Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add music to the player?

Here is a guide :)

Can I add music from iTunes?

Unfortunately the music bought via iTunes is in a format that can't be played by any WoW addon because of limitations in the WoW client. You will have to convert your music to mp3, ogg or wav.

Why does the music play from beginning?

The song stops playing and starts from the beginning after a loading screen (e.g. entering an instance or /console reloadui) This is a problem with the WoW client since patch 2.4.3. I only could fix this so far that the song starts from start instead playing the game music.

What is the difference between the Playlist Manager and the Generator?

The Playlist Manager comes with a user interface that allows you to easily manage your playlists. It's the recommended way to create your playlist.

+ Simple to use
+ Manage your playlists (user interface)
+ Works on OS X or Linux
+ Works with MP3 and WAV files
+ Playlist can be changed in game because the list is saved in the saved variables of EMP.
- Creating playlists based on sub folders is not supported yet.
- Java 6 required

The Playlist Generator is a simple Visual Basic script without a fancy user interface. It has less futures and automation but is more reliable:)

+ Works out of the box on any Windows computer (no Java required)
+ Makes a separate playlist for every sub folder of the MyMusic folder.
- Playlist can't be changed in game.
- You will need to generate a new playlist when you update the addon.
- Supports only MP3 files.
- Generates the complete list even if you just add a few files.

Do I have to copy all of my music files to the wow folder?

No. The Playlist Manager can create links (inside the wow folder) that point to your original music folder. That way wow thinks the files are in the wow folder.

Just go to "Tools > Options" and change copy to create links.

Why is there no pause button?

Not possible with wow. As is playing a song at a specific position. An addon can only tell wow to play and stop a song thats it.

Where the hell is the playlist?

Playlist Manager "..\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\ACCOUNTNAME\SavedVariables\EpicMusicPlayer.lua"

Playlist Generator "..\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\ACCOUNTNAME\SavedVariables\EpicMusicPlayer.lua"

Are there any slash commands?

  • /emp (show the options dialog)
  • /emp ctr (list control options)
  • /emp op (list other options)

Why does the playlist manager not start?

You need the at least Java 6 installed.
You have the latest Java version but the playlist manager will not start?
Post the contents of the errorlog.txt in a bug report or try the playlist generator.

I have a Mac, how do I create the playlist?

The mac version of the playlist manager is in the "mac osx.zip" file. You will find this file in the playlist_manager folder.