AMFG Lazy Abandon

Abandon Buttons This mod adds four buttons below the abandon button on the bottom of your quest log - when clicked they will abandon quests in your log depending on the button clicked:
All - Abandons all quests in your log, no exceptions (can also use the slash command "/lab all")
Gray - Abandons all gray quests in your log, no other checks (can also use the slash command "/lab gray")
Inc. - Abandons all incomplete quests in your log, no other checks (can also use the slash command "/lab incomplete")
Daily - Abandons all daily quests in your log provided they are incomplete (can also use the slash command "/lab daily" or "/lab !daily" which will delete all incomplete Daily quests and ALL Daily quests (even complete) respectively.

You will be given a confirmation box before the quests are abandoned just to make sure. I take no responsibility if you abandon quests you wanted to keep (nor if for some reason the addon abandons a quest that it shouldn't have).

Written by Nosorcatu of Fenris.

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Date created
May 18, 2011
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Sep 11, 2013
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AMFG Lazy Abandon
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