v1.2 Tooltip frame

FactionBroker is a simple DataBroker object for displaying information on a "watched" faction.

Information that can be displayed

  • Faction name
  • Standing with faction (Honored, Revered, etc)
  • Progress at current standing (1500/3000)
  • Reputation remaining until next standing level

Color the output text

  • Default DataBroker display color
  • Specific color (User specified)
  • By standing level (User specified for each standing level)

Faction list tooltip

  • Sortable faction list
    • Ascending or Descending
    • Faction name
    • Total progress
    • Standing level
    • Remaining until next standing level
    • UI index (Order shown in Blizzard Reputation frame)
  • Data shown includes:
    • Faction name
    • Progress at current standing
    • Current standing level
    • Amount remaining until next standing level
  • Color each column of text
    • Default color (White)
    • Specific color (user-specified)
    • By standing level (Honored, Revered, etc)
  • Quickly select a new watched faction from the list
  • Option to syndicate the watched faction to the Default UI watched faction bar (Show as Experience Bar option in the default Reputation window)

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Date created
Jan 23, 2011
Last update
Nov 28, 2012
Development stage
  • enUS
  • zhTW
MIT License
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  • R: v2.0.1 for 5.0.5 Nov 28, 2012
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