Candy Buckets (Hallow's End)

World Map

Mists of Pandaria candy buckets will be added with an update as soon as possible.

Very simple to use addon to help you hunt down all the candy!

Open the world map and the icons will show on any inn that your character can visit for candy, yum! After stealing it, the icon will be hidden, indicating that you've been there and are now a wanted person.

It couldn't get simpler, so get going!

Optional addons to get:
- TomTom
- TomTomLite
With one of the above you can click on the world map icon to plot a course, how neat, isn't it? If you use TomTom (not Lite) you can shift/ctrl/alt+click the icon to plot that location and all other non-visited once for a brainless road trip!

Optimal TomTom settings:
» Waypoint Arrow:
+ Enable floating waypoint arrow
+ Automatically set to next closest waypoint
+ Allow closest waypoint to be outside current zone
» Minimap:
+ Enable minimap waypoints
» World Map:
+ Enable world map waypoints

The complete "Candy Buckets" series:
- Candy Buckets (Hallow's End)
- Candy Buckets (Lunar Festival: Elders)
- Candy Buckets (Midsummer Fire Festival)

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Candy Buckets (Hallow's End)
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