Main features This Add-on it's an improved version of Elvui_MeterOverlay, originally design to display any damage meter as overlay in a configurable data text.

Show configurable datatext with information from you damage meter, as your personal dps or hps, the information could be customize via a Tag System.

When you mouse over the text an overlay will show with the detail information from you raid/group.

So, you don't need to have opened the main window of the damage meter in the screen, just mouse over to see the data.

The damage meters currently support are Recount, Details, Skada & TinyDPS, you need at least one of those running.

This Add-On does not required Elvui or Tukui, but if they are present it will add a new DataText to them, use the in-game configuration for those Add-Ons to enable it.

Includes a built-in floating datatext that you could place anywhere in the screen.

You could right click on the datatext to popup the configuration tool, data is saved using the standard profile system and can change automatically per spec switch.

New: Includes a module that will save/announce encounter records. (only if you have DBM or BigWigs)

Created by Latoky - Magtheridon - EU


Details support by shadowphoenix


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Date created
Apr 01, 2013
Last update
Jun 27, 2015
Development stage
  • enUS
  • esES
Public Domain
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Recent files
  • R: 1.1.4 for 6.2.0 Jun 27, 2015
  • R: 1.1.3 for 6.1.0 Feb 28, 2015
  • R: 1.1.2 for 6.0.3 Dec 30, 2014
  • R: 1.1.1 for 6.0.3 Dec 30, 2014
  • R: 1.1.0 for 6.0.3 Nov 04, 2014