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An expansion mod for a particularly not so useful mod, but thats why its fun

Comix Plus allows you to create your own events and have them fire off in classic Comix style using the patented EntertainYourFaceOff™ technology

want a sound to go off when you cast a spell or change targets? sure go ahead
how bout something more advanced? like when you recieve any damage more than a specific amount?
sure why not thats what I wrote the damn mod for.

but more importantly why am I having a conversation with myself in the mod description?

your guess is as good as mine.

How to setup

simply load the images folder with images and the sounds folder with sounds, then specify the filename
of the one you want to come up (no path needed), specify what you want to search for, such as a npc name
or spell name (its all split into categories) and select what you want to happen and your good to go

to open the config window in game just type /comixplus

press the new button to create a new event on the current tab.

select an event from the list on the left to edit it.

remember to press update after editing to save your changes

pressing remove will delete the currently selected event and cannot be undone

A note on the combat events tab:

this is the more advanced mode and requires a knowledge of the COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED event

all the info you really need is located here:

the screenshot posted should also help you out in making your own events

This is the initial release of Comix Plus and as such there may still be bugs, I have tested quite a bit
during the development process but I can't guarantee that your computer won't suddenly morph into a giant
slobbering giant and eat your house, if that does happen please send me a PM with any details about what
you were doing at the time so that I can fix it up

As you probably have guessed, this mod requires Comix to run

User Testimonials

This is fantastic, i can set up all this junk to fire sounds off anything and then sneak the mod onto friends computers to annoy them - Si

Ever since I installed Comix Plus, I've been making phat lootz hand over fist! Wow! Thank you Comix Plus! - Akulacola

I need more testimonials because the ones i have may or may not be kinda biased

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Sep 02, 2012
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