This project has become inactive.

This project is inactive and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. The author may have abandoned it, or it may have outlived its usefulness.

Forward Example

Hope you all like my suite, i will work hard on it to make our gamming life easier!

Please if you found any BUG report it here: REPORT BUG

Leave your comments and let me know what are you guys/girls thinking about it!



  • Copying email text;
  • Forwading email;


  • When a boss come to 20% or less health you got a warning on party/raid to place your guild standart.

Slash Commands

  • /coder - List all current slash commands avaiable.
  • /ss - Take a Screenshot.
  • /pull xx - RW with countdown (Max of 15 seconds)
  • /pr - Convert you party to raid or your raid to party. If converting to Raid set you as Master Loot.
  • /10 - Set current raid to 10 man.
  • /10h - Set current raid to 10 man in heroic mode.
  • /25 - Set current raid to 25 man.
  • /25h - Set current raid to 25 man in heroic mode.
  • /logout - Go to selection char's screen.
  • /q - Quit WoW.
  • /leave - Leave your party/raid.
  • /cal, /calendar - Toggle Calendar.
  • /votekick - Vote kick your current target.
  • /dg - Teleport to dungeon/raid if you are in a group and not in the instance and Teleport out of dungeon/raid if you are in a group and inside the instance.
  • /dgr, /dgreset - Reset Dungeons and Raids.
  • /rc, /rdy - Perform a Ready Check.
  • /gm, /ticket - Open a ticket.
  • /rl - Reload UI.

Comming Next

  1. Notepad ingame.
  2. Track loot count from mobs, with support to search where the best drop rate for x item.
  3. Track mobs abilities.
  4. Sound when you got mail.
  5. Tracker for Tol Barad / Wintegrasp.
  6. Healers mark on BG/Arena. Will mark healers so you know who to kill first.
  7. Buy stacks of reagents poisons according with your class.
  8. Ingame calculator.

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