Moonkin layout

Boomkinator is a an addon intended to help with spell rotations for several dps classes - druid, rogue, hunter, monk (more are coming).
It check for missing debuffs on the current target and highlights icons of the spells you need to cast, it tracks your own self-buffs and cool-downs and reminds when they are missing.

The Boomkinator frame is shown in combat and displays in the middle of the screen. You can move it by using Shift + MouseDrag after unlocking.

As of v2.0.x the following layout is implemented (but subject to change):

Feral Druid:
TBD, in progress

Balance Druid:
- Moonfire icon and debuff timer
- Sunfire icon and debuff timer
- Starfall icon and timer
- Starfire and Wrath icons, dimmed or highlighted based on the eclipse status.
- Starsurge icon and timer
- Force of Nature icon and timer
- Celestial alignment icon and timer
- Mushroom detonate icon and timer

Combat Rogue:
- Sinister Strike icon and combo point
- Revealing Strike icon and debuff timer
- Insight icon, damage percentage and timer
- Expose Armor icon, number of stacks and debuff timer
- Slice & Dice icon and timer
- Rupture icon and timer
- Killing Spree icon and timer
- Adrenaline Rush icon and timer
- Shadow Blades icon and timer

Windwalker Monk:
- Jab icon with chi count
- Tiger Palm icon with tiger power stacks and timer, highlighted when enough chi is available to cast
- Blackout kick icon, highlighted when enough chi is available to cast
- Tigereye Brew icon, stacks and timer
- Fists of fury icon and timer, highlighted when enough chi is available to cast
- Rising sun kick icon and timer, highlighted when enough chi is available to cast

Survival Hunter:
- Explosive Shot icon and timer
- Black Arrow icon and timer
- Serpent Sting icon and timer
- Kill Shot icon and timer

Demonology Warlock:
TBD, in progress

Shadow Priest:
TBD, in progress


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Oct 21, 2010
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Oct 26, 2014
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