This is a simple announcer that monitors the combat log for your successfull interrupts, dispels, purges, tranq shots or spellsteals and announces them to a given chat channel. Useful for organizing interrupt and dispel orders in boss fights, or to simply remind people that a particular spell can be interrupted or debuff removed.

Works with all class abilities that lead to a dispel (even a monk roll with PvP set bonus will announce the removal of slowing effects) and will announce all debuffs removed (this can get spammy for things like Mass Dispel or Revival, but that's part of the point).

Command syntax: /iad command (ex: /iad on)
  • on           = Enables the addon (this is set by default)
  • off          = Disables the addon
  • interrupton  = Turns on the interrupt announcer
  • interruptoff = Turns off the interrupt announcer
  • dispelon     = Turns on the dispel announcer
  • dispeloff    = Turns off the dispel announcer
  • self         = Output only to self
  • say          = Output to /say
  • yell         = Output to /y
  • party        = Output to /p
  • raid         = Output to /r
  • bg           = Output to /bg
  • emote        = Output to /e
  • current      = Prints the current settings

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  • Avatar of b3n9ti b3n9ti Oct 29, 2014 at 12:58 UTC - 0 likes

    I'd loooove the possibility to only show dispels done on enemies, meaning purges (like a druid using soothe, a rogue's shiv, shaman's purge etc.). would that be possible? :-)

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Apr 06, 2013
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Oct 18, 2014
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