User's Guide / Third-Party Resources

This page lists Grid-related resources on other websites. If you've found a good resource that you think should be listed here, drop by the WowAce forum thread and post a link.


[GRID] Addons and Functionality
Forum thread at Elitist Jerks


How-to Grid: HoT tracking [DRUID]
How-to guide to tracking druid HoTs with Grid.
Raid Rx: Unkicking butt (a Grid story)
WoW Insider covers raid healing with Grid.
Pinchet's Debuffs [OUTDATED]
Exhaustive list of debuffs from Maulgar to Illidan.


How I Heal, Grid+Clique
From a Paladin's point of view.
Bufe's Grid video Tutorials - Healing related
Covers downloading, installing, and configuring Grid and Clique.


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Oct 19, 2008
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Apr 13, 2010