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Barrier Text

A simple textual representation of the ability: Shield Barrier predicted absorb value before casting it,
and optionally the remaining absorb amount until expiration after casting it.


  • Show Shield Barrier predicted absorb before casting it as a free floating Text value. (green text)
  • Optionally show actual and remaining absorb value after casting it. (orange text)
  • Optionally show an estimate of actual damage absorbed after the barrier is consumed/fades. (white parenthesized)
    ("I put up a 40k barrier, how much damage did it actually absorb?")
  • Indicate when you have reached a max Shield Barrier value (rage 60+)
  • Optionally show the values as percent of max health
    (I find "will absorb 13% of my HP in damage" more intuitive since it compares easily with other self-heal or dmg mitigation cooldowns)
  • Optionally play a sound for a min and max Barrier (off by default)
  • Only shows in combat (and when first installed to allow for placement).


  • There is only one command:
    • /barriertext (shorthand: /sbt)
  • Unlocking the text allows you to reposition it and shows a tooltip with other options help. Run the command again to lock it in place.
  • Minimal choices include: font / size / text format (actual vs percent HP) / predicted value only / sound on|off.

General Info

I realize this won't appeal to everyone.
Why the weird configuration mode etc:
(a) wanted something quick to get a handle on SB usage.
(b) have enough statusbars on my UI.
(c) I can shrink it and place it on top of my actual SB actionbutton.
(d) experimenting so I don't get bored looking at lua :p

Provided "as is" for any that might find it useful.


Date created
Sep 16, 2012
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Sep 10, 2013
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