on your screen. Each stat module can be moved, linked and disabled through your LDB display addon. Addon comes in five folders now: one for melee, range, defense, spells, and PvP stats. You can disable each individual folder in your addon listing depending on what and how many stats you want to see for your character. Each addon will display the stats from the tabs in your character sheet respectively.

Titan Panel [Points]

Jan 31, 2014 Release
Titan Points Currency Points display plugin for Titan Panel About Titan Points Titan Points is a Titan Panel plugin that allows a customizable display of the four PvE and PvP points categories used in 4.x. You can choose which of these points you would like to be displayed on the Titan bar, and all of your available currency shows up under the tooltip. Usage You can customize which points are displayed, how they are labeled, and whether or not to show their icons by accessing the right-click...
Bars example 1

Reputation Bars

Jan 31, 2014 Release
Reputation Bars is a modular addon that lets you watch one or more faction standings, i.e. the amount of reputation you have with them. It can be used to track specific factions or automatically track the ones you gain rep with. It is especially useful for those with custom UIs that no longer have the default Blizzard rep bar available. You can use this while leveling to see your reputation bar or simply as a way to show you how much you have left for various factions as you grind your way to...


Jan 29, 2014 Release
Allows to manage DKP in game for a Folke website. It exports loots (name, ilvl, recipient, list of raid members) to a text string that can be imported in the Folke DKP system (, currently in development). An interface allows to change the recipient or mark the loot as disenchanted or free (e.g. because it was for a secondary spec). Current DKP can be imported from Folke, in order to modify the dice rolls. The modified values are sent to raid chat channel. In the current...


Jan 29, 2014 Release
What is SpellSearch? Ever hated flipping endlessly through your Spellbook looking for the spell that you need? This addon addresses that--it allows users to search for their spells in their character's Spellbook, without having to manually click through the pages. How does SpellSearch work? When you open your Spellbook in the game, a search box will appear at the bottom of the frame, prompting you to type all or part of a spell name. Any matching spell names (that start with your search term)...


Jan 29, 2014 Beta
NOW WITH THE "MONDFEST/MOONGLADE" EVENT KOMPLETED !!! Bens_achievementtracker is to find the Rar Chest's / NSC's / Weapons in the World on a simple way only install the addon and fly it will show you a list with not foundet Chest's / NSC's / Weapons on the map and in a window You need this Addons too : as packagedownload :


Jan 29, 2014 Release
TradeSkillMaster_CraftingSniper WARNING: This is not an official Tradeskillmaster module Introduction TradeSkillMaster_CraftingSniper is a simple addon that reports what people are crafting around you, I have a experimental section of it that reports if what they are crafting will undercut you(Not sure if fully working due to needing more data for it to test against). Use To access the options simply type "/tsm" and click on Crafting sniper in the top right. this will show you 2 things...
V1.1 Gauges


Jan 29, 2014 Release
Released v2.0.2 1-28-2014 About SPGauge Currently only works for spellpower until I release v2.1 (This will be soon) SPGauge is a lightweight stat monitor (About 13kb ingame) and display utility for combat. The gauge uses an auto gauge feature to set the values of high and low for you by default. It also allows you to disable auto gauging and set a minimum and maximum manually. The result is a "speedometer" like effect that will let you see just how "high" or low your given stat is at any...