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Whisp by Anea

Makes chatting fun again!

  • Ever lost track of the dozen conversations you were having simultaniously?
  • Ever found out you missed important tells that you got mid fight?
  • Ever wanted to know what person X was saying to you an hour ago?

Then Whisp is just the thing for you!

Whisp keeps track of your recent conversations and displays them in a pane above the chatbox when you reply. Whisp also comes with a LibDataBroker (LDB) plugin or Mini-map button that allows you to quickly review all conversations.

Broker or Mini-map commands:

  • Left-click icon - whisper last sender
  • Right-click icon - open configuration options
  • Click name - whisper that person
  • Shift-click name - delete that person and their history
  • Ctrl-click name - open chat history frame


  • Unzip the file into your 'Interface/Addons' folder.


  • Automatic popup pane that shows your current conversation
  • LDB and Mini-map plugin to quickly review all recent conversations
  • One-click system to reply to recent conversations
  • Full history of each conversation can be reviewed / copied in a separate log window
  • Full customization of Whisp user interface
  • Chatter support for appearance settings and some formatting
  • Remembers # of whispers recieved per person


  • The conversation pane will automatically show when you reply to someone
  • You can set the options of the pane and the addon by rightclicking the pane or the Broker/Minimap icon
  • Alternatively use "/whisp" to open the options screen
  • If you have alot of whispers you can set a max height for the tooltip in the options and then it will be scrollable.

Special thanks:

  • To Aery for unlimited testing-support
  • To NightOwl for his translation to zhTW
  • To Morgalm for his initial work on the LDB plugin.


Date created
Jan 05, 2009
Last update
Jan 18, 2014
Development stage
  • enUS
  • zhTW
GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
Recent files
  • R: 20130640 for 5.3.0 Jan 18, 2014
  • R: 20130630 for 5.3.0 Jul 01, 2013
  • A: r37 for 5.3.0 Jun 30, 2013
  • R: 20130428 for 5.2.0 Apr 29, 2013
  • A: r35 for 5.2.0 Apr 28, 2013