FAQ and Known Issues

This page is intended to answer some frequently asked questions about Grid, and list some known issues (or issues that are commonly mis-reported as bugs when they are not actually bugs). Please do not submit tickets about issues listed on this page. If you have suggestions regarding this page, please post in the forum thread.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to add more buffs/debuffs

Grid can track and show any buff or debuff, not just the pre-configured ones. To add another buff:

  1. Open the Grid options window.
  2. Click the "Status" tab.
  3. Select "Auras" in the list on the left.
  4. Click the box on the right labeled "Add new Buff", type the name of the buff, and press enter or click the "OK" button.

To add a new debuff, type its name in the box labeled "Add new Debuff" instead.

Your newly added buff or debuff will now appear in the Auras list on the left. Click on it to configure its color, priority, and other options like any other status. It will also appear in the list of statuses to assign to any indicator.

Known Issues

1.  Incoming heals are showing the wrong amount!

This is not a bug in Grid. Incoming heal amounts come from the game client itself, and Grid has way to tell if they are missing or wrong. Feel free to report any missing or wrong amounts to Blizzard in the official WoW Bug Report forum.

2.  Incoming heals are showing HoT ticks, or not showing at all!

This is not a bug in Grid. The game client doesn’t distinguish between direct healing and periodic healing, so Grid has to make assumptions based on the healing amount in order to filter out HoT ticks. By default, healing for less than 10% of the unit’s total health is hidden.

You can change this setting by adjusting the “Minimum value” setting for the “Incoming Heals” status. If you’ve checked this setting, and still think you should be seeing some heals, it’s probably Blizzard’s fault; see FAQ #1 above!

3.  I’m using version r1234 and it’s broken!

Version numbers that follow the “r1234” pattern are Alpha versions, or snapshots of the current development process, and are not recommended for general use. Such versions are not officially supported, may be unstable, may not work at all, or may even lose your settings.

If you are not comfortable running experimental code, please stick with the stable Release and Beta versions that are posted on Curse, whose numbers follow the “” or “” patterns. These versions are actually tested!


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